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The being designated Model X3Z and called Omega on Earth was created on the planet Protaris, in the Regreb star system of the Milky Way Galaxy. (His designation has been translated from the Protarian alphabet and numeration system.) Its denizens were on the verge of extinction because Protaris's climate was undergoing drastic changes, to which they themselves could not adapt. They thus wanted to create a new species to survive them on their planet. These non-humanoid, metallic beings wanted to create a more humanoid creature, of which they would send models/prototypes out to humanoid-populated planets to gather such information.

The final two prototypes

After a long period of testing, the Protarians had only the last two models/prototypes to observe in action, the two most humanoid in physiology and psychology. Model X3Z, the next to last of these, was placed on the planet Srenesk and there learned a culture of extreme morality and nobility. (This was where, as he developed to join the warrior elite, he swore a vow of silence and rarely spoke again.)
The last model was called James-Michael Starling on Earth, where he had been placed because the Protarians believed that there, he would learn about humanlike emotions, and once X3Z's high moral code was transmitted to him, he would be better equipped to handle those. On Earth, Starling was being reared, as a boy, by Protarian androids in human form whom he believed to be his parents. These two (Starling and X3Z) were psionically linked so that each could receive information about the other.

Plans ruined!

Model X3Z, having risen to become the highest member of Srenesk's warrior class, was honored by the native Sreneskians by being endowed with the means to draw power from the biosphere of the planet. The Protarians were horrified when they learned this, knowing that the biospheric power he would receive was too great for Model X3Z to control, and that he would transfer some of that ability, along with his knowledge, to Starling, who would also be unable to control it, via their mind link. This meant that all the Protarian plans to perpetuate their culture would be ruined. When a group of Protarians tried to prevent the Sreneskians from giving the Model this power, which they were too late to do, he believed they were invaders bent on conquest and tried to use his power against them. But as the Protarians had feared he would, the Model lost his ability to contain the energies upon unleashing them in such large quantities, and as a direct result, he triggered a cascade pyramid reaction that accidentally destroyed the planet and the entire Sreneskian civilization. Only the Model himself, since he was at the very center of the catastrophe, and the Protarians survived. His Protarian creators thus decided to destroy both X3Z and Starling, but X3Z escaped their capture, commandeered a small starship, and fled to Earth to protect Starling.[2]

X3Z becomes Omega--and dies

On Earth, it was actually Starling himself who defeated the Protarians,[2] but even so, Model X3Z remained in New York, where he even became a "super-hero" of sorts, gaining public acclaim by fighting notorious super villains and earning the name "Omega" due to the symbol on his Sreneskian military uniform. At some point, he met "Gramps" Hart,[3] who employed him as a manual laborer and used Omega's powers for his personal gain, as both soon traveled to Las Vegas.[4]

In Las Vegas, Omega and Hart won vast amounts of money, but Ruby Thursday of the Headmen robbed them. Omega attacked Thursday, but as she had altered her appearance to look human, the Vegas authorities thought Omega was the villain and shot him to death.[5]


Power Grid[6]
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Omega was able to draw his power from biospheres of planets and use this for various effects, such as blasts of kinetic energy, telekinesis, and limited forms of precognition--able to tell how dice fell, for example. Model X3Z was psionically linked to James-Michael Starling, a similar artificial being of his race.


Highly trained in Srenskian fighting skills.


Omega would lose control of his biospheric power, and cause a cascade pyramid reaction throughout a planet's biosphere which would destroy all life on that planet, if he utilized that power beyond a certain level. (This level was never specified.)

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