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Mlima didn't understand what Cross-Wallace wanted from Shanna and told him that she was bad. Convinced by Mlima's words Cross-Wallace ordered Shanna to be killed, and Mlima guided the warriors to find Shanna. She saw the death of Shanna's panther and told Cross-Wallace that Shanna was now alone.[1]
Mlima wanted to know from Cross-Wallace how many more men had to die, and Cross-Wallace asked her if she wanted to turn like her sister did. Mlima yielded and told Cross-Wallace where Shanna was. Later when Mlima was alone DuBose told her the truth about her sister's death and he showed her that Cross-Wallace could kill her with the necklace he gave to her just by pulling the cord. Mlima listened to DuBose's words until he was captured again by some warriors.[2]
When Cross-Wallace wanted to know again where Shanna was, Mlima told Guy that Shanna was running up the river, but instead she had returned to the citadel. Mlima lied on purpose, and DuBose liked her style. Mlima watched Guy's defeat by Shanna and saw the heroine leave without giving any answers to Africa's questions.[3]

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