Moshigo was a guard in Anton Pretorius's compound in South Africa. He was positioned in the trees and tasked with firing on any imposters, especially Black Panther. He ultimately failed in doing this and only grazed Black Panther. After a short fight Moshigo was impaled on a spike after Black Panther tackled him out of the tree. He died within seconds. While he failed in killing Black Panther, the gunfire alerted the other guards to Black Panthers intrusion and led to a guard dog chasing Black Panther. [1]

Moshigo is a cocky individual who cannot seem to let others see his fear, insulting Black Panther even when he is about to be killed by Black Panther. Black Panther also believes that Moshigo lacks intelligence in comparison to him.


Firearm's Training:Moshigo is trained in the use of firearms.


Moshigo is equipped with an Uzi

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