-- Put EVERY case where you want to categorize based on a word or phrase here. If they're not specifically here, they won't be categorized, especially if part of the word(s) is in the exceptions area.
-- Syntax: ["find this word or phrase in the field"] = {"Category1", "Category2", "Category3" ... }
local valid = {
    ["adamantium"] = {"Adamantium"},
    ["antenna"] = {"Antennas"},
    ["armless"] = {"Armless"},
    ["arms replaced"] = {"Armless"},
    ["claw"] = {"Claws"},
    ["crest fin"] = {"Fins"},
    ["talon"] = {"Claws"},
    ["fang"] = {"Fangs"},
    ["feather"] = {"Feathers"},
    ["fin"] = {"Fins"},
    ["fish"] = {"Fish Form"},
    ["fur"] = {"Fur"},
    ["furry"] = {"Fur"},
    ["furrowed chin"] = {"Furrowed Chin"},
    ["gaseous"] = {"Gaseous Form"},
    ["gas body"] = {"Gaseous Form"},
    ["gill"] = {"Gills"},
    ["goo body"] = {"Goo Body"},
    ["headless"] = {"Headless"},
    ["hoof"] = {"Hooves"},
    ["hooves"] = {"Hooves"},
    ["horn"] = {"Horns"},
    ["heads"] = {"Multiple Heads"},
    ["legless"] = {"Legless"},
    ["legs replaced"] = {"Legless"},
    ["liquid"] = {"Liquid Form"},
    ["liquid body"] = {"Liquid Form"},
    ["liquid form"] = {"Liquid Form"},
    ["metal body"] = {"Metal Body"},
    ["no arms"] = {"Armless"},
    ["no head"] = {"Headless"},
    ["no legs"] = {"Legless"},
    ["one arm"] = {"One Arm"},
    ["one eye"] = {"One Eye"},
    ["one leg"] = {"One Leg"},
    ["pincer"] = {"Pincers"},
    ["pointed ear"] = {"Pointed Ears"},
    ["prehensile tail"] = {"Prehensile Tail"},
    ["prehensile tongue"] = {"Prehensile Tongue"},
    ["reptilian"] = {"Reptilian Form"},
    ["reptile"] = {"Reptilian Form"},
    ["rock"] = {"Rock Form"},
    ["rock body"] = {"Rock Form"},
    ["scale"] = {"Scaly Skin"},
    ["stone"] = {"Rock Form"},
    ["tail"] = {"Tail"},
    ["tattoo"] = {"Tattoos"},
    ["tentacle"] = {"Tentacles"},
    ["no pupil"] = {"No visible Irises or Pupils"},
    ["no visible pupil"] = {"No visible Irises or Pupils"},
    ["no visible iris"] = {"No visible Irises or Pupils"},
    ["webbed limbs"] = {"Webbed Limbs"},
    ["webbed hands"] = {"Webbed Hands"},
    ["webbed feet"] = {"Webbed Feet"},
    ["wing"] = {"Winged Characters"},
-- Put all of the exceptions where you don't want a category, but part of one of the valid words might exist in your field (e.g. don't categorise as Fur if fur is in something else not specified in the valid area)
-- Syntax: ["word_to_look_up"] = {"Examples where the exception is important (for documentation, not used in code)" ... }
local exceptions = {
	["fur"] = {"Examples where this isn't good: furrowed, furious"},
    ["fin"] = {"finger"},
    ["tail"] = {"Prehensile tail"},
local unusualFeatures = {
	["valid"] = valid,
	["exceptions"] = exceptions
return unusualFeatures
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