The world of Mita was a planet located in the Microverse that was home of the Mitans. The Mitan people were ruled by a king and queen. They were an advanced race who developed size-changing technology and drugs. They knew of Earth. When their realm was terrorized by Togaro the king and queen sent their daughter to Earth where she was adopted and named Dianna[1].

Eventually, Dianna was brought back to Mita along with Captain America and Bucky to save the world from Togaro. Unfortunately, Togaro activated a device that sent Mita hurtling into its own sun. Captain America and the others assisted in the evacuation of Mita by shrinking its people down in size and loading them all aboard a single size changing ship. Mita was soon destroyed shortly after. Tragically, the ship crashed and the majority of Mitans were slain. Soon after, Togaro was killed by Captain America[2].

The only surviving Mitans were Dianna, Ailma and a number of Togaro's men who were taken into police custody.



Mita was believed to be contained within an atom inside a rock that was located on Bird Nests' Island, Maine. What is now known about the Microverse would indicate that this assessment was incorrect.

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