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In the 6th Century, Modred was an apprentice magician under Gervasse and betrothed to Gervasse's daughter Janice. Modred was asked to become an apprentice by "Merlin." However, after hearing tales of madness, he declined. Thinking the power of the Darkhold could oppose the mad wizard, he went to the tower to claim it. He battled the Other (Chthon) until Janice came in. Rather than have her become corrupted, Modred gave himself up. Gervasse sealed Modred in a crypt hoping that future generations might be able to help him.

Modred was resurrected in modern times by Janet Lyton and Grant Whittaker.[1] He was startled by the changes to the world but managed to protect the couple when the Other came to claim him.[2]

Since then, he has fallen under and out of Chthon's control and encountered a great many heroes and villains. When Chthon's possession takes over, Modred is a very dangerous individual. One can never tell when he is going to change, as the Scarlet Witch found out as he helped her reach Wundagore to learn about her past, then attempted to offer her to Chthon.[3]

When Modred is in control of himself, he will help others fight evil, although his actions usually have his own interests at heart. For example, he helped Puck against the Brass Bishop thinking that he could find a method to retrieve his soul and end his possession.[4] He also briefly assisted Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew).

He also has attacked Captain Britain due to his association with Merlin. He seemed unaware that Brian served the true Merlyn and not the impostor Merlin he knew in the past.[5]

When the N'Garai came to Perfection, Modred brought the Darkhold Redeemers and was able to coerce a nearby Sabretooth to help. While Creed and the other Darkhold Redeemers battled the creatures, Modred examined the cairn. Thinking that Chthon might be on the other side, he saved a woman, then tossed her through the portal. The resulting screams convinced Modred that he should not try to use it. Sabretooth left unsure what had happened but pleased that he was able to slaughter a number of the N'Garai. The other Redeemers realized that Modred had simply used them for his own goals rather than trying to save the townspeople.[6]

Modred will seek revenge against anyone he feels has wronged him. This includes an almost irrational hatred of Doctor Strange when he became involved with the Darkhold Redeemers, as Modred felt that dealing with the Darkhold was his business alone. Modred briefly taught Jinx and also helped Kyllian.[7]


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Sorcery: Before his encounter with the Darkhold, Modred was an apprentice sorcerer capable of only minor magic spells. Once the Darkhold had corrupted him and he had become connected with the Elder God Chthon, Modred's mystical abilities increased exponentially as he now has access to all of the spells contained within the Darkhold.[8] He was considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme.[9]

Spells and Phrases: Modred has a vast knowledge of mystical spells and incantations invoking names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations, the magi are able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing the personal abilities.[10] Modred is also capable of casting any of the vast number of powerful spells contained within the Darkhold. While Modred hasn't knowingly tapped into the complete resources the Darkhold offers, the Darkhold contained spells to summon powerful demons such as; Dragonus, The Hellhound, Monstrosity, and Wish-Demon, that he could use.[8] Modred possesses the power of:

  • Binding: Modred has displayed the ability to bind his targets from moving. He has formed a magical leash that restrains Switchblade.[11]
  • Dimensional Manipulation: As a high-tier level magic user, Modred has proven to be capable to change, shape, and manipulate dimensions. He has created Null Space, which is his own pocket dimension, where normal laws of physics are altered. He could trap/imprison, contain/store/put, as well as send himself and any other people or objects into this dimension at his will.[7] He could even merge himself with other dimensions, amplifying his power to a greater extent.[12]
  • Divine Sources: On rare occasions, Modred has utilized spells that tap into the energies of mystical entities other than the Elder God Chthon, such as Cyttorak and Munnopor.[8]
  • Elemental Control: Modred has shown to be capable to control various elemental beings and forces, such as:
    • Aerokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the wind and air.[13][11]
    • Chlorokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the plants and vegetation.[13][2]
    • Electrokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the electricity and lightning.[14]
    • Geokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the earth.[2][13]
    • Hydrokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the water.[11]
    • Pyrokinesis: Modred is capable of mystically manipulating the fire.[13][15]
  • Energy Constructs: During his time as a mystic, Modred has performed the ability to use and turn his mystical energy in order to create and make magical objects. He has magically made a mystical platform.[16]
  • Energy Projection: Modred possesses the power to emit powerful blast of magical energy that he can use to destroy and attack any objects or persons he wants.[17][16]
  • Enhanced Condition: Due to the Darkhold's corruption, not only magical abilities, but Modred's physical which included durability, reaction speed, and strength, has been increased and boosted too. He is apparently immune to intoxication as he has stated and proven himself.[18]
  • Flight: Modred the Mystic is capable of self-propelled flight, reaching to speeds up to 300mph.[8]
  • Force Field: Through the use of his supernatural powers, Modred can form a magical sphere to trap and imprison his enemies like he did to Doctor Strange. It is also possible that he can use this power to shield himself and prevent him from getting any harm or any damage.[19]
  • Illusion Casting: Modred has demonstrated the ability to cast realistic illusions. He can disguise himself and take the appearance of someone else[20] and can use illusion in a combat to fool his enemies.[11] He once fools Doctor Strange into thinking he had teleported them to a different place only later to reveal they had never left.[17] He also can use this power to make hypnotic effect on his targets[21] as well as to attack his victims by surrounding someone with illusions of himself.[11]
  • Intangibility: As one of the most powerful sorcerer, Modred can become intangible allowing him to phase through solid objects and physical matter.[22]
  • Magic Negation: Mordred has the power to negate and nullify magic, spells, and their effect. He was able to dispel Doctor Strange's Bands of Bedevilment easily.[17]
  • Magic Reflection: Modred can use his sorcery to deflect magical attack such as eldritch blast that is targeted at him and tries to harm him.[16]
  • Mystical Invulnerability: As a magician, Modred has resistance against magic and mystical attacks. He has tanked and survived an attack from Frank Drake's exorcist gun, that is designed to counter against supernatural entities.[11][23]
  • Mystical Senses: Like any other sorcerers, Modred possessed acute mystical senses that can detect the presence of another people and sorcerer or the presence of an enchanted place or item.[21][24]
  • Necromancy: Modred has performed the power to manipulate and control the dead. He has resurrected and reanimated the army of the warriors to fight for him.[25]
  • Size Alteration: Modred the Mystic has displayed the ability to alter the size of everything and anything. He was able to shrink Ben Grimm and Puppet Master in his subconscious sleep.[26]
  • Solar Manipulation: His magic can be used to manipulate and control the very sun itself. He has used this ability to burn away an elemental enemy.[12]
  • Telekinesis: His sorcery allows him to move objects and persons as he pleases, seen for example when he frees himself from Ghost Rider's chain.[11]
  • Telepathy: Modred has demonstrated the power to manipulate, dominate, and affect the mind of others. He was able to erase and search through people's memories.[12][27] While sealed away, he once controlled Rachel Summers, a Phoenix Host, into opening a portal to free him and become his thrall[28] Not only that, he was also able to dampens the emotions as well as communicate telepathically with others.[7][11]
  • Teleportation: Modred has proven to be able to teleport to another place he wanted and he could bring several people within him.[11] He was able to teleport certain persons or objects away from and into his location instantly.[11][24] He has even been able to transport inter-dimensionally.[7]
  • Voice Manipulation: On a few occasions, Modred has shown to be able to mimic and replicate someone else's voices in order to trick his victims.[22]


Knowledge of Occult Lore: By receiving and studying the Darkhold, Modred has proven to be capable of practicing magic on a great level and become one of Marvel's greatest magician. Even though at times he is struggling against the Darkhold's corruption, he's still considered to be one of the most powerful sorcerers.



  • Formerly the Darkhold.
  • Nimbus: Modred can use, summon, and send a magical cloud called Nimbus to pick himself and others up in order to travel great distances from one location to another location he wants.[24]


  • Due to their similar names and from both being from the Arthurian Era, Modred the Mystic is often confused with Mordred the Evil. The confusion is compounded by Mordred the Evil's name sometimes being spelled "Modred" in early issues of The Black Knight. (Both are valid names for the figure from Arthurian legend.)

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