Modebl was a demon that was worship by the ancient Egyptians. If he is a member of the Heliopians and his origins are lost to the ages.

In 1943 an Egyptian tomb was explored of Professor Jameson an expert on ancient Egypt who was exploring the myth of Modelb. He came across the "Laughing Sphinx" a necklace which contained a powerful serum that allowed those who drank it to see what they desired.

Jameson consumed some of the serum and was transported to the realm of Modebl. The demon made Jameson his emissary on Earth and returned him there to eliminate world leaders in order to prepare for his arrival. As Karr the Mummy, Jameson attempted to comply with his masters wishes by slaying American military and government personnel. This attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who managed to steal the Laughing Sphinx from Karr.

When Cap discovered the vial inside he drank the potion and was transported before Modebl. There Captain America clashed with the demon and his army of minions, however the serum wore off and Cap was transported back to Earth. There he and Bucky defeated Karr and turned him over to the authorities[1].

Later, in 1946, the Young Allies encountered another man who was transformed into Karr the Mummy who claimed that he was under the command of Modebl the demon. Apparently, he had obtained the same sphinx once used by Professor Jameson. However, despite this claim Modebl was not directly involved in this encounter[2].


Modebl is a demon with mystical abilities that have not been specified or cataloged. The extent of his power is unknown. It is possible, but unconfirmed, that he gave Professor Jameson the power to transform into Karr.

Captain America dismissed his encounter with Modebl as nothing more than a hallucination caused by the serum he drank, which he deduced was nothing more than a hallucinogenic Opiate. However, Captain America stated that he was not speaking from any position of scientific authority and came at a time in his career that most of his encounters with the "supernatural" were hoaxes, as such his claims should be considered speculative at best.

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