Miyami Chord is the only daughter of the super villain Tai, the estranged wife of Andrew Chord and the mother of Silhouette and Midnight's Fire.

Miyami is descended from the Dragon's Breadth Cult that settled in Cambodia centuries earlier. The cult lived near an inter-dimensional gateway called the Well of All Things with they built a temple over. The cult had planned for the eventual domination of the world and to do so began centuries of breeding only amongst the clan. As intended Miyami's mother Tai and the other members of her generation were able to tap into the actual energies of the well. Tai and the others of her generation realized that their grandchildren would eventually be the ones to fulfill the prophecy of claiming the full power of the well and ruling the world. Tai butchered everyone else in the cult except her daughter and 5 other girls. These 6 became the brides of the dragon's breadth.

The prophecy stated that only through the joining together of easterners and westerners could the brides children claim the power of the well. Tai and the brides eventually encountered an American unit of soldiers called the Half Fulls who were on a mission in the jungles of Cambodia. Tai offered the 6 men the 6 brides of the cult and made a pact with them that the children of these men and the brides would one day rule the world. All but Daryl Taylor accepted the pact. Daryl's rejection of the pact would later lead to his murder and that of his wife.[1]

Tai's daughter Miyami was given to Andrew Chord and they moved to the states. In time they had a son and daughter. When they were small Miyami faked their deaths as well as her own in a car crash. Andrew Chord was devastated and wandered the world as a mercenary and eventually returned to the temple to reunite with his mother-in-law and began to do her bidding. Miyami's children grew up in Chinatown as orphans. Miyami's son Aaron would one day grow up to be the villain Midnight's Fire. Miyami's daughter's birth name is unknown but she grew up to be the hero Silhouette.

Miyami visited Chord in the hospital after a suicide attempt when his shady business dealings at the Taylor Foundation were exposed. This visit would ultimately cost Miyami her life. Tai tracked down her daughter to a restaurant and confronted her about faking her death. Tai pieced together that Miyami's children were Silhouette and Midnight's Fire and in a rage killed her daughter. Tai is later killed by Night Thrasher when she tries to kill him, the New Warriors and the Folding Circle.[2]

Some time later Zarrko the Tommorow Man sends Darkhawk and the New Warriors back to the moments in their pasts they would most like to change. Silhouette sees Tai about to murder her mother Miyami but is pulled back to the present before she can save her.[2]

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