Yucoya-Tzin is a priest of a surviving tribe of Aztecs. Thirty years prior to the modern[note 1] age he tricked prolific horror magazine artist Frank Johnson into travelling to Mexico and using a special set of paints to bring alive Zzutak. Zzutak was a creature for which Tlalticpactli sought to conquer South America and then the world. Johnson responded by painting a rival creature Xxirys to battle the creature. Ultimately Yucoya-Tzin's plans were foiled when Xxirys buried Zzutak beneath an ancient temple. [2]

Years later when Frank Johnson opened a museum of monsters, which featured the apparent corpses of other monsters, Yucoya-Tzin went after him again. In the hopes of bringing him back to Mexico, Yucoya-Tzin revived the monsters Grottu, the Two-Headed Thing, Rorgg, and Blips to life. Luckily, the heroes known as the Fantastic Four were on the scene and were able to battle the monsters. Although the seemingly destroyed these monsters, Yucoya-Tzin captured Frank and his son Cal and brought them to Mexico. There they forced Frank to use his painting skill to resurrect Zzutak, but the Fantastic Four arrived to battle the monster. In order to assist the heroes, Frank also used his skill to revive Xxirys and it eventually destroyed the monsters. Yucoya-Tzin and his followers were then easily captured by the Fantastic Four. [3] Although Zzutak has been seen since, [4] the fate of Yucoya-Tzin is unknown.

  1. FF Fifty Fantastic Years #1 states that the events happened in the 1960s. However when Mocuepa comes after Frank again later in Fantastic Four Unlimited #7, Frank is at most in his middle age and has a young son. As the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 moves forward it Frank's ability to maintain his youth AND have a young son become impossible in the Modern Age. As it seems more logical to state that the events that take place in Strange Tales #88 take place 30 years prior to Fantastic Four #1

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