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return {
["0"]						={"Before the Big Bang", "Earth-0", "Comic"},
["1"]						={"Reality visited by Young Avengers", "Earth-1", "Comic"},
["001"]						={"Home of the Inheritors", "Earth-001", "Comic"},
["4"]						={"Ezekiel Sims became Spider-Man", "Earth-4", "Comic"},
["5"]						={"Order of The Black Sun<br>(Doctor Who)", "Earth-5", "Comic"},
["6"]						={"Home to Captain Britain<br>(Beth Braddock)", "Earth-6", "Comic"},
["8"]						={"Spider-Man and Spider-Woman married", "Earth-8", "Comic"},
["9"]						={"Saturnyne's World", "Earth-9", "Comic"},
["10"]						={"Neopolis", "Earth-10", "Comic"},
["11"]						={"Home to Penelope Parker", "Earth-11", "Comic"},
["12"]						={"Mimic's Reality", "Earth-12", "Comic"},
["13"]						={"Captain Universe Spider-Man killed by Solus", "Earth-13", "Comic"},
["14"]						={"Home to Justicar Druidica", "Earth-14", "Comic"},
["15"]						={"Spider's Reality", "Earth-15", "Comic"},
["18"]						={"Home to Miracleman", "Earth-18", "Comic"},
["22"]						={"Home to Captain Amphibian", "Earth-22", "Comic"},
["23"]                      ={"Magical Peni Parker", "Earth-23", "Animated"},
["25"]						={"Alternate Spider-Ham", "Earth-25", "Comic"},
["26"]						={"Depowered", "Earth-26", "Comic"},
["27"]						={"Magnus' Reality", "Earth-27", "Comic"},
["33"]						={"Unstable Molecules", "Earth-33", "Comic"},
["36"]						={"Thing: Night Falls", "Earth-36", "Comic"},
["45"]						={"Doom lobotomized by Council of Reeds", "Earth-45", "Comic"},
["54"]						={"Terran Disco Ball", "Earth-54", "Comic"},
["55"]						={"James Rhodes, leader of the Avengers", "Earth-55", "Comic"},
["56"]						={"Home to multiversal Reed Richards", "Earth-56", "Comic"},
["65"]						={"Home to Brother Brit-Man & Spider-Gwen", "Earth-65", "Comic"},
["66"]						={"Home to Spider-Rex", "Earth-66", "Comic"},
["67"]						={"Home to alternate '67 Spider-Man", "Earth-67", "Comic"},
["74"]						={"Antonio Aggasiz stole a musical virus", "Earth-74", "Comic"},
["78"]						={"Home to Captain Krakoica", "Earth-78", "Comic"},
["91"]						={"Planet of the Man-Things", "Earth-91", "Comic"},
["94"]						={"Ben Reilly remained Spider-Man", "Earth-94", "Comic"},
["98"]						={"Real-time Fantastic Four", "Earth-98", "Comic"},
["99"]						={"Home to The Green Woman", "Earth-99", "Comic"},
["105"]						={"Home to an Ancient One", "Earth-105", "Game"},
["110"]						={"Big Town", "Earth-110", "Comic"},
["111"]						={"Challengers of Doom", "Earth-111", "Comic"},
["117"]						={"Cyclops and Wolverine visited Neopolis", "Earth-117", "Comic"},
["122"]                     ={"Earth devastated by Gamma Bombs", "Earth-122", "Comic"},
["127"]						={"Brother Mutant's Reality", "Earth-127", "Comic"},
["138"]						={"Punk Universe", "Earth-138", "Comic"},
["148"]						={"Ee'rath", "Earth-148", "Comic"},
["155"]						={"SRA works without Pym", "Earth-155", "Comic"},
["161"]						={"X-Men Forever", "Earth-161", "Comic"},
["172"]						={"Home to Wolverine (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-172", "Comic"},
["177"]						={"Gog's adopted home reality", "Earth-177", "Comic"},
["181"]						={"Daredevil is a hitman", "Earth-181", "Comic"},
["210"]				     	={"Future Revolution: Thanos Invasion", "Earth-210", "Game"},
["212"]						={"Infinite New York", "Earth-212", "Comic"},
["218"]						={"Home to Spider-Kid", "Earth-218", "Comic"},
["231"]						={"Richards killed the Illuminati", "Earth-231", "Comic"},
["235"]						={"Vampire Eternals", "Earth-235", "Comic"},
["238"]						={"Crooked World", "Earth-238", "Comic"},
["239"]						={"Fury Containment Area", "Earth-239", "Comic"},
["242"]						={"Earth On Fire", "Earth-242", "Comic"},
["253"]						={"People's Protectorate", "Earth-253", "Comic"},
["267"]						={"Kang killed the Avengers", "Earth-267", "Comic"},
["295"]						={"Age of Apocalypse", "Earth-295", "Comic"},
["305"]						={"Home to Captain Angleterre", "Earth-305", "Comic"},
["311"]						={"1602", "Earth-311", "Comic"},
["312"]						={"Thing goes into a rage", "Earth-312", "Comic"},
["313"]						={"Near Nuclear Annihilation", "Earth-313", "Comic"},
["355"]						={"Home to Coal Tiger (Gatherers)", "Earth-355", "Comic"},
["371"]						={"Home to Gambit (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-371", "Comic"},
["374"]						={"Home to Proctor", "Earth-374", "Comic"},
["398"]						={"Morgan Le Fay's Reality Warp", "Earth-398", "Comic"},
["412"]						={"Common Magic Carpet Rides", "Earth-412", "Comic"},
["415"]						={"Home to Sharon Rogers", "Earth-415", "Comic"},
["421"]                     ={"Namora invaded the Ultimate Universe", "Earth-421", "Comic"},
["449"]						={"Home to Spider Moon-Man", "Earth-449", "Comic"},	
["460"]						={"Purple President for Life", "Earth-460", "Comic"},
["483"]						={"The Frontier", "Earth-483", "Comic"},
["520"]						={"Home to Logan (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-520", "Comic"},
["522"]						={"Home to Captain England", "Earth-522", "Comic"},
["523"]						={"Home to Captain Albion", "Earth-523", "Comic"},
["538"]						={"Beyonder Rules", "Earth-538", "Comic"},
["541"]						={"Starbrand Global Monarch", "Earth-541", "Comic"},
["552"]						={"Galactus: World Healer", "Earth-552", "Comic"},
["555"]						={"newuniversal", "Earth-555", "Comic"},
["597"]						={"Nazis Won WWII", "Earth-597", "Comic"},
["615"]						={"Uncle Ben-a-Verse", "Earth-615", "Comic"},
["615.9"]					={"Deadpool possessed by Venom", "Earth-615.9", "Comic"},
["616"]						={"Prime Marvel Universe", "Earth-616", "Comic"},
["617"]						={"Divergent by Spider-Gwen's arrival", "Earth-617", "Comic"},
["653"]						={"Home to Mesmero (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-653", "Comic"},
["665"]						={"Marble Earth", "Earth-665", "Comic"},
["666"]						={"Undead Avengers", "Earth-666", "Comic"},
["669"]						={"Captain Marvel Lost Civil War II", "Earth-669", "Comic"},
["685"]						={"Home to an Ancient One", "Earth-685", "Game"},
["688"]						={"Arachnamorphosis", "Earth-688", "Comic"},
["689"]						={"Scarlet Centurion captured all heroes", "Earth-689", "Comic"},
["691"]						={"War of the Worlds", "Earth-691", "Comic"},
["700"]						={"2200 A.D.", "Earth-700", "Comic"},
["712"]						={"Earth-S", "Earth-712", "Comic"},
["714"]						={"Home to Angel (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-714", "Comic"},
["715"]						={"Original Femizonia", "Earth-715", "Comic"},
["717"]						={"Civil War Cap", "Earth-717", "Comic"},
["721"]						={"Earth A", "Earth-721", "Comic"},
["723"]						={"Starbrand Musician", "Earth-723", "Comic"},
["725"]						={"A.I. Captain America", "Earth-725", "Comic"},
["727"]						={"James Rhodes, Mayor of Philadelphia", "Earth-727", "Comic"},
["741"]						={"Home to Captain Empire", "Earth-741", "Comic"},
["744"]						={"Home to Captain Airstrip-One", "Earth-744", "Comic"},
["763"]						={"Home to Beast (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-763", "Comic"},
["772"]						={"The Fantastic Five", "Earth-772", "Comic"},
["774"]						={"Hulk retained Banner's intellect", "Earth-774", "Comic"},
["776"]						={"The Avengers Disbanded", "Earth-776", "Comic"},
["788"]						={"Jane Foster: Thordis", "Earth-788", "Comic"},
["791"]						={"Classic Star-Lord", "Earth-791", "Comic"},
["794"]						={"Home to Kaptain Briton", "Earth-794", "Comic"},
["797"]						={"Mystiq's Reality", "Earth-797", "Comic"},
["802"]						={"Jennix's home base", "Earth-802", "Comic"},
["803"]						={"Home to Lady Spider", "Earth-803", "Comic"},
["804"]						={"No Rick Jones", "Earth-804", "Comic"},
["808"]						={"Doom Rescued Mother", "Earth-808", "Comic"},
["811"]						={"Days of Future Past", "Earth-811", "Comic"},
["812"]						={"Home to Captain Britain<br>(Liz Braddock)", "Earth-812", "Comic"},
["818"]						={"The Black Skull's Wastelands", "Earth-818", "Comic"},
["821"]						={"Ghost Rider: Flameless Bike", "Earth-821", "Comic"},
["829"]						={"Hercules: 2300 A.D.", "Earth-829", "Comic"},
["833"]						={"Home of Spider-UK", "Earth-833", "Comic"},
["838"]                     ={"Baron Mordo, Sorcerer Supreme and the Illuminati", "Earth-838", "Live Action"},
["839"]						={"Captain UK Reassigned", "Earth-839", "Comic"},
["846"]						={"Home to Kommandant Englander", "Earth-846", "Comic"},
["873"]						={"Home to Bruce Banner (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-873", "Comic"},
["886"]						={"Starbrand: idol of billions", "Earth-886", "Comic"},
["889"]						={"Pre-digital X-Men", "Earth-889", "Comic"},
["892"]						={"Doctor Doom controls Earth", "Earth-892", "Comic"},
["900"]						={"Utopia", "Earth-900", "Comic"},
["902"]						={"X-Punks", "Earth-902", "Comic"},
["904"]						={"Asgardian X-Men", "Earth-904", "Comic"},
["905"]						={"Professor X: Juggernaut", "Earth-905", "Comic"},
["906"]						={"Mar-Vell did not Die", "Earth-906", "Comic"},
["907"]						={"Reed Richards Executed", "Earth-907", "Comic"},
["908"]						={"Tippit caused World War III", "Earth-908", "Comic"},
["909"]						={"Scarlet Witch burned at stake", "Earth-909", "Comic"},
["912"]						={"Fantastic Five:<br>Silver Surfer", "Earth-912", "Comic"},
["913"]						={"Second X-Men Team Never Formed", "Earth-913", "Comic"},
["917"]						={"Fantastic Five: Namor", "Earth-917", "Comic"},
["919"]						={"Brother Voodoo bonded an Infinity Gem to an Eye of Agamotto", "Earth-919", "Comic"},
["920"]						={"Home to Captain Commonwealth", "Earth-920", "Comic"},
["921"]						={"Home to Swordsman (Javert)", "Earth-921", "Comic"},
["924"]						={"Home to Calibur", "Earth-924", "Comic"},
["928"]						={"2099 A.D.", "Earth-928", "Comic"},
["929"]						={"Avengers fought Galactus", "Earth-929", "Comic"},
["932"]						={"Home to Vision (Gatherers)", "Earth-932", "Comic"},
["934"]						={"Daredevil saved Nuke", "Earth-934", "Comic"},
["938"]						={"Doom:<br>Sorcerer Supreme", "Earth-938", "Comic"},
["939"]						={"Iron Man 2020 stuck in the Past", "Earth-939", "Comic"},
["943"]						={"Home to Jocasta (Gatherers)", "Earth-943", "Comic"},
["944"]						={"Dark Raider's Reality", "Earth-944", "Comic"},
["947"]						={"Living Laser Committed Suicide", "Earth-947", "Comic"},
["952"]						={"Fantastic Four: Heralds", "Earth-952", "Comic"},
["956"]						={"Mr. Sinister's X-Men", "Earth-956", "Comic"},
["957"]						={"Blink of Generation X Lived", "Earth-957", "Comic"},
["958"]						={"Plain Peter Parker", "Earth-958", "Comic"},
["967"]						={"Home to Hyperstorm (Divergent Days of Future Past)", "Earth-967", "Comic"},
["969"]						={"Fantastic Four Never Formed", "Earth-969", "Comic"},
["973"]						={"Mephisto's Ghost Rider", "Earth-973", "Comic"},
["976"]						={"SRA & Initiative Successful", "Earth-976", v},
["979"]						={"Secrets Revealed", "Earth-979", "Comic"},
["982"]						={"MC2", "Earth-982", "Comic"},
["983"]						={"Gambit Condemned", "Earth-983", "Comic"},
["985"]						={"Carnage Cosmic", "Earth-985", "Comic"},
["987"]						={"Colossus not an X-Man", "Earth-987", "Comic"},
["989"]						={"Liddleville", "Earth-989", "Comic"},
["991"]						={"Vikings settled America", "Earth-991", "Comic"},
["998"]						={"Red Queen Rules", "Earth-998", "Comic"},
["999"]						={"Home to the Special Legion of Machine Avengers Executive and Spider-Cat", "Earth-999", "Comic"},
["1000"]					={"Praxis", "Earth-1000", "Comic"},
["1002"]					={"Universe Rex", "Earth-1002", "Comic"},
["1003"]					={"Professor's Secret Service", "Earth-1003", "Comic"},
["1004"]					={"Last Man Standing", "Earth-1004", "Comic"},
["1005"]					={"The Offspring", "Earth-1005", "Comic"},
["1006"]					={"Bringing up Baby", "Earth-1006", "Comic"},
["1007"]					={"Big X-Change", "Earth-1007", "Comic"},
["1008"]					={"By the Maker", "Earth-1008", "Comic"},
["1009"]					={"Anna Raven's Reality", "Earth-1009", "Comic"},
["1010"]					={"Project Cerebro-X", "Earth-1010", "Comic"},
["1011"]					={"X-Sentinels", "Earth-1011", "Comic"},
["1012"]					={"Back to School", "Earth-1012", "Comic"},
["1013"]					={"Freedom Force", "Earth-1013", "Comic"},
["1014"]					={"The Magnificent Seven", "Earth-1014", "Comic"},
["1015"]					={"X is Enough", "Earth-1015", "Comic"},
["1016"]					={"Doom Vs Namor", "Earth-1016", "Comic"},
["1017"]					={"Most Wanted", "Earth-1017", "Comic"},
["1018"]					={"Mutants, Mutants Everywhere!", "Earth-1018", "Comic"},
["1019"]					={"Apocalypse Redux", "Earth-1019", "Comic"},
["1020"]					={"Duty Calls", "Earth-1020", "Comic"},
["1021"]					={"Interplanetary X-Men", "Earth-1021", "Comic"},
["1022"]					={"Remnants", "Earth-1022", "Comic"},
["1023"]					={"Happy Trails", "Earth-1023", "Comic"},
["1024"]					={"War in the Savage Land", "Earth-1024", "Comic"},
["1025"]					={"Rogue, P.I.", "Earth-1025", "Comic"},
["1026"]					={"Exiles: Static Problematic", "Earth-1026", "Comic"},
["1027"]					={"Goddess of Thunder", "Earth-1027", "Comic"},
["1028"]					={"Assassins in Love?", "Earth-1028", "Comic"},
["1029"]					={"Home to Hulk (Jen Walters)", "Earth-1029", "Comic"},
["1030"]					={"N.Y.X.F.", "Earth-1030", "Comic"},
["1031"]					={"Reborn", "Earth-1031", "Comic"},
["1032"]					={"Live From Pakistan", "Earth-1032", "Comic"},
["1033"]					={"War to Come", "Earth-1033", "Comic"},
["1034"]					={"X-Men X", "Earth-1034", "Comic"},
["1035"]					={"The Last Family", "Earth-1035", "Comic"},
["1036"]					={"Home to mutant-hunting merc Deadpool, and actress Erin Hasko", "Earth-1036", "Comic"},
["1037"]					={"First Soldiers", "Earth-1037", "Comic"},
["1038"]					={"Retro Men", "Earth-1038", "Comic"},
["1039"]					={"Technarchy", "Earth-1039", "Comic"},
["1040"]					={"Father of Man", "Earth-1040", "Comic"},
["1041"]					={"Project Epsilon", "Earth-1041", "Comic"},
["1042"]					={"Doop Forever", "Earth-1042", "Comic"},
["1043"]					={"Brother(hood)'s Keeper", "Earth-1043", "Comic"},
["1044"]					={"X-Men rEvolution", "Earth-1044", "Comic"},
["1045"]					={"Daredevil becomes Female", "Earth-1045", "Comic"},
["1048"]					={"Marvel's Spider-Man game series", "Earth-1048", "Game"},
["1051"]					={"World of Codex", "Earth-1051", "Comic"},
["1058"]					={"Dr. Killcraven's Island", "Earth-1058", "Comic"},
["1059"]					={"War Journal Entry 122312", "Earth-1059", "Comic"},
["1064"]					={"Intelligencia took over Earth", "Earth-1064", "Comic"},
["1078"]					={"Black Widow: 123 Children", "Earth-1078", "Comic"},
["1081"]					={"Home to Morph<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-1081", "Comic"},
["1082"]					={"Home to Mike Dillon", "Earth-1082", "Comic"},
["1089"]					={"Spider-Man kept the Symbiote", "Earth-1089", "Comic"},
["1090"]					={"Humanity's Group Mind", "Earth-1090", "Comic"},
["1100"]					={"Home to T-Bird<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-1100", "Comic"},
["1102"]					={"Uatu murdered Galactus", "Earth-1102", "Comic"},
["1104"]					={"Home to Octavia Otto", "Earth-1104", "Comic"},
["1108"]					={"Home to Deadpool Kid", "Earth-1108", "Comic"},
["1112"]					={"Malice killed the Fantastic Four", "Earth-1112", "Comic"},
["1115"]					={"Sue married Namor", "Earth-1115", "Comic"},
["1116"]					={"Atlanterra", "Earth-1116", "Comic"},
["1119"]					={"Home to Panther", "Earth-1119", "Comic"},
["1120"]					={"Thanos destroyed Milky Way", "Earth-1120", "Comic"},
["1121"]					={"Humanity Nuked the Squadron Supreme", "Earth-1121", "Comic"},
["1122"]					={"Spider-Girl, daughter of Ben Reilly", "Earth-1122", "Comic"},
["1123"]					={"President Richards: Brute", "Earth-1123", "Comic"},
["1124"]					={"Satyrnin Rules", "Earth-1124", "Comic"},
["1136"]					={"Genesis Universe", "Earth-1136", "Comic"},
["1137"]					={"Insect Earthlings", "Earth-1137", "Comic"},
["1145"]					={"Happy Pants Black Panther", "Earth-1145", "Comic"},
["1157"]					={"Military Ben Grimm", "Earth-1157", "Comic"},
["1189"]					={"Captain Britain (Meggan)", "Earth-1189", "Comic"},
["1191"]					={"Bishop's reality", "Earth-1191", "Comic"},
["1193"]					={"Home to Captain Marshall", "Earth-1193", "Comic"},
["1211"]					={"Home to Sydney Taine", "Earth-1211", "Comic"},
["1218"]					={"Our Reality", "Earth-1218", "Comic"},
["1219"]					={"Home to Clyde Wyncham Jr.", "Earth-1219", "Comic"},
["1226"]					={"M.O.D.O.K. and Hit-Monkey TV series", "Earth-1226", "Animated"},
["1228"]					={"Marvel Bullpen Fantastic Four", "Earth-1228", "Comic"},
["1237"]					={"Banner killed on Sakaar", "Earth-1237", "Comic"},
["1241"]					={"Primitive 31st Century", "Earth-1241", "Comic"},
["1282"]					={"Home to Captain Cymru", "Earth-1282", "Comic"},
["1287"]					={"Home to Strikeforce: Morituri & Maverick", "Earth-1287", "Comic"},
["1289"]					={"Warlord World/Barsoom Earth", "Earth-1289", "Comic"},
["1292"]					={"Ghost Rider Wrecked", "Earth-1292", "Comic"},
["1294"]					={"Kavita Rao couldn't help unmutated Beast to solve M-Day", "Earth-1294", "Comic"},
["1298"]					={"Mutant X", "Earth-1298", "Comic"},
["1310"]					={"Doggie Dog World", "Earth-1310", "Comic"},
["1331"]					={"Home of Alternate Manifold", "Earth-1331", "Comic"},
["1347"]					={"Dead Man Walking", "Earth-1347", "Comic"},
["1365"]					={"Home of Black Swan", "Earth-1365", "Comic"},
["1462"]					={"Galactus consumed Earth", "Earth-1462", "Comic"},
["1508"]					={"Home to Chevalier Bretagne", "Earth-1508", "Comic"},
["1519"]					={"World-Wide Aztec Empire", "Earth-1519", "Comic"},
["1556"]					={"Richards banished Fredd", "Earth-1556", "Comic"},
["1610"]					={"Ultimate Universe", "Earth-1610", "Comic"},
["1611"]					={"Age of Sentry", "Earth-1611", "Comic"},
["1629"]					={"Henry Stanton: Core Continuum physician", "Earth-1629", "Comic"},
["1666"]                    ={"Home to Otto Blaze", "Earth-1666", "Comic"},
["1720"]					={"Sue Storm is Madame Hydra", "Earth-1720", "Comic"},
["1735"]					={"SRA Successful", "Earth-1735", "Comic"},
["1740"]				    ={"Home to Spider-Laird", "Earth-1740", "Comic"},
["1745"]					={"The Sun destroyed Earth", "Earth-1745", "Comic"},
["1771"]					={"Ai Apaec killed by Karn", "Earth-1771", "Comic"},
["1812"]					={"Napoleon conquered Britain", "Earth-1812", "Comic"},
["1815"]					={"Operation: Zero Tolerance Successful", "Earth-1815", "Comic"},
["1857"]					={"Home to Maasai Marion", "Earth-1857", "Comic"},
["1880"]					={"Home to James Howlett<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-1880", "Comic"},
["1917"]					={"Home to Colossus<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-1917", "Comic"},
["1946"]					={"Deadpool: Adamantium and Claws", "Earth-1946", "Comic"},
["1952"]					={"Apocryphus", "Earth-1952", "Comic"},
["1983"]					={"Morlun slayed Spider-Friends", "Earth-1983", "Comic"},
["1987"]					={"She-Hulk stayed on the Fantastic Four", "Earth-1987", "Comic"},
["1991"]					={"Geshem", "Earth-1991", "Comic"},
["2010"]					={"All Humans are Vampires", "Earth-2010", "Comic"},
["2012"]					={"Galactus killed by Council of Reed Richards", "Earth-2012", "Comic"},
["2020"]					={"Home to Iron Man<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-2020", "Comic"},
["2021"]					={"Death of Fearsome Four", "Earth-2021", "Comic"},
["2022"]					={"Once & Future Sub-Mariner", "Earth-2022", "Comic"},
["2023"]					={"New Warriors: The Godsend", "Earth-2023", "Comic"},
["2030"]					={"Callisto: Sorceress Supreme", "Earth-2030", "Comic"},
["2042"]					={"Counter-Earth & Earth collide", "Earth-2042", "Comic"},
["2055"]					={"Spiral Rules", "Earth-2055", "Comic"},
["2081"]					={"Incredible Hulk: The End", "Earth-2081", "Comic"},
["2090"]					={"Daredevil: Radar Detector", "Earth-2090", "Comic"},
["2098"]					={"Alternate Earth-998", "Earth-2098", "Comic"},
["2099"]					={"Spider-Man Unlimited: Spider-Man 2099", "Earth-2099", "Game"},
["2109"]					={"Home to Sunfire (Mariko Yashida)", "Earth-2109", "Comic"},
["2107"]					={"Home to Ultimate Cable", "Earth-2107", "Comic"},
["2108"]					={"Captain America led all the Heroes against Registration", "Earth-2108", "Comic"},
["2111"]					={"Iron Man adopted a ward", "Earth-2111", "Comic"},
["2112"]					={"Home to Captain Plumdragon", "Earth-2112", "Comic"},
["2113"]					={"Home to High Priestess Celtia", "Earth-2113", "Comic"},
["2120"]					={"Alternate Killraven", "Earth-2120", "Comic"},
["2122"]					={"Home world of Crusader X", "Earth-2122", "Comic"},
["2149"]					={"Earth-Z<br>(Zombiverse)", "Earth-2149", "Comic"},
["2182"]					={"Nocturne's Reality", "Earth-2182", "Comic"},
["2189"]					={"Home to Namora<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-2189", "Comic"},
["2192"]					={"Red Skull-ruled reality", "Earth-2192", "Comic"},
["2301"]					={"Mangaverse", "Earth-2301", "Comic"},
["2318"]					={"Exiles in the Savage Land", "Earth-2318", "Comic"},
["2319"]					={"Mapmakers invaded Tian", "Earth-2319", "Comic"},
["2344"]					={"Darren Cross<br>defeated Ant-Man<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-2344", "Game"},
["2349"]					={"Antonio Aggasiz stole a fleshprinter", "Earth-2349", "Comic"},
["2419"]					={"Cyborg-armed Beast searched for cure to the M-Day", "Earth-2419", "Comic"},
["2530"]					={"Canada Nuked", "Earth-2530", "Comic"},
["2532"]					={"X-Doctors", "Earth-2532", "Comic"},
["2600"]					={"Days of Future Past: David Richards", "Earth-2600", "Comic"},
["2713"]					={"Hulk lives in Peace", "Earth-2713", "Comic"},
["2752"]					={"Kang joined the Kang Collective", "Earth-2752", "Comic"},
["2772"]					={"2007 Dr. Strange animated film", "Earth-2772", "Animated"},
["2775"]					={"Ranshi Empire", "Earth-2775", "Comic"},
["2803"]					={"Ethera", "Earth-2803", "Comic"},
["2814"]					={"Home to Forge<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-2814", "Comic"},
["2818"]					={"Cyborg Spider-Man", "Earth-2818", "Comic"},
["2819"]					={"Beyonder's Adam & Eve", "Earth-2819", "Comic"},
["2841"]					={"New Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine)", "Earth-2841", "Comic"},
["2902"]                    ={"Fresh Frond City", "Earth-2902", "Comic"},
["2912"]					={"Runaways became Young Avengers", "Earth-2912", "Comic"},
["2920"]					={"Howard the Chicken", "Earth-2920", "Comic"},
["2937"]					={"Hutch's sacrifice", "Earth-2937", "Comic"},
["2942"]					={"Brood World", "Earth-2942", "Comic"},
["2988"]					={"Wolverine: Horseman of Apocalypse", "Earth-2988", "Comic"},
["2991"]					={"Franklin Richards' Simian world", "Earth-2991", "Comic"},
["2992"]					={"Marvel Knights 2099", "Earth-2992", "Comic"},
["3010"]					={"Home to Lady Deadpool", "Earth-3010", "Comic"},
["3015"]					={"Alternate Earth-6799", "Earth-3015", "Comic"},
["3031"]					={"Home to Kane<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-3031", "Comic"},
["3062"]					={"Home to Firestar<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-3062", "Comic"},
["3066"]					={"Home to Kang of the Chronoverse", "Earth-3066", "Comic"},
["3071"]					={"Wolverine: Snikt", "Earth-3071", "Comic"},
["3100"]					={"X-Force die against Apocalypse", "Earth-3100", "Comic"},
["3109"]					={"Gwen Stacy became Green Goblin", "Earth-3109", "Comic"},
["3112"]					={"Beast joined Bishop in gunfight while searching for cure to M-Day", "Earth-3112", "Comic"},
["3123"]					={"Aunt May became Spider-Ma'am", "Earth-3123", "Comic"},
["3131"]					={"Marville", "Earth-3131", "Comic"},
["3145"]					={"Irradiated Earth", "Earth-3145", "Comic"},
["3208"]					={"Home to Right Honourable Captain Winston Faneshaw-Sinclair", "Earth-3208", "Comic"},
["3290"]					={"Earth Surrendered", "Earth-3290", "Comic"},
["3459"]					={"Mjolnir found on a train", "Earth-3459", "Comic"},
["3470"]					={"Home to Heather McDaniel<br>Sasquatch<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-3470", "Comic"},
["3488"]					={"Ultimate Avengers:<br>The Movie", "Earth-3488", "Animated"},
["3490"]					={"Home to Iron Woman<br>(Natasha Stark)", "Earth-3490", "Comic"},
["3492"]					={"Howard the Pigeon", "Earth-3492", "Comic"},
["3514"]					={"Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country", "Earth-3514", "Comic"},
["3515"]					={"Thor: The Reigning", "Earth-3515", "Comic"},
["3588"]					={"Taco Bell specials", "Earth-3588", "Comic"},
["3752"]					={"Monster Planet", "Earth-3752", "Comic"},
["3814"]					={"Alternate 24th Century future", "Earth-3814", "Comic"},
["3839"]					={"Batman and Captain America in World War II", "Earth-3839", "Comic"},
["3873"]					={"End of Days", "Earth-3873", "Comic"},
["3913"]					={"Captain Britain killed a policeman", "Earth-3913", "Comic"},
["3919"]					={"Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time", "Earth-3919", "Comic"},
["3926"]					={"Space Patrol Alternate Future", "Earth-3926", "Comic"},
["3931"]					={"Vampire Avengers", "Earth-3931", "Comic"},
["3933"]					={"The Bladeless Sword", "Earth-3933", "Comic"},
["3944"]					={"Dan Hastings' Alternate Future", "Earth-3944", "Comic"},
["3971"]					={"Daredevil: Dr. Strange Disciple", "Earth-3971", "Comic"},
["3982"]					={"2038 A.D.", "Earth-3982", "Comic"},
["4011"]					={"Wolverine: The End", "Earth-4011", "Comic"},
["4023"]					={"Home of King Hyperion", "Earth-4023", "Comic"},
["4029"]					={"Alternate Cranio", "Earth-4029", "Comic"},
["4032"]					={"2000 A.D.", "Earth-4032", "Comic"},
["4040"]					={"Post-World War II Ruins", "Earth-4040", "Comic"},
["4080"]					={"Hulk: Barbarian", "Earth-4080", "Comic"},
["4096"]					={"2300 A.D. Space Pirates", "Earth-4096", "Comic"},
["4100"]					={"Home to Centurion Britannus", "Earth-4100", "Comic"},
["4103"]					={"Home to Captain Colonies", "Earth-4103", "Comic"},
["4111"]                    ={"Howard Stark became the Iron Inquisitor", "Earth-4111", "Comic"},
["4162"]					={"Living Planet", "Earth-4162", "Comic"},
["4209"]                    ={"Ed Eckles,<br>The Golden Age Sentry", "Earth-4209", "Comic"},
["4210"]					={"Home to Magik<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-4210", "Comic"},
["4263"]					={"3050 A.D., Hitler Revived", "Earth-4263", "Comic"},
["4280"]					={"Reed Richards lead Celestials to the Council of Reeds", "Earth-4280", "Comic"},
["4287"]					={"F.R.A.N.K.L.I.N. briefly visited", "Earth-4287", "Comic"},
["4321"]					={"Marvel Universe:<br>The End", "Earth-4321", "Comic"},
["4392"]					={"Wolverine married Mariko", "Earth-4392", "Comic"},
["4400"]					={"Heroes eliminated by Hyperion", "Earth-4400", "Comic"},
["4489"]					={"Seeker 3000", "Earth-4489", "Comic"},
["4542"]					={"Emperor Hudson", "Earth-4542", "Comic"},
["4732"]					={"Home to Ms. Marvel<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-4732", "Comic"},
["4811"]					={"Home to Madame Sussex", "Earth-4811", "Comic"},
["4871"]					={"Threatened by Skrulls' World Ripper", "Earth-4871", "Comic"},
["4872"]					={"Destroyed by Merlin", "Earth-4872", "Comic"},
["4873"]					={"Threatened by Skrulls' World Ripper", "Earth-4873", "Comic"},
["4904"]					={"Home to Major Commonwealth", "Earth-4904", "Comic"},
["4935"]					={"Earth-Askani", "Earth-4935", "Comic"},
["4972"]					={"The Accurate Assassin", "Earth-4972", "Comic"},
["5012"]					={"Home to Iron Maniac", "Earth-5012", "Comic"},
["5013"]					={"Cable failed to save X-Force from Skornn", "Earth-5013", "Comic"},
["5014"]					={"Domino as Stryfe", "Earth-5014", "Comic"},
["5019"]					={"Box robots slaughter heroes", "Earth-5019", "Comic"},
["5021"]					={"Home to Deadpool<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-5021", "Comic"},
["5069"]                    ={"Gutted Gulch", "Earth-5069", "Comic"},
["5106"]					={"Futuristic world, ~ 2000 A.D.", "Earth-5106", "Comic"},
["5113"]					={"Dormammuverse", "Earth-5113", "Comic"},
["5127"]					={"Home to the House of Fallon", "Earth-5127", "Comic"},
["5200"]					={"Conquered by Dr. Doom", "Earth-5200", "Comic"},
["5202"]					={"Beyonder killed by The Council of Reeds", "Earth-5202", "Comic"},
["5116"]					={"Home to Snikt the Clown", "Earth-5116", "Comic"},
["5211"]					={"Home to Albert & Elsie Dee<br>(Reality Jumpers)", "Earth-5211", "Comic"},
["5306"]					={"Joseph Stalin is a Vampire", "Earth-5306", "Comic"},
["5309"]					={"Alternate Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-5309", "Comic"},
["5311"]					={"Kitty's Fairy Tale", "Earth-5311", "Comic"},
["5391"]					={"2075 A.D., Space Sentinels", "Earth-5391", "Comic"},
["5421"]					={"Ultron-10A destroyed all Heroes", "Earth-5421", "Comic"},
["5423"]					={"Home to The Big M", "Earth-5423", "Comic"},
["5464"]					={"Interplanetary Secret Service", "Earth-5464", "Comic"},
["5468"]					={"Future Revolution: Ultron Wins", "Earth-5468", "Game"},
["5511"]					={"Home of Mercian Marsh'al", "Earth-5511", "Comic"},
["5521"]					={"Phoenix exterminates Skrulls", "Earth-5521", "Comic"},
["5555"]					={"8162 A.D.", "Earth-5555", "Comic"},
["5556"]					={"Merlyn and Arthur trapped Catavolcus", "Earth-5556", "Comic"},
["5560"]					={"Earth is Man-Thing's Swamp", "Earth-5560", "Comic"},
["5582"]					={"Marvel Boy, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-5582", "Comic"},
["5631"]					={"Marvel Age Power Pack", "Earth-5631", "Comic"},
["5682"]					={"Home to Captain Lionheart", "Earth-5682", "Comic"},
["5692"]					={"Skrulls Invaded", "Earth-5692", "Comic"},
["5700"]					={"Days of Future Now", "Earth-5700", "Comic"},
["5701"]					={"An Age of Apocalypse", "Earth-5701", "Comic"},
["5709"]					={"Trashi-verse", "Earth-5709", "Comic"},
["5718"]					={"Genetically engineered Nazis", "Earth-5718", "Comic"},
["5724"]					={"Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. television movie", "Earth-5724", "Live Action"},
["5764"]					={"Home to Goggled Hyperion", "Earth-5764", "Comic"},
["5901"]					={"Hulk: Destruction", "Earth-5901", "Comic"},
["5905"]					={"Home to Anglo-Simian", "Earth-5905", "Comic"},
["5953"]					={"Thing from Planet X", "Earth-5953", "Comic"},
["6001"]					={"Hulked-Out Heroes", "Earth-6001", "Comic"},
["6023"]					={"Southpaw: All-star Lawyer", "Earth-6023", "Comic"},
["6025"]					={"Chronok slaughtered heroes", "Earth-6025", "Comic"},
["6034"]					={"12425 A.D.", "Earth-6034", "Comic"},
["6077"]					={"Thing in ancient Greece", "Earth-6077", "Comic"},
["6078"]					={"May Parker died, Ben survived", "Earth-6078", "Comic"},
["6091"]					={"The Cabal and Dark Avengers slaughtered by Dr. Doom", "Earth-6091", "Comic"},
["6095"]					={"Consumed by a swarm of alien insects", "Earth-6095", "Comic"},
["6109"]					={"Marvel: Ultimate Alliance", "Earth-6109", "Game"},
["6111"]					={"Spider-Man's dream of being in an endless prison", "Earth-6111", "Comic"},
["6120"]					={"Camelot slain by Makluans", "Earth-6120", "Comic"},
["6121"]					={"Stan Lee and the Blob were roommates", "Earth-6121", "Comic"},
["6124"]					={"X-Factor restored mutants", "Earth-6124", "Comic"},
["6141"]					={"Shadow King possessed Xavier, killed heroes", "Earth-6141", "Comic"},
["6175"]					={"Lo-Karr threatened the planet, peace ensued", "Earth-6175", "Comic"},
["6195"]					={"Divergent Zombieverse", "Earth-6195", "Comic"},
["6212"]					={"Fifth Dimension", "Earth-6212", "Comic"},
["6215"]					={"League of Losers", "Earth-6215", "Comic"},
["6216"]					={"~100 years in the future", "Earth-6216", "Comic"},
["6232"]					={"The Reckoning War", "Earth-6232", "Comic"},
["6297"]					={"Home to Artur Zarrko", "Earth-6297", "Comic"},
["6309"]					={"Home to Skrull Lord", "Earth-6309", "Comic"},
["6311"]					={"Nuclear War with Lunar Colony", "Earth-6311", "Comic"},
["6315"]					={"Home of Samurai Saxonai", "Earth-6315", "Comic"},
["6375"]					={"Spider-Man 2099 Joined the Exiles", "Earth-6375", "Comic"},
["6381"]					={"Daredevil Ran Away", "Earth-6381", "Comic"},
["6451"]					={"Vanna Smith Confronted", "Earth-6451", "Comic"},
["6466"]					={"Home to Major Deadpool", "Earth-6466", "Comic"},
["6513"]					={"Franklin Richards:<br>Son of a Genius", "Earth-6513", "Comic"},
["6590"]					={"The Fantastic Torch", "Earth-6590", "Comic"},
["6606"]					={"Home to Chieftain Justice", "Earth-6606", "Comic"},
["6674"]					={"00-66-74 Post Urban Collapse", "Earth-6674", "Comic"},
["6676"]					={"Arrkham", "Earth-6676", "Comic"},
["6696"]					={"Haasen becomes Purgatory<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-6696", "Game"},
["6706"]					={"Home to Remy<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-6706", "Comic"},
["6716"]					={"Fantastic Four:<br>A Death in the Family", "Earth-6716", "Comic"},
["6730"]					={"Sue delayed the space flight", "Earth-6730", "Comic"},
["6799"]					={"1967 Spider-Man Cartoon", "Earth-6799", "Animated"},
["6871"]					={"Captain America: The Great Gold Steal", "Earth-6871", "Comic"},
["6905"]					={"Earth-Darkmass", "Earth-6905", "Comic"},
["6943"]					={"Humanity evolved into mutates", "Earth-6943", "Comic"},
["6950"]					={"22nd century Starhawk (Mark Wilde)", "Earth-6950", "Comic"},
["6966"]					={"45th century Overlord of Dakkam", "Earth-6966", "Comic"},
["6993"]					={"Home to Centurianous Britanicosarus", "Earth-6993", "Comic"},
["7031"]					={"Reality of Carol Danvers book, Binary", "Earth-7031", "Comic"},
["7041"]					={"Spider-Man J manga", "Earth-7041", "Comic"},
["7044"]					={"Spider-Ham Zombie Earth Variant", "Earth-7044", "Comic"},
["7082"]					={"Spider-Man Fairy Tales: Anansi", "Earth-7082", "Comic"},
["7085"]					={"Marvel Werewolves", "Earth-7085", "Comic"},
["7110"]					={"Glimpsed by Monica Rambeau via Forbush Man", "Earth-7110", "Comic"},
["7111"]					={"Glimpsed by Machine Man via Forbush Man", "Earth-7111", "Comic"},
["7112"]					={"Glimpsed by Captain via Forbush Man", "Earth-7112", "Comic"},
["7113"]					={"Glimpsed by Elsa Bloodstone via Forbush Man", "Earth-7113", "Comic"},
["7116"]					={"Captain America bonded to soldier", "Earth-7116", "Comic"},
["7121"]					={"Hulk died saving Caiera", "Earth-7121", "Comic"},
["7122"]					={"Land of the Spider-Clan", "Earth-7122", "Comic"},
["7123"]					={"Home to Lord Goldstar of the Corps", "Earth-7123", "Comic"},
["7124"]					={"Magneto-ruled reality", "Earth-7124", "Comic"},
["7140"]					={"Peter and MJ happily ever after", "Earth-7140", "Comic"},
["7144"]					={"Inhumans refused to help to cure M-Day", "Earth-7144", "Comic"},
["7153"]					={"Vanora slaughtered Madrox & Layla Miller on their wedding day", "Earth-7153", "Comic"},
["7161"]					={"Peter Parker: Computer game designer", "Earth-7161", "Comic"},
["7187"]					={"Fantastic Four: Mythos", "Earth-7187", "Comic"},
["7190"]					={"Omega the Unknown", "Earth-7190", "Comic"},
["7192"]					={"Warbird ignored a call", "Earth-7192", "Comic"},
["7194"]					={"Dracula conquered New York", "Earth-7194", "Comic"},
["7207"]					={"Noir", "Earth-7207", "Comic"},
["7214"]                    ={"Supreme Octopus destroyed Atlantis", "Earth-7214", "Comic"},
["7215"]					={"Blackworld", "Earth-7215", "Comic"},
["7231"]					={"Spider-Ham was in search for his thought balloons", "Earth-7231", "Comic"},
["7305"]					={"Home to Will of the People", "Earth-7305", "Comic"},
["7316"]					={"Blinded by the Light", "Earth-7316", "Comic"},
["7328"]					={"The more things stay the same", "Earth-7328", "Comic"},
["7382"]					={"The Parasite", "Earth-7382", "Comic"},
["7409"]					={"Outlaws of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-7409", "Comic"},
["7412"]					={"Machus and Femizonia Merged", "Earth-7412", "Comic"},
["7429"]                    ={"Guardians wanted to mutate humanity", "Earth-7429", "Comic"},
["7475"]					={"Superheroes Rule", "Earth-7475", "Comic"},
["7481"]					={"Home to Apeslayer", "Earth-7481", "Comic"},
["7484"]					={"Home to Deathlok the Demolisher", "Earth-7484", "Comic"},
["7490"]					={"Native Thing cured by 616 counterpart", "Earth-7490", "Comic"},
["7511"]					={"Fragmented America", "Earth-7511", "Comic"},
["7528"]					={"Magus established the Universal Church of Truth", "Earth-7528", "Comic"},
["7580"]					={"Conquered by Albion", "Earth-7580", "Comic"},
["7592"]					={" ~2311 A.D. Interface", "Earth-7592", "Comic"},
["7613"]					={"~50th century, conquered by Zarrko", "Earth-7613", "Comic"},
["7614"]					={"Home to Wayfinder, Sword in the Star", "Earth-7614", "Comic"},
["7635"]					={"~50th century, Zarrko & Thor prevented creation of the Time-Twisters", "Earth-7635", "Comic"},
["7642"]					={"Crossoververse", "Earth-7642", "Comic"},
["7643"]					={"Marvel Premiere Alternate Future", "Earth-7643", "Comic"},
["7711"]					={"Techno-Art movie by Bereet", "Earth-7711", "Comic"},
["7712"]					={"Fantastic Four had different powers", "Earth-7712", "Comic"},
["7736"]					={"Spider-Man rescued Gwen Stacy", "Earth-7736", "Comic"},
["7745"]					={"Comicsville circa 2040 A.D.", "Earth-7745", "Comic"},
["7794"]					={"Slaymaster slew Betsy Braddock", "Earth-7794", "Comic"},
["7812"]					={"Rick Jones became the Hulk", "Earth-7812", "Comic"},
["7830"]					={"Blastaar: Negative Zone King", "Earth-7830", "Comic"},
["7831"]					={"Daemos Killed Spider-Man and some Beastials", "Earth-7831", "Comic"},
["7840"]					={"Spider bitten by radioactive human", "Earth-7840", "Comic"},
["7848"]					={"Everyone knew Daredevil was blind", "Earth-7848", "Comic"},
["7888"]					={"Earth-Moebius", "Earth-7888", "Comic"},
["7901"]					={"Kang and Cap are Agents of Atlas", "Earth-7901", "Comic"},
["7910"]					={"Ghost Rider became evil", "Earth-7910", "Comic"},
["7918"]					={"Nick Fury fought World War II in space", "Earth-7918", "Comic"},
["7931"]					={"Vampires opposed by Shrike", "Earth-7931", "Comic"},
["7940"]					={"Thing killed Red Skull", "Earth-7940", "Comic"},
["7930"]					={"Izumi Spider-Man", "Earth-7930", "Comic"},
["7958"]					={"Crossfire brainwashed the Fantastic Four", "Earth-7958", "Comic"},
["7964"]					={"X-Men Legends", "Earth-7964", "Game"},
["8009"]					={"World never invaded by Machans", "Earth-8009", "Comic"},
["8013"]					={"Magneto founded the X-Men", "Earth-8013", "Comic"},
["8020"]					={"Gabriel Summers became the Phoenix", "Earth-8020", "Comic"},
["8038"]					={"Phoenix slaughtered all mutants", "Earth-8038", "Comic"},
["8041"]					={"Phalanx conquered Earth", "Earth-8041", "Comic"},
["8096"]					={"Wolverine and the X-Men & Avengers: EMH!", "Earth-8096", "Animated"},
["8101"]					={"Marvel Apes", "Earth-8101", "Comic"},
["8107"]					={"1980s Spider-Man and Hulk cartoons", "Earth-8107", "Animated"},
["8110"]					={"Avengers Retired", "Earth-8110", "Comic"},
["8116"]					={"Home to Dreadstar", "Earth-8116", "Comic"},
["8121"]					={"Home to Spider-Ma'am", "Earth-8121", "Comic"},
["8130"]					={"Ted Sallis retained Man-Thing's mind", "Earth-8130", "Comic"},
["8149"]					={"Polaris' Reality", "Earth-8149", "Comic"},
["8158"]					={"Home to Z'nox", "Earth-8158", "Comic"},
["8180"]					={"Ghost Rider separated from Johnny Blaze", "Earth-8180", "Comic"},
["8181"]					={"Daredevil: agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-8181", "Comic"},
["8206"]					={"Adam II conquered Earth", "Earth-8206", "Comic"},
["8207"]					={"Dazzler: herald of Galactus", "Earth-8207", "Comic"},
["8208"]					={"~2160 A.D. Prophet", "Earth-8208", "Comic"},
["8212"]					={"Reed Richards Rocket Group", "Earth-8212", "Comic"},
["8222"]					={"Thing became a menace", "Earth-8222", "Comic"},
["8234"]					={"All Avengers stayed with the team", "Earth-8234", "Comic"},
["8280"]					={"X-Men trapped in limbo", "Earth-8280", "Comic"},
["8310"]					={"Namor saved Atlantis", "Earth-8310", "Comic"},
["8311"]					={"Larval Earth", "Earth-8311", "Comic"},
["8312"]					={"Sue died in Childbirth", "Earth-8312", "Comic"},
["8313"]					={"Hyborian era of King Konar", "Earth-8313", "Comic"},
["8320"]					={"Beast continued to mutate", "Earth-8320", "Comic"},
["8321"]					={"Thing continued to mutate", "Earth-8321", "Comic"},
["8325"]					={"Planet Bollywood", "Earth-8325", "Comic"},
["8327"]					={"Silver Surfer lost the Power Cosmic", "Earth-8327", "Comic"},
["8336"]					={"Son of Santa", "Earth-8336", "Comic"},
["8337"]					={"Easter Hare", "Earth-8337", "Comic"},
["8342"]					={"Aging Captain America fought Red Skull", "Earth-8342", "Comic"},
["8351"]					={"Spider-Man & Wolverine terminated terrorist groups", "Earth-8351", "Comic"},
["8377"]					={"Stringerverse", "Earth-8377", "Comic"},
["8386"]					={"41st century war-torn Earth", "Earth-8386", "Comic"},
["8394"]					={"Earth was destroyed by Kamado", "Earth-8394", "Comic"},
["8396"]					={"Home to Venger", "Earth-8396", "Comic"},
["8406"]					={"Home to Maid Britannia", "Earth-8406", "Comic"},
["8408"]					={"Ben Parker lived", "Earth-8408", "Comic"},
["8410"]					={"2020 A.D.", "Earth-8410", "Comic"},
["8413"]					={"Home to Gotowar Konanegg", "Earth-8413", "Comic"},
["8417"]					={"May Parker became Golden Oldie:<br>Herald of Galactus", "Earth-8417", "Comic"},
["8436"]					={"Last Galactus Story", "Earth-8436", "Comic"},
["8441"]					={"Worldwide superhuman registration", "Earth-8441", "Comic"},
["8454"]					={"Death's Head had lived", "Earth-8454", "Comic"},
["8459"]					={"Jill the Ripper committed Whitechapel murders", "Earth-8459", "Comic"},
["8499"]					={"Kang removed the Avengers", "Earth-8499", "Comic"},
["8501"]					={"Robert Drake never born", "Earth-8501", "Comic"},
["8503"]					={"Immortus thwarted Kang", "Earth-8503", "Comic"},
["8510"]					={"New Mutants remained slaves of Karma/Farouk", "Earth-8510", "Comic"},
["8545"]					={"Legacy Virus merged with Warlock", "Earth-8545", "Comic"},
["8466"]					={"Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure", "Earth-8466", "Comic"},
["8591"]					={"Kulan Gath's Warp", "Earth-8591", "Comic"},
["8610"]					={"Victor von Doom became an armored hero", "Earth-8610", "Comic"},
["8642"]					={"Kochmayer, Santa Claus", "Earth-8642", "Comic"},
["8648"]					={"Soldier by Day", "Earth-8648", "Comic"},
["8649"]					={"Exiles kill Jean Grey", "Earth-8649", "Comic"},
["8657"]					={"Divergent Other-Earth", "Earth-8657", "Comic"},
["8666"]					={"America the Beautiful", "Earth-8666", "Comic"},
["8710"]					={"Once and Future Thor", "Earth-8710", "Comic"},
["8720"]					={"Alternate Days of Future Past", "Earth-8720", "Comic"},
["8734"]					={"Stepping Into New Shoes", "Earth-8734", "Comic"},
["8748"]					={"Dr. Strange: You Damn Right", "Earth-8748", "Comic"},
["8753"]					={"Moon Knight: The legacy", "Earth-8753", "Comic"},
["8763"]					={"Machus remained unmerged", "Earth-8763", "Comic"},
["8765"]					={"Capital of the Kree Empire IV", "Earth-8765", "Comic"},
["8772"]					={"Humanities' Last Hope", "Earth-8772", "Comic"},
["8799"]					={"Deathlok: Who am I?", "Earth-8799", "Comic"},
["8810"]					={"Time Bubble", "Earth-8810", "Comic"},
["8812"]					={"Death on Two Legs", "Earth-8812", "Comic"},
["8816"]                    ={"Home to Otto Banner", "Earth-8816", "Comic"},
["8823"]					={"Home to The Witch", "Earth-8823", "Comic"},
["8834"]					={"Home of Last Knight", "Earth-8834", "Comic"},
["8861"]					={"Iron Man enslaved by Chen Lu", "Earth-8861", "Comic"},
["8901"]					={"Interdimensional Council of Reeds  terra-formed the Farm", "Earth-8901", "Comic"},
["8908"]					={"Nth Man, the Ultimate Ninja", "Earth-8908", "Comic"},
["8909"]					={"Steve Rogers refused to give up being Captain America", "Earth-8909", "Comic"},
["8910"]					={"Impossible Man Constant battle", "Earth-8910", "Comic"},
["8912"]					={"2093 A.D.", "Earth-8912", "Comic"},
["8919"]					={"Animal-men", "Earth-8919", "Comic"},
["8921"]					={"Knorda sought the Golden Apple", "Earth-8921", "Comic"},
["8926"]					={"London was a Universal Monster Movie", "Earth-8926", "Comic"},
["8951"]					={"An Age Undreamed of", "Earth-8951", "Comic"},
["8968"]                    ={"Home to Supreme Octopus", "Earth-8968", "Comic"},
["8982"]					={"Daredevil killed Kingpin", "Earth-8982", "Comic"},
["9002"]					={"Lincoln not killed by Booth", "Earth-9002", "Comic"},
["9006"]					={"Home to Lady London", "Earth-9006", "Comic"},
["9007"]					={"Kennedy not killed by Oswald", "Earth-9007", "Comic"},
["9008"]					={"Napoleon conquered Russia", "Earth-9008", "Comic"},
["9009"]					={"Kraven killed Spider-Man", "Earth-9009", "Comic"},
["9010"]					={"Demon Sun", "Earth-9010", "Comic"},
["9011"]					={"Fantastic Four fought Doom before gaining powers", "Earth-9011", "Comic"},
["9012"]					={"Black Bolt talked in his sleep", "Earth-9012", "Comic"},
["9013"]					={"Thing continued to mutate", "Earth-9013", "Comic"},
["9014"]					={"Ragnarok comes to Earth", "Earth-9014", "Comic"},
["9019"]					={"Jamie Braddock slew Brian", "Earth-9019", "Comic"},
["9021"]					={"'No More Powers'", "Earth-9021", "Comic"},
["9031"]					={"Flame powered Fantastic Four", "Earth-9031", "Comic"},
["9032"]					={"Stretching Fantastic Four", "Earth-9032", "Comic"},
["9033"]					={"Monstrous Fantastic Four", "Earth-9033", "Comic"},
["9034"]					={"Invisibile Fantastic Four", "Earth-9034", "Comic"},
["9047"]					={"Home to Cookies & Milk", "Earth-9047", "Comic"},
["9051"]					={"Hulk died in K'ai", "Earth-9051", "Comic"},
["9055"]					={"Home to Ken Proudstar", "Earth-9055", "Comic"},
["9061"]					={"Stalin Robot", "Earth-9061", "Comic"},
["9075"]					={"Noriega-verse", "Earth-9075", "Comic"},
["9078"]					={"Home to Edi-Tor, Elfthu, F'rahsti", "Earth-9078", "Comic"},
["9090"]					={"Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) hero", "Earth-9090", "Comic"},
["9091"]					={"Stark killed by shrapnel", "Earth-9091", "Comic"},
["9092"]					={"Wonder Man's death throes slew Avengers", "Earth-9092", "Comic"},
["9093"]					={"Janet Van Dyne slain by Creature from Kosmos", "Earth-9093", "Comic"},
["9094"]					={"Maria Troyvana Pym sat upright on her morgue slab", "Earth-9094", "Comic"},
["9095"]					={"Captain America (John Walker)'s parents survived", "Earth-9095", "Comic"},
["9105"]					={"Forever Yesterday", "Earth-9105", "Comic"},
["9108"]					={"Home of Officer Saxon", "Earth-9108", "Comic"},
["9111"]					={"Home to Sister Gaia", "Earth-9111", "Comic"},
["9112"]					={"Phoenix did not die", "Earth-9112", "Comic"},
["9119"]					={"Iron Man: The End", "Earth-9119", "Comic"},
["9134"]					={"Mr. Spector & Ivory", "Earth-9134", "Comic"},
["9140"]					={"Punisher killed Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires", "Earth-9140", "Comic"},
["9142"]					={"Professor Beast visited the Guthries", "Earth-9142", "Comic"},
["9151"]					={"Set Conquered the Universe", "Earth-9151", "Comic"},
["9192"]					={"D.N.A.X.", "Earth-9192", "Comic"},
["9200"]					={"Future Imperfect", "Earth-9200", "Comic"},
["9201"]					={"Home to Magdalene", "Earth-9201", "Comic"},
["9202"]					={"Tony Stark: Laundromat Mogul", "Earth-9202", "Comic"},
["9204"]					={"Home to Butcher Britain", "Earth-9204", "Comic"},
["9208"]					={"Techno-War", "Earth-9208", "Comic"},
["9209"]					={"Dark Moon defended Skyline City", "Earth-9209", "Comic"},
["9212"]					={"Exiles stopped bank robbery, took vacation", "Earth-9212", "Comic"},
["9218"]					={"Home to Agamemnon, Drachiss", "Earth-9218", "Comic"},
["9223"]					={"Zen-Whoberis wiped out by the Badoon", "Earth-9223", "Comic"},
["9230"]					={"Tony Stark assassinated by Tom Foster", "Earth-9230", "Comic"},
["9246"]					={"Home of Pookie Pendragon", "Earth-9246", "Comic"},
["9250"]					={"Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires killed The Punisher", "Earth-9250", "Comic"},
["9251"]					={"Mermaid Moon Maid slain", "Earth-9251", "Comic"},
["9260"]					={"Thor: Thrall of Seth", "Earth-9260", "Comic"},
["9261"]					={"Londinium", "Earth-9261", "Comic"},
["9272"]					={"~2191 A.D. Mega-Mall", "Earth-9272", "Comic"},
["9289"]					={"Captain Marvel and Rogue Swapped", "Earth-9289", "Comic"},
["9290"]					={"Fantastic Four led by Keith Richards", "Earth-9290", "Comic"},
["9291"]					={"Wolverine: Worst there is", "Earth-9291", "Comic"},
["9309"]					={"Home to Thanatos", "Earth-9309", "Comic"},
["9324"]					={"Home to Grandmaster-like Ravonna", "Earth-9324", "Comic"},
["9339"]					={"Irth", "Earth-9339", "Comic"},
["9356"]					={"Home to Man-Elephant, She-Hulk", "Earth-9356", "Comic"},
["9390"]					={"Rick Jones remained the Hulk", "Earth-9390", "Comic"},
["9391"]					={"Spider-Man killed the Lizard", "Earth-9391", "Comic"},
["9411"]					={"Marvel Panini UK comics", "Earth-9411", "Comic"},
["9413"]					={"2159 A.D., Path of Righteousness Patrol", "Earth-9413", "Comic"},
["9418"]					={"Hardliners defeated Alpha Flight", "Earth-9418", "Comic"},
["9421"]					={"Beast and Forge used arcane technology", "Earth-9421", "Comic"},
["9442"]					={"Nova 0:0", "Earth-9442", "Comic"},
["9445"]					={"Badoon made scientific advances", "Earth-9445", "Comic"},
["9470"]					={"Living Laser saved Stark Enterprises", "Earth-9470", "Comic"},
["9471"]					={"Living Laser worked for Stark in space", "Earth-9471", "Comic"},
["9485"]					={"Kyle Grobe became Advent circa 2092 AD", "Earth-9485", "Comic"},
["9500"]					={"2211 A.D. Spider-Man", "Earth-9500", "Comic"},
["9502"]					={"Silver Surfer didn't betray Galactus", "Earth-9502", "Comic"},
["9507"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy prevented Martian Master invasion", "Earth-9507", "Comic"},
["9510"]					={"Fantastic Four killed by De'lila", "Earth-9510", "Comic"},
["9511"]					={"Last Avengers", "Earth-9511", "Comic"},
["9512"]					={"Thing killed Maestro", "Earth-9512", "Comic"},
["9528"]					={"Polluted world of cyborgs", "Earth-9528", "Comic"},
["9532"]					={"Divergent Earth-A", "Earth-9532", "Comic"},
["9561"]					={"Home to Nocturne (Graham Poldark)", "Earth-9561", "Comic"},
["9575"]					={"Home to the Red Queen", "Earth-9575", "Comic"},
["9576"]					={"Spider-Man killed the Burglar", "Earth-9576", "Comic"},
["9586"]					={"Home to Friar Albion", "Earth-9586", "Comic"},
["9590"]					={"Storm became Phoenix", "Earth-9590", "Comic"},
["9591"]					={"Ruins", "Earth-9591", "Comic"},
["9601"]					={"Age of Apocalypse vs. Galactus", "Earth-9601", "Comic"},
["9602"]					={"Amalgam pocket universe", "Earth-9602", "Comic"},
["9610"]					={"Galactus was jellyfish-like", "Earth-9610", "Comic"},
["9611"]					={"Red Skull empowered via Super Soldier serum", "Earth-9611", "Comic"},
["9612"]					={"Josh discovered a Sentinel", "Earth-9612", "Comic"},
["9620"]					={"Day of Future Tense", "Earth-9620", "Comic"},
["9640"]					={"Iron Man is more robotic-looking", "Earth-9640", "Comic"},
["9655"]					={"Home to Timeslip Daredevil", "Earth-9655", "Comic"},
["9658"]                    ={"Real world without heroes", "Earth-9658", "Comic"},
["9666"]					={"Doom's body scarred", "Earth-9666", "Comic"},
["9670"]					={"Sabretooth killed the X-Men", "Earth-9670", "Comic"},
["9684"]					={"Shard: mutant hunter", "Earth-9684", "Comic"},
["9691"]					={"Benevolent energy creature", "Earth-9691", "Comic"},
["9711"]					={"Matt Murdock: boxer", "Earth-9711", "Comic"},
["9712"]					={"With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence", "Earth-9712", "Comic"},
["9722"]					={"Hulk took over Dystopia", "Earth-9722", "Comic"},
["9732"]					={"Timeslip: Molecule Man", "Earth-9732", "Comic"},
["9744"]					={"Savage Land covered entire planet", "Earth-9744", "Comic"},
["9790"]					={"Xavier Sales Executives", "Earth-9790", "Comic"},
["9791"]					={"Wolverine with Styrofoam skeleton", "Earth-9791", "Comic"},
["9792"]					={"Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive Sheep", "Earth-9792", "Comic"},
["9793"]					={"Wolverine and Sabretooth were best friends", "Earth-9793", "Comic"},
["9796"]					={"Juggernaut kills the X-Men", "Earth-9796", "Comic"},
["9801"]					={"Fantastic Frank Richards", "Earth-9801", "Comic"},
["9806"]					={"X-Man destroyed Earth", "Earth-9806", "Comic"},
["9809"]					={"Caledonia", "Earth-9809", "Comic"},
["9810"]					={"Iron Man: Sorcerer Supreme", "Earth-9810", "Comic"},
["9811"]					={"Secret Wars<br>25 Years Later", "Earth-9811", "Comic"},
["9812"]					={"Avengers Galactic Battalion", "Earth-9812", "Comic"},
["9815"]					={"Leader's Humanoids murdered the Authority", "Earth-9815", "Comic"},
["9828"]					={"Betty Banner died from radiation poisoning", "Earth-9828", "Comic"},
["9845"]					={"Jack the Ripper seduced women with grapes and London tours", "Earth-9845", "Comic"},
["9870"]					={"Home to Aliya", "Earth-9870", "Comic"},
["9871"]					={"Dr. Doom's utopia", "Earth-9871", "Comic"},
["9881"]					={"Everything went right for Peter Parker", "Earth-9881", "Comic"},
["9890"]					={"Home to Privateer Albion", "Earth-9890", "Comic"},
["9891"]					={"Days of Future Past variant circa 2035", "Earth-9891", "Comic"},
["9892"]					={"~41st century, Kang killed Ravonna", "Earth-9892", "Comic"},
["9903"]					={"Valeria Richards: Marvel Girl", "Earth-9903", "Comic"},
["9904"]					={"1950s Avengers", "Earth-9904", "Comic"},
["9907"]					={"Thunderguard", "Earth-9907", "Comic"},
["9910"]					={"Chronomancer's World", "Earth-9910", "Comic"},
["9916"]					={"Wonder Man saved Avengers", "Earth-9916", "Comic"},
["9921"]					={"New Son", "Earth-9921", "Comic"},
["9922"]					={"Home to Alanna Neramini", "Earth-9922", "Comic"},
["9927"]					={"Wild Weapon X", "Earth-9927", "Comic"},
["9930"]					={"War against the Martians", "Earth-9930", "Comic"},
["9939"]					={"Charnel", "Earth-9939", "Comic"},
["9966"]					={"Pax Atlantea", "Earth-9966", "Comic"},
["9970"]					={"Galactic Life eliminated", "Earth-9970", "Comic"},
["9971"]					={"Humanity Spreads Destruction", "Earth-9971", "Comic"},
["9972"]					={"Scarlet Witch's children challenged Eternity", "Earth-9972", "Comic"},
["9991"]					={"Multiple White Worms", "Earth-9991", "Comic"},
["9992"]					={"Igor Drenkov was a Skrull", "Earth-9992", "Comic"},
["9997"]					={"Earth X", "Earth-9997", "Comic"},
["10001"]					={"Role Reversals", "Earth-10001", "Comic"},
["10003"]					={"X-Force pawns of Queen of Star Swords", "Earth-10003", "Comic"},
["10004"]					={"X-Force employs Deadpool", "Earth-10004", "Comic"},
["10005"]					={"Original X-Men Cinematic Universe", "Earth-10005", "Live Action"},
["10010"]					={"Home to Hot-Pants Zeus", "Earth-10010", "Comic"},
["10011"]					={"Cancerverse", "Earth-10011", "Comic"},
["10014"]					={"Battlezone 2028:<br>Alternate Deathlok", "Earth-10014", "Comic"},
["10021"]					={"Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion", "Earth-10021", "Comic"},
["10022"]					={"Planet Hulk animated film", "Earth-10022", "Animated"},
["10273"]					={"Dear Logan", "Earth-10273", "Comic"},
["10036"]					={"Hiro-Kala destroyed the Microverse", "Earth-10036", "Comic"},
["10041"]					={"Brainchild", "Earth-10041", "Comic"},
["10044"]					={"Matsu'o Tsurayaba regained his limbs", "Earth-10044", "Comic"},
["10051"]					={"She-Hulk becomes Misstro", "Earth-10051", "Comic"},
["10054"]					={"Doop investigates crime on Utopia", "Earth-10054", "Comic"},
["10063"]					={"Doomworld", "Earth-10063", "Comic"},
["10071"]					={"Ultron conquered Earth", "Earth-10071", "Comic"},
["10076"]					={"Days of Present Future", "Earth-10076", "Comic"},
["10081"]					={"Polemachus destroyed by Krona", "Earth-10081", "Comic"},
["10082"]					={"Avengers are Apocalypse's Horsemen", "Earth-10082", "Comic"},
["10083"]					={"Jim Jaspers<br>(Living Ghost Box)", "Earth-10083", "Comic"},
["10091"]					={"Thor: The Mighty Avenger", "Earth-10091", "Comic"},
["10100"]					={"Home to Alternate Hyperstorm", "Earth-10100", "Comic"},
["10101"]					={"Home to Vision (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-10101", "Comic"},
["10102"]					={"Machineworld", "Earth-10102", "Comic"},
["10107"]					={"New Girl in Town", "Earth-10107", "Comic"},
["10109"]					={"Puppet Master and Machine Man acted as Deadpool's conscience", "Earth-10109", "Comic"},
["10110"]					={"Deadpool battles Deadpool in his Mindscape", "Earth-10110", "Comic"},
["10112"]					={"Health Options for Heroes", "Earth-10112", "Comic"},
["10129"]					={"Home to H.E.R.B.E.T.T.E., Francine Richards", "Earth-10129", "Comic"},
["10162"]					={"Home of Jack O'Lantern", "Earth-10162", "Comic"},
["10169"]					={"Kitty Pride was a collective of talking felines", "Earth-10169", "Comic"},
["10170"]					={"Jimmy Woo founded the Avengers", "Earth-10170", "Comic"},
["10174"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy lost Groot", "Earth-10174", "Comic"},
["10182"]					={"Staff Memorandum", "Earth-10182", "Comic"},
["10190"]					={"Wagner's Earth", "Earth-10190", "Comic"},
["10192"]					={"Rasputin siblings send to the Shield", "Earth-10192", "Comic"},
["10197"]					={"Archangel remained Apocalypse's pawn", "Earth-10197", "Comic"},
["10199"]					={"Putting the She in S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-10199", "Comic"},
["10201"]					={"The Final Days", "Earth-10201", "Comic"},
["10207"]					={"Judas Traveller is an alternate future version of Seward Trainer", "Earth-10207", "Comic"},
["10208"]					={"Civil War ended with compromise", "Earth-10208", "Comic"},
["10219"]					={"Secret Invasion remained a Secret", "Earth-10219", "Comic"},
["10221"]					={"Home to Agent Albion", "Earth-10221", "Comic"},
["10222"]                   ={"Home to the Atlantean Avengers", "Earth-10222", "Comic"},
["10223"]					={"Heroes lost World War Hulk", "Earth-10223", "Comic"},
["10225"]					={"Jimmy Yama is a superhero who have the power of J2", "Earth-10225", "Comic"},
["10245"]					={"Daredevil died saving Elektra", "Earth-10245", "Comic"},
["10246"]					={"Odin Quest", "Earth-10246", "Comic"},
["10267"]					={"War of the Kings", "Earth-10267", "Comic"},
["10280"]					={"Dance of the Hypergods", "Earth-10280", "Comic"},
["10298"]					={"Gwen Stacy survived House of M", "Earth-10298", "Comic"},
["10310"]					={"Deadpool Pulp", "Earth-10310", "Comic"},
["10322"]					={"Sophie Pettit died", "Earth-10322", "Comic"},
["10330"]					={"Home to Kidpool", "Earth-10330", "Comic"},
["10333"]					={"Nova stayed with Namorita instead of breaking up with her", "Earth-10333", "Comic"},
["10349"]					={"X-Men and New Mutants attacked by Elder Gods from Limbo", "Earth-10349", "Comic"},
["10363"]					={"New York and its heroes destroyed", "Earth-10363", "Comic"},
["10381"]					={"Hulkie", "Earth-10381", "Comic"},
["10382"]					={"Daken killed Iron Patriot", "Earth-10382", "Comic"},
["10450"]					={"Annie from the Future", "Earth-10450", "Comic"},
["10508"]					={"Founders' Earth", "Earth-10508", "Comic"},
["10511"]					={"25 Years From Now", "Earth-10511", "Comic"},
["10515"]					={"Punisher forced Firebrand to kill his family", "Earth-10515", "Comic"},
["10517"]					={"Jean Grey secretly loved Wolverine", "Earth-10517", "Comic"},
["10625"]					={"Firelord joined the Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-10625", "Comic"},
["10628"]					={"Ultimate Captain America never frozen", "Earth-10628", "Comic"},
["10631"]					={"Home to Doctor America", "Earth-10631", "Comic"},
["10710"]					={"Hope's powers grew out of control", "Earth-10710", "Comic"},
["10711"]					={"Sideburn, the Regenerating Planet", "Earth-10711", "Comic"},
["10724"]					={"X-Campus", "Earth-10724", "Comic"},
["10725"]					={"Evil Elsa Bloodstone", "Earth-10725", "Comic"},
["10737"]					={"Enclave of Rogue Scholars", "Earth-10737", "Comic"},
["10745"]					={"Jean Grey conquered the world", "Earth-10745", "Comic"},
["10774"]					={"Future Franklin & Valeria Richards", "Earth-10774", "Comic"},
["10919"]					={"Alternate Civil War", "Earth-10919", "Comic"},
["10920"]					={"Home of Puppy and 40-year-old Franklin", "Earth-10920", "Comic"},
["10943"]					={"Ultron conqueror of Earth defeated", "Earth-10943", "Comic"},
["10995"]					={"Spider-Man: Heroes & Villains", "Earth-10995", "Comic"},
["11010"]					={"The Maltese Bunny", "Earth-11010", "Comic"},
["11011"]					={"Iron Man: The Rapture", "Earth-11011", "Comic"},
["11021"]					={"Wolverine raised Daken", "Earth-11021", "Comic"},
["11022"]					={"Tokyo destroyed by Kenji Uedo", "Earth-11022", "Comic"},
["11029"]					={"Iron Man: Demon in an Armor", "Earth-11029", "Comic"},
["11035"]					={"Thor attacked New York City", "Earth-11035", "Comic"},
["11041"]					={"Onslaught killed heroes", "Earth-11041", "Comic"},
["11045"]					={"Heroes turned Deathloks", "Earth-11045", "Comic"},
["11051"]					={"Future Avengers led by Kang", "Earth-11051", "Comic"},
["11052"]					={"X-Men: Evolution", "Earth-11052", "Animated"},
["11053"]					={" Daredevil murdered Bullseye, Elektra, Iron Fist and Spider-Man", "Earth-11053", "Comic"},
["11069"]					={"Son of Namor", "Earth-11069", "Comic"},
["11071"]					={"Legend of Khonshu tv show", "Earth-11071", "Comic"},
["11080"]					={"Last Gun on Earth", "Earth-11080", "Comic"},
["11081"]					={"Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol", "Earth-11081", "Comic"},
["11086"]					={"Monstrous Fearsome Four", "Earth-11086", "Comic"},
["11095"]					={"Thor is a meteorologist", "Earth-11095", "Comic"},
["11099"]					={"New Fantastic Four summoned by Man-Thing", "Earth-11099", "Comic"},
["11113"]					={"Five for the Future", "Earth-11113", "Comic"},
["11120"]					={"Unholy Reunion", "Earth-11120", "Comic"},
["11124"]					={"All heroes except She-Hulk slain in unspecified struggle", "Earth-11124", "Comic"},
["11126"]					={"Volstagg defeated the Serpent", "Earth-11126", "Comic"},
["11127"]					={"Defenders assembled against Nul", "Earth-11127", "Comic"},
["11131"]					={"Killville", "Earth-11131", "Comic"},
["11147"]					={"Curlly Fine was New York mayor", "Earth-11147", "Comic"},
["11162"]					={"Peter Parker married Kitty Pryde", "Earth-11162", "Comic"},
["11171"]					={"Home to Venomized Punisher", "Earth-11171", "Comic"},
["11182"]					={"Kraven consumed by a Poison", "Earth-11182", "Comic"},
["11189"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy battled the Universal Church of Truth", "Earth-11189", "Comic"},
["11201"]					={"Johnny Storm became the Hunan Torch", "Earth-11201", "Comic"},
["11206"]					={"Warbird of Earth-7192 killed Rogue", "Earth-11206", "Comic"},
["11209"]					={"Peter Parker became Kraven the Hunter", "Earth-11209", "Comic"},
["11223"]					={"Hawkeye killed Norman Osborn", "Earth-11223", "Comic"},
["11227"]					={"Ultimate Captain America's Nightmare", "Earth-11227", "Comic"},
["11234"]					={"Home to the Swamp Queen", "Earth-11234", "Comic"},
["11236"]					={"Once and Future King", "Earth-11236", "Comic"},
["11272"]					={"A-Bomb was on a talk show", "Earth-11272", "Comic"},
["11313"]					={"Captain America pulled into Cosmic Cube", "Earth-11313", "Comic"},
["11326"]					={"Age of X", "Earth-11326", "Comic"},
["11354"]					={"Monstrous Thor recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-11354", "Comic"},
["11418"]					={"Ultra-Nationalist America", "Earth-11418", "Comic"},
["11429"]					={"Assassin Spider-Man<br>(Super Hero Squad)", "Earth-11429", "Game"},
["11437"]					={"X-Men became Space Explorers", "Earth-11437", "Comic"},
["11511"]					={"Grown up Avengers Academy", "Earth-11511", "Comic"},
["11542"]					={"5 Ronin", "Earth-11542", "Comic"},
["11580"]					={"Home to Spiders-Man", "Earth-11580", "Comic"},
["11623"]					={"Bucky assaulted by Concentration camp prisoners", "Earth-11623", "Comic"},
["11638"]					={"The Perfect World", "Earth-11638", "Comic"},
["11704"]					={"Daredevil became Bullseye", "Earth-11704", "Comic"},
["11712"]					={"Kashmir Vennema was the leader of the Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-11712", "Comic"},
["11714"]					={"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark", "Earth-11714", "Live Action"},
["11735"]					={"X-Man was arrested by the Avengers", "Earth-11735", "Comic"},
["11813"]					={"Captain America pulled into a Cosmic Cube", "Earth-11813", "Comic"},
["11831"]					={"Home to Commander A", "Earth-11831", "Comic"},
["11880"]					={"Howard the Duck mutated into monster", "Earth-11880", "Comic"},
["11891"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy battled soldiers of the Avengers", "Earth-11891", "Comic"},
["11904"]					={"Peter Parker became the Angel", "Earth-11904", "Comic"},
["11911"]					={"Super Hero Squad comics", "Earth-11911", "Comic"},
["11947"]					={"Captain America was revived today", "Earth-11947", "Comic"},
["11983"]					={"Animated Spider-Man took Dr. Octopus' arms", "Earth-11983", "Animated"},
["11993"]					={"Ghost Rider: Barb Ketch", "Earth-11993", "Comic"},
["12004"]					={"Peter Parker became the Vision", "Earth-12004", "Comic"},
["12011"]					={"Numerous uncoordinated invasions", "Earth-12011", "Comic"},
["12025"]					={"Home to General Howlett", "Earth-12025", "Comic"},
["12034"]					={"Genesis became Apocalypse", "Earth-12034", "Comic"},
["12041"]					={"Avengers Assemble<br>Hulk & S.M.A.S.H.<br>Ultimate Spider-Man", "Earth-12041", "Animated"},
["12055"]					={"Home to Sir Spangled, The Human Tank", "Earth-12055", "Comic"},
["12069"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who worked with Stegron", "Earth-12069", "Comic"},
["12083"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who attempted to unleash the Harvester Protocal", "Earth-12083", "Comic"},
["12091"]					={"Space Punisher", "Earth-12091", "Comic"},
["12101"]					={"Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe", "Earth-12101", "Comic"},
["12109"]					={"Nick Fury from the 1960's joined an alternate reality Defenders", "Earth-12109", "Comic"},
["12115"]					={"Home to Liverer", "Earth-12115", "Comic"},
["12116"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who met with President Doom", "Earth-12116", "Comic"},
["12121"]					={"Daredevil: End of Days", "Earth-12121", "Comic"},
["12122"]					={"Hypno-Hustler's Dream World", "Earth-12122", "Comic"},
["12125"]					={"Death of the Ultimates", "Earth-12125", "Comic"},
["12126"]					={"Squirrel Girl and Pixie caused AvX", "Earth-12126", "Comic"},
["12128"]					={"Hydra and the Defiance League went to war", "Earth-12128", "Comic"},
["12131"]					={"Marvel: Avengers Alliance", "Earth-12131", "Game"},
["12151"]					={"Metropolita", "Earth-12151", "Comic"},
["12164"]					={"Hope Summers ruled the Earth with access to every mutant's powers", "Earth-12164", "Comic"},
["12171"]					={"Wonder Man kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-12171", "Comic"},
["12177"]					={"Mondo City Future", "Earth-12177", "Comic"},
["12180"]					={"Home to the Zombie Marvel", "Earth-12180", "Comic"},
["12201"]					={"World without Hope", "Earth-12201", "Comic"},
["12212"]					={"Lost Land's Reality", "Earth-12212", "Comic"},
["12216"]					={"Smuggler (Conrad Josten) battled alongside Atlas", "Earth-12216", "Comic"},
["12218"]					={"Warren and Betsy married and had children", "Earth-12218", "Comic"},
["12224"]					={"Ord resurrected Jean Grey", "Earth-12224", "Comic"},
["12235"]					={"Home to an Ancient One", "Earth-12235", "Game"},
["12240"]					={"Home to Ant-Venom", "Earth-12240", "Comic"},
["12245"]					={"Exalted", "Earth-12245", "Comic"},
["12268"]					={"Future Foundation of the year 3,141,592,653", "Earth-12268", "Comic"},
["12311"]					={"Technopolis", "Earth-12311", "Comic"},
["12318"]					={"Licensed character Contest of Champions", "Earth-12318", "Comic"},
["12387"]					={"Desak destroyed Olympus", "Earth-12387", "Comic"},
["12416"]					={"Psycho-Man's Army Defeated by Heroes", "Earth-12416", "Comic"},
["12422"]					={"New Avengers killed Victoria Hand", "Earth-12422", "Comic"},
["12433"]					={"Alejandra killed Blackheart by self-sacrifice", "Earth-12433", "Comic"},
["12435"]					={"Gus Grim became Ani-Mator", "Earth-12435", "Comic"},
["12467"]					={"Deadpool is an X-Man", "Earth-12467", "Comic"},
["12468"]					={"Luke Cage's Nightmare", "Earth-12468", "Comic"},
["12498"]					={"Home to Alpha & The Beast", "Earth-12498", "Comic"},
["12523"]					={"Jamie Braddock made a deal with Horoam'ce", "Earth-12523", "Comic"},
["12591"]					={"WWII won by Nazi Zombies", "Earth-12591", "Comic"},
["12610"]					={"Psycho-Man's Army Dominated the World", "Earth-12610", "Comic"},
["12665"]					={"Thing continued with Fantastic Four for over 1000 years", "Earth-12665", "Comic"},
["12725"]					={"Fongji Wu: Phoenix the Enlightened", "Earth-12725", "Comic"},
["12752"]					={"Skurge was an Old Crone", "Earth-12752", "Comic"},
["12772"]					={"Home to Spider-Boy 2099", "Earth-12772", "Comic"},
["12812"]					={"Native Porcupine recruited by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-12812", "Comic"},
["12824"]					={"Jay and Silent Bob's Daredevil", "Earth-12824", "Live Action"},
["12872"]					={"The Last Place On Earth", "Earth-12872", "Comic"},
["12892"]					={"3442 AD", "Earth-12892", "Comic"},
["12919"]					={"The Infernal Man-Thing", "Earth-12919", "Comic"},
["12927"]					={"Power Pachyderms", "Earth-12927", "Comic"},
["12928"]					={"Future Uncanny X-Force", "Earth-12928", "Comic"},
["12934"]					={"True/Friend reality", "Earth-12934", "Comic"},
["12973"]					={"Abraham Erskine survived", "Earth-12973", "Comic"},
["13003"]					={"Trouble", "Earth-13003", "Comic"},
["13010"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who took down the Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-13010", "Comic"},
["13016"]					={"Savage Land World", "Earth-13016", "Comic"},
["13017"]					={"Spider-Dreams", "Earth-13017", "Comic"},
["13019"]					={"Black Knight weilds the Ebony Chainsaw", "Earth-13019", "Comic"},
["13021"]					={"Hope became Stryfe", "Earth-13021", "Comic"},
["13022"]					={"Home to Kid Briton", "Earth-13022", "Comic"},
["13027"]					={"Home to Captain Blaire of the X-Force Protectorate", "Earth-13027", "Comic"},
["13031"]					={"Counter-Earth merged with alternate Earth", "Earth-13031", "Comic"},
["13034"]					={"Hyperion's reality destroyed", "Earth-13034", "Comic"},
["13035"]					={"Creed married Holo", "Earth-13035", "Comic"},
["13043"]                   ={"Deadpool performed as Frank-N-Furter", "Earth-13043", "Comic"},
["13044"]					={"Red Onslaught", "Earth-13044", "Comic"},
["13054"]					={"Colliding Universe:<br>Terrax the Truly Enlightened", "Earth-13054", "Comic"},
["13059"]					={"Tolkienian X-Men", "Earth-13059", "Comic"},
["13068"]					={"Asgardians and Storm Giants destroyed Asgard", "Earth-13068", "Comic"},
["13074"]					={"Home to Ultimate Kang<br>(Susan Storm)", "Earth-13074", "Comic"},
["13114"]					={"White Man is the last known Human", "Earth-13114", "Comic"},
["13116"]					={"Home to<br>Battleworld's K'un-Lun", "Earth-13116", "Comic"},
["13119"]					={"Home to Kouen", "Earth-13119", "Comic"},
["13121"]					={"Superior Spider-Man went back in time", "Earth-13121", "Comic"},
["13122"]					={"LEGO Marvel Universe", "Earth-13122", "Game"},
["13124"]					={"Home to Assassin Deadpool", "Earth-13124", "Comic"},
["13133"]					={"Planet X", "Earth-13133", "Comic"},
["13135"]					={"Gibbon and Fiona managed to send Monkey Speedball home", "Earth-13135", "Comic"},
["13139"]					={"Ghost Rider kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-13139", "Comic"},
["13144"]					={"Match was trapped in a well with a ghost girl", "Earth-13144", "Comic"},
["13153"]					={"Miles Morales: The End", "Earth-13153", "Comic"},
["13155"]					={"Holiday Special with Iron Man & Deadpool", "Earth-13155", "Animated"},
["13159"]					={"Soldiers of Project Echelon took over the country", "Earth-13159", "Comic"},
["13162"]					={"Tarantula joins el Ministerio de Paseos Tontos", "Earth-13162", "Comic"},
["13178"]					={"Marvel Puzzle Quest", "Earth-13178", "Game"},
["13182"]					={"Fantastic Four Consolidated", "Earth-13182", "Comic"},
["13264"]					={"Deadlands", "Earth-13264", "Comic"},
["13266"]					={"Old Johnny Storm's Home Reality", "Earth-13266", "Comic"},
["13270"]					={"Topping the Clone Saga", "Earth-13270", "Comic"},
["13272"]                   ={"Mimic and Blink lived an idyllic life", "Earth-13272", "Comic"}, 
["13371"]					={"Acanti Whale Xavier", "Earth-13371", "Comic"},
["13277"]					={"Home to Les Quatres Fantastiques", "Earth-13277", "Comic"},
["13332"]					={"Daredevil is a magician", "Earth-13332", "Comic"},
["13346"]					={"Spider-Man used science to help the city", "Earth-13346", "Comic"},
["13391"]					={"Native Bloodstorm kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-13391", "Comic"},
["13393"]					={"Animated Cable's Native Reality", "Earth-13393", "Animated"},
["13404"]					={"Home to Hyperion<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-13404", "Game"},
["13410"]					={"Drowned WWII-Era World", "Earth-13410", "Comic"},
["13415"]					={"Home to Knightpool", "Earth-13415", "Comic"},
["13445"]					={"Kid Loki lived with Leah in the past", "Earth-13445", "Comic"},
["13456"]					={"Home to an Ancient One", "Earth-13456", "Game"},
["13519"]					={"Defenders of the Galaxy", "Earth-13519", "Comic"},
["13584"]					={"A.I.M. distorts New York", "Earth-13584", "Comic"},
["13625"]					={"Deadpool video game", "Earth-13625", "Game"},
["13660"]					={"Sleeping with the Enemy", "Earth-13660", "Comic"},
["13729"]					={"Jean Grey School<br>25 Years Later", "Earth-13729", "Comic"},
["13769"]					={"Attack of a Distegrosaurus", "Earth-13769", "Comic"},
["13776"]					={"What If? AvX", "Earth-13776", "Comic"},
["13786"]					={"Trickshot killed Lord Demonpimp", "Earth-13786", "Comic"},
["13819"]					={"Giant octopus attacks Schenectady", "Earth-13819", "Comic"},
["13989"]					={"Lycansphere", "Earth-13989", "Comic"},
["13927"]					={"Ultimate Reed Richards became The Watcher", "Earth-13927", "Comic"},
["14026"]					={"Annihilation Wave reached Earth", "Earth-14026", "Comic"},
["14029"]					={"Yinsen survived instead of Tony Stark", "Earth-14029", "Comic"},
["14031"]					={"Night of the Living Deadpool", "Earth-14031", "Comic"},
["14042"]					={"Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers", "Earth-14042", "Animated"},
["14043"]					={"Gamma radiation healed Banner", "Earth-14043", "Comic"},
["14083"]					={"Electro taunted by monstrous spider", "Earth-14083", "Comic"},
["14094"]					={"Ultimate Larval Earth", "Earth-14094", "Comic"},
["14101"]					={"Captain Citrus assited the Avengers", "Earth-14101", "Comic"},
["14105"]					={"No-Sin Situation", "Earth-14105", "Comic"},
["14106"]					={"Home to Bearded Hyperion", "Earth-14106", "Comic"},
["14110"]					={"Nova defeated Doctor Doom", "Earth-14110", "Comic"},
["14112"]					={"Warped reality by Cosmic Cube", "Earth-14112", "Comic"},
["14114"]					={"Reality diverged by Deadpool's time-travel", "Earth-14114", "Comic"},
["14118"]					={"30 Years in the Future", "Earth-14118", "Comic"},
["14121"]					={"Old Man Bucky", "Earth-14121", "Comic"},
["14123"]					={"Big Hero 6 animated film & series", "Earth-14123", "Animated"},
["14132"]					={"High-Tech World", "Earth-14132", "Comic"},
["14137"]					={"The Adventures of<br>She-Hulk", "Earth-14137", "Comic"},
["14154"]					={"The Green Goblin Stole the Infinity Gauntlet", "Earth-14154", "Comic"},
["14161"]					={"Avengers Empire", "Earth-14161", "Comic"},
["14181"]					={"Home to Nathaniel Richards (Iron Prince)", "Earth-14181", "Comic"},
["14209"]					={"Thanos' World", "Earth-14209", "Comic"},
["14210"]					={"Alternate Future Earth-S", "Earth-14210", "Comic"},
["14219"]					={"Thunderbolts killed by Red Leader", "Earth-14219", "Comic"},
["14227"]					={"Nutopia", "Earth-14227", "Comic"},
["14248"]					={"Squirrel Girl married Rocket Raccoon", "Earth-14248", "Comic"},
["14249"]					={"Philadelphia was overrun with demons led by Venom", "Earth-14249", "Comic"},
["14253"]					={"Home to maskless Wolverine", "Earth-14253", "Comic"},
["14254"]					={"Kiden Nixon was killed by the Thunderbolts", "Earth-14254", "Comic"},
["14257"]					={"Thing time traveled to the present day to pull a prank on Human Torch", "Earth-14257", "Comic"},
["14314"]					={"Home to the Superior Avengers", "Earth-14314", "Comic"},
["14325"]					={"Tyrant Avengers", "Earth-14325", "Comic"},
["14412"]					={"Home to King Thor", "Earth-14412", "Comic"},
["14436"]					={"50 year-old Matt Murdock", "Earth-14436", "Comic"},
["14512"]					={"Home to SP//dr", "Earth-14512", "Comic"},
["14515"]					={"Alternate Illuminati betrayed by Black Swan", "Earth-14515", "Comic"},
["14534"]					={"Hitler stole a Time Machine", "Earth-14534", "Comic"},
["14621"]					={"Spider-Man became leader of the Ultimates", "Earth-14621", "Comic"},
["14622"]					={"The Wasp's death<br>leads to an earlier<br>Age of Ultron", "Earth-14622", "Comic"},
["14664"]					={"Archangel killed heroes", "Earth-14664", "Comic"},
["14702"]					={"Spider-Man's enemies hit him with snowballs", "Earth-14702", "Comic"},
["14727"]					={"Atlanteans arrived to Earth-1610", "Earth-14727", "Comic"},
["14831"]					={"Ultron Forever", "Earth-14831", "Comic"},
["14845"]					={"Mind-controlled Impossible Man", "Earth-14845", "Comic"},
["14850"]					={"Wolverine: Enemy of the State", "Earth-14850", "Comic"},
["14923"]					={"Home to Matthew Malloy", "Earth-14923", "Comic"},
["15011"]					={"Pure Peter Parker became Man-Spider", "Earth-15011", "Comic"},
["15061"]					={"Year 20XX", "Earth-15061", "Comic"},
["15075"]					={"Fifth Mechanized Infantry of the Britannia Garrison", "Earth-15075", "Comic"},
["15083"]					={"Beast searched scientific cure for M-Day", "Earth-15083", "Comic"},
["15093"]					={"Home to pacifistic Wolverine", "Earth-15093", "Comic"},
["15096"]					={"Home to Squirrel M.O.D.O.K.", "Earth-15096", "Comic"},
["15097"]					={"New York has a Human Torch statue instead of a Statue of Liberty", "Earth-15097", "Animated"},
["15104"]					={"Here Comes Tomorrow", "Earth-15104", "Comic"},
["15119"]					={"Home to Spider-Pirate", "Earth-15119", "Comic"},
["15121"]					={"Thanos Joined the Avengers", "Earth-15121", "Comic"},
["15142"]					={"X-Men are Sole Survivors of Infinity", "Earth-15142", "Comic"},
["15143"]					={"Fantastic Thors", "Earth-15143", "Comic"},
["15144"]					={"Daredevil married Stana Morgan", "Earth-15144", "Comic"},
["15151"]					={"Spider-Man: Jungle Lord", "Earth-15151", "Comic"},
["15164"]					={"Fantastic Four never gained powers", "Earth-15164", "Comic"},
["15167"]					={"Nathaniel Essex ruled his own domain", "Earth-15167", "Comic"},
["15203"]					={"Old Town", "Earth-15203", "Comic"},
["15238"]					={"Home to Witch Queen Le Fay", "Earth-15238", "Comic"},
["15312"]					={"Mego Universe", "Earth-15312", "Animated"},
["15320"]					={"Serval Industries destroyed Alchemax", "Earth-15320", "Comic"},
["15329"]					={"Maestro abandoned Dystopia", "Earth-15329", "Comic"},
["15343"]                   ={"Bombastic Bag-Man joined the Spider-Army", "Earth-15343", "Comic"},
["15349"]					={"Home to Arácnido", "Earth-15349", "Comic"},
["15439"]					={"Bruce Banner remained Joe Fixit", "Earth-15439", "Comic"},
["15513"]					={"Battlerealm", "Earth-15513", "Comic"},
["15528"]					={"Groot vs. Rocket Raccoon<br>video game reality", "Earth-15528", "Comic"},
["15705"]					={"Squirrel Girl was the partner of Captain America", "Earth-15705", "Comic"},
["15726"]					={"Home to Destroyer Thor", "Earth-15726", "Comic"},
["15731"]					={"Proteus-58163 possessed Justice", "Earth-15731", "Comic"},
["15797"]					={"World without super heroes", "Earth-15797", "Comic"},
["15819"]					={"Teenage Winter Soldier", "Earth-15819", "Comic"},
["15866"]					={"Fant4stic", "Earth-15866", "Live Action"},
["15901"]					={"Vampire Spider-Man captured by Brix", "Earth-15901", "Comic"},
["15922"]					={"Home to Battleworld Thrr", "Earth-15922", "Comic"},
["15928"]					={"Thirty Years After the Hawkeye Partnership Failed", "Earth-15928", "Comic"},
["16001"]					={"Home to Rune Thor", "Earth-16001", "Comic"},
["16034"]					={"Elektra Natchios became Bullseye", "Earth-16034", "Comic"},
["16045"]					={"Carol Danvers was the Mighty Thor", "Earth-16045", "Comic"},
["16101"]					={"The Once and Future Marvel", "Earth-16101", "Comic"},
["16105"]					={"Spider-Man, Hero for Hire", "Earth-16105", "Comic"},
["16111"]					={"Home to Disembodied Xavier Head", "Earth-16111", "Comic"},
["16112"]					={"Asgardians slaughter Midgard", "Earth-16112", "Comic"},
["16114"]					={"Norman Osborn rescued from the Raft by super-powered operatives", "Earth-16114", "Comic"},
["16127"]					={"Squirrel Girl vs. Ms. Marvel video game reality", "Earth-16127", "Comic"},
["16132"]					={"Ahura raised by Kang", "Earth-16132", "Comic"},
["16137"]					={"Broken Earth", "Earth-16137", "Comic"},
["16129"]					={"Home to dog Wolverine", "Earth-16129", "Comic"},
["16161"]					={"Power Pack MAX", "Earth-16161", "Comic"},
["16162"]					={"Peter Parker and Ben Reilly revealed the truth of cloning", "Earth-16162", "Comic"},
["16166"]					={"Peter Parker became the Human Torch", "Earth-16166", "Comic"},
["16191"]					={"Arcadia", "Earth-16191", "Comic"},
["16211"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who met with the Secret Empire", "Earth-16211", "Comic"},
["16220"]					={"Spidey", "Earth-16220", "Comic"},
["16348"]					={"Home to Agent Venom<br>(Venomverse)", "Earth-16348", "Comic"},
["16356"]					={"Deadpool 2099", "Earth-16356", "Comic"},
["16364"]					={"Year 20XX destroyed by Moridun", "Earth-16364", "Comic"},
["16558"]					={"A.D. 3167", "Earth-16558", "Comic"},
["16619"]					={"Squirrel Girl died while Studying", "Earth-16619", "Comic"},
["16715"]					={"Home to Pirate Squirrel Girl", "Earth-16715", "Comic"},
["16827"]					={"Home to Spider Wolf", "Earth-16827", "Animated"},
["16828"]					={"Team Thor / Team Darryl", "Earth-16828", "Live Action"},
["16832"]					={"Home to Winter Devils", "Earth-16832", "Comic"},
["16914"]					={"Jimmy Yama Superhero: Psi-Lord", "Earth-16914", "Comic"},
["16932"]					={"Rhodey Rhodes married Carol Danvers", "Earth-16932", "Comic"},
["17021"]					={"Supremia", "Earth-17021", "Comic"},
["17037"]					={"Mutants lost IVX", "Earth-17037", "Comic"},
["17040"]					={"Legion TV series", "Earth-17040", "Live Action"},
["17084"]					={"Home to Captain Venom", "Earth-17084", "Comic"},
["17112"]					={"Native Ms. Marvel kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-17112", "Comic"},
["17122"]					={"Voyager was a founding Avenger", "Earth-17122", "Comic"},
["17132"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy searched for the Infinity Stones", "Earth-17132", "Comic"},
["17154"]					={"Marvel Super Hero Adventures", "Earth-17154", "Animated"},
["17215"]					={"Mew's Dream Comics", "Earth-17215", "Comic"},
["17217"]					={"Gwenpool revealed Spider-Man's identity", "Earth-17217", "Comic"},
["17226"]					={"Squirrel Girl novels", "Earth-17226", "Comic"},
["17238"]					={"Home to Hawkeyepool", "Earth-17238", "Comic"},
["17315"]					={"Logan film", "Earth-17315", "Live Action"},
["17342"]					={"Chthon & N'Garai conquered Earth", "Earth-17342", "Comic"},
["17353"]					={"Home to Venomized Moon Knight", "Earth-17353", "Comic"},
["17372"]					={"The Gifted television series", "Earth-17372", "Live Action"},
["17413"]					={"Apokolypse ruled over Homo arachnus", "Earth-17413", "Comic"},
["17471"]					={"Squirrel Girl teamed up with Alfredo the Chicken", "Earth-17471", "Comic"},
["17619"]					={"Maximus the Last Inhuman", "Earth-17619", "Comic"},
["17628"]					={"Animated Guardians<br>Marvel's Spider-Man<br>Panther's Quest", "Earth-17628", "Animated"},
["17673"]					={"Home to Logan Venom", "Earth-17673", "Comic"},
["17819"]					={"Peter Parker was HawkMan", "Earth-17819", "Comic"},
["17885"]					={"Devil Girl and Moon Dinosaur", "Earth-17885", "Comic"},
["17893"]					={"Deadpool as Barry Deadpool", "Earth-17893", "Comic"},
["17952"]					={"Home to the Hive<br>(Poisons)", "Earth-17952", "Comic"},
["17995"]					={"Home to Venomized Black Panther<br>(Ngozi)", "Earth-17995", "Comic"},
["18063"]					={"Blob consumed by a Poison", "Earth-18063", "Comic"},
["18067"]                   ={"The Spider's Battleworld", "Earth-18067", "Comic"},
["18083"]					={"Home to Franq'lyn R'ich'rdz", "Earth-18083", "Comic"},
["18115"]                   ={"Home to Thunderstorm", "Earth-18115", "Comic"},
["18119"]					={"Renew Your Vows", "Earth-18119", "Comic"},
["18121"]					={"The Eyes Have It", "Earth-18121", "Comic"},
["18124"]					={"Squirrel Girl was a gritty vigilante", "Earth-18124", "Comic"},
["18133"]					={"What If? Magik Became Sorcerer Supreme", "Earth-18133", "Comic"},
["18136"]					={"Home to King T'Challa<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-18136", "Comic"},
["18138"]					={"The Rider raised Thanos as his child", "Earth-18138", "Comic"},
["18139"]					={"What if Flash Thompson became Spider-Man?", "Earth-18139", "Comic"}, 
["18140"]					={"End Woman's Dark Future", "Earth-18140", "Comic"},
["18150"]					={"Nova #1000", "Earth-18150", "Comic"},
["18191"]					={"Red Skull banished to the Deadlands", "Earth-18191", "Comic"},
["18197"]					={"Home to Venom Rocket", "Earth-18197", "Comic"},
["18236"]					={"Spider-Man had his lifespan extended", "Earth-18236", "Comic"},
["18264"]					={"Fantastic Four wore capes", "Earth-18264", "Comic"},
["18315"]					={"Weapon XI killed by time-traveling Deadpool", "Earth-18315", "Live Action"},
["18352"]					={"Gideon wakes in the 54th Century", "Earth-18352", "Comic"},
["18366"]					={"Old Woman Laura", "Earth-18366", "Comic"},
["18451"]					={"Silver Surfer possessed the Infinity Gauntlet", "Earth-18451", "Comic"},
["18466"]					={"Doom Universe", "Earth-18466", "Comic"},
["18651"]					={"Home to Iron Lad<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-18651", "Comic"},
["18757"]					={"Kamala Khan was a founding Avenger", "Earth-18757", "Comic"},
["18779"]					={"Captain Amazo", "Earth-18779", "Comic"},
["18801"]					={"Howard the Duck becomes Bulky Duck", "Earth-18801", "Comic"},
["18853"]					={"Home to Venomized Rhino", "Earth-18853", "Comic"},
["18854"]					={"Home to Time-Eater", "Earth-18854", "Comic"},
["18897"]					={"Home to Loki Odinson", "Earth-18897", "Comic"},
["19000"]					={"Photon (Genis-Vell) destroyed Earth", "Earth-19000", "Comic"},
["19110"]					={"Home to Skele-Thor", "Earth-19110", "Comic"},
["19119"]					={"Home to Spider-Cop", "Earth-19119", "Comic"},
["19121"]					={"Marvel Zombies: Resurrection", "Earth-19121", "Comic"},
["19122"]					={"Ghost Rider rode actual ghosts", "Earth-19122", "Comic"},
["19135"]                   ={"Eternity tells jokes", "Earth-19135", "Comic"},
["19141"]					={"Home to the<br>Living Tribunal<br>(Adam Warlock)", "Earth-19141", "Comic"},
["19143"]					={"Killmonger ruled Wakanda", "Earth-19143", "Comic"},
["19145"]					={"Monstrous Spider-Man recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-19145", "Comic"},
["19156"]					={"Home to Spider-Fist", "Earth-19156", "Comic"},
["19166"]					={"Home to Spider-Zero", "Earth-19166", "Comic"},
["19171"]					={"Howard the Roboduck", "Earth-19171", "Comic"},
["19174"]					={"Sabretooth consumed by a Poison", "Earth-19174", "Comic"},
["19190"]					={"Jimmy Yama superhero: Stinger", "Earth-19190", "Comic"},
["19192"]					={"Home to Sea-Spider", "Earth-19192", "Comic"},
["19205"]					={"Breakworld's Reality", "Earth-19205", "Comic"},
["19223"]					={"Home to Sentinel Wolverine", "Earth-19223", "Comic"},
["19224"]                   ={"Cassandra Kelly empowered by Athena", "Earth-19224", "Comic"},
["19240"]					={"Home to skeleton Wolverine", "Earth-19240", "Comic"},
["19250"]					={"Rule 63 Domain", "Earth-19250", "Comic"},
["19264"]					={"Legion's Alternate Timeline", "Earth-19264", "Live Action"},
["19299"]					={"Super Hero Squad 2099", "Earth-19299", "Game"},
["19312"]					={"Wolvie trapped with animated X-Men", "Earth-19312", "Comic"},
["19338"]					={"Rorschach-like Spider-Man", "Earth-19338", "Comic"},
["19411"]					={"Everyone Stayed Dead", "Earth-19411", "Comic"},
["19454"]					={"Drax-Man", "Earth-19454", "Animated"},
["19519"]                   ={"Sentinel Wolverine", "Earth-19519", "Comic"},
["19527"]					={"Home to Squirrel Earl", "Earth-19527", "Comic"},
["19529"]					={"Spider-Man: Life Story", "Earth-19529", "Comic"},
["19542"]					={"Dystopian future of Old Lady Squirrel Girl", "Earth-19542", "Comic"},
["19555"]					={"Talonar killed Gloria Rider", "Earth-19555", "Comic"},
["19647"]					={"Mutant Wars gave rise to the X-Istence", "Earth-19647", "Comic"},
["19725"]					={"Spider-Girl died instead of Mayhem", "Earth-19725", "Comic"},
["19747"]					={"The Untold Story of Squirrel Girl", "Earth-19747", "Comic"},
["19760"]					={"Home of Spider-Dinosaur", "Earth-19760", "Comic"},
["19776"]					={"Swarm became ruler of Earth", "Earth-19776", "Comic"},
["19820"]					={"Post-Secret Roar", "Earth-19820", "Comic"},
["19828"]					={"Production & Editorial Crew existed with heroes", "Earth-19828", "Comic"},
["19877"]					={"Thing used Doom's time machine", "Earth-19877", "Comic"},
["19913"]                   ={"Mahvels", "Earth-19913", "Comic"},
["19919"]					={"Spider-Island", "Earth-19919", "Comic"},
["19925"]					={"A bot wrote Spider-Man", "Earth-19925", "Comic"},
["19936"]					={"Space Fantastic Four", "Earth-19936", "Comic"},
["19947"]					={"Home to Baroness Selene and Baron Sebastian Shaw", "Earth-19947", "Comic"},
["19966"]					={"Marvel × Shōnen Jump+ Super Collaboration", "Earth-19966", "Comic"},
["20007"]					={"Reality of Earth-616's Marvel Comics", "Earth-20007", "Comic"},
["20017"]					={"Doc Samson captured Hulk", "Earth-20017", "Comic"},
["20023"]					={"Home to Sun-Spider", "Earth-20023", "Comic"},
["20051"]					={"Marvel Adventures", "Earth-20051", "Comic"},
["20110"]					={"Silentest Night", "Earth-20110", "Comic"},
["20111"]					={"Xavier tested students with his Dreamatron", "Earth-20111", "Comic"},
["20132"]					={"General Ross: costumed clown", "Earth-20132", "Comic"},
["20143"]					={"Aunt May became Carnage", "Earth-20143", "Comic"},
["20154"]					={"Bullseye stubbed thumb hanging a picture", "Earth-20154", "Comic"},
["20160"]					={"Mjolnir-wielding Howard the Duck", "Earth-20160", "Comic"},
["20198"]					={"House of M Gwen Stacy logged onto Facebook on Oscorp's computer", "Earth-20198", "Comic"},
["20201"]					={"Eat at Cap's", "Earth-20201", "Comic"},
["20208"]                   ={"Reed Richards becomes Doom", "Earth-20208", "Comic"},
["20209"]					={"Warlockworld", "Earth-20209", "Comic"},
["20210"]					={"Home to Captain Wales", "Earth-20210", "Comic"},
["20204"]					={"Squirrel G.I.R.L. from the future", "Earth-20204", "Comic"},
["20226"]					={"Juggernut vs. Bat-Squirrel", "Earth-20226", "Comic"},
["20257"]                   ={"John Proudstar lived a normal life", "Earth-20257", "Comic"},
["20318"]					={"President Stark Assassinated", "Earth-20318", "Comic"},
["20329"]					={"Steampunk Godworld", "Earth-20329", "Comic"},
["20345"]                   ={"Home to the Spider-Totem Ren", "Earth-20345", "Comic"},
["20368"]					={"Captain Marvel: The End", "Earth-20368", "Comic"},
["20418"]					={"Thundra consumed by a Poison", "Earth-20418", "Comic"},
["20419"]					={"Spider-Man can't adhere through cloth", "Earth-20419", "Comic"},
["20476"]					={"Banner not Hulk, Jones Killed", "Earth-20476", "Comic"},
["20604"]					={"Ultimate Thor is President", "Earth-20604", "Comic"},
["20653"]					={"Human Torch brainwashed by Vennema Mmultiversal", "Earth-20653", "Comic"},
["20666"]					={"Modern Monster Catalog", "Earth-20666", "Comic"},
["20712"]					={"Home to Striker Llewellyn", "Earth-20712", "Comic"},
["20809"]					={"Namor: Spock Stunt Double", "Earth-20809", "Comic"},
["20824"]					={"Spider-Man (2000) game series", "Earth-20824", "Game"},
["21011"]					={"Vision lacked spam filter", "Earth-21011", "Comic"},
["21050"]					={"Zombies discover Apes", "Earth-21050", "Comic"},
["21101"]					={"Heroes answered advice coulmn", "Earth-21101", "Comic"},
["21110"]					={"Mutant powers had physiological side effects (mostly farting)", "Earth-21110", "Comic"},
["21117"]					={"Wildlife Preserve", "Earth-21117", "Comic"},
["21119"]					={"Norman Osborn won Siege", "Earth-21119", "Comic"},
["21127"]					={"Black Panther<br>(Motion Comic)", "Earth-21127", "Animated"},
["21129"]                   ={"Darkhold: Iron Man", "Earth-21129", "Comic"},
["21195"]					={"Utopolis", "Earth-21195", "Comic"},
["21196"]					={"Nick Fury's face was scarred", "Earth-21196", "Comic"},
["21197"]					={"Happy future of Old Lady Squirrel Girl", "Earth-21197", "Comic"},
["21205"]					={"Peter Parker became Goblin", "Earth-21205", "Comic"},
["21218"]					={"Namor conquered Latveria", "Earth-21218", "Comic"},
["21222"]                   ={"Future Ultraverse<br>(No Progeny)", "Earth-21222", "Comic"},
["21230"]					={"Tony Stark was allowed to advertize near the Statue of Liberty", "Earth-21230", "Comic"},
["21261"]					={"Perfection", "Earth-21261", "Comic"},
["21281"]					={"Madcap was recruited by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-21281", "Comic"},
["21317"]					={"Deviants conquered Humanity", "Earth-21317", "Comic"},
["21320"]					={"Dr. Strange went to the emergency room", "Earth-21320", "Comic"},
["21376"]					={"All-Bear Domain", "Earth-21376", "Comic"},
["21422"]					={"Wolverine cut up Danger Room's sentient door for baseball game", "Earth-21422", "Comic"},
["21443"]					={"Avengers: Mech Strike", "Earth-21443", "Comic"},
["21516"]					={"Peter Parker was Bird of Prey", "Earth-21516", "Comic"},
["21540"]					={"Advocate participated in 'The Running of the Bulls'", "Earth-21540", "Comic"},
["21611"]					={"Native Black Widow kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-21611", "Comic"},
["21619"]					={"Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow", "Earth-21619", "Comic"},
["21664"]					={"Primitive Earth worshipped the Watcher", "Earth-21664", "Comic"},
["21673"]					={"Home to Venomized Black Panther<br>(T'Challa)", "Earth-21673", "Comic"},
["21710"]					={"Home to the Hex-Men's Bloodstorm", "Earth-21710", "Comic"},
["21711"]					={"Native Hulk kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-21711", "Comic"},
["21722"]					={"Walled City of New York", "Earth-21722", "Comic"},
["21735"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy searched for the Infinity Stones", "Earth-21735", "Comic"},
["21811"]					={"Deathlok Class Units & Magneto", "Earth-21811", "Comic"},
["21818"]					={"T'Challa Became a Star-Lord", "Earth-21818", "Animated"},
["21834"]					={"Ben Reilly died of cellular degeneration", "Earth-21834", "Comic"},
["21890"]					={"Gallagher and Manak's House of M fantasies", "Earth-21890", "Comic"},
["21901"]					={"Thunderbolts were a traveling carnival", "Earth-21901", "Comic"},
["21910"]					={"Jarvis' Skrull was a blues singer", "Earth-21910", "Comic"},
["21919"]					={"Bar Sinister", "Earth-21919", "Comic"},
["21923"]					={"The Wastelands", "Earth-21923", "Comic"},
["21924"]                  ={"The Defilement of All Things by the Cannibal-Sorcerer Kulan Gath", "Earth-21924", "Comic"},
["21975"]					={"Home to Squirrel Girl in a Bikini", "Earth-21975", "Comic"},
["21980"]					={"House of M an anti-matter dream world", "Earth-21980", "Comic"},
["21989"]					={"Marvel Babies", "Earth-21989", "Comic"},
["21990"]					={"Spider-Skrull confused about his powers", "Earth-21990", "Comic"},
["21993"]					={"Cable Destroyed the X-Men", "Earth-21993", "Comic"},
["22000"]					={"Give a Guy a Break", "Earth-22000", "Comic"},
["22013"]					={"Warbound punchable toys", "Earth-22013", "Comic"},
["22020"]					={"Hammer Time", "Earth-22020", "Comic"},
["22025"]					={"Champions: United We Stand", "Earth-22025", "Comic"},
["22073"]					={"Harmony Prospers", "Earth-22073", "Comic"},
["22110"]					={"Home to Rifleman", "Earth-22110", "Comic"},
["21256"]					={"Female Charlie-27 joined the Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-21256", "Comic"},
["22142"]					={"Beast screams at 'Hallelujah Chorus' being played in the wrong style", "Earth-22142", "Comic"},
["22177"]					={"VurtuvurseTM", "Earth-22177", "Comic"},
["22186"]					={"Wolverine consumed by a Poison", "Earth-22186", "Comic"},
["22191"]					={"Arachnia", "Earth-22191", "Comic"},
["22206"]					={"Wade Wilson's War", "Earth-22206", "Comic"},
["22214"]					={"Wolverine tried to get Phoenix to toast marshmallows on his claws", "Earth-22214", "Comic"},
["22339"]                   ={"Home to the Bombastic Bag-Ma'am", "Earth-22339", "Comic"},
["22249"]					={"Venomverse", "Earth-22249", "Comic"},
["22254"]					={"Home to Phoenix  Wolverine", "Earth-22254", "Comic"},
["22260"]					={"What if... Thor was raised by the Frost Giants?", "Earth-22260", "Comic"},
["22288"]					={"Death of the Spider", "Earth-22288", "Comic"},
["22301"]					={"Sentry attended Agoraphobics Anonymous", "Earth-22301", "Comic"},
["22312"]					={"Bug World's Reality", "Earth-22312", "Comic"},
["22371"]					={"Home to Brood Wolverine", "Earth-22371", "Comic"},
["22385"]					={"Home to Thor Corps Throg", "Earth-22385", "Comic"},
["22455"]					={"The Pack", "Earth-22455", "Comic"},
["22483"]					={"O-Men's world conquered by Skrulls", "Earth-22483", "Comic"},
["22490"]					={"Magic is the new Religion", "Earth-22490", "Comic"},
["22519"]					={"Home of the Law Enforcement Squad", "Earth-22519", "Comic"},
["22569"]					={"Wish Upon a Star", "Earth-22569", "Comic"},
["22626"]					={"Non-powered Logan delivered a banana to a knitting circle", "Earth-22626", "Comic"},
["22666"]					={"Dawn of the Heralds", "Earth-22666", "Comic"},
["22681"]					={"Home to Valkyrie<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-22681", "Comic"},
["22791"]					={"Have You Met My Sister", "Earth-22791", "Comic"},
["22795"]					={"Cap Helped Disassemble The Avengers", "Earth-22795", "Comic"},
["22799"]					={"Too Dead to be Alive", "Earth-22799", "Comic"},
["22916"]					={"Harry Osborn became Spider-Man", "Earth-22916", "Comic"},
["22931"]					={"Surtur conquers Asgard", "Earth-22931", "Comic"},
["23018"]					={"Gamma Planet", "Earth-23018", "Comic"},
["23203"]					={"Venom: The End", "Earth-23203", "Comic"},
["23099"]					={"Illuminati slaughtered by Black Priests", "Earth-23099", "Comic"},
["23100"]					={"Queen of Star Swords Rules", "Earth-23100", "Comic"},
["23134"]					={"Valley of Flame", "Earth-23134", "Comic"},
["23176"]					={"Peter Parker became the Whizzer", "Earth-23176", "Comic"},
["23201"]					={"Blackbolt told a joke", "Earth-23201", "Comic"},
["23213"]					={"Home to Wolverascal", "Earth-23213", "Comic"},
["23223"]					={"Thor's premature death leads to an extreme Ragnarok", "Earth-23223", "Comic"},
["23231"]					={"Home to Skull the Redeemer", "Earth-23231", "Comic"},
["23233"]					={"Home to White Widow (Venice Doadi)", "Earth-23233", "Comic"},
["23238"]					={"Home to Justicer Bull", "Earth-23238", "Comic"},
["23239"]					={"Knicks fans refused to evacuate Madison Square Gardens", "Earth-23239", "Comic"},
["23241"]					={"Hulk killed the Avengers", "Earth-23241", "Comic"},
["23291"]					={"Secret Wars 2099", "Earth-23291", "Comic"},
["23341"]					={"Bullseye consumed by a Poison", "Earth-23341", "Comic"},
["23373"]					={"Hyperion modified superhumans", "Earth-23373", "Comic"},
["23378"]					={"Professor X led founding X-Men", "Earth-23378", "Comic"},
["23422"]					={"Batman and Robin fought Two-Face", "Earth-23422", "Comic"},
["23488"]					={"Leader went to see a movie", "Earth-23488", "Comic"},
["23492"]					={"Home to Spidey-Baby", "Earth-23492", "Comic"},
["23543"]					={"Astroid Utopia guarded by Warpath", "Earth-23543", "Comic"},
["23848"]					={"Home to Ant-Aunt", "Earth-23848", "Comic"},
["23884"]					={"Hulk & She-Hulk married", "Earth-23884", "Comic"},
["23895"]					={"Home to Storm (Reality Jumper)", "Earth-23895", "Comic"},
["24015"]					={"Bullseye opened a beach umbrella", "Earth-24015", "Comic"},
["24106"]					={"Odin not freed from Castle Doom", "Earth-24106", "Game"},
["24111"]					={"Frankenstein's monster burned at the stake", "Earth-24111", "Comic"},
["24133"]					={"Venom Symbiote physically bonded to Flash Thompson", "Earth-24133", "Comic"},
["24135"]					={"Home to Kurt Waggoner", "Earth-24135", "Comic"},
["24192"]					={"Home to Cable<br>(Super Hero Squad)", "Earth-24192", "Game"},
["24201"]					={"X-Topia", "Earth-24201", "Comic"},
["24221"]					={"Wolverine took up oil painting as Clawed Monet", "Earth-24221", "Comic"},
["24240"]					={"Thanosi drank from the Chalice of Ruins", "Earth-24240", "Comic"},
["24388"]					={"Golden Oldie", "Earth-24388", "Comic"},
["24398"]					={"Home to Venomized Wolverine", "Earth-24398", "Comic"},
["24530"]					={"Home to X-2/3rds", "Earth-24530", "Comic"},
["24811"]					={"Marc Spector spawned a monstrous Moon Knight", "Earth-24811", "Comic"},
["24838"]					={"Home to Auntie Freeze", "Earth-24838", "Comic"},
["24883"]					={"No unstable molecules", "Earth-24883", "Comic"},
["24948"]					={"Bishop's Future affected by a plague", "Earth-24948", "Comic"},
["25106"]					={"Abigail Brand joined the Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-25106", "Comic"},
["25158"]					={"Sentinel Territories", "Earth-25158", "Comic"},
["25271"]					={"Earth Zeta", "Earth-25271", "Comic"},
["25315"]					={"Yinsen City", "Earth-25315", "Comic"},
["25397"]					={"Magneto consumed by a Poison", "Earth-25397", "Comic"},
["25401"]					={"Bullseye released a wild bird", "Earth-25401", "Comic"},
["25663"]					={"Alternate Clone Saga", "Earth-25663", "Comic"},
["26111"]					={"Age of Le Fay", "Earth-26111", "Comic"},
["26262"]					={"Kitchen utensils X-Men", "Earth-26262", "Comic"},
["26292"]					={"The Seahorse Effect", "Earth-26292", "Comic"},
["26320"]					={"Blade films and TV series", "Earth-26320", "Live Action"},
["26410"]					={"Ultimate Nullifier not found", "Earth-26410", "Game"},
["26431"]					={"Native Wolverine was kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-26431", "Comic"},
["26496"]					={"Spectacular Spider-Man animated series", "Earth-26496", "Animated"},
["26615"]					={"Eddie Brock killed Peter Parker", "Earth-26615", "Comic"},
["26749"]					={"Down to Two", "Earth-26749", "Comic"},
["27132"]					={"Doctor Octopus consumed by a Poison", "Earth-27132", "Comic"},
["27135"]					={"Home to Prehistoric Punisher", "Earth-27135", "Comic"},
["27169"]					={"Dr. Strange possessed Punisher", "Earth-27169", "Comic"},
["27520"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27520", "Comic"},
["27521"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27521", "Comic"},
["27522"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27522", "Comic"},	
["27523"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27523", "Comic"},	
["27524"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27524", "Comic"},	
["27525"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27525", "Comic"},	
["27526"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27526", "Comic"},	
["27527"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27527", "Comic"},	
["27528"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27528", "Comic"},	
["27529"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27529", "Comic"},	
["27530"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27530", "Comic"},	
["27531"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27531", "Comic"},	
["27532"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27532", "Comic"},	
["27533"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27533", "Comic"},	
["27534"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27534", "Comic"},
["27535"]					={"Part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles", "Earth-27535", "Comic"},	
["27536"]					={"Sinister Six Failing Reality", "Earth-27536", "Comic"},
["27537"]					={"Serpent Society killed Spider-Man", "Earth-27537", "Comic"},
["27538"]					={"Hellfire Club Failing Reality", "Earth-27538", "Comic"},
["27781"]					={"Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) & Vanisher were abstract non-humanoids", "Earth-27781", "Comic"},
["28019"]					={"Richie Parker brought his airplane for school Show 'n' tell", "Earth-28019", "Comic"},
["28121"]					={"Native Eel was recruited by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-28121", "Comic"},
["28204"]					={"Home to Parker Peterman", "Earth-28204", "Comic"},
["28210"]                   ={"Hawkeye, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman escaped the X-Brig", "Earth-28210", "Comic"},
["28242"]					={"Peter Parker took back the symbiote from Eddie Brock", "Earth-28242", "Comic"},
["28245"]					={"Red Hulk is President", "Earth-28245", "Comic"},
["28348"]					={"Black Panther fought the Shroud inside coal mine", "Earth-28348", "Comic"},
["28384"]					={"Bruce Banner's pants did not stretch", "Earth-28384", "Comic"},
["28438"]					={"Silver Surfer, Night Rider, White Tiger, Iceman, Moon Knight, Wendigo fought in a snowstorm", "Earth-28438", "Comic"},
["28483"]					={"Black Bolt hosted a television talk show", "Earth-28483", "Comic"},
["28578"]					={"Obnoxio the Clown gained powers", "Earth-28578", "Comic"},
["28609"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy searched for the Infinity Stones", "Earth-28609", "Comic"},
["28625"]					={"Iceman became a monster", "Earth-28625", "Comic"},
["28758"]					={"Obnoxio the Clown became a Watcher", "Earth-28758", "Comic"},
["28834"]					={"Moon Knight: pest exterminator, rat fur millionaire, comic book editor", "Earth-28834", "Comic"},
["28843"]					={"Bing Conan and Chester swallowed by tropical fish", "Earth-28843", "Comic"},
["28857"]					={"Obnoxio-Wolverine", "Earth-28857", "Comic"},
["28875"]					={"Obnoxio-Daredevil", "Earth-28875", "Comic"},
["28901"]					={"Richie Parker used father's mask only as a sneeze rag", "Earth-28901", "Comic"},
["28909"]					={"Ben Parker's nephew was Galactus", "Earth-28909", "Comic"},
["28918"]					={"Captain America led Super-Soldier army", "Earth-28918", "Comic"},
["28927"]					={"Jamie & Brain Braddock routed evil", "Earth-28927", "Comic"},
["29007"]					={"New Battleworld", "Earth-29007", "Comic"},
["29011"]					={"Veranke made everyone dress like Spider-Woman", "Earth-29011", "Comic"},
["29018"]					={"House of M's Gwen Stacy kneed Dr. Strange in the groin", "Earth-29018", "Comic"},
["29019"]					={"Richie Parker brought his airplane for school Show 'n' tell", "Earth-28019", "Comic"},
["29101"]					={"Skrull Ares became the God of Warts", "Earth-29101", "Comic"},
["29110"]					={"Skrulls developed post-human impersonation stress disorder", "Earth-29110", "Comic"},
["29134"]					={"Iron Man's identity was exposed", "Earth-29134", "Comic"},
["29180"]					={"Venom and the Masters of Evil Broke into the Wrong Cell", "Earth-29180", "Comic"},
["29197"]					={"Master Programmer outstretched the Clone Saga", "Earth-29197", "Comic"},
["29234"]					={"Spider-Man & Trapster glued to the wall", "Earth-29234", "Comic"},
["29277"]					={"Wolverine, Horseman of Death", "Earth-29277", "Comic"},
["29320"]					={"Home to Cadaverous", "Earth-29320", "Comic"},
["29419"]					={"What If Jack Murdock was a WWF Wrestler?", "Earth-29419", "Comic"},
["29801"]					={"What If? Green Goblin's Glider had Air-Bags", "Earth-29801", "Comic"},
["29929"]                  ={"Ultron Won", "Earth-29929", "Animated"},
["29955"]                   ={"Home to Spider-Swine", "Earth-29955", "Comic"},
["30122"]					={"Hulk shot full of nannybots", "Earth-30122", "Comic"},
["30247"]					={"Japanese Empire Variation", "Earth-30247", "Comic"},
["30309"]					={"What If? Marvel Comics went Metal with Ghost Rider", "Earth-30309", "Comic"},
["30457"]					={"Jack the Ripper was an ape", "Earth-30457", "Comic"},
["30826"]					={"Alien Eternals revolted against Celestials", "Earth-30826", "Comic"},
["30847"]					={"Marvel vs. Capcom", "Earth-30847", "Game"},
["30987"]					={"Thing avoided Secret Wars", "Earth-30987", "Comic"},
["31117"]					={"Nazis conquered Earth", "Earth-31117", "Comic"},
["31128"]					={"Destruction caused by Dormammu", "Earth-31128", "Comic"},
["31129"]					={"X-Men: Evolution's<br>alternate future", "Earth-31129", "Animated"},
["31198"]					={"Billionaire Peter Parker wears Spider-Armor", "Earth-31198", "Animated"},
["31199"]					={"Captain America: The End", "Earth-31199", "Comic"},
["31220"]					={"World War Hulk interrupted by commercials", "Earth-31220", "Comic"},
["31223"]					={"Native Thing kidnapped by Vennema", "Earth-31223", "Comic"},
["31232"]					={"Home of Webster", "Earth-31232", "Comic"},
["31248"]					={"Home to Ant-Man  Wolverine", "Earth-31248", "Comic"},
["31291"]					={"Klaw conquers Wakanda", "Earth-31291", "Comic"},
["31309"]					={"Narcissi-verse", "Earth-31309", "Comic"},
["31310"]					={"Mary Jane Novels", "Earth-31310", "Comic"},
["31333"]					={"Hala Field", "Earth-31333", "Comic"},
["31393"]					={"Animated Days of Future Past", "Earth-31393", "Animated"},
["31406"]					={"Beast was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-31406", "Comic"},
["31411"]					={"Home to Aaron Aikman: The Spider-Man", "Earth-31411", "Comic"},
["31520"]					={"Monstrous Captain America recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-31520", "Comic"},
["31538"]					={"Home to Cable  Wolverine", "Earth-31538", "Comic"},
["31539"]					={"Home to Chibipool", "Earth-31539", "Comic"},
["31886"]					={"Home to Comrade Arachnid", "Earth-31886", "Comic"},
["31910"]                   ={"Red Hood-esque Spider-Man", "Earth-31910", "Comic"},
["31913"]					={"Home to Web-Slinger", "Earth-31913", "Comic"},
["31916"]					={"Supreme Power", "Earth-31916", "Comic"},
["31941"]					={"What If R. Crumb Did Work for Marvel Comics?", "Earth-31941", "Comic"},
["32000"]					={"Age of Apocalypse: Space X-Men", "Earth-32000", "Comic"},
["32012"]					={"Miek did stand-up comedy", "Earth-32012", "Comic"},
["32081"]					={"Spider-Demon ruled New York City", "Earth-32081", "Comic"},
["32096"]					={"Home to Sailor Spider-Man", "Earth-32096", "Comic"},
["32098"]					={"Xavier led Skrull Mutants", "Earth-32098", "Comic"},
["32125"]					={"New York City on Fire", "Earth-32125", "Comic"},
["32134"]					={"Mondo City", "Earth-32134", "Comic"},
["32201"]					={"Thor entered World War Hulk", "Earth-32201", "Comic"},
["32231"]					={"Carnage joined the Resistance", "Earth-32231", "Comic"},
["32265"]					={"Home to Octavia Otto's Spider-Army and Web Warriors' Spider-Woman", "Earth-32265", "Comic"},
["32319"]					={"Mephisto outstretched the Clone Saga", "Earth-32319", "Comic"},
["32323"]					={"Warzone", "Earth-32323", "Comic"},
["32363"]					={"Home to cat  Wolverine", "Earth-32363", "Comic"},
["32491"]					={"Haunted Mansion", "Earth-32491", "Comic"},
["32659"]					={"Nemesis merged Avengers & UltraForce", "Earth-32659", "Comic"},
["32920"]					={"Punisher used a cape", "Earth-32920", "Comic"},
["32938"]                  ={"Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark", "Earth-32938", "Animated"},
["32943"]					={"Spider-Man served in Vietnam, Green Goblin killed Family", "Earth-32943", "Comic"},
["33124"]					={"Red Hulk became a national hero", "Earth-33124", "Comic"},
["33184"]					={"Machine created a body for himself", "Earth-33184", "Comic"},
["33489"]					={"Spider-Carnage destroyed the universe", "Earth-33489", "Animated"},
["33629"]					={"Grandmaster's Exiles", "Earth-33629", "Comic"},
["33734"]					={"Maximum Carnage video game", "Earth-33734", "Game"},
["33900"]					={"AAFES Universe", "Earth-33900", "Comic"},
["34219"]					={"Antonio Aggasiz bought a stick of gum packed with anti-rejection picotech", "Earth-34219", "Comic"},
["34281"]					={"Dark & Scary Things", "Earth-34281", "Comic"},
["34295"]                   ={"Kang the Conglomerator 2099", "Earth-34295", "Comic"},
["34786"]					={"Howard acted as Duck Savage", "Earth-34786", "Comic"},
["34828"]					={"Wonder Man & Power Man had female counterparts", "Earth-34828", "Comic"},
["34882"]					={"Howard the Duck formed an Animals team", "Earth-34882", "Comic"},
["34922"]					={"Wolverine hibernated", "Earth-34922", "Comic"},
["35125"]					={"Aunt May killed by Green Goblin & Dr. Octopus", "Earth-35125", "Comic"},
["35429"]					={"Steve Rogers became the Captain", "Earth-35429", "Comic"},
["35525"]					={"Prowler killed Miles' parents", "Earth-35525", "Comic"},
["36231"]					={"Native Thor was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-36231", "Comic"},
["36310"]					={"Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter had children", "Earth-36310", "Comic"},
["36527"]					={"Blink chased by Sinister", "Earth-36527", "Comic"},
["36701"]					={"An Evening With Ms. Marvel: A True Story", "Earth-36701", "Comic"},
["37072"]					={"Magic Rules", "Earth-37072", "Comic"},
["37360"]					={"Idyllic future", "Earth-37360", "Comic"},
["37486"]					={"Howard acted as Vampire Duckula", "Earth-37486", "Comic"},
["37731"]					={"Mythos: Ghost Rider", "Earth-37731", "Comic"},
["37832"]					={"Home to Feral Wolverine", "Earth-37832", "Comic"},
["38092"]					={"Alternate 26th century future", "Earth-38092", "Comic"},
["38119"]					={"Animated unpowered world", "Earth-38119", "Animated"},
["38418"]					={"Home to Spider-Sting", "Earth-38418", "Comic"},
["38171"]					={"Earth-TRN566's Days of Future Past", "Earth-38171", "Comic"},
["38191"]					={"1,001 Arabian Nights Reality", "Earth-38191", "Comic"},
["38831"]					={"Ape X, Gibbon, Jane Potter and Super Apes visited Earth-21050", "Earth-38831", "Comic"},
["38833"]					={"Electro consumed by a Poison", "Earth-38833", "Comic"},
["38909"]					={"Franklin Richards found Thor's hammer", "Earth-38909", "Comic"},
["39102"]					={"Home to Antelope Men", "Earth-39102", "Comic"},
["39131"]					={"Moon Knight kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-39131", "Comic"},
["39223"]                   ={"Spider-Mech joined Octavia Otto's army", "Earth-39223", "Comic"},
["39251"]					={"Sister Howard the Duck", "Earth-39251", "Comic"},
["39259"]					={"Wolverine Led Alpha Flight", "Earth-39259", "Comic"},
["39758"]					={"Black Sue dueled the Beyonder", "Earth-39758", "Comic"},
["39811"]					={"Animated Six-Armed Spider-Man", "Earth-39811", "Animated"},
["40081"]					={"Powerless", "Earth-40081", "Comic"},
["40111"]					={"Squirrel Girl vs. Ms. Marvel", "Earth-40111", "Comic"},
["40121"]					={"Home to Gizmo", "Earth-40121", "Comic"},
["40152"]					={"Kid Kingpin ran for 7th grade class president", "Earth-40152", "Comic"},
["40238"]					={"Squished Doctor Banner", "Earth-40238", "Comic"},
["40261"]					={"Ultimate Alliance do not free Lilandra Neramani", "Earth-40261", "Game"},
["40616"]					={"Punisher: The End", "Earth-40616", "Comic"},
["40727"]					={"Captain America (President Isaiah Bradley)", "Earth-40727", "Comic"},
["40800"]					={"~2150 A.D., Humanity in space", "Earth-40800", "Comic"},
["40828"]					={"Isaiah Bradley prevented Becky's death", "Earth-40828", "Comic"},
["41001"]					={"X-Men: The End", "Earth-41001", "Comic"},
["41026"]					={"Ultimate Alliance don't save the Skrull Homeworld", "Earth-41026", "Game"},
["41101"]					={"Strange", "Earth-41101", "Comic"},
["41119"]                   ={"What If? the Marvel-Harvey deal Happened?", "Earth-41119", "Comic"},
["41210"]					={"Deadpool kills his writers", "Earth-41210", "Comic"},
["41222"]					={"Colossus' sinking fastball special cast Wolverine into the ground", "Earth-41222", "Comic"},
["41301"]					={"Storm, Iron Man, & Captain Marvel kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-41301", "Comic"},
["41483"]					={"A Female Punisher", "Earth-41483", "Comic"},
["41510"]					={"Inhumans and Humans find peace.", "Earth-41510", "Comic"},
["41520"]					={"Foggy ran an internet help service", "Earth-41520", "Comic"},
["41571"]					={"Home to infant Kang", "Earth-41571", "Comic"},
["41591"]					={"Monstrous Black Widow recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-41591", "Comic"},
["41609"]					={"Spider-Man formed mini-Ultimates", "Earth-41609", "Comic"},
["41620"]					={"Dr. Doom unfriended Deadpool on Faceless Book", "Earth-41620", "Comic"},
["41625"]					={"The X-Men are the most popular team on Earth", "Earth-41625", "Comic"},
["41627"]					={"Home to Squirrelpool", "Earth-41627", "Comic"},
["41633"]					={"Deadpool 2 film", "Earth-41633", "Live Action"},
["41668"]                   ={"Home to Web-Warriors' Spider-Woman", "Earth-41668", "Comic"},
["41715"]					={"Home to Venompool<br>(Venomverse)", "Earth-41715", "Comic"},
["42015"]					={"Daredevil's resurrection was interrupted by firemen", "Earth-42015", "Comic"},
["42019"]					={"Jimmy Yama superhero: American Dream", "Earth-42019", "Comic"},
["42118"]					={"Hulkis the Horrendous", "Earth-42118", "Comic"},
["42122"]					={"Kitty Pryde pushed a tuna sub from Emma Frost's stomach", "Earth-42122", "Comic"},
["42212"]					={"Beast started using a litter pan", "Earth-42212", "Comic"},
["42213"]					={"Axel who gave his Mainstream counterpart powers", "Earth-42213", "Comic"},
["42221"]					={"Danger Became a Bride of Ultron", "Earth-42221", "Comic"},
["42222"]                   ={"Darkhold: Blade", "Earth-42222", "Comic"},
["42319"]                   ={"Home to Captain Spider-Ma'am", "Earth-42319", "Comic"},
["42409"]					={"Santa's Reindeer Were Skrulls", "Earth-42409", "Comic"},
["42413"]					={"Mimic had a family", "Earth-42413", "Comic"},
["42431"]					={"Colossus was a solider", "Earth-42431", "Comic"},
["42466"]					={"Deadpool vs. X-Force", "Earth-42466", "Comic"},
["42610"]					={"Volla's Ring not recovered", "Earth-42610", "Game"},
["42624"]					={"Drax consumed by a Poison", "Earth-42624", "Comic"},
["42777"]					={"Iron Doom", "Earth-42777", "Comic"},
["42979"]					={"Ultimate Lizard's Nightmare", "Earth-42979", "Comic"},
["42992"]					={"Moon Man & Moon Boy defend Cosmopolis", "Earth-42992", "Comic"},
["43312"]					={"X-23 saved by Wolverine", "Earth-43312", "Comic"},
["43890"]					={"Home to V", "Earth-43890", "Comic"},
["44111"]					={"Enclave created new Adam Warlock", "Earth-44111", "Comic"},
["44145"]					={"Home to<br>Spider-Nor-man", "Earth-44145", "Comic"},
["44173"]					={"Home to Venomized Doctor Doom", "Earth-44173", "Comic"},
["44216"]					={"Time Travel caused time-spread Spider-Man-duplicates", "Earth-44216", "Comic"},
["44234"]                   ={"Dutch Disney comics", "Earth-44234", "Comic"},
["44259"]					={"Daredevil consumed by a Poison", "Earth-44259", "Comic"},
["44291"]					={"The Thing From Another Time", "Earth-44291", "Comic"},
["44573"]                   ={"Native Vision kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-44573", "Comic"},
["45017"]					={"Presence's irradiated men conquered Earth", "Earth-45017", "Comic"},
["45162"]					={"Hank Pym never created Ultron", "Earth-45162", "Comic"},
["45201"]					={"Advocate's mounted heads retained intelligence and speech", "Earth-45201", "Comic"},
["45458"]					={"Home to Demon Wolverine", "Earth-45458", "Comic"},
["45828"]					={"Razorline", "Earth-45828", "Comic"},
["46031"]					={"Native Sabretooth kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-46031", "Comic"},
["46102"]					={"Valkyrie's Sword Dragon Fang not found", "Earth-46102", "Game"},
["46127"]					={"Bob the Hydra agent punched out Nick Fury", "Earth-46127", "Comic"},
["46421"]					={"The Portland Avengers", "Earth-46421", "Comic"},
["46991"]					={"Avengers exposed Kang's plot to Agents of Atlas", "Earth-46991", "Comic"},
["47004"]					={"Casey Mitchel's School Nightmare", "Earth-47004", "Comic"},
["47011"]					={"Onslaught possesed Nomad and killed heroes", "Earth-47011", "Comic"},
["47052"]					={"Deadpool in a relationship with Siryn", "Earth-47052", "Comic"},
["47111"]					={"Ben Grimm became professional football player", "Earth-47111", "Comic"},
["47119"]					={"Spider-Man had a triangle on the head", "Earth-47119", "Comic"},
["47322"]					={"Sue Storm instead of Johnny became Human Torch", "Earth-47322", "Comic"},
["47366"]					={"John Lennon lived", "Earth-47366", "Comic"},
["47920"]					={"Howard the Duck's original homeworld", "Earth-47920", "Comic"},
["48224"]					={"Iron Man 2020 (Super Hero Squad)", "Earth-48224", "Game"},
["48909"]					={"Wolverine got a real job", "Earth-48909", "Comic"},
["49121"]					={"Kall traveled to 1948", "Earth-49121", "Comic"},
["49149"]                   ={"Home to Hallow", "Earth-49149", "Comic"},
["49327"]					={"Terraformed Mars in 2011 AD", "Earth-49327", "Comic"},
["49487"]					={"Invisible Girl and Mr. Fantastic killed by Dark Raider", "Earth-49487", "Comic"},
["50101"]					={"Spider-Man: India", "Earth-50101", "Comic"},
["50116"]					={"The Punisher (2005 video game)", "Earth-50116", "Game"},
["50142"]					={"Fixer fixed more than boxing", "Earth-50142", "Comic"},
["50210"]					={"Squadron Supreme encountered Avengers-523002", "Earth-50210", "Comic"},
["50224"]					={"Lockheed could talk and cracked jokes", "Earth-50224", "Comic"},
["50302"]					={"Marvel Age", "Earth-50302", "Comic"},
["50358"]					={"Tanaraq vs. Tanaraq", "Earth-50358", "Comic"},
["50415"]					={"Ramades conquered Earth", "Earth-50415", "Comic"},
["50701"]					={"Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects", "Earth-50701", "Game"},
["50810"]					={"Marvel Megamorphs", "Earth-50810", "Comic"},
["51093"]					={"Home to Angel  Wolverine", "Earth-51093", "Comic"},
["51062"]					={"Killraven joined the Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-51062", "Comic"},
["51109"]					={"Flash Thompson entered Witness Protection", "Earth-51109", "Comic"},
["51142"]					={"Wolverine-like Spider-Man", "Earth-51142", "Comic"},
["51170"]					={"Excavator killed Piledriver", "Earth-51170", "Comic"},
["51201"]					={"Doctor Strange battled Mephisto in 1975", "Earth-51201", "Comic"},
["51209"]					={"Home to Spider the Hunter", "Earth-51209", "Comic"},
["51212"]					={"Steampunk Western World", "Earth-51212", "Comic"},
["51271"]					={"The Guardians of the Galaxy Tried to Free Thanos", "Earth-51271", "Comic"},
["51315"]					={"Home to Pandapool", "Earth-51315", "Comic"},
["51412"]					={"Home to Patton Parnel", "Earth-51412", "Comic"},
["51420"]					={"Elektra assaults luxury cruise ship", "Earth-51420", "Comic"},
["51489"]					={"Slaymaster slew Barbarian Betsy Braddock", "Earth-51489", "Comic"},
["51518"]					={"Domain of Apocalypse", "Earth-51518", "Comic"},
["51725"]					={"Baron Holocaust's domain was conquered by Apocalypse", "Earth-51725", "Comic"},
["51778"]					={"1978 Japanese Spider-Man series", "Earth-51778", "Live Action"},
["51825"]					={"The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes", "Earth-51825", "Animated"},
["51834"]					={"Howard the Vulture", "Earth-51834", "Comic"},
["51838"]					={"President Harry Osborn", "Earth-51838", "Comic"},
["51910"]					={"Egyptia", "Earth-51910", "Comic"},
["51914"]					={"Hostess Snacks Ads", "Earth-51914", "Comic"},
["51920"]					={"Valley of Doom", "Earth-51920", "Comic"},
["51929"]					={"Future Striker's Reality", "Earth-51929", "Comic"},
["51935"]					={"Monstrous Captain Marvel recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-51935", "Comic"},
["51939"]					={"Spiral consumed by a Poison", "Earth-51939", "Comic"},
["51945"]					={"Home to M.O.D.O.K.  Wolverine", "Earth-51945", "Comic"},
["51977"]					={"Peter Parker gained Nova-power", "Earth-51977", "Comic"},
["52012"]					={"Home to Emmeline Frost-Summers", "Earth-52012", "Comic"},
["52014"]					={"Ben Urich was found by garbage men", "Earth-52014", "Comic"},
["52078"]					={"Iron Fist consumed by a Poison", "Earth-52078", "Comic"},
["52136"]					={"Aunt May died instead of Uncle Ben", "Earth-52136", "Comic"},
["52191"]					={"Shuri became Killmonger", "Earth-52191", "Comic"},
["52232"]					={"Home to Giant-Man Wolverine", "Earth-52232", "Comic"},
["52433"]                   ={"Darkhold: Wasp", "Earth-52433", "Comic"},
["53101"]					={"Odin Restores Earth", "Earth-53101", "Comic"},
["53147"]					={"Cat Thor", "Earth-53147", "Comic"},
["53191"]                   ={"Atlantis Empire conquer the surface world", "Earth-53191", "Comic"},
["53422"]                   ={"Home to the Negative Zone Spider-Man", "Earth-53422", "Comic"},
["53720"]					={"Mortimer killed Death", "Earth-53720", "Comic"},
["53882"]					={"Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal abandoned Zenn-La", "Earth-53882", "Comic"},
["53912"]					={"Home to the Host Rider", "Earth-53912", "Comic"},
["53931"]					={"Home to Sentient Spider-Mobile", "Earth-53931", "Comic"},
["53973"]					={"Tarene was worshipped", "Earth-53973", "Comic"},
["54201"]					={"Lekty and Romanova competed for dates with Matt Murdock", "Earth-54201", "Comic"},
["54202"]					={"Home to Spider-Ramen", "Earth-54202", "Comic"},
["54210"]					={"Namor and Emma Frost battled a Kraken", "Earth-54210", "Comic"},
["54415"]					={"Nuclear war mutants", "Earth-54415", "Comic"},
["54531"]					={"Rakkhal's mutation prevented by Surfer", "Earth-54531", "Comic"},
["54828"]					={"Dazzler became a lawyer", "Earth-54828", "Comic"},
["55133"]					={"Mutopia", "Earth-55133", "Comic"},
["55921"]					={"Ultimate Iron Man", "Earth-55921", "Comic"},
["56332"]					={"Fish headed humans", "Earth-56332", "Comic"},
["56641"]					={"Emma Frost lost control of her powers", "Earth-56641", "Comic"},
["57051"]					={"Aztec Empire ruled England", "Earth-57051", "Comic"},
["57288"]					={"Obnoxio-Hulk", "Earth-57288", "Comic"},
["57289"]					={"Rhodey founded Rhodes Labs International", "Earth-57289", "Comic"},
["57780"]					={"Spidey Super Stories", "Earth-57780", "Comic"},
["57828"]					={"Obnoxio became bat-like hero", "Earth-57828", "Comic"},
["57882"]					={"Obnoxio became Spider-Man-like hero", "Earth-57882", "Comic"},
["58161"]					={"Brother Nathan", "Earth-58161", "Comic"},
["58162"]					={"Phalanx Cable", "Earth-58162", "Comic"},
["58163"]					={"House of M", "Earth-58163", "Comic"},
["58460"]					={"Man-Thing film", "Earth-58460", "Live Action"},
["58470"]					={"Howard the Duck film", "Earth-58470", "Live Action"},
["58472"]					={"Howard the Duck movie comic", "Earth-58472", "Comic"},
["58627"]					={"The Punisher<br>(1989 film)", "Earth-58627", "Live Action"},
["58732"]					={"The Punisher<br>(2004 film)", "Earth-58732", "Live Action"},
["58914"]					={"Unproduced Daredevil Cartoon", "Earth-58914", "Animated"},
["58942"]					={"Punisher killed Spider-Man", "Earth-58942", "Comic"},
["59124"]					={"Europix", "Earth-59124", "Comic"},
["59222"]					={"Homeworld of the Executive Action Committee", "Earth-59222", "Comic"},
["59462"]					={"Home to Sky Captain", "Earth-59462", "Comic"},
["59523"]					={"Earth makes contact with Martians", "Earth-59523", "Comic"},
["59594"]					={"Native on Ursa Micronica", "Earth-59594", "Comic"},
["59661"]					={"Home to Surgeon Strange", "Earth-59661", "Comic"},
["59662"]					={"Cosmic Red Skull", "Earth-59662", "Comic"},
["59663"]					={"Demonic Mr. Sinister", "Earth-59663", "Comic"},
["59882"]					={"Thor got a haircut", "Earth-59882", "Comic"},
["59891"]                   ={"Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars: The Secret of Spider-Man's Shield!", "Earth-59891", "Comic"},
["60059"]					={"Droom shot into space", "Earth-60059", "Comic"},
["60166"]					={"Reed & Sue's 40 Year Wedding Anniversary", "Earth-60166", "Comic"},
["60241"]					={"Ultimate Alliance saved Jean Grey over Nightcrawler", "Earth-60241", "Game"},
["60413"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who helped realease the captured heroes", "Earth-60413", "Comic"},
["60625"]					={"Khan's happy future", "Earth-60625", "Comic"},
["60672"]					={"Home to Colossus, Professor Renolds", "Earth-60672", "Comic"},
["60808"]					={"Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther", "Earth-60808", "Animated"},
["60907"]					={"Skrulls invaded during WWII", "Earth-60907", "Comic"},
["61011"]					={"Spider-Man & Friends", "Earth-61011", "Comic"},
["61018"]					={"Mythos: Hulk", "Earth-61018", "Comic"},
["61024"]					={"Super Soldiers destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. Omega Base computer", "Earth-61024", "Game"},
["61029"]					={"Days of Future Past variant", "Earth-61029", "Comic"},
["61108"]					={"Ant-Man wasn't brought back to life", "Earth-61108", "Comic"},
["61112"]					={"Age of Ultron", "Earth-61112", "Comic"},
["61115"]					={"Miles Morales killed Captain America", "Earth-61115", "Comic"},
["61119"]					={"Korvac Saga", "Earth-61119", "Comic"},
["61158"]					={"Punisher of the Opera", "Earth-61158", "Comic"},
["61162"]					={"Domain XXX", "Earth-61162", "Comic"},
["61211"]					={"Jimmy Yama & Wes's Comic", "Earth-61211", "Comic"},
["61216"]					={"Timeslip-Quicksilver", "Earth-61216", "Comic"},
["61232"]					={"101 Use for a Dead Clone", "Earth-61232", "Comic"},
["61311"]					={"Kobik's Timeline", "Earth-61311", "Comic"},
["61313"]					={"Ultimate Peter Parker teamed up with Miles Morales", "Earth-61313", "Comic"},
["61340"]					={"Doom Planet", "Earth-61340", "Comic"},
["61351"]					={"Nazis conquer the world", "Earth-61351", "Comic"},
["61422"]					={"Home to Cyclops Heroes", "Earth-61422", "Comic"},
["61610"]					={"Ultimate End", "Earth-61610", "Comic"},
["61613"]					={"Home to Pheasant Man", "Earth-61613", "Comic"},
["61741"]					={"Blink escaped the slave pens without Sabretooth", "Earth-61741", "Comic"},
["61828"]					={"Tony Stark developed an eating disorder", "Earth-61828", "Comic"},
["61934"]					={"Marvel Comics staff engaged in wacky adventures", "Earth-61934", "Comic"},
["61946"]                   ={"Giant Spider-Man", "Earth-61946", "Comic"},
["62069"]                   ={"Home to Home to Spider-Manly", "Earth-62069", "Comic"},
["62111"]					={"Home to President Doom", "Earth-62111", "Comic"},
["62141"]					={"Monstrous Iron Man recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-62141", "Comic"},
["62192"]					={"Roderick Kane traveled to 1962 to conquer", "Earth-62192", "Comic"},
["62218"]					={"Dr. Druid consumed by a Poison", "Earth-62218", "Comic"},
["62319"]					={"Andre Mexer wasn't lobotomized", "Earth-62319", "Comic"},
["62321"]					={"Home to Uranian criminal Groff", "Earth-62321", "Comic"},
["62410"]					={"Ultimate Alliance Fails to Save Senator Kelly", "Earth-62410", "Game"},
["62412"]					={"Longer Armor Wars", "Earth-62412", "Comic"},
["62456"]					={"AvX: Verbal Abuse", "Earth-62456", "Comic"},
["62510"]					={"Ghost Rider joined the Guardians of the Galaxy", "Earth-62510", "Comic"},
["62520"]					={"Fongji Wu: Phoenix the Destroyer", "Earth-62520", "Comic"},
["62527"]					={"Aunt May is Hornet", "Earth-62527", "Comic"},
["62577"]					={"Cyclops was killed by a mob", "Earth-62577", "Comic"},
["62882"]					={"Dr. Doom used various comedic props", "Earth-62882", "Comic"},
["62992"]					={"Howard the Canary", "Earth-62992", "Comic"},
["63124"]					={"Magneto killed everyone at Cape Citadel", "Earth-63124", "Comic"},
["63163"]					={"Nextwave transported to this reality", "Earth-63163", "Comic"},
["63410"]					={"Spider-Man kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-63410", "Comic"},
["63699"]					={"Home to Mademoiselle Écureuil", "Earth-63699", "Comic"},
["63748"]					={"Howard acted as Duck Carter of Mars", "Earth-63748", "Comic"},
["63794"]					={"Lazy Laird Benedict crashed", "Earth-63794", "Comic"},
["63932"]					={"Namor Never Regained His Memory", "Earth-63932", "Comic"},
["64087"]					={"Demonic Avengers terrorized Manhattan, New York", "Earth-64087", "Comic"},
["64102"]					={"Ultimate Alliance doesn't find Walek Seaweed", "Earth-64102", "Game"},
["64110"]					={"Immortus allied with Masters of Evil", "Earth-64110", "Comic"},
["64164"]					={"Speedfreek killed Night Thrasher", "Earth-64164", "Comic"},
["64211"]                   ={"Darkhold: Black Bolt", "Earth-64211", "Comic"},
["64894"]					={"Iron Man's armor made public", "Earth-64894", "Comic"},
["65046"]					={"Agents of Atlas told not to revive Captain America", "Earth-65046", "Comic"},
["66106"]					={"Nightmares of Future Past", "Earth-66106", "Comic"},
["66115"]					={"Home to Future Foundation Spider-Man", "Earth-66115", "Comic"},
["66209"]					={"World War Hulk Final Showdown", "Earth-66209", "Comic"},
["66232"]					={"Wittland", "Earth-66232", "Comic"},
["66250"]					={"Cable's future in Deadpool 2", "Earth-66250", "Live Action"},
["66641"]					={"Home to a bird like Falcon", "Earth-66641", "Comic"},
["66682"]					={"Fin Fang Foom consumed by a Poison", "Earth-66682", "Comic"},
["66881"]					={"Alternate Thing as Blackbeard", "Earth-66881", "Comic"},
["67626"]					={"Home to Karzz the Conqueror", "Earth-67626", "Comic"},
["67843"]					={"Howard the Duck became Sheerluck Duck", "Earth-67843", "Comic"},
["68091"]					={"Cerebrus ruled 24th century Earth", "Earth-68091", "Comic"},
["68151"]					={"Nick Fury helped Exiles", "Earth-68151", "Comic"},
["68290"]					={"She-Hulk had kids with John Jameson", "Earth-68290", "Comic"},
["68326"]					={"Power Pack are the only heroes remained to fight Kang", "Earth-68326", "Comic"},
["68994"]					={"Dark Raider killed handgun-wielding Reed Richards", "Earth-68994", "Comic"},
["69413"]					={"Home to<br>Battleworld's Dystopia", "Earth-69413", "Comic"},
["69798"]					={"Mystique raised Nightcrawler in an attic", "Earth-69798", "Comic"},
["69829"]					={"Tiber dominated Earth circa 2250 AD", "Earth-69829", "Comic"},
["69901"]					={"Korvac saved humanity from Badoon", "Earth-69901", "Comic"},
["69902"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69902", "Comic"},
["69903"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69903", "Comic"},
["69904"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69904", "Comic"},
["69905"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69905", "Comic"},
["69906"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69906", "Comic"},
["69907"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69907", "Comic"},
["69908"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69908", "Comic"},
["69909"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69909", "Comic"},
["69910"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69910", "Comic"},
["69911"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69911", "Comic"},
["69912"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69912", "Comic"},
["69913"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69913", "Comic"},
["69914"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69914", "Comic"},
["69915"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69915", "Comic"},
["69916"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69916", "Comic"},
["69917"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69917", "Comic"},
["69918"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69918", "Comic"},
["69919"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69919", "Comic"},
["69920"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69920", "Comic"},
["69921"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69921", "Comic"},
["69922"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69922", "Comic"},
["69923"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69923", "Comic"},
["69924"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69924", "Comic"},
["69925"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69925", "Comic"},
["69926"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69926", "Comic"},
["69927"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69927", "Comic"},
["69928"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69928", "Comic"},
["69929"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69929", "Comic"},
["69930"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69930", "Comic"},
["69931"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69931", "Comic"},
["69932"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69932", "Comic"},
["69933"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69933", "Comic"},
["69934"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69934", "Comic"},
["69935"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69935", "Comic"},
["69936"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69936", "Comic"},
["69937"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69937", "Comic"},
["69938"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69938", "Comic"},
["69939"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69939", "Comic"},
["69940"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69940", "Comic"},
["69941"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69941", "Comic"},
["69942"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69942", "Comic"},
["69943"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69943", "Comic"},
["69944"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69944", "Comic"},
["69945"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69945", "Comic"},
["69946"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69946", "Comic"},
["69947"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69947", "Comic"},
["69948"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69948", "Comic"},
["69949"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69949", "Comic"},
["69950"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69950", "Comic"},
["69951"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69951", "Comic"},
["69952"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69952", "Comic"},
["69953"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69953", "Comic"},
["69954"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69954", "Comic"},
["69955"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69955", "Comic"},
["69956"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69956", "Comic"},
["69957"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69957", "Comic"},
["69958"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69958", "Comic"},
["69959"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69959", "Comic"},
["69960"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69960", "Comic"},
["69961"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69961", "Comic"},
["69962"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69962", "Comic"},
["69963"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69963", "Comic"},
["69964"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69964", "Comic"},
["69965"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69965", "Comic"},
["69966"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69966", "Comic"},
["69967"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69967", "Comic"},
["69968"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69968", "Comic"},
["69969"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69969", "Comic"},
["69970"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69970", "Comic"},
["69971"]					={"Captain America caused Korvac to make a new timeline", "Earth-69971", "Comic"},
["69972"]					={"~3007 A.D., Captain America attacked Korvac", "Earth-69972", "Comic"},
["69973"]					={"Korvac attacked Captain America", "Earth-69973", "Comic"},
["69974"]					={"First Independence Day of the Badoon Empire", "Earth-69974", "Comic"},
["69975"]					={"~Circa 3052 A.D., Captain America attacked Korvac", "Earth-69975", "Comic"},
["69976"]					={"~Circa 3023 A.D., Captain America tossed cargo into space", "Earth-69976", "Comic"},
["69977"]					={"~Circa 3014 A.D., Kree Empire taken over by Korvac", "Earth-69977", "Comic"},
["69978"]					={"~Circa 3017 AD, Korvac tires of Captain America", "Earth-69978", "Comic"},
["69979"]					={"Jaromel became Captain America", "Earth-69979", "Comic"},
["70019"]					={"Yu Komori becomes Spider-Man", "Earth-70019", "Comic"},
["70105"]					={"Bullet Points", "Earth-70105", "Comic"},
["70134"]					={"What If? Spider-Man: The Other", "Earth-70134", "Comic"},
["70213"]					={"Civil War Mutants", "Earth-70213", "Comic"},
["70237"]					={"Spider-Man: Reign", "Earth-70237", "Comic"},
["70395"]					={"Ultron Unlimited", "Earth-70395", "Comic"},
["70518"]					={"Century Long World War I", "Earth-70518", "Comic"},
["70541"]					={"Leather Apron was Jack the Ripper", "Earth-70541", "Comic"},
["70701"]					={"Little Red Riding Spider", "Earth-70701", "Comic"},
["70766"]					={"Abomination escaped Stranger's World", "Earth-70766", "Comic"},
["70813"]					={"Avengers assembled by Stan Lee", "Earth-70813", "Comic"},
["70875"]					={"Carol Danvers Developed Cancer", "Earth-70875", "Comic"},
["70915"]					={"Doom took over New York City", "Earth-70915", "Animated"},
["71002"]					={"Spider-Man: Friend or Foe", "Earth-71002", "Game"},
["71004"]					={"Camelot Spider-Man", "Earth-71004", "Comic"},
["71016"]					={"Last Fantastic Four Story", "Earth-71016", "Comic"},
["71121"]					={"Native Wolverine was kidnapped by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-71121", "Comic"},
["71124"]					={"Peter & MJ refused Mephisto's offer", "Earth-71124", "Comic"},
["71143"]					={"Minor Heroes attempted to stop Worldbreaker Hulk", "Earth-71143", "Comic"},
["71156"]					={"Turkeys Are Dominant Species", "Earth-71156", "Comic"},
["71166"]					={"Fantastic Four: The End", "Earth-71166", "Comic"},
["71181"]					={"Blackmark", "Earth-71181", "Comic"},
["71202"]					={"Cabal destroy X-Men during an Incursion", "Earth-71202", "Comic"},
["71211"]					={"Kashmir Vennema who slingshot Captain America and Black Widow into an alternate reality", "Earth-71211", "Comic"},
["71224"]					={"High Evolutionary refused to aid Sorcerer Supreme Beast", "Earth-71224", "Comic"},
["71241"]					={"Peter Parker: wealthy inventor", "Earth-71241", "Comic"},
["71246"]					={"Bob: Supreme Hydra", "Earth-71246", "Comic"},
["71259"]					={"X-Men: Grand Design", "Earth-71259", "Comic"},
["71280"]					={"Deadpool: Horseman of Apocalypse", "Earth-71280", "Comic"},
["71511"]					={"Peter of the People battled Captain Capitalist", "Earth-71511", "Comic"},
["71513"]					={"Toddler Iron Man vs Toddler Captain Man", "Earth-71513", "Comic"},
["71519"]					={"Domain of Baron Abyss was conquered by Apocalypse", "Earth-71519", "Comic"},
["71535"]					={"Nova Corps policed Battleworld", "Earth-71535", "Comic"},
["71575"]					={"Home to Ye Olde Squirrelle Girlle", "Earth-71575", "Comic"},
["71612"]					={"Greenland", "Earth-71612", "Comic"},
["71628"]					={"Universe housing Venomized Gwenpool", "Earth-71628", "Comic"},
["71778"]					={"Home to Baal, Mr. Kline", "Earth-71778", "Comic"},
["71800"]					={"Groot was a lawyer", "Earth-71800", "Comic"},
["71853"]					={"Home to Hippie Namor", "Earth-71853", "Comic"},
["71902"]					={"Skurge was a Cobbler", "Earth-71902", "Comic"},
["71912"]					={"A-Babies vs. X-Babies", "Earth-71912", "Comic"},
["71925"]					={"Home to Garden-Spider", "Earth-71925", "Comic"},
["71928"]					={"Peter Parker became the Punisher", "Earth-71928", "Comic"},
["71953"]					={"Ultimate Peter Parker became investigative reporter", "Earth-71953", "Comic"},
["72110"]					={"The Cosmic Redesigners", "Earth-72110", "Comic"},
["72122"]					={"Vampire in ~ 2180 A.D.", "Earth-72122", "Comic"},
["72124"]                   ={"Thor Were an Only Child", "Earth-72124", "Animated"},
["72233"]					={"Old-Man Wonder Man", "Earth-72233", "Comic"},
["72466"]					={"Home to Spider-Wool", "Earth-72466", "Comic"},
["72589"]					={"Dream of comatose Thunderbird", "Earth-72589", "Comic"},
["72601"]					={"Home of Goliath", "Earth-72601", "Comic"},
["72699"]					={"Home to Gwenverine", "Earth-72699", "Comic"},
["72721"]					={"X-Meh #684", "Earth-72721", "Comic"},
["72781"]					={"Nightcrawler & Vanisher were abstract semi-insectoid beings", "Earth-72781", "Comic"},
["72842"]					={"Ego-Prime conquered the Earth", "Earth-72842", "Comic"},
["73012"]					={"Brak the Barbarian and the Age of Blood", "Earth-73012", "Comic"},
["73174"]					={"Wolverham", "Earth-73174", "Comic"},
["73192"]					={"Andy Olsen's Wolverine", "Earth-73192", "Comic"},
["73446"]					={"Deadpool: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-73446", "Comic"},
["73511"]					={"Storm consumed by a Poison", "Earth-73511", "Comic"},
["73595"]					={"Kingpin adopted Matt Murdock", "Earth-73595", "Comic"},
["73640"]                   ={"Darkhold: Spider-Man", "Earth-73640", "Comic"},
["74082"]					={"Primordial State", "Earth-74082", "Comic"},
["74101"]					={"Machus prior to merge", "Earth-74101", "Comic"},
["74113"]					={"Alternate 31st Century with a magical population", "Earth-74113", "Comic"},
["74121"]					={"Howard the Duck played poker with monsters", "Earth-74121", "Comic"},
["74135"]					={"X-Men Companion", "Earth-74135", "Comic"},
["74147"]					={"Luther Manning raised his son", "Earth-74147", "Comic"},
["74425"]					={"Action Jackson", "Earth-74425", "Comic"},
["74820"]					={"George Washington executed", "Earth-74820", "Comic"},
["74897"]					={"Home to Shadow", "Earth-74897", "Comic"},
["75011"]					={"Sandson O. Tyme used Slow Glass", "Earth-75011", "Comic"},
["75153"]					={"Steve Rogers fought Tony Stark as toddlers", "Earth-75153", "Comic"},
["75187"]					={"Hawkeye consumed by a Poison", "Earth-75187", "Comic"},
["75223"]					={"Unproduced Daredevil/Black Widow series", "Earth-75223", "Live Action"},
["75402"]					={"1960s horror movie Jack the Ripper was real", "Earth-75402", "Comic"},
["75421"]					={"X-Men overcome with romance", "Earth-75421", "Comic"},
["75612"]					={"Kaufman challenged von Reitberger to a dogfight", "Earth-75612", "Comic"},
["75826"]					={"Janos Trevorik really was the Night Shocker", "Earth-75826", "Comic"},
["75924"]					={"1930's Copperhead", "Earth-75924", "Comic"},
["76173"]					={"Hell's Kitchen's Kitchen", "Earth-76173", "Comic"},
["76216"]					={"Moon and red giant sun threatened to collide with Earth", "Earth-76216", "Comic"},
["76292"]					={"Howard the Goose", "Earth-76292", "Comic"},
["76843"]					={"Howard the Duck became Batduck", "Earth-76843", "Comic"},
["77013"]					={"Spider-Man newspaper strip", "Earth-77013", "Comic"},
["77045"]					={"John Norton in 2040 A.D.", "Earth-77045", "Comic"},
["77105"]					={"Captain America and Bucky didn't disappear during World War II", "Earth-77105", "Comic"},
["77106"]					={"Rick never became Captain America", "Earth-77106", "Comic"},
["77119"]					={"Silver Surfer died", "Earth-77119", "Comic"},
["77181"]					={"Green Goblin consumed by a Poison", "Earth-77181", "Comic"},
["77281"]					={"Home to Grootpool", "Earth-77281", "Comic"},
["77302"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy searched for the Infinity Stones", "Earth-77302", "Comic"},
["77606"]					={"Howard the Duck Newspaper Comic Strip", "Earth-77606", "Comic"},
["77640"]					={"Hembeck-verse", "Earth-77640", "Comic"},
["77831"]					={"French published Marvel Universe", "Earth-77831", "Comic"},
["77995"]					={"Age of Xavier", "Earth-77995", "Comic"},
["78127"]					={"Home to Captain Spider", "Earth-78127", "Comic"},
["78133"]					={"Home to Cowboy Wolverine", "Earth-78133", "Comic"},
["78227"]					={"Home to Spider-Girl (Betty Brant)", "Earth-78227", "Comic"},
["78327"]					={"Home to Spider-Jameson", "Earth-78327", "Comic"},
["78411"]					={"Dinosaur World", "Earth-78411", "Comic"},
["78423"]					={"Howard the Duck didn't originate from an alternate universe", "Earth-78423", "Comic"},
["78436"]					={"Howard the Duck became Duckey Crockett", "Earth-78436", "Comic"},
["78719"]					={"Thingpin", "Earth-78719", "Comic"},
["78819"]					={"The Incredible Kvetch", "Earth-78819", "Comic"},
["78909"]					={"1978 Fantastic Four cartoon", "Earth-78909", "Animated"},
["78912"]					={"Elizabeth I executed", "Earth-78912", "Comic"},
["78922"]					={"Ant-Man & Wasp had picnic", "Earth-78922", "Comic"},
["78927"]					={"First Karmic Court", "Earth-78927", "Comic"},
["79101"]					={"Spider-Woman was a villain", "Earth-79101", "Comic"},
["79102"]					={"Captain Mar-Vell was a villain", "Earth-79102", "Comic"},
["79213"]					={"Conan traveled to modern era", "Earth-79213", "Comic"},
["79319"]					={"An explosion left one Peter Parker alive, but which one?", "Earth-79319", "Comic"},
["79596"]					={"Home to Cat Pryde", "Earth-79596", "Comic"},
["79715"]					={"Helen Taylor gained Nova-power", "Earth-79715", "Comic"},
["79816"]					={"Shang-Chi remained agent of Fu Manchu", "Earth-79816", "Comic"},
["72911"]					={"Slaymaster emulates Jack Ripper while killing the native Betsy Braddock", "Earth-72911", "Comic"},
["80097"]					={"Howard the Duck was a 1940's era detective", "Earth-80097", "Comic"},
["80118"]					={"Howard the Duck was Earth's Sorcerer Supreme", "Earth-80118", "Comic"},
["80119"]					={"Shadowverse", "Earth-80119", "Comic"},
["80179"]					={"Conan and the City of Skulls", "Earth-80179", "Comic"},
["80219"]					={"Spider-Man never became crime-fighter", "Earth-80219", "Comic"},
["80291"]					={"Reality warps changed people's sports teams", "Earth-80291", "Comic"},
["80324"]					={"Home to Mark Esterhase", "Earth-80324", "Comic"},
["80360"]					={"Home to Obnoxio the Clown and Teen Hulk", "Earth-80360", "Comic"},
["80521"]					={"Age of Stryfe", "Earth-80521", "Comic"},
["80522"]					={"Tral used Inhumans to conquer the world", "Earth-80522", "Comic"},
["80734"]					={"Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas", "Earth-80734", "Comic"},
["80827"]					={"World War between Imperial France and British Empire", "Earth-80827", "Comic"},
["80911"]					={"Victor Creed and Betsy Braddock killed", "Earth-80911", "Comic"},
["80917"]					={"Danny and Misty had a child", "Earth-80917", "Comic"},
["80920"]					={"Wolverine and the X-Men apocalyptic future", "Earth-80920", "Animated"},
["80101"]					={"Home to Sqr-L Gr-L", "Earth-80101", "Comic"},
["81029"]					={"Spider-Man saved Scarlet Witch during House of M", "Earth-81029", "Comic"},
["81039"]					={"Howard the Duck became a TV star", "Earth-81039", "Comic"},
["81051"]					={"Home to uru-armored Wolverine", "Earth-81051", "Comic"},
["81091"]					={"Bruce Skyhulker", "Earth-81091", "Comic"},
["81101"]					={"Cable and Hope killed by a bear mutate", "Earth-81101", "Comic"},
["81111"]					={"Home to Khan<br>(Reality Jumper)", "Earth-81111", "Comic"},
["81113"]					={"Marvel Melodies: Hulk Hare", "Earth-81113", "Comic"},
["81114"]					={"Depowered World", "Earth-81114", "Comic"},
["81122"]					={"Future Ultimate Fantastic Four head an anti-mutant regime", "Earth-81122", "Comic"},
["81124"]					={"Marc & Marlene opened a store and had children", "Earth-81124", "Comic"},
["81141"]					={"Spider-Man & clone split existence", "Earth-81141", "Comic"},
["81143"]					={"Heather Sante fought Zombie Spider-Man", "Earth-81143", "Comic"},
["81156"]					={"Dwayne Taylor is Iron Man", "Earth-81156", "Comic"},
["81165"]					={"Bront and Backworld", "Earth-81165", "Comic"},
["81179"]					={"Spider-Man robbed banks to pay off student loans", "Earth-81179", "Comic"},
["81191"]					={"Earth destroyed by Dark Phoenix", "Earth-81191", "Comic"},
["81211"]					={"Annexed Reality", "Earth-81211", "Comic"},
["81212"]					={"Native Ulik was recruited by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-81212", "Comic"},
["81219"]					={"Becky Barnes trapped in an abusive marriage", "Earth-81219", "Comic"},
["81223"]					={"Steve Rogers found dead, Frank Castle became Captain America", "Earth-81223", "Comic"},
["81225"]					={"Thor fought Odin", "Earth-81225", "Comic"},
["81235"]					={"Lindsay McCabe incinerated people", "Earth-81235", "Comic"},
["81304"]					={"Xavier Demon Destroyed World", "Earth-81304", "Comic"},
["81320"]					={"Future Hazmat's Reality", "Earth-81320", "Comic"},
["81426"]					={"Captain America elected US president", "Earth-81426", "Comic"},
["81488"]					={"Omnipotent Future Thanos", "Earth-81488", "Comic"},
["81513"]					={"House of Monsters and House of Creatures", "Earth-81513", "Comic"},
["81518"]					={"Higher Avalon", "Earth-81518", "Comic"},
["81545"]					={"MJ & Peter Parker never married", "Earth-81545", "Comic"},
["81551"]					={"Richards ended war, famine, disease", "Earth-81551", "Comic"},
["81589"]					={"Native Sabretooth enslaved by Baron Apocalypse", "Earth-81589", "Comic"},
["81622"]					={"Captain Marvel consumed by a Poison", "Earth-81622", "Comic"},
["81711"]					={"Home to Venomized Hulk", "Earth-81711", "Comic"},
["81723"]					={"Nightcrawler & Vanisher were women", "Earth-81723", "Comic"},
["81727"]					={"Phoenix survived, Dark Phoenix took over", "Earth-81727", "Comic"},
["81799"]					={"Hulk fought in World War II", "Earth-81799", "Comic"},
["81834"]					={"Leader decided to buy a hat", "Earth-81834", "Comic"},
["81999"]					={"Captain Marvel of the Hysta", "Earth-81999", "Comic"},
["82026"]					={"Earth-8107's Avengers TV Show", "Earth-82026", "Animated"},
["82074"]					={"Prohibition gangsters given Stock Market information", "Earth-82074", "Comic"},
["82081"]					={"New Quack City", "Earth-82081", "Comic"},
["82100"]					={"Elektra had Lived", "Earth-82100", "Comic"},
["82101"]					={"Yellowjacket died", "Earth-82101", "Comic"},
["82105"]					={"Home to Hulk the Barbarian", "Earth-82105", "Comic"},
["82111"]					={"Captain Carter Were The First Avenger", "Earth-82111", "Animated"},
["82121"]					={"Native Spider-Woman was recruited by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-82121", "Comic"},
["82136"]					={"Beast turned Feral", "Earth-82136", "Comic"},
["82348"]					={"Stark became Limo Man", "Earth-82348", "Comic"},
["82432"]					={"Korvac Conquers the Universe", "Earth-82432", "Comic"},
["82528"]					={"Hulk married She-Hulk", "Earth-82528", "Comic"},
["82568"]					={"Doctor Strange was an ordinary magician", "Earth-82568", "Comic"},
["82578"]					={"Obnoxio the Clown became Sherlock Clown", "Earth-82578", "Comic"},
["82586"]					={"Home to Spider-Person", "Earth-82586", "Comic"},
["82588"]					={"Daredevil wasn't blind", "Earth-82588", "Comic"},
["82595"]                   ={"S.H.I.E.L.D. placed New York under martial law", "Earth-82595", "Comic"},
["82618"]					={"Spider-Man Family", "Earth-82618", "Comic"},
["82633"]					={"Iron Man trapped in Camelot", "Earth-82633", "Comic"},
["82648"]					={"Stan Lee fired those responsible for an issue of What If..?", "Earth-82648", "Comic"},
["82750"]					={"Hybrid used mutants to create a hybrid race", "Earth-82750", "Comic"},
["82801"]					={"The Fantastic Four are literally bananas", "Earth-82801", "Comic"},
["82802"]					={"Odin married May Parker", "Earth-82802", "Comic"},
["82803"]					={"Don Blake and Tony Stark are brothers", "Earth-82803", "Comic"},
["82804"]					={"Aunt May Parker was Ant-Man", "Earth-82804", "Comic"},
["82805"]					={"Spider-Man married Spider-Woman", "Earth-82805", "Comic"},
["82806"]					={"Willie Lumpkin joined the Fantastic Four", "Earth-82806", "Comic"},
["82807"]					={"Steve Rogers remained Nomad", "Earth-82807", "Comic"},
["82808"]					={"Rick Jones left Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone", "Earth-82808", "Comic"},
["82809"]					={"Nick Fury wore eyepatch on right eye", "Earth-82809", "Comic"},
["82810"]					={"Ghost Rider possessed wheelchair-bound grandfather", "Earth-82810", "Comic"},
["82811"]					={"Ghost Rider possessed a female roller skater", "Earth-82811", "Comic"},
["82812"]					={"Ghost Rider possessed an infant", "Earth-82812", "Comic"},
["82814"]					={"Him married Her", "Earth-82814", "Comic"},
["82815"]					={"Black Bolt got the hiccups", "Earth-82815", "Comic"},
["82816"]					={"Galactus literally ate the Earth", "Earth-82816", "Comic"},
["82817"]					={"Ka-Zar was a middle-aged accountant", "Earth-82817", "Comic"},
["82818"]					={"Hulk was yellow", "Earth-82818", "Comic"},
["82819"]					={"Invisible Girl dyed her hair", "Earth-82819", "Comic"},
["82820"]					={"Power Man was white", "Earth-82820", "Comic"},
["82821"]					={"Thing colored blue", "Earth-82821", "Comic"},
["82822"]					={"Marvel cured of cancer", "Earth-82822", "Comic"},
["82823"]					={"Phoenix survived and pretended to be normal", "Earth-82823", "Comic"},
["82824"]					={"Elektra retired", "Earth-82824", "Comic"},
["82825"]					={"Dazzler became a comedienne", "Earth-82825", "Comic"},
["82826"]					={"Spidey Intelligent Stories", "Earth-82826", "Comic"},
["82827"]					={"Willie Lumpkin: herald of Galactus", "Earth-82827", "Comic"},
["82828"]					={"Ghost Rider owned Burger Hell", "Earth-82828", "Comic"},
["82829"]					={"Heroes moved to Toledo, Ohio", "Earth-82829", "Comic"},
["82830"]					={"Watchers watched Watchers", "Earth-82830", "Comic"},
["82831"]					={"Moon Knight drove a cab", "Earth-82831", "Comic"},
["82832"]					={"Watcher grew hair", "Earth-82832", "Comic"},
["82833"]					={"Alpha Flight had Canadian accent", "Earth-82833", "Comic"},
["82834"]					={"Sue Storm: Thing", "Earth-82834", "Comic"},
["82849"]					={"Home to Boy-Bob Banner", "Earth-82849", "Comic"},
["82910"]					={"Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane fought", "Earth-82910", "Comic"},
["83036"]					={"Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow", "Earth-83036", "Animated"},
["83042"]					={"Aging Daredevil fought Kingpin", "Earth-83042", "Comic"},
["83043"]					={"Home to the Savage Spider-Man", "Earth-83043", "Comic"},
["83088"]					={"Home to Dourdevil", "Earth-83088", "Comic"},
["83124"]					={"Cyberpunk Exe-Men", "Earth-83124", "Comic"},
["83138"]					={"Ben became Dr. Grimm", "Earth-83138", "Comic"},
["83234"]					={"Howard the Duck never arrived", "Earth-83234", "Comic"},
["83438"]					={"Jocasta allowed Wanda to take over her body ", "Earth-83438", "Comic"},
["83482"]					={"Cyclops' Ear Blasts", "Earth-83482", "Comic"},
["83553"]					={"Earth's heroes slain by Hulk", "Earth-83553", "Comic"},
["83600"]					={"Thor vs. Conan", "Earth-83600", "Comic"},
["83632"]					={"Donald Blake killed Jane Foster", "Earth-83632", "Comic"},
["83764"]					={"Howard acted as Drake Vader", "Earth-83764", "Comic"},
["83840"]					={"Mordo remained Ancient One's disciple", "Earth-83840", "Comic"},
["83930"]					={"Night Man TV series", "Earth-83930", "Live Action"},
["84112"]					={"Two-Green Kid", "Earth-84112", "Comic"},
["84243"]					={"Conan joined the Avengers", "Earth-84243", "Comic"},
["84309"]					={"Earth of Shatterstar", "Earth-84309", "Comic"},
["84341"]					={"Crimson Crusader and Imp saved Spider-Man", "Earth-84341", "Comic"},
["84444"]					={"Captain America was thawed out in the present day", "Earth-84444", "Comic"},
["84632"]					={"Home to George the Spider", "Earth-84632", "Comic"},
["84929"]					={"Home to Moon Ghost", "Earth-84929", "Comic"},
["84999"]					={"Conan refused to join the Avengers", "Earth-84999", "Comic"},
["85101"]					={"The 'Nam", "Earth-85101", "Comic"},
["85133"]					={"Dead of Night: Man-Thing & Devil-Slayer", "Earth-85133", "Comic"},
["85331"]                   ={"Unproduced Howard the Duck animated series", "Earth-85331", "Animated"},
["85481"]					={"Heathcliff!", "Earth-85481", "Comic"},
["86051"]					={"Masters of the Universe", "Earth-86051", "Comic"},
["85826"]					={"Hydra Empire", "Earth-85826", "Comic"},
["86018"]					={"Home to Indiana Drake", "Earth-86018", "Live Action"},
["86082"]					={"Spider-Man married Black Widow", "Earth-86082", "Comic"},
["86315"]					={"Peggy Carter became Captain America", "Earth-86315", "Comic"},
["86347"]					={"Howard acted as Duck Fury, Agent of Q.U.A.C.K.", "Earth-86347", "Comic"},
["86501"]					={"Kang died trying to nuke Avengers", "Earth-86501", "Comic"},
["87050"]					={"Magneto joined Hellfire Club", "Earth-87050", "Comic"},
["87715"]					={"Thing Kong", "Earth-87715", "Comic"},
["88011"]					={"Howard the Duck mutated", "Earth-88011", "Comic"},
["88039"]					={"Marvel Balls", "Earth-88039", "Comic"},
["88122"]					={"Dagger was present when the Grunds appeared from within Cloak's cloak", "Earth-88122", "Comic"},
["88130"]					={"Hyperion consumed by a Poison", "Earth-88130", "Comic"},
["88131"]					={"Home reality of Alf", "Earth-88131", "Comic"},
["88194"]					={"Shadowline", "Earth-88194", "Comic"},
["88197"]					={"Bruce Bummer becomes Possum Man", "Earth-88197", "Comic"},
["88199"]					={"Take A Seat", "Earth-88199", "Comic"},
["88201"]					={"Whatever Happened to the Richards Family?", "Earth-88201", "Comic"},
["88234"]					={"Thor spoke in a Swedish accent", "Earth-88234", "Comic"},
["88255"]					={"Luke Cage found the Hammer of Thor", "Earth-88255", "Comic"},
["88263"]					={"Galactus tried to pawn the Silver Surfer", "Earth-88263", "Comic"},
["88292"]					={"Storm: air traffic controller", "Earth-88292", "Comic"},
["88304"]					={"Dinodroids war against humanity", "Earth-88304", "Comic"},
["88426"]					={"No human occupants and no soul", "Earth-88426", "Comic"},
["88469"]                   ={"Dinosaurs for Hire", "Earth-88469", "Comic"},
["88896"]					={"Spider-Man & son mutated", "Earth-88896", "Comic"},
["89102"]					={"House of M May Parker became Ms. Mayvel", "Earth-89102", "Comic"},
["89110"]					={"Mr. Fixit (Hulk): high school hall monitor", "Earth-89110", "Comic"},
["89111"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy battled Korvac.", "Earth-89111", "Comic"},
["89112"]					={"X-Men Lost Inferno", "Earth-89112", "Comic"},
["89120"]					={"Iron Man lost the Armor Wars", "Earth-89120", "Comic"},
["89121"]					={"Wolverine: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-89121", "Comic"},
["89122"]					={"Aunt May had Claws", "Earth-89122", "Comic"},
["89123"]					={"Captain America never thawed", "Earth-89123", "Comic"},
["89124"]					={"The Punisher didn't use guns", "Earth-89124", "Comic"},
["89125"]					={"Monstrous green Squadron Sinister", "Earth-89125", "Comic"},
["89130"]					={"Old West London", "Earth-89130", "Comic"},
["89134"]					={"Angel consumed by a Poison", "Earth-89134", "Comic"},
["89141"]					={"Hulk liked Bold Patterns", "Earth-89141", "Comic"},
["89145"]					={"Slaymaster slew Pilot Braddock", "Earth-89145", "Comic"},
["89149"]					={"Home to Subject X", "Earth-89149", "Comic"},
["89326"]					={"Home to Spider-Clones", "Earth-89326", "Comic"},
["89209"]					={"Earth-S destroyed by Nth Man", "Earth-89209", "Comic"},
["89517"]					={"Beverly Switzler joined the Legion of Howards", "Earth-89517", "Comic"},
["89521"]					={"MCU Infected by Quantum Realm Zombie Virus", "Earth-89521", "Animated"},
["89721"]					={"Avengers lost Evolutionary War", "Earth-89721", "Comic"},
["89768"]					={"Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe", "Earth-89768", "Comic"},
["89771"]					={"Robot Fantastic Four", "Earth-89771", "Comic"},
["89923"]					={"Wolverina's reality", "Earth-89923", "Comic"},
["89946"]					={"Dark Raider killed lab-coated, tie-wearing Reed Richards", "Earth-89946", "Comic"},
["89947"]					={"Home to Enforcer Capone", "Earth-89947", "Comic"},
["90078"]					={"Forbush Man was a real Super-Hero", "Earth-90078", "Comic"},
["90110"]					={"Ultravision's Utopia", "Earth-90110", "Comic"},
["90111"]					={"Ultravision: Dystopia", "Earth-90111", "Comic"},
["90112"]					={"The Puppet Master used real hand puppets", "Earth-90112", "Comic"},
["90113"]					={"The Punisher had #1 radio hit", "Earth-90113", "Comic"},
["90122"]					={"Teenage Excalibur led by female Captain Britain", "Earth-90122", "Comic"},
["90125"]					={"Fantastic Four was menaced by Mister Mxyzptlk", "Earth-90125", "Comic"},
["90200"]					={"Frank Castle's family not killed", "Earth-90200", "Comic"},
["90201"]					={"The Living Recorder worked as boombox", "Earth-90201", "Comic"},
["90202"]					={"Thing was an Elvis impersonator", "Earth-90202", "Comic"},
["90203"]					={"Hawkeye used golf clubs", "Earth-90203", "Comic"},
["90210"]					={"Old Man Logan", "Earth-90210", "Comic"},
["90211"]					={"Deadpool possessed by Venom", "Earth-90211", "Comic"},
["90212"]					={"Spider-Man had spidery son", "Earth-90212", "Comic"},
["90213"]					={"Kingpin's sniper slew Mary Jane Parker", "Earth-90213", "Comic"},
["90214"]					={"Noir", "Earth-90214", "Comic"},
["90221"]					={"Humanity colonized planet Yaochi", "Earth-90221", "Comic"},
["90227"]					={"Cyclops committed suicide", "Earth-90227", "Comic"},
["90231"]					={"Peter Parker punched out Flash Thompson", "Earth-90231", "Comic"},
["90251"]					={"Doom retained Beyonder's powers", "Earth-90251", "Comic"},
["90266"]					={"Newer Fantastic Four", "Earth-90266", "Comic"},
["90313"]					={"Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-verse", "Earth-90313", "Comic"},
["90324"]					={"Namora romanced Namor", "Earth-90324", "Comic"},
["90411"]					={"End of Days", "Earth-90411", "Comic"},
["90429"]					={"What If Peter Parker was from Brooklyn instead of Queens?", "Earth-90429", "Comic"},
["90512"]					={"Red Hulk killed Baron Mordo", "Earth-90512", "Comic"},
["90543"]					={"Ape-Vengers attacked Speedball", "Earth-90543", "Comic"},
["90559"]					={"2115 A.D. Eternals", "Earth-90559", "Comic"},
["90611"]					={"Chase played lacrosse with Nico & Old Lace", "Earth-90611", "Comic"},
["90613"]					={"X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants", "Earth-90613", "Game"},
["90631"]					={"X-Men are evil", "Earth-90631", "Comic"},
["90659"]					={"Hydro-Man's bomb", "Earth-90659", "Comic"},
["90708"]					={"Howard the Duck and Bev were famous dancers", "Earth-90708", "Comic"},
["90715"]					={"976-verse", "Earth-90715", "Comic"},
["90764"]					={"Golden Knight video game", "Earth-90764", "Comic"},
["90780"]					={"Howard the Duck and Bev fought a Snalian", "Earth-90780", "Comic"},
["90816"]					={"Wolverine sent back to Conan's time", "Earth-90816", "Comic"},
["90907"]					={"Hood resurrected Punisher's family", "Earth-90907", "Comic"},
["90917"]					={"Daredevil Had a Dishonest Tailor", "Earth-90917", "Comic"},
["90984"]					={"Spider-Man's Spider-Sense went out of control", "Earth-90984", "Comic"},
["91017"]					={"Martyr fulfilled her pact with Oblivion", "Earth-91017", "Comic"},
["91201"]                   ={"Marvel's senior editorial staff were Skrulls", "Earth-91201", "Comic"},
["91053"]					={"George Stacy became the Spider", "Earth-91053", "Comic"},
["91101"]					={"Alternate Clone Saga", "Earth-91101", "Comic"},
["91110"]					={"Spider-Man retained Uni-Power", "Earth-91110", "Comic"},
["91111"]					={"Invisible Woman died in second childbirth", "Earth-91111", "Comic"},
["91112"]					={"Mary Richards, Peaceful Leader", "Earth-91112", "Comic"},
["91113"]					={"Gavin the Storyteller's gaming reality", "Earth-91113", "Comic"},
["91118"]					={"Year 3009 A.D.", "Earth-91118", "Comic"},
["91119"]					={"Super Hero Squad cartoon and games", "Earth-91119", "Animated"},
["91122"]					={"Hulk & Friends played in the sand", "Earth-91122", "Comic"},
["91123"]					={"Vulcan assassinated on Thrnn", "Earth-91123", "Comic"},
["91126"]					={"Earth-Z", "Earth-91126", "Comic"},
["91135"]                   ={"Master Mind Excello confronted Dr. Japanazi", "Earth-91135", "Comic"},
["91142"]					={"Home to Web Warriors' Spider-Man", "Earth-91142", "Comic"},
["91172"]					={"Hulk Annihilation", "Earth-91172", "Comic"},
["91202"]					={"Home to Spidair", "Earth-91202", "Comic"},
["91210"]					={"Skrull Thing and Skrull Hulk formed a comedy duo", "Earth-91210", "Comic"},
["91225"]					={"Ghost Spider-Ma'am", "Earth-91225", "Comic"},
["91233"]					={"Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands", "Earth-91233", "Animated"},
["91240"]					={"Limbo", "Earth-91240", "Comic"},
["91274"]					={"Hasbro's G.I. Joe and Transformers", "Earth-91274", "Comic"},
["91313"]					={"Native Venom was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal", "Earth-91313", "Comic"},
["91418"]					={"Home of Britanotron", "Earth-91418", "Comic"},
["91424"]					={"Indra was trapped in an endless field of corn", "Earth-91424", "Comic"},
["91525"]					={"Punisher was a Herald of Galactus", "Earth-91525", "Comic"},
["91548"]					={"Home to Watcher Wolverine", "Earth-91548", "Comic"},
["91600"]					={"Punisher killed Daredevil", "Earth-91600", "Comic"},
["91731"]					={"Norrin Radd refused to become Galactus' herald", "Earth-91731", "Comic"},
["91815"]					={"Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe made comic strip jokes", "Earth-91815", "Comic"},
["91912"]					={"Drax was a music promoter", "Earth-91912", "Comic"},
["91918"]					={"Home to Spider-Ben and Spider-Pete", "Earth-91918", "Comic"},
["92051"]					={"Dino Knight killed", "Earth-92051", "Comic"},
["92077"]					={"Vision Was Not Dismantled", "Earth-92077", "Comic"},
["92100"]					={"Spider-Man kept his six arms", "Earth-92100", "Comic"},
["92101"]					={"Home to Gatherer's Cassandra", "Earth-92101", "Comic"},
["92110"]					={"J. Jonah Jameskrull ran the same crossword puzzle every day?", "Earth-92110", "Comic"},
["92120"]					={"Skurge was a Poet", "Earth-92120", "Comic"},
["92124"]					={"Artume-ruled reality", "Earth-92124", "Comic"},
["92130"]					={"Maelstrom killed Quasar", "Earth-92130", "Comic"},
["92131"]					={"1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons", "Earth-92131", "Animated"},
["92157"]					={"The Ren & Stimpy Show", "Earth-92157", "Comic"},
["92161"]					={"Khan's daughter was not killed", "Earth-92161", "Comic"},
["92164"]					={"Venom Possessed The Punisher", "Earth-92164", "Comic"},
["92201"]					={"Thanos transformed Galactus", "Earth-92201", "Comic"},
["92202"]					={"Dr. Doom: pediatrician", "Earth-92202", "Comic"},
["92207"]					={"Galactus vs Ant-Man", "Earth-92207", "Comic"},
["92210"]					={"Sue Richards: Visible Girl", "Earth-92210", "Comic"},
["92216"]					={"Home to Octavia Otto's Spider-Army's Spider-Woman", "Earth-92216", "Comic"},
["92234"]					={"No One was Watching the Watcher", "Earth-92234", "Comic"},
["92272"]					={"Wolverine and Beast driven mad", "Earth-92272", "Comic"},
["92299"]					={"Citizen V (Helmut Zemo) killed Captain America", "Earth-92299", "Comic"},
["92300"]					={"Lady Deathstrike got a hangnail", "Earth-92300", "Comic"},
["92323"]					={"Home of Cthulu Floating Brain Xavier", "Earth-92323", "Comic"},
["92335"]					={"Franklin Richards not saved by Cosmic Control Rod", "Earth-92335", "Comic"},
["92352"]					={"Jubilee became Mojo's slave", "Earth-92352", "Comic"},
["92459"]					={"Home to the X-Plorers", "Earth-92459", "Comic"},
["92700"]					={"Magneto stuck in elevator with Colossus, Dr. Doom, Iron Man", "Earth-92700", "Comic"},
["92739"]					={"Nate Richards became Kang", "Earth-92739", "Comic"},
["92800"]					={"Ororo remained a thief", "Earth-92800", "Comic"},
["92942"]					={"Home to Vampire Moon-Fang", "Earth-92942", "Comic"},
["93027"]					={"Amadeus Cho was a popular hero", "Earth-93027", "Comic"},
["93031"]					={"Mys-Tech's used Un-Earth, heroes perished", "Earth-93031", "Comic"},
["93060"]					={"Ultraverse", "Earth-93060", "Comic"},
["93070"]					={"Punisher became Captain America", "Earth-93070", "Comic"},
["93074"]					={"Legion killed both Magneto and Xavier", "Earth-93074", "Comic"},
["93091"]					={"Revelation", "Earth-93091", "Comic"},
["93112"]					={"Home to Hologram woman, training warbot", "Earth-93112", "Comic"},
["93121"]					={"King Arthur and the Knights of Justice", "Earth-93121", "Comic"},
["93122"]					={"Home to Dredge ~2053 A.D.", "Earth-93122", "Comic"},
["93124"]					={"Punisher 2099 defeated Warlords", "Earth-93124", "Comic"},
["93125"]					={"Home to Captain Romanus", "Earth-93125", "Comic"},
["93128"]					={"Monstrous Hulk recruited into Kang's Avengers", "Earth-93128", "Comic"},
["93165"]					={"Avengers lost Kree-Shi'ar war", "Earth-93165", "Comic"},
["93191"]					= {"Home to Spinister", "Earth-93191", "Comic"},
["93198"]					={"Nazis won WWII with a Cosmic Cube", "Earth-93198", "Comic"},
["93246"]					={"Cable Destroyed the X-Men", "Earth-93246", "Comic"},
["93342"]					={"Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!", "Earth-93342", "Animated"},
["93411"]					={"Electro-Vampires ~ 2195 A.D.", "Earth-93411", "Comic"},
["93437"]					={"She-Hulk deposed Darqon Par of Mariner", "Earth-93437", "Comic"},
["93536"]					={"Home to Fang Wolverine", "Earth-93536", "Comic"},
["93545"]					={"Kiden Nixon killed by Wolverine", "Earth-93545", "Comic"},
["93549"]					={"Silver Surfer Possessed the Infinity Gauntlet", "Earth-93549", "Comic"},
["93554"]					={"Kiden Nixon killed by a Sentinel", "Earth-93554", "Comic"},
["93563"]					={"Heroes killed by Marquis of Death", "Earth-93563", "Comic"},
["93584"]					={"Harry Osborn became Menace", "Earth-93584", "Comic"},
["93600"]					={"Hulk killed Wolverine", "Earth-93600", "Comic"},
["93726"]					={"2099 Larval Earth", "Earth-93726", "Comic"},
["93787"]					={"Salvation", "Earth-93787", "Comic"},
["94000"]					={"Unreleased Fantastic Four film", "Earth-94000", "Live Action"},
["94001"]					={"Loki Triumphant", "Earth-94001", "Comic"},
["94019"]					={"X-Men: Children of the Atom", "Earth-94019", "Game"},
["94024"]					={"Home to Swiney Girl", "Earth-94024", "Comic"},
["94040"]					={"Scott Summers & Jean Grey married", "Earth-94040", "Comic"},
["94041"]					={"Jean Grey fell in love with Angel", "Earth-94041", "Comic"},
["94042"]					={"Phoenix fell for Wolverine", "Earth-94042", "Comic"},
["94102"]					={"Forge & Wolverine opposed Adversary", "Earth-94102", "Comic"},
["94157"]					={"Frank Castle: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Earth-94157", "Comic"},
["94192"]					={"Home to Spider-Spy", "Earth-94192", "Comic"},
["94241"]					={"New Xandar", "Earth-94241", "Comic"},
["94274"]					={"Namor declared war on the surface", "Earth-94274", "Comic"},
["94316"]					={"Chronozone's race fought Humanity", "Earth-94316", "Comic"},
["94319"]					={"Spidey's Spectatcular Sillies", "Earth-94319", "Comic"},
["94415"]					={"Aliens vs. Predator", "Earth-94415", "Comic"},
["94503"]					={"Secret Empire conquered the US", "Earth-94503", "Comic"},
["94535"]					={"Deadpool becomes King of the Underworld", "Earth-94535", "Comic"},
["94558"]					={"Wendell and Kayla live happily ever after", "Earth-94558", "Comic"},
["94561"]					={"Spider-Man's parents framed him for murder", "Earth-94561", "Comic"},
["94600"]					={"Thor cloned Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man & Yellowjacket", "Earth-94600", "Comic"},
["94626"]					={"Nova failed to prevent Deathstorm", "Earth-94626", "Comic"},
["94689"]					={"Dark Raider killed Reed Richards while investigating Thing-like artifacts", "Earth-94689", "Comic"},
["94823"]					={"What's Wrong?...Plenty", "Earth-94823", "Comic"},
["94824"]					={"Earth-TRN566's Askani World", "Earth-94824", "Comic"},
["94831"]					={"Mutant Destruction", "Earth-94831", "Comic"},
["94964"]					={"Archangel went bad", "Earth-94964", "Comic"},
["95019"]					={"Apes World was invaded", "Earth-95019", "Comic"},
["95022"]					={"Spider-Man: Agent of Dr. Octopus", "Earth-95022", "Comic"},
["95099"]					={"Animated Age of Apocalypse", "Earth-95099", "Animated"},
["95120"]					={"Marvel Riot Age of Apocalypse", "Earth-95120", "Comic"},
["95121"]					={"Red Ghost and the Super-Apes became the Fantastic Four", "Earth-95121", "Comic"},
["95122"]					={"Fantastic Four alternate powers", "Earth-95122", "Comic"},
["95126"]					={"Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe", "Earth-95126", "Comic"},
["95132"]					={"UltraForce animated series", "Earth-95132", "Animated"},
["95169"]					={"Stryfe destroyed the X-Men", "Earth-95169", "Comic"},
["95313"]					={"The Leper Queen killed Boom-Boom", "Earth-95313", "Comic"},
["95371"]					={"Gamma bombs dropped on WWII Japan", "Earth-95371", "Comic"},
["95397"]					={"Infinity Gauntlet & Impossible Man", "Earth-95397", "Comic"},
["95411"]                   ={"Black Widow and Hawkeye hunted by imperialist America", "Earth-95411", "Comic"},
["95431"]					={"Future Ultraverse<br>(Ravaged by Progeny)", "Earth-95431", "Comic"},
["95514"]					={"Home to Blaze<br>Loki's grandaughter", "Earth-95514", "Comic"},
["95615"]					={"Zeitkrieg", "Earth-95615", "Comic"},
["95633"]					={"Ghost Riders of Tomorrow", "Earth-95633", "Comic"},
["95710"]					={"M.O.D.A.M. targeted Clan Destine", "Earth-95710", "Comic"},
["95920"]					={"Super heroes kicked President Tricky to death", "Earth-95920", "Comic"},
["96020"]					={"Teen Tony Stark", "Earth-96020", "Comic"},
["96081"]					={"Kang nuked New York City", "Earth-96081", "Comic"},
["96099"]					={"Timestorm 2099", "Earth-96099", "Comic"},
["96111"]					={"Home of Timeslip Thing", "Earth-96111", "Comic"},
["96115"]					={"Spider-Man BBC Radio Play", "Earth-96115", "Comic"},
["96121"]					={"Sinjin Quarrel had greater telepathic powers", "Earth-96121", "Comic"},
["96168"]					={"Alison Green was guilty", "Earth-96168", "Comic"},
["96173"]					={"1978 Dr. Strange film", "Earth-96173", "Live Action"},
["96183"]					={"Iron Fist consumed by a Poison", "Earth-96183", "Comic"},
["96190"]					={"Cyclops & Havok raised by own parents", "Earth-96190", "Comic"},
["96201"]					={"Spider-Man: Arachnophobia", "Earth-96201", "Game"},
["96211"]					={"Timeslip Spider-Man", "Earth-96211", "Comic"},
["96250"]					={"Home to Spider-Pool", "Earth-96250", "Comic"},
["96282"]					={"Jonah Jameson adopted Spider-Man", "Earth-96282", "Comic"},
["96283"]					={"2000s Spider-Man film series", "Earth-96283", "Live Action"},
["96313"]                   ={"Phoenix destroyed the Earth", "Earth-96313", "Comic"},
["96433"]					={"Medieval Civil War", "Earth-96433", "Comic"},
["96446"]					={"Home to Pietro Allen", "Earth-96446", "Comic"},
["96585"]					={"Magneto ruled all mutants", "Earth-96585", "Comic"},
["96662"]					={"Pirate Reality studied by Reed Richards", "Earth-96662", "Comic"},
["96620"]					={"Home to Faite's Wing", "Earth-96620", "Comic"},
["96912"]					={"Cain Marko left quadraplegic", "Earth-96912", "Comic"},
["96943"]					={"2099: Manifest Destiny", "Earth-96943", "Comic"},
["97012"]					={"Harith Damyish conquered Carina Prime", "Earth-97012", "Comic"},
["97061"]					={"Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 destroyed by Chronal Collapse", "Earth-97061", "Comic"},
["97082"]					={"Iron Man: Crash", "Earth-97082", "Comic"},
["97102"]					={"Sue sent to Oz-like world", "Earth-97102", "Comic"},
["97103"]					={"Land of Fuzz", "Earth-97103", "Comic"},
["97113"]					={"Future Mandarin's life and land taken away by government", "Earth-97113", "Comic"},
["97143"]					={"Dracula conquered Britain", "Earth-97143", "Comic"},
["97161"]					={"Home to the Pet Avengers", "Earth-97161", "Comic"},
["97166"]					={"Wade Wilson: Iron Man", "Earth-97166", "Comic"},
["97176"]					={"Bruce Banner married and had a family", "Earth-97176", "Comic"},
["97193"]					={"Wolverine remained feral", "Earth-97193", "Comic"},
["97201"]					={"Onslaught: Ben Reilly crushed by a Sentinel", "Earth-97201", "Comic"},
["97213"]					={"World frozen in the time of Camelot", "Earth-97213", "Comic"},
["97214"]					={"Surfer killed Galactus", "Earth-97214", "Comic"},
["97292"]					={"Ghost Rider fell asleep", "Earth-97292", "Comic"},
["97315"]					={"Elektra formed the Sai on the Crimson Sun", "Earth-97315", "Comic"},
["97400"]					={"Magneto saved Anya & Magda", "Earth-97400", "Comic"},
["97416"]					={"Banner & Jones merged into Hulk", "Earth-97416", "Comic"},
["97449"]					={"Adam Warlock fought a vampire Skrull", "Earth-97449", "Comic"},
["97517"]					={"Horton created Torch to stop Nazis", "Earth-97517", "Comic"},
["97567"]					={"Doom killed Marquis of Death", "Earth-97567", "Comic"},
["97597"]					={"Doom and Nathaniel Richards in Camelot", "Earth-97597", "Comic"},
["97618"]					={"Vibranium is secret", "Earth-97618", "Comic"},
["97643"]					={"Dark Claw Adventures", "Earth-97643", "Comic"},
["97666"]					={"Gorgilla stopped Lincolns Assassination", "Earth-97666", "Comic"},
["97719"]					={"Peter Parker became Captain America", "Earth-97719", "Comic"},
["97751"]					={"Criminal gained Nova-power", "Earth-97751", "Comic"},
["97799"]					={"Bishop arrived before X-Men formed", "Earth-97799", "Comic"},
["97800"]					={"Howard the Duck broke curse of King Tut's tomb", "Earth-97800", "Comic"},
["97820"]					={"Namor savagely protected the oceans", "Earth-97820", "Comic"},
["97899"]					={"Spider-Man publicly revealed ID", "Earth-97899", "Comic"},
["98091"]					={"Earth-Chaos", "Earth-98091", "Comic"},
["98101"]					={"Odin plunged Earth into an Ice Age", "Earth-98101", "Comic"},
["98105"]					={"Archeologists Zack and Lana found one of Spider-Man's Web Shooters", "Earth-98105", "Comic"},
["98111"]					={"Home of Timeslip Doctor Octopus", "Earth-98111", "Comic"},
["98117"]					={"Home to Spider-Requiem", "Earth-98117", "Comic"},
["98120"]					={"Songbird as Avenger", "Earth-98120", "Comic"},
["98121"]					={"Spider-Man: Chapter One", "Earth-98121", "Comic"},
["98125"]					={"Captain Britain accepted the Sword of Death & Amulet of Life", "Earth-98125", "Comic"},
["98140"]					={"The Legion fights for a future Galarchy", "Earth-98140", "Comic"},
["98151"]					={"Authority controlled the entire universe", "Earth-98151", "Comic"},
["98178"]					={"Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) killed Elysius", "Earth-98178", "Comic"},
["98193"]					={"Xavier's secret second team survived Krakoa", "Earth-98193", "Comic"},
["98226"]					={"Dire Wraiths controlled people", "Earth-98226", "Comic"},
["98311"]					={"Animated Spider-Carnage", "Earth-98311", "Animated"},
["98321"]					={"Axel who allied with Darkseid", "Earth-98321", "Comic"},
["98339"]					={"What If... Bucky Had Survived?", "Earth-98339", "Comic"},
["98362"]					={"Sarah McFarland had electro-magnet powers", "Earth-98362", "Comic"},
["98484"]					={"Daredevil turned Deathdevil", "Earth-98484", "Comic"},
["98529"]					={"Colossus worked for Russian government", "Earth-98529", "Comic"},
["98570"]					={"Home to Reed Richards<br>(Head of Nazi Party)", "Earth-98570", "Comic"},
["98630"]					={"Mole Man's creatures bored out Earth's core", "Earth-98630", "Comic"},
["98701"]					={"No super-heroes", "Earth-98701", "Comic"},
["98702"]					={"Destroyed by Kang's Time Arrow", "Earth-98702", "Comic"},
["98748"]					={"Merged Genis killed Council of Aligned Planets", "Earth-98748", "Comic"},
["99062"]					={"Mini-Marvels", "Earth-99062", "Comic"},
["99107"]					={"Infinity Gauntlet Reed Richards", "Earth-99107", "Comic"},
["99220"]					={"Black Bolt Betrayed Earth", "Earth-99220", "Comic"},
["99315"]					={"Kree took over Earth", "Earth-99315", "Comic"},
["99409"]					={"Crossbow", "Earth-99409", "Comic"},
["99476"]					={"Dino-World", "Earth-99476", "Comic"},
["99751"]					={"Hulk battled criminal Nova", "Earth-99751", "Comic"},
["99827"]					={"Pig enslaved humanity", "Earth-99827", "Comic"},
["99914"]					={"Spider-Man Noir<br>(Super Hero Squad)", "Earth-99914", "Game"},
["99953"]					={"Chris Claremont has psychic powers", "Earth-99953", "Comic"},
["101001"]					={"Marvel Anime", "Earth-101001", "Animated"},
["103173"]					={"Home to Dogpool", "Earth-103173", "Comic"},
["105709"]					={"X-Men Died on Their First Mission", "Earth-105709", "Comic"},
["107342"]					={"Wakanda destroys global economy", "Earth-107342", "Comic"},
["111347"]					={"Reed Richards became Dr. Doom", "Earth-111347", "Comic"},
["112001"]					={"War Machine MAX", "Earth-112001", "Comic"},
["113500"]					={"Lord Mandarin Emperor of Earth", "Earth-113500", "Comic"},
["115000"]					={"Mutants conquered Earth", "Earth-115000", "Comic"},
["120185"]					={"UK Transformers and Action Force", "Earth-120185", "Comic"},
["120703"]					={"2010s The Amazing Spider-Man film series", "Earth-120703", "Live Action"},
["121193"]					={"Mutations went out of control", "Earth-121193", "Animated"},
["121347"]					={"Ghost Rider films and video game", "Earth-121347", "Live Action"},
["121613"]					={"Unreleased Fantastic Four film", "Earth-121613", "Live Action"},
["121698"]					={"2000s Fantastic Four films", "Earth-121698", "Live Action"},
["121893"]					={"Bishop and Cable changed their timelines", "Earth-121893", "Animated"},
["130000"]					={"Stryfe & Mutant Liberation Front killed Cable & Cannonball", "Earth-130000", "Comic"},
["135263"]					={"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes", "Earth-135263", "Animated" },
["148611"]					={"New Universe", "Earth-148611", "Comic"},
["187319"]					={"Doom brought an end to hunger and disease", "Earth-187319", "Comic"},
["198234"]					={"Daredevil was deaf", "Earth-198234", "Comic"},
["199406"]					={"Weapon X recaptured Logan", "Earth-199406", "Comic"},
["199606"]					={"Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man", "Earth-199606", "Comic"},
["199673"]					={"The Invincible Iron Man film", "Earth-199673", "Animated"},
["199999"]					={"Marvel Cinematic Universe", "Earth-199999", "Live Action"},
["200080"]					={"Home to Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr)", "Earth-200080", "Comic"},
["200111"]					={"MAX-Universe", "Earth-200111", "Comic"},
["200500"]					={"Avengers all had beards", "Earth-200500", "Comic"},
["200501"]					={"Ultimate Universe got Ultimatized", "Earth-200501", "Comic"},
["200502"]					={"Andrew Jackson replaced the Thing", "Earth-200502", "Comic"},
["200503"]					={"Stan Lee wrote Ultimate Spider-Man", "Earth-200503", "Comic"},
["200504"]					={"Internet existed in 1975", "Earth-200504", "Comic"},
["200505"]					={"Black Panther was white", "Earth-200505", "Comic"},
["200506"]					={"Identity Crisis happened in the Marvel Universe", "Earth-200506", "Comic"},
["200507"]					={"Swapped Rivals", "Earth-200507", "Comic"},
["200508"]					={"Wolverine is in every comic", "Earth-200508", "Comic"},
["200509"]					={"Galactus got food poisoning", "Earth-200509", "Comic"},
["200510"]					={"Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch took over Spider-Man", "Earth-200510", "Comic"},
["200511"]					={"M.O.D.O.K. had an itch", "Earth-200511", "Comic"},
["200512"]					={"DC agreed to do Batman/Daredevil", "Earth-200512", "Comic"},
["200513"]					={"Fantastic Four went to the moon", "Earth-200513", "Comic"},
["200514"]					={"Stan Lee tried to break into comics", "Earth-200514", "Comic"},
["200515"]					={"Heroes aged in real time", "Earth-200515", "Comic"},
["200516"]					={"Internet existed in 1965", "Earth-200516", "Comic"},
["200517"]					={"Doom and Strange Swap", "Earth-200517", "Comic"},
["200518"]					={"Reading comics could get you women", "Earth-200518", "Comic"},
["200519"]					={"Drawing comics could get you women", "Earth-200519", "Comic"},
["200520"]					={"Werewolf by Day", "Earth-200520", "Comic"},
["200521"]					={"Eco-friendly Ghost Rider", "Earth-200521", "Comic"},
["200522"]					={"Internet existed in 1985", "Earth-200522", "Comic"},
["200523"]					={"Namor is self-conscious", "Earth-200523", "Comic"},
["200524"]					={"Cyclops got an eye infection", "Earth-200524", "Comic"},
["200525"]					={"Emma Frost could read Nick Thompson's mind", "Earth-200525", "Comic"},
["200526"]					={"Punisher was a bleeding heart", "Earth-200526", "Comic"},
["200527"]					={"Hulk bitten by a radioactive spider", "Earth-200527", "Comic"},
["200528"]					={"Mark Millar never became a comic book writer", "Earth-200528", "Comic"},
["200529"]					={"Someone else killed Ben Parker", "Earth-200529", "Comic"},
["200781"]					={"Home to Doc Iron", "Earth-200781", "Comic"},
["200782"]					={"Femmetastic Four", "Earth-200782", "Comic"},
["200783"]					={"Fantastic Four with Spider-Man", "Earth-200783", "Comic"},
["200784"]					={"Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom musically competed", "Earth-200784", "Comic"},
["201163"]					={"The Faces of Justice", "Earth-201163", "Comic"},
["205117"]					={"X-Men: Mutant Wars", "Earth-205117", "Game"},
["231013"]					={"Home to X-Vengers", "Earth-231013", "Comic"},
["262626"]					={"Margaret Mary Neato morphed into a goose", "Earth-262626", "Comic"},
["312500"]					={"Spider-Man: Last Stand", "Earth-312500", "Comic"},
["313710"]					={"Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes", "Earth-313710", "Comic"},
["341983"]					={"Black Bolt & the Inhumans rock band", "Earth-341983", "Comic"},
["400005"]					={"1977 Incredible Hulk television series and films", "Earth-400005", "Live Action"},
["400083"]					={"2003 Hulk film and video game", "Earth-400083", "Live Action"},
["523000"]					={"General Ross became the Hulk", "Earth-523000", "Comic"},
["523001"]					={"What If Karen Page Had Lived?", "Earth-523001", "Comic"},
["523002"]					={"Jessica Jones: Avenger", "Earth-523002", "Comic"},
["523003"]					={"Doctor Doom was The Thing", "Earth-523003", "Comic"},
["523004"]					={"Magneto & Professor X Formed the X-Men Together", "Earth-523004", "Comic"},
["534834"]					={"1990s Marvel Action Hour", "Earth-534834", "Animated"},
["555326"]					={"Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow", "Earth-555326", "Animated"},
["600001"]					={"1944 Captain America film serial", "Earth-600001", "Live Action"},
["600026"]					={"1966 Marvel Superheroes cartoons", "Earth-600026", "Animated"},
["600043"]					={"1979 Captain America television films", "Earth-600043", "Live Action"},
["600123"]					={"Prodigy was able to retain his memories", "Earth-600123", "Comic"},
["600625"]					={"Megalomaniacal Spider-Man", "Earth-600625", "Comic"},
["602636"]					={"Teenage Mary Jane Watson", "Earth-602636", "Comic"},
["604829"]					={"1981 Spider-Man cartoon", "Earth-604829", "Animated"},
["620021"]					={"Megalomaniacal Spider-Man", "Earth-620021", "Comic"},
["627282"]					={"Interplanetary imperialistic force", "Earth-627282", "Comic"},
["634962"]					={"1998 Silver Surfer cartoon", "Earth-634962", "Animated"},
["630592"]					={"Fruit of Rrorgo", "Earth-630592", "Comic"},
["635972"]					={"Power Pack TV pilot", "Earth-635972", "Live Action"},
["652975"]					={"Pryde of the X-Men television pilot", "Earth-652975", "Animated"},
["669116"]					={"Most of the Universe destroyed by Fault", "Earth-669116", "Comic"},
["697064"]					={"1990 Captain America film", "Earth-697064", "Live Action"},
["699116"]					={"Universe consumed by space/time fault", "Earth-699116", "Comic"},
["700029"]					={"1996 Generation-X television film", "Earth-700029", "Live Action"},
["700089"]					={"1967 Fantastic Four cartoon", "Earth-700089", "Animated"},
["700459"]					={"1979 Spider-Woman cartoon", "Earth-700459", "Animated"},
["700974"]					={"1979 ''The Thing'' cartoon", "Earth-700974", "Animated"},
["701306"]					={"Daredevil and Elektra films", "Earth-701306", "Live Action"},
["704509"]					={"2001 Mutant X television series", "Earth-704509", "Live Action"},
["709077"]					={"Mr. Immortal in 2099 AD", "Earth-709077", "Comic"},
["711042"]					={"Home to Final Sons of Man", "Earth-711042", "Comic"},
["726633"]					={"Thor: The Mighty Avenger", "Earth-726633", "Comic"},
["730784"]					={"Avengers: United They Stand cartoon", "Earth-730784", "Animated"},
["730834"]					={"Avengers: United They Stand comic", "Earth-730834", "Comic"},
["730911"]					={"The Amazing Spider-Man television series", "Earth-730911", "Live Action"},
["751263"]					={"Spider-Man: Unlimited", "Earth-751263", "Animated"},
["760207"]					={"Spider-Man: The New Animated Series", "Earth-760207", "Animated"},
["761243"]					={"Final divergence at universe's end", "Earth-761243", "Comic"},
["770724"]					={"All forced to wear Spider-Man costumes", "Earth-770724", "Comic"},
["791014"]					={"Amusement World", "Earth-791014", "Comic"},
["791021"]					={"Duckworld", "Earth-791021", "Comic"},
["791218"]					={"Dr. Strange: disciple of Dormammu", "Earth-791218", "Comic"},
["794282"]					={"Final divergence at universe's end", "Earth-794282", "Comic"},
["800801"]					={"Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned cartoon", "Earth-800801", "Animated"},
["805110"]					={"Borderline", "Earth-805110", "Comic"},
["807093"]					={"Savage, Hulk-like beings", "Earth-807093", "Comic"},
["808122"]					={"De'Lila killed Fantastic Four", "Earth-808122", "Comic"},
["807128"]					={"Old Man Logan", "Earth-807128", "Comic"},
["812145"]					={"Maker empowers several villains", "Earth-812145", "Comic"},
["813191"]					={"New York is Destroyed in Explosion", "Earth-813191", "Game"},
["818793"]					={"Dynamite Entertainment Universe", "Earth-818793", "Comic"},
["820231"]					={"Wolverine killed the Hulk", "Earth-820231", "Comic"},
["821236"]					={"Nova refused to yield", "Earth-821236", "Comic"},
["823019"]					={"Zaniac reborn", "Earth-823019", "Comic"},
["831911"]					={"Kingpin killed Spider-Man", "Earth-831911", "Game"},
["840645"]					={"Hulk's mind linked to Rick Jones", "Earth-840645", "Comic"},
["841047"]					={"Loki found Mjolnir", "Earth-841047", "Comic"},
["861095"]					={"Circa 12000 A.D.", "Earth-861095", "Comic"},
["869371"]					={"Massive Zaniac outbreak during World War VII", "Earth-869371", "Comic"},
["900651"]					={"Mantis raised son Sprout on Earth", "Earth-900651", "Comic"},
["901037"]					={"Modern age of heroes began in 1961", "Earth-901037", "Comic"},
["901220"]					={"Spider-Man didn't marry MJ", "Earth-901220", "Comic"},
["901237"]					={"Hulk Rampage", "Earth-901237", "Comic"},
["902124"]					={"Hercules romanced Namora", "Earth-902124", "Comic"},
["904913"]					={"Iron Man: Armored Adventures", "Earth-904913", "Animated"},
["905237"]					={"Home to Duktor Doom", "Earth-905237", "Comic"},
["920942"]					={"Crescent Moon led religious warrior team", "Earth-920942", "Comic"},
["922349"]					={"Frank Castle instead of his family", "Earth-922349", "Comic"},
["931113"]					={"Hannibal King: Lord of Vampires", "Earth-931113", "Comic"},
["931811"]					={"MJ died before Spider-Man defeated Kingpin", "Earth-931811", "Game"},
["941066"]					={"Rogue gained Thor's power", "Earth-941066", "Comic"},
["950108"]					={"Technology-oriented Clave", "Earth-950108", "Comic"},
["957145"]					={"Mimic killed Juggernaut", "Earth-957145", "Comic"},
["961116"]					={"Jubilee's Fairytale Theater", "Earth-961116", "Animated"},
["961212"]					={"Thor used regular hammer", "Earth-961212", "Comic"},
["971023"]					={"Dominated by X-Babies", "Earth-971023", "Comic"},
["971123"]					={"Punisher was an accountant", "Earth-971123", "Comic"},
["971224"]					={"Ghost Rider patrolled with Chucky", "Earth-971224", "Comic"},
["980681"]					={"Home to Captain Hulk", "Earth-980681", "Comic"},
["983107"]					={"Thor did not succumb to warrior's madness", "Earth-983107", "Comic"},
["989112"]					={"New York remained a Savage Land ", "Earth-989112", "Comic"},
["989192"]					={"Heroes for Hire Inc, Multinational", "Earth-989192", "Comic"},
["1411319"]					={"Monstermanhattan", "Earth-1411319", "Comic"},
["1789002"]					={"Everyone has abilities", "Earth-1789002", "Comic"},
["1903990"]					={"Library of Worlds", "Earth-1903990", "Comic"},
["3281809"]					={"Reality where Superflow was destroyed", "Earth-3281809", "Comic"},
["4290001"]					={"Home to the Great Society", "Earth-4290001", "Comic"},
["10001011"]				={"Homeworld of the Cyber-Sidhe", "Earth-10001011", "Comic"},
["10113519"]				={"Home to Lord Spider", "Earth-10113519", "Comic"},
["47385383"]				={"Home to Castle Fantastic", "Earth-47385383", "Comic"},
["192013525"]				={"Manhattan 2.0", "Earth-192013525", "Comic"},
["333333333"]				={"Earth-33⅓", "Earth-333333333", "Comic"},
["28744923048932"]			={"Home of Fantastic Farm", "Earth-28744923048932", "Comic"},
["123488.23497"]			={"Other Earth Kang's World<br>", "Earth-123488.23497", "Comic"},
["TRN001"]					={"Frank Cho's Shanna the She-Devil", "Earth-TRN001", "Comic"},
["TRN005"]					={"Ultimate Spider-Man video game", "Earth-TRN005", "Game"},
["TRN007"]					={"X2: Wolverine's Revenge", "Earth-TRN007", "Game"},
["TRN008"]					={"Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction", "Earth-TRN008", "Game"},
["TRN009"]					={"Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows<br>(PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC)", "Earth-TRN009", "Game"},
["TRN010"]					={"Punisher: No Mercy", "Earth-TRN010", "Game"},
["TRN011"]					={"Punisher: War Zone", "Earth-TRN011", "Live Action"},
["TRN012"]					={"Marvel Future Fight", "Earth-TRN012", "Game"},
["TRN017"]					={"Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows<br>(Nintendo DS)", "Earth-TRN017", "Game"},
["TRN018"]					={"Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows<br>(PS2 and PSP)", "Earth-TRN018", "Game"},
["TRN025"]					={"1997 Fantastic Four video game", "Earth-TRN025", "Game"},
["TRN049"]					={"Bucky had survived and remained Cap's Partner", "Earth-TRN049", "Comic"},
["TRN051"]					={"Baloneyverse", "Earth-TRN051", "Comic"},
["TRN052"]					={"Dimension of Suicide", "Earth-TRN052", "Comic"},
["TRN053"]					={"Insipiverse", "Earth-TRN053", "Comic"},
["TRN054"]					={"Media-verse", "Earth-TRN054", "Comic"},
["TRN055"]					={"Puppet-verse", "Earth-TRN055", "Comic"},
["TRN064"]					={"X-Men: Destiny", "Earth-TRN064", "Game"},
["TRN116"]					={"Home to Professor R", "Earth-TRN116", "Comic"},
["TRN117"]					={"Reed Richards became the Silver Surfer", "Earth-TRN117", "Comic"},
["TRN118"]					={"Reed Richards became Star Brand", "Earth-TRN118", "Comic"},
["TRN122"]					={"The Thing remained Blackbeard", "Earth-TRN122", "Comic"},
["TRN125"]					={"Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem", "Earth-TRN125", "Game"},
["TRN131"]					={"Spider-Man: Battle for New York video game", "Earth-TRN131", "Game"},
["TRN133"]					={"Deadpool MAX", "Earth-TRN133", "Comic"},
["TRN134"]					={"The Monster of Frankenstein cartoon", "Earth-TRN134", "Animated"},
["TRN135"]					={"YOU were Spider-Man", "Earth-TRN135", "Comic"},
["TRN136"]					={"YOU were the Red Skull", "Earth-TRN136", "Comic"},
["TRN137"]					={"Marvel Published Nursery Rhymes", "Earth-TRN137", "Comic"},
["TRN143"]					={"Victor von Doom possessed Reed Richards", "Earth-TRN143", "Comic"},
["TRN144"]					={"The Incredible Hulk Newspaper Comic Strip", "Earth-TRN144", "Comic"},
["TRN157"]					={"Doctor Doom became Doom the Living Planet", "Earth-TRN157", "Comic"},
["TRN160"]					={"Universal Studios Spider-Man ride", "Earth-TRN160", "Animated"},
["TRN161"]					={"Alternate UltraForce<br>(Godwheel)", "Earth-TRN161", "Comic"},
["TRN163"]					={"Alternate Ultraverse (Pristine)", "Earth-TRN163", "Comic"},
["TRN165"]					={"Home to alternate X-Force", "Earth-TRN165", "Comic"},
["TRN166"]					={"Alternate Shadow-X", "Earth-TRN166", "Comic"},
["TRN167"]					={"Home to Tabula Rasa", "Earth-TRN167", "Comic"},
["TRN168"]					={"Home to Sloth", "Earth-TRN168", "Comic"},
["TRN169"]					={"X-Men: Mutant Academy", "Earth-TRN169", "Game"},
["TRN171"]					={"The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill", "Earth-TRN171", "Animated"},
["TRN172"]					={"Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past", "Earth-TRN172", "Animated"},
["TRN173"]					={"This Man-Thing, This Monster", "Earth-TRN173", "Animated"},
["TRN174"]					={"The Devil Dinosaur You Say", "Earth-TRN174", "Animated"},
["TRN175"]					={"Planet Hulk<br>(Super Hero Squad)", "Earth-TRN175", "Animated"},
["TRN176"]					={"Six Against Infinity/1602", "Earth-TRN176", "Animated"},
["TRN178"]					={"Whom Continuity Would Destroy", "Earth-TRN178", "Animated"},
["TRN193"]					={"No More Humans", "Earth-TRN193", "Comic"},
["TRN194"]					={"Eminem Meets The Punisher", "Earth-TRN194", "Comic"},
["TRN195"]					={"Alien World", "Earth-TRN195", "Comic"},
["TRN196"]					={"Dormammu killed Doctor Strange", "Earth-TRN196", "Comic"},
["TRN197"]					={"Mesozoic World", "Earth-TRN197", "Comic"},
["TRN198"]					={"Post-Apocalyptic World", "Earth-TRN198", "Comic"},
["TRN199"]					={"Edge of Time", "Earth-TRN199", "Game"},
["TRN201"]					={"Home to Lord Kang", "Earth-TRN201", "Comic"},
["TRN202"]					={"Home to Kaseo", "Earth-TRN202", "Comic"},
["TRN203"]					={"Home to Raulex", "Earth-TRN203", "Comic"},
["TRN204"]					={"Home to Swaach", "Earth-TRN204", "Comic"},
["TRN207"]					={"Peter Parker never existed", "Earth-TRN207", "Comic"},
["TRN219"]					={"Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth", "Earth-TRN219", "Game"},
["TRN221"]                  ={"Home to Korg of the Gatherers", "Earth-TRN221", "Comic"},
["TRN224"]					={"Home of Rik", "Earth-TRN224", "Comic"},
["TRN225"]					={"Home to Nestor", "Earth-TRN225", "Comic"},
["TRN237"]					={"X-Factor Forever", "Earth-TRN237", "Comic"},
["TRN238"]					={"Tier's Future", "Earth-TRN238", "Comic"},
["TRN241"]					={"Matt Murdock is a magician", "Earth-TRN241", "Comic"},
["TRN242"]					={"Home to Fastforward", "Earth-TRN242", "Comic"},
["TRN243"]					={"Planet of the Beasts", "Earth-TRN243", "Comic"},
["TRN245"]					={"The Golden Age Deadpool", "Earth-TRN245", "Comic"},
["TRN246"]					={"Deadpool's Massacre", "Earth-TRN246", "Comic"},
["TRN249"]					={"Home to Future Dog Logan", "Earth-TRN249", "Comic"},
["TRN250"]					={"Solarman TV pilot", "Earth-TRN250", "Animated"},
["TRN251"]					={"LeapPad: The Amazing Spider-Man", "Earth-TRN251", "Comic"},
["TRN253"]					={"Agent X-13 targeted Earth-889", "Earth-TRN253", "Comic"},
["TRN254"]					={"Subject X successful in the annex", "Earth-TRN254", "Comic"},
["TRN255"]					={"Subject X activated his Ghost Box before suicide", "Earth-TRN255", "Comic"},
["TRN258"]					={"Marvel Heroes", "Earth-TRN258", "Game"},
["TRN263"]					={"Max Meer Dictator", "Earth-TRN263", "Comic"},
["TRN269"]					={"Brute & Dark Beast searched a cure to M-Day", "Earth-TRN269", "Comic"},
["TRN271"]					={"Home to Wraath", "Earth-TRN271", "Comic"},
["TRN273"]					={"Earth-616's Thing intruded in Doctor Doom's accident", "Earth-TRN273", "Comic"},
["TRN280"]					={"Home to one of the Kangs from the Council of Kangs", "Earth-TRN280", "Comic"},
["TRN281"]					={"Home to Kang's final counterpart", "Earth-TRN281", "Comic"},
["TRN282"]					={"Home to Cobra<br>(Kang)", "Earth-TRN282", "Comic"},
["TRN283"]					={"Home to Kong<br>(Kang)", "Earth-TRN283", "Comic"},
["TRN285"]					={"Alternate 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt", "Earth-TRN285", "Comic"},
["TRN286"]					={"Peter becomes a giant spider", "Earth-TRN286", "Comic"},
["TRN287"]					={"Home to Mother", "Earth-TRN287", "Comic"},
["TRN288"]					={"Singularity-headed Exterminatrixes", "Earth-TRN288", "Comic"},
["TRN289"]					={"Merged Plex/Noh-Varr entity", "Earth-TRN289", "Comic"},
["TRN290"]					={"Avian Kate Bishop", "Earth-TRN290", "Comic"},
["TRN291"]					={"Wiccan is Demiurge", "Earth-TRN291", "Comic"},
["TRN292"]					={"Deceased Asgardians", "Earth-TRN292", "Comic"},
["TRN293"]					={"Marvel Her-oes", "Earth-TRN293", "Comic"},
["TRN295"]					={"Home to Gatecrasher", "Earth-TRN295", "Comic"},
["TRN296"]					={"Home to Bodybag", "Earth-TRN296", "Comic"},
["TRN297"]					={"Home to China Doll", "Earth-TRN297", "Comic"},
["TRN298"]					={"Home to Elmo and Waxworks", "Earth-TRN298", "Comic"},
["TRN299"]					={"Home to Ferro and Ferro²", "Earth-TRN299", "Comic"},
["TRN300"]					={"Home to Joyboy", "Earth-TRN300", "Comic"},
["TRN301"]					={"Home to Numbers", "Earth-TRN301", "Comic"},
["TRN302"]					={"Home to Pandora", "Earth-TRN302", "Comic"},
["TRN303"]					={"Home to Paradok", "Earth-TRN303", "Comic"},
["TRN304"]					={"Home to Ringtoss", "Earth-TRN304", "Comic"},
["TRN305"]					={"Home to Thug", "Earth-TRN305", "Comic"},
["TRN306"]					={"Home to Yap", "Earth-TRN306", "Comic"},
["TRN307"]					={"Reed Richards Conquered the Earth", "Earth-TRN307", "Comic"},
["TRN308"]					={"U.S. Agent vs. Terror-Saur", "Earth-TRN308", "Comic"},
["TRN316"]					={"The You Universe", "Earth-TRN316", "Comic"},
["TRN332"]					={"Sega's 1991 Spider-Man Arcade Game", "Earth-TRN332", "Game"},
["TRN335"]					={"Marvel Super Heroes 3D: Grandmaster’s Challenge", "Earth-TRN335", "Game"},
["TRN338"]					={"AvX: Science Battle", "Earth-TRN338", "Comic"},
["TRN342"]					={"Revenants destroyed 68th Century society", "Earth-TRN342", "Comic"},
["TRN343"]					={"Namorita pulled-off time-stream by the Sphinx", "Earth-TRN343", "Comic"},
["TRN349"]					={"Turkeys are Dominant Species", "Earth-TRN349", "Comic"},
["TRN357"]					={"X-Men Misfits", "Earth-TRN357", "Comic"},
["TRN361"]					={"Atticus Trask travels from the future to WWII to create the Sentinels earlier", "Earth-TRN361", "Comic"},
["TRN362"]					={"Bruce Banner prevented from becoming the Hulk", "Earth-TRN362", "Comic"},
["TRN363"]					={"Doom's magic gone", "Earth-TRN363", "Comic"},
["TRN365"]					={"Planet Doom", "Earth-TRN365", "Animated"},
["TRN372"]					={"Superior Spider-Man: Identity Revealed", "Earth-TRN372", "Comic"},
["TRN376"]					={"The Amazing Spider-Man video game series", "Earth-TRN376", "Game"},
["TRN379"]					={"Divergent reality to Old Johnny Storm's", "Earth-TRN379", "Comic"},
["TRN382"]					={"Home to  Superior Avengers", "Earth-TRN382", "Comic"},
["TRN384"]					={"The Annex Squads ravaged Earth-92272", "Earth-TRN384", "Comic"},
["TRN389"]					={"Home to<br>Spider-Man 2099<br>(SMUniverse)", "Earth-TRN389", "Game"},
["TRN392"]					={"An Unwilling Witness To An Execution", "Earth-TRN392", "Game"},
["TRN414"]					={"Revised X-Men Cinematic Universe", "Earth-TRN414", "Live Action"},
["TRN419"]					={"Earth X Spider-Man's Ideal World", "Earth-TRN419", "Comic"},
["TRN420"]					={"Mass Master is Earth's greatest hero", "Earth-TRN420", "Comic"},
["TRN421"]					={"2061 A.D.", "Earth-TRN421", "Comic"},
["TRN422"]					={"Hulk controlled by Kang", "Earth-TRN422", "Comic"},
["TRN423"]					={"Mordecai Midas member of the Fantastic Five", "Earth-TRN423", "Comic"},
["TRN424"]					={"The Death of Willie Lumpkin", "Earth-TRN424", "Comic"},
["TRN425"]					={"Ben Grimm Becomes the Hulk", "Earth-TRN425", "Comic"},
["TRN426"]					={"Tigra's Wish of Becoming a Queen Is Granted", "Earth-TRN426", "Comic"},
["TRN427"]					={"Tigra's Wish of Being Stronger Than Hulk Is Granted", "Earth-TRN427", "Comic"},
["TRN428"]					={"Tigra's Wish of Being Loved by Everyone Is Granted", "Earth-TRN428", "Comic"},
["TRN429"]					={"Tigra's Wish for the Power of Flight Is Granted", "Earth-TRN429", "Comic"},
["TRN430"]					={"The End of Time", "Earth-TRN430", "Comic"},
["TRN431"]					={"Native Captain America invaded Earth-TRN012", "Earth-TRN431", "Game"},
["TRN432"]					={"Chili Storm is the Lynx", "Earth-TRN432", "Comic"},
["TRN433"]					={"Giganto killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN433", "Comic"},
["TRN434"]					={"Skrulls killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN434", "Comic"},
["TRN435"]					={"Dr. Doom killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN435", "Comic"},
["TRN436"]					={"Molecule Man killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN436", "Comic"},
["TRN437"]					={"Mind-controlled Human Torch killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN437", "Comic"},
["TRN438"]					={"Galactus killed Susan Storm", "Earth-TRN438", "Comic"},
["TRN439"]					={"Susan Storm joined the Defenders", "Earth-TRN439", "Comic"},
["TRN440"]					={"Susan Storm joined the X-Men", "Earth-TRN440", "Comic"},
["TRN446"]					={"Unfriendly Neighborhood", "Earth-TRN446", "Game"},
["TRN453"]					={"Animated Spider-Man 2099", "Earth-TRN453", "Animated"},
["TRN454"]					={"Animated Gender-Swapped Earth", "Earth-TRN454", "Animated"},
["TRN455"]					={"Animated Spider-Man Noir", "Earth-TRN455", "Animated"},
["TRN456"]					={"Animated Spider-Ham", "Earth-TRN456", "Animated"},
["TRN457"]					={"Animated Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen", "Earth-TRN457", "Animated"},
["TRN458"]					={"Home to Spyder-Knight", "Earth-TRN458", "Animated"},
["TRN459"]					={"Spider-Man: Toxic City", "Earth-TRN459", "Game"},
["TRN460"]					={"Spider-Man: Ultimate Power", "Earth-TRN460", "Game"},
["TRN461"]					={"Spider-Man Unlimited", "Earth-TRN461", "Game"},
["TRN477"]					={"Peter Parker was allergic to the spider bite and became Man-Spider after a few week in bed", "Earth-TRN477", "Comic"},
["TRN478"]					={"Jimmy Yama is a superhero who have the power of Stinger and Ant-Man", "Earth-TRN478", "Comic"},
["TRN479"]					={"Hostess Twinkies Ads", "Earth-TRN479", "Comic"},
["TRN481"]					={"Jimmy Yama is a superhero who have the power of American Dream", "Earth-TRN481", "Comic"},
["TRN483"]					={"Courtney Duran is Spider-Girl", "Earth-TRN483", "Comic"},
["TRN484"]					={"Green Goblin Killed Spider-Girl", "Earth-TRN484", "Comic"},
["TRN490"]					={"Süpercan Video Game Series", "Earth-TRN490", "Game"},
["TRN491"]					={"World without Spider-Girl", "Earth-TRN491", "Comic"},
["TRN501"]					={"Native Spider-Man Noir recruited by Spider-UK", "Earth-TRN501", "Comic"},
["TRN502"]					={"Spider-Monkey recruited by Spider-UK", "Earth-TRN502", "Comic"},
["TRN503"]					={"Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy) is the greatest superhero", "Earth-TRN503", "Comic"},
["TRN509"]					={"Future Earth-904913", "Earth-TRN509", "Animated"},
["TRN510"]					={"Doctor Doom killed Akhenaten with the help of Thanos (Earth-4321)", "Earth-TRN510", "Comic"},
["TRN512"]					={"Home to Sir Jugalot", "Earth-TRN512", "Comic"},
["TRN513"]					={"Peter Parker stopped being Spider-Man", "Earth-TRN513", "Animated"},
["TRN515"]					={"Avengers: Electric Rain", "Earth-TRN515", "Animated"},
["TRN517"]					={"Contest & Realm<br>of Champions", "Earth-TRN517", "Game"},
["TRN518"]					={"Magneto's Vengeance", "Earth-TRN518", "Comic"},
["TRN520"]					={"Zombieverse visited by Mister Fantastic & Frank West", "Earth-TRN520", "Game"},
["TRN522"]					={"Vampire heroes", "Earth-TRN522", "Comic"},
["TRN523"]					={"Twilight Falls", "Earth-TRN523", "Comic"},
["TRN524"]					={"Squadron Supreme's warped reality", "Earth-TRN524", "Animated"},
["TRN526"]					={"Non-Canon Ultimate Fantastic Four", "Earth-TRN526", "Comic"},
["TRN528"]					={"Variation of Days of Future Past", "Earth-TRN528", "Comic"},
["TRN534"]					={"Animated Maestro Cured", "Earth-TRN534", "Animated"},
["TRN536"]					={"Animated Dystopia", "Earth-TRN536", "Animated"},
["TRN543"]					={"Iceman became an Ice Giant", "Earth-TRN543", "Comic"},
["TRN547"]					={"Von Doom International", "Earth-TRN547", "Comic"},
["TRN556"]					={"Avengers Fairy Tales: Peter Pan", "Earth-TRN556", "Comic"},
["TRN557"]					={"Nazis used Vibranium to win WWII", "Earth-TRN557", "Comic"},
["TRN558"]					={"Fantastic Four stopped Nazis from winning WWII", "Earth-TRN558", "Comic"},
["TRN559"]					={"Dead of Night: Werewolf by Night", "Earth-TRN559", "Comic"},
["TRN560"]					={"MAX Punisher's Family Didn't Die", "Earth-TRN560", "Comic"},
["TRN561"]					={"Avengers in Galactic Storm", "Earth-TRN561", "Game"},
["TRN562"]					={"Marvel<br>Avengers Academy", "Earth-TRN562", "Game"},
["TRN563"]					={"Season One graphic novels", "Earth-TRN563", "Comic"},
["TRN564"]					={"Deeds of Doom", "Earth-TRN564", "Comic"},
["TRN565"]					={"'The Real World'", "Earth-TRN565", "Comic"},
["TRN566"]					={"Pre-current Multiverse", "Earth-TRN566", "Comic"},
["TRN567"]					={"The Spider(fly) Effect", "Earth-TRN567", "Comic"},
["TRN568"]					={"Days of Future Smash: The Dino Era", "Earth-TRN568", "Animated"},
["TRN569"]					={"Days of Future Smash: Smashguard", "Earth-TRN569", "Animated"},
["TRN570"]					={"Days of Future Smash: Dracula", "Earth-TRN570", "Animated"},
["TRN571"]					={"Days of Future Smash: The Hydra Years", "Earth-TRN571", "Animated"},
["TRN572"]					={"Days of Future Smash: The Tomorrow Smashers", "Earth-TRN572", "Animated"},
["TRN577"]					={"Home to Blood Spider", "Earth-TRN577", "Animated"},
["TRN579"]					={"Shattered Dimensions (Amazing and 2099)", "Earth-TRN579", "Game"},
["TRN580"]					={"Shattered Dimensions (Ultimate)", "Earth-TRN580", "Game"},
["TRN581"]					={"Shattered Dimensions (Noir)", "Earth-TRN581", "Game"},
["TRN582"]					={"Void Indigo", "Earth-TRN582", "Comic"},
["TRN583"]					={"Comic version of Spider-Man Unlimited", "Earth-TRN583", "Comic"},
["TRN590"]					={"Fist released virus onto Times Square", "Earth-TRN590", "Comic"},
["TRN591"]					={"Anthony Stark became Sorcerer Supreme by 2099 A.D.", "Earth-TRN591", "Comic"},
["TRN593"]					={"Blastaar sent back to the Big Bang", "Earth-TRN593", "Comic"},
["TRN594"]					={"Fantastic Four visited the Big Crunch", "Earth-TRN594", "Comic"},
["TRN597"]					={"Home to space raider Pildorr", "Earth-TRN597", "Comic"},
["TRN599"]					={"Valeria became Ravonna", "Earth-TRN599", "Comic"},
["TRN603"]					={"Pirate reality", "Earth-TRN603", "Animated"},
["TRN604"]					={"Wild West reality", "Earth-TRN604", "Animated"},
["TRN605"]					={"Future Shock", "Earth-TRN605", "Animated"},
["TRN607"]					={"Heroes United", "Earth-TRN607", "Animated"},
["TRN608"]					={"X-Men: Darktide", "Earth-TRN608", "Animated"},
["TRN609"]					={"Angela never met Sera", "Earth-TRN609", "Comic"},
["TRN619"]					={"President Stark won the Civil War", "Earth-TRN619", "Comic"},
["TRN622"]					={"King Josef's Realm", "Earth-TRN622", "Comic"},
["TRN623"]					={"2061 AD", "Earth-TRN623", "Comic"},
["TRN625"]					={"Leader attempted to conquerer the Earth", "Earth-TRN625", "Comic"},
["TRN626"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Game", "Earth-TRN626", "Game"},
["TRN632"]					={"2019 A.D.", "Earth-TRN632", "Comic"},
["TRN634"]					={"Home to Civil Warrior<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-TRN634", "Game"},
["TRN635"]					={"Secret Empire Forever<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-TRN635", "Game"},
["TRN637"]					={"Recreation of Gwenpool's reality", "Earth-TRN637", "Comic"},
["TRN640"]					={"Tempus' Family in 2099", "Earth-TRN640", "Comic"},
["TRN642"]					={"Marvel Future Avengers", "Earth-TRN642", "Animated"},
["TRN656"]					={"Bailey Hoskins:<br>Worst X-Man Ever", "Earth-TRN656", "Comic"},
["TRN657"]					={"Timeline reshaped by the Future Brotherhood", "Earth-TRN657", "Comic"},
["TRN658"]					={"Year 2087", "Earth-TRN658", "Comic"},
["TRN659"]					={"Year 2084", "Earth-TRN659", "Comic"},
["TRN660"]					={"2116 A.D.", "Earth-TRN660", "Comic"},
["TRN662"]					={"Dystopian Wakanda<br>(MCoC)", "Earth-TRN662", "Game"},
["TRN664"]					={"Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again", "Earth-TRN664", "Comic"},
["TRN666"]					={"Thanos Wins", "Earth-TRN666", "Comic"},
["TRN668"]					={"President Harry Osborn", "Earth-TRN668", "Comic"},
["TRN669"]					={"Technologically-corrupted reality", "Earth-TRN669", "Comic"},
["TRN670"]					={"Marvel Strike Force", "Earth-TRN670", "Game"},
["TRN671"]					={"Conan killed in the pit by a creature", "Earth-TRN671", "Comic"},
["TRN672"]					={"Conan turned into a pawn of Dagon", "Earth-TRN672", "Comic"},
["TRN673"]					={"Conan killed by ghouls", "Earth-TRN673", "Comic"},
["TRN675"]					={"Conan lived with resurrected Bêlit", "Earth-TRN675", "Comic"},
["TRN676"]					={"Year 2091<br>(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)", "Earth-TRN676", "Live Action"},
["TRN677"]					={"Convert", "Earth-TRN677", "Comic"},
["TRN679"]					={"Leo Fitz, Deke Shaw's grandfather", "Earth-TRN679", "Live Action"},
["TRN680"]					={"Earth-80920's dystopian future averted", "Earth-TRN680", "Animated"},
["TRN681"]					={"Sentry World", "Earth-TRN681", "Comic"},
["TRN684"]					={"Marvel Rising", "Earth-TRN684", "Animated"},
["TRN685"]					={"Aryal was killed by Brandais' son", "Earth-TRN685", "Comic"},
["TRN687"]					={"Conan became a Drellik", "Earth-TRN687", "Comic"},
["TRN688"]					={"Sony's Spider-Man Universe", "Earth-TRN688", "Live Action"},
["TRN700"]					={"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", "Earth-TRN700", "Animated"},
["TRN701"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>Peter B. Parker", "Earth-TRN701", "Animated"},
["TRN702"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>Spider-Woman", "Earth-TRN702", "Animated"},
["TRN703"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>Spider-Man Noir", "Earth-TRN703", "Animated"},
["TRN704"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>SP//dr", "Earth-TRN704", "Animated"},
["TRN705"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>Spider-Ham", "Earth-TRN705", "Animated"},
["TRN706"]					={"Into the Spider-Verse<br>Spider-Man 2099", "Earth-TRN706", "Animated"},
["TRN708"]					={"Home to Li'l Silvie", "Earth-TRN708", "Comic"},
["TRN709"]					={"The Land of Cancelled Heroes", "Earth-TRN709", "Comic"},
["TRN711"]					={"Marvel Action", "Earth-TRN711", "Comic"},
["TRN713"]					={"Coming of Grootlactus", "Earth-TRN713", "Comic"},
["TRN715"]					={"Home to Moon-Boy and Devil Hydrasaur, Agents of Hydra", "Earth-TRN715", "Comic"},
["TRN717"]					={"Marvel's Rocket & Groot", "Earth-TRN717", "Animated"},
["TRN719"]					={"Avengers Fairy Tales: Pinocchio", "Earth-TRN719", "Comic"},
["TRN720"]					={"Avengers Fairy Tales: Cassie in Wonderland", "Earth-TRN720", "Comic"},
["TRN721"]					={"Avengers Fairy Tales: Jennifer in Oz", "Earth-TRN721", "Comic"},
["TRN722"]					={"X-Men Fairytale: Momotaro", "Earth-TRN722", "Comic"},
["TRN723"]					={"X-Men Fairytale: Tortoise", "Earth-TRN723", "Comic"},
["TRN724"]					={"X-Men Fairytale: To Die in Dreams", "Earth-TRN724", "Comic"},
["TRN725"]					={"X-Men Fairytale: Restless Spirits", "Earth-TRN725", "Comic"},
["TRN726"]					={"Marvel's Ant-Man", "Earth-TRN726", "Animated"},
["TRN727"]					={"Mutant Extermination", "Earth-TRN727", "Comic"},
["TRN731"]					={"Rocket Raccoon Kills the Marvel Universe", "Earth-TRN731", "Comic"},
["TRN732"]					={"2012 New York Time Heist", "Earth-TRN732", "Live Action"},
["TRN733"]					={"2013 Asgard Time Heist", "Earth-TRN733", "Live Action"},
["TRN734"]					={"2014 Cosmic Time Heist", "Earth-TRN734", "Live Action"},
["TRN735"]					={"1970 Camp Lehigh Time Heist", "Earth-TRN735", "Live Action"},
["TRN736"]					={"Captain America Retires", "Earth-TRN736", "Live Action"},
["TRN737"]					={"Conan's 80s movies", "Earth-TRN737", "Comic"},
["TRN741"]					={"Comic adaptation of Red Sonja film", "Earth-TRN741", "Comic"},
["TRN743"]					={"You Are Deadpool", "Earth-TRN743", "Comic"},
["TRN744"]					={"Wolverine: The Long Night", "Earth-TRN744", "Comic"},
["TRN745"]					={"Sentinels and Daemonites conquer America", "Earth-TRN745", "Comic"},
["TRN747"]					={"Loki: Where Mischief Lies", "Earth-TRN747", "Comic"},
["TRN748"]					={"First Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN748", "Comic"},
["TRN749"]					={"Second Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN749", "Comic"},
["TRN750"]					={"Third Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN750", "Comic"},
["TRN751"]					={"Fourth Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN751", "Comic"},
["TRN752"]					={"Fifth Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN752", "Comic"},
["TRN753"]					={"Sixth Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN753", "Comic"},
["TRN754"]					={"Seventh Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN754", "Comic"},
["TRN755"]					={"Eighth Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN755", "Comic"},
["TRN756"]					={"Ninth Life of Moira X", "Earth-TRN756", "Comic"},
["TRN758"]					={"Wolverine: The Vigil", "Earth-TRN758", "Comic"},
["TRN760"]					={"Defenders face Zombie Hordes", "Earth-TRN760", "Comic"},
["TRN762"]					={"Faustia's Seven Years", "Earth-TRN762", "Comic"},
["TRN765"]					={"Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order", "Earth-TRN765", "Game"},
["TRN767"]					={"Doom 2099 erased the Heroic Age", "Earth-TRN767", "Comic"},
["TRN769"]					={"Morgan Le Fay killed Gert Yorkes", "Earth-TRN769", "Live Action"},
["TRN770"]					={"Runaways: Year 2028", "Earth-TRN770", "Live Action"},
["TRN771"]					={"Nathan Bowen and William Johnson Survived", "Earth-TRN771", "Live Action"},
["TRN772"]					={"Nathan and Melissa Bowen Divorced", "Earth-TRN772", "Live Action"},
["TRN773"]					={"Tandy Bowen: Drug Addict", "Earth-TRN773", "Live Action"},
["TRN774"]					={"Duel to D'Spayre", "Earth-TRN774", "Live Action"},
["TRN775"]					={"Un-Enchanted Evening", "Earth-TRN775", "Comic"},
["TRN777"]					={"Street Monsters", "Earth-TRN777", "Comic"},
["TRN781"]					={"Hulk becomes the Breaker-Apart", "Earth-TRN781", "Comic"},
["TRN783"]					={"Deadpool's Art of War", "Earth-TRN783", "Comic"},
["TRN788"]					={"Marvel Mighty Heroes", "Earth-TRN788", "Game"},
["TRN789"]					={"Marvel Super War", "Earth-TRN789", "Game"},
["TRN790"]					={"Doctor Doom used Ulysses to ensure predictive justice", "Earth-TRN790", "Comic"},
["TRN794"]					={"Alternate Maestro in charge of the Hulk Gang", "Earth-TRN794", "Comic"},
["TRN795"]					={"Dazzler remained famous", "Earth-TRN795", "Comic"},
["TRN796"]					={"Piotr was a human artist", "Earth-TRN796", "Comic"},
["TRN797"]					={"Rogue was a Savage Lander", "Earth-TRN797", "Comic"},
["TRN798"]					={"Grand Designs, Days of Future Past Averted ", "Earth-TRN798", "Comic"},
["TRN799"]					={"The Spider's Battleworld", "Earth-TRN799", "Comic"},
["TRN802"]                  ={"Thanos: The Infinity", "Earth-TRN802", "Comic"},
["TRN803"]					={"Thanos enslaved by his omnipotent future self", "Earth-TRN803", "Comic"},
["TRN804"]					={"Omnipotent Future Thanos Killed by Hunger in 4657 A.D.", "Earth-TRN804", "Comic"},
["TRN805"]					={"Omnipotent Future Thanos Commits Cosmic Suicide", "Earth-TRN805", "Comic"},
["TRN806"]					={"Omnipotent Future Thanos Averted", "Earth-TRN806", "Comic"},
["TRN808"]					={"Zombies Assemble", "Earth-TRN808", "Comic"},
["TRN810"]					={"Alternate past created by Chronicoms", "Earth-TRN810", "Live Action"},
["TRN813"]					={"Arno Stark defeated the Extinction Entity", "Earth-TRN813", "Comic"},
["TRN814"]					={"Marvel's Avengers video game", "Earth-TRN814", "Game"},
["TRN815"]					={"Secret Empire: Abridged", "Earth-TRN815", "Comic"},
["TRN816"]					={"Better Than Canon", "Earth-TRN816", "Comic"},
["TRN817"]					={"Gwenpool Absorbs the Marvel Universe", "Earth-TRN817", "Comic"},
["TRN818"]					={"Marvel Behind the Scenes", "Earth-TRN818", "Comic"},
["TRN819"]					={" Love Can be Nuts", "Earth-TRN819", "Comic"},
["TRN820"]					={"Oh, the Places You'll Go!", "Earth-TRN820", "Comic"},
["TRN821"]					={"Green Dreams", "Earth-TRN821", "Comic"},
["TRN822"]					={"New Mutants Forever", "Earth-TRN822", "Comic"},
["TRN823"]					={"Maestro killed God Emperor Doom", "Earth-TRN823", "Comic"},
["TRN824"]					={"The Spider's Corner with Petey P", "Earth-TRN824", "Comic"},
["TRN825"]					={"The A-May-zing Spider-Aunt", "Earth-TRN825", "Comic"},
["TRN826"]					={"World Conquered after Iron Man died", "Earth-TRN826", "Comic"},
["TRN827"]					={"World destroyed by Doctor Doom", "Earth-TRN827", "Comic"},
["TRN828"]					={"Sharon Ventura destroyed Ultron", "Earth-TRN828", "Comic"},
["TRN829"]					={"Franklin altered Ben and Johnny's relationships", "Earth-TRN829", "Comic"},
["TRN830"]					={"Welcome to the No-Prizes!", "Earth-TRN830", "Comic"},
["TRN831"]					={"Strange-ish Tales of the Man-Thing", "Earth-TRN831", "Comic"},
["TRN832"]					={"Death to Basic Cable", "Earth-TRN832", "Comic"},
["TRN833"]					={"The World Hunger Pains", "Earth-TRN833", "Comic"},
["TRN834"]					={"Worst Day in the Marvel Universe", "Earth-TRN834", "Comic"},
["TRN835"]					={"Marvel Funko Shorts", "Earth-TRN835", "Animated"},
["TRN836"]					={"Helstrom TV series", "Earth-TRN836", "Live Action"},
["TRN838"]					={"Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!", "Earth-TRN838", "Animated"},
["TRN839"]					={"Jamie Braddock's pocket reality", "Earth-TRN839", "Comic"},
["TRN840"]					={"Marvel Duel", "Earth-TRN840", "Game"},
["TRN841"]					={"Heroes captured by Manipulator", "Earth-TRN841", "Comic"},
["TRN842"]					={"Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon", "Earth-TRN842", "Game"},
["TRN843"]					={"Advanced Idea Manhattan", "Earth-TRN843", "Comic"},
["TRN844"]					={"Death of Daredevil", "Earth-TRN844", "Comic"},
["TRN850"]					={"Rampart conquers America", "Earth-TRN850", "Comic"},
["TRN851"]					={"The Best Defense", "Earth-TRN851", "Comic"},
["TRN852"]					={"Heroes Reborn 2021", "Earth-TRN852", "Comic"},
["TRN854"]					={"Spider-Man: Fake Red", "Earth-TRN854", "Comic"},
["TRN855"]					={"Galacta: Daughter of Galactus", "Earth-TRN855", "Comic"},
["TRN856"]					={"Home to Old Man M.O.D.O.K.", "Earth-TRN856", "Animated"},
["TRN857"]					={"M.O.D.O.K. became The Anomaly", "Earth-TRN857", "Animated"},
["TRN858"]					={"Captain America: Promised Land", "Earth-TRN858", "Comic"},
["TRN859"]					={"Home to Spider-Bite", "Earth-TRN859", "Comic"},
["TRN860"]					={"LEGO Noir", "Earth-TRN860", "Game"},
["TRN861"]					={"LEGO Old West", "Earth-TRN861", "Game"},
["TRN862"]					={"LEGO Ancient Egypt", "Earth-TRN862", "Game"},
["TRN863"]					={"LEGO Hydra Empire", "Earth-TRN863", "Game"},
["TRN864"]					={"Buck in Time", "Earth-TRN864", "Game"},
["TRN865"]					={"LEGO 2099", "Earth-TRN865", "Game"},
["TRN866"]					={"Home to Sylvie Laufeydottir", "Earth-TRN866", "Live Action"},
["TRN867"]					={"Kid Loki killed Thor", "Earth-TRN867", "Live Action"},
["TRN868"]					={"Loki cheated death at the hands of Thanos", "Earth-TRN868", "Live Action"},
["TRN869"]					={"Home to Alligator Loki", "Earth-TRN869", "Live Action"},
["TRN870"]					={"He Who Remains won the Multiversal War", "Earth-TRN870", "Live Action"},
["TRN871"]					={"Home to Boastful Loki", "Earth-TRN871", "Live Action"},
["TRN872"]					={"Home to President Loki", "Earth-TRN872", "Live Action"},
["TRN873"]					={"Grumpy Old Man Logan", "Earth-TRN873", "Animated"},
["TRN874"]					={"Double Trouble", "Earth-TRN874", "Comic"},
["TRN875"]					={"Double Trouble: Home of Jane Foster", "Earth-TRN875", "Comic"},
["TRN878"]					={"Alternate Earth-13729: Letter from Raze", "Earth-TRN878", "Comic"},
["TRN879"]					={"Alternate Earth-13729: Letter from Xavier", "Earth-TRN879", "Comic"},
["TRN880"]					={"Cosmic Cube used against Kree invasion", "Earth-TRN880", "Game"},
["TRN882"]					={"Future Revolution: A.I.M.'s reality", "Earth-TRN882", "Game"},
["TRN883"]					={"Future Revolution: New Stark City", "Earth-TRN883", "Game"},
["TRN884"]					={"Future Revolution: Xandearth", "Earth-TRN884", "Game"},
["TRN885"]					={"Future Revolution: Midgardia", "Earth-TRN885", "Game"},
["TRN886"]					={"Future Revolution: Hydra Empire", "Earth-TRN886", "Game"},
["TRN887"]					={"Future Revolution: Sakaar", "Earth-TRN887", "Game"},
["TRN888"]					={"Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends", "Earth-TRN888", "Animated"},
["TRN890"]					={"Fantastic Four: Life Story", "Earth-TRN890", "Comic"},
["TRN891"]					={"Dark Ages", "Earth-TRN891", "Comic"},
["TRN892"]					={"Galactus exiled in the magic dimensions", "Earth-TRN892", "Comic"},
["TRN894"]					={"Marvel: All Winners Squad", "Earth-TRN894", "Animated"},
["TRN895"]					={"It's Jeff!", "Earth-TRN895", "Comic"},
["TRN896"]					={"Marvel Battleworld", "Earth-TRN896", "Animated"},
["TRN897"]                  ={"Avengers in Gearing Up", "Earth-TRN897", "Comic"},
["TRN899"]                  ={"Hulk: Unchained", "Earth-TRN899", "Comic"},
["TRN900"]                  ={"Incredible Hulk (GBA)", "Earth-TRN900", "Video Game"},
["TRN901"]                  ={"Valiant and Marvel Amalgam", "Earth-TRN901", "Comic"},
["TRN902"]                  ={"Sergio Aragonés Massacres Marvel", "Earth-TRN902", "Comic"},
["TRN904"]                  ={"Queen Elizabeth III", "Earth-TRN904", "Comic"},
["TRN905"]                  ={"Jonah's Holiday Carol", "Earth-TRN905", "Comic"},
["TRN907"]                  ={"Marvel's Wastelanders", "Earth-TRN907", "Live Action"},
["TRN908"]                  ={"Gamora, Destroyer of Thanos", "Earth-TRN908", "Animated"},
["TRN909"]                  ={"Annihilus conquers the Universe", "Earth-TRN909", "Comic"},
["TRN911"]                  ={"El Sorprendente Hombre Araña", "Earth-TRN911", "Comic"},
["TRN912"]                  ={"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy video game", "Earth-TRN912", "Game"},
["TRN913"]                  ={"Home to Queen Irena", "Earth-TRN913", "Comic"},
["TRN914"]                  ={"Hit-Monkey television series", "Earth-TRN914", "Animated"},
["TRN920"]					={"Future Revolution: Dark Dimension", "Earth-TRN920", "Game"},
["TRN921"]					={"Flash Thompson's Perfect World", "Earth-TRN921", "Comic"},
["TRN922"]                  ={"Spider-Man Spectacular", "Earth-TRN922", "Comic"},
["TRN923"]                  ={"Topps parody comics", "Earth-TRN923", "Comic"},
["TRN924"]                  ={"Future Strange Academy", "Earth-TRN924", "Comic"},
["TRN925"]                  ={"Variant Raimiverse Green Goblin", "Earth-TRN925", "Live Action"},
["TRN926"]                  ={"Variant Raimiverse Doctor Octopus", "Earth-TRN926", "Live Action"},
["TRN927"]                  ={"Variant Raimiverse Sandman", "Earth-TRN927", "Live Action"},
["TRN928"]                  ={"Variant Webbverse Lizard", "Earth-TRN928", "Live Action"},
["TRN929"]                  ={"Variant Webbverse Electro", "Earth-TRN929", "Live Action"},
["TRN931"]					={"Future Revolution: Hydramerica", "Earth-TRN931", "Game"},
["TRN932"]					={"Future Revolution: Savage Shadowland", "Earth-TRN932", "Game"},
["TRN933"]                  ={"The Silver Glint of Space Reflections Gone", "Earth-TRN933", "Comic"},
["TRN934"]                  ={"Giant-Size Little Age of Apocalypse", "Earth-TRN934", "Comic"},
["TRN935"]                  ={"Spider-Bot Infinity Comics", "Earth-TRN935", "Comic"},
["TRN937"]                  ={"41st Century Home of Kang", "Earth-TRN937", "Animated"},
["TRN938"]                  ={"Alternate Earth-1191", "Earth-TRN938", "Comic"},
["TRN939"]                  ={"Home to Future Veil", "Earth-TRN939", "Comic"},
["TRN940"]                  ={"Home to Future Mettle", "Earth-TRN940", "Comic"},
["TRN941"]                  ={"Home to Future Finesse", "Earth-TRN941", "Comic"},
["TRN942"]					={"Future Revolution: Thanos' Reality", "Earth-TRN942", "Game"},
["TRN943"]					={"Future Revolution: Magik' Reality", "Earth-TRN943", "Game"},
["TRN944"]                  ={"Captain Carter comic series", "Earth-TRN944", "Comic"},
["TRN945"]                  ={"Marvel Fairy Tales Infinity Comics", "Earth-TRN945", "Comic"},
["TRN946"]                  ={"What If... Miles Morales... Became Captain America?", "Earth-TRN946", "Comic"},
["TRN947"]                  ={"What if the Watcher had never intervened?", "Earth-TRN947", "Comic"},
["TRN948"]                  ={"What If... Miles Morales... Became Wolverine?", "Earth-TRN948", "Comic"},
["TRN949"]                  ={"What If... Miles Morales... Became the Hulk?", "Earth-TRN949", "Comic"},
["TRN951"]                  ={"The World Tree grew in Brooklyn", "Earth-TRN951", "Comic"},
["TRN952"]                  ={"Home to America Chavez<br>(MCU)", "Earth-TRN952", "Live Action"},
["TRN953"]                  ={"Home to Defender Strange", "Earth-TRN953", "Live Action"},
["TRN954"]                  ={"Home to Sinister Strange", "Earth-TRN954", "Live Action"},
["TRN957"]                  ={"Adventures of Lockheed the Space Dragon and His Pet Girl Kitty", "Earth-TRN957", "Comic"},
["TRN958"]                  ={"New Mutants trapped in Limbo", "Earth-TRN958", "Comic"},
["TRN959"]                  ={"Omega Wolverine", "Earth-TRN959", "Comic"},
["TRN960"]                  ={"Home to Shan-K'ang", "Earth-TRN960", "Comic"},
["TRN961"]                  ={"Spider-Girl's Grief Machine", "Earth-TRN961", "Comic"},
["TRN962"]                  ={"Spider-Girl Played Basketball Against Her Rogues Gallery", "Earth-TRN962", "Comic"},
["TRN963"]                  ={"Spider-Girl's second time in the Grief Machine", "Earth-TRN963", "Comic"},
["TRN964"]                  ={"Plant-Thing from Mars", "Earth-TRN964", "Comic"},
["TRN965"]                  ={"Ex-Mutants", "Earth-TRN965", "Comic"},
["TRN966"]                  ={"Home to Extreme", "Earth-TRN966", "Comic"},
["TRN967"]                  ={"Bernie America", "Earth-TRN967", "Comic"},
["TRN968"]                  ={"X-Men comic books from Logan", "Earth-TRN968", "Live Action"},

["F-266"]					={"Reality of the Symqua", "Earth-F-266", "Comic"},
["N"]						={"Home to Hexus", "Earth-N", 'Comic'},
["P-1837"]					={"Reed Richards was dead", "Earth-P-1837", "Comic"},
["123488.23497"]			={"Divergent Kang", "Earth-123488.23497", "Comic"},
["256656-Aleph"]			={"Home to Scarlet Witch (Agatha)", "Earth-256656-Aleph", "Game"},
["XK483"]					={"Bucky and Princess Ventolin were lovers", "Earth-XK483", "Comic"},
["Del-Iader-Byshire"]		={"Bucky and Princess Ventolin were lovers", "Earth-Del-Iader-Byshire", "Comic"},
["X-Ian-49"]				={"Bucky and Princess Ventolin were lovers", "Earth-X-Ian-49", "Comic"},
["Vex'D"]					={"Bucky and Princess Ventolin were lovers", "Earth-Vex'D", "Comic"},
["Be-Nfro'S'T"]				={"Bucky and Princess Ventolin were lovers", "Earth-Be-Nfro'S'T", "Comic"},

["Brilliant City"]			={"Qabiri's Homeworld", "Brilliant City", "Comic"},
["DC Universe"]				={"DC Universe", "DC Universe", "Comic"},
["Elsewhen"]				={"Elsewhen", "Elsewhen", "Comic"},
["Encroachiverses"]			={"Encroachiverses", "Encroachiverses", "Comic"},
["First Cosmos"]			={"The Original Universe", "First Cosmos", "Comic"},
["House of M (TRN461)"]		={"House of M of Earth-TRN461", "House of M (Earth-TRN461)", "Game"},
["Ideaverse"]				={"Ideaverse", "Ideaverse", "Comic"},
["Land of Cancelled Heroes"]={"Cancelled Heroes", "Land of Cancelled Heroes", "Comic"},
["Limbo (Temporal)"]			={"Temporal Limbo", "Limbo (Temporal)", "Comic"},
["Mesozoic24"]				={"Mesozoic Kang's World", "Earth-Mesozoic24", "Comic"},
["Mojoverse"]				={"Mojoworld", "Mojoverse", "Comic"},
["Multiverse"]				={"Multiverse", "Multiverse", "Comic"},
["Omniverse"]				={"Omniverse", "Omniverse", "Comic"},
["Null-Time Zone"]			={"Null-Time Zone", "Null-Time Zone", "Comic"},
["Otherworld"]				={"Otherworld", "Otherworld", "Comic" },
["Styrakos"]				={"Styrakos", "Styrakos", "Comic"},
["Temporal Limbo"]			={"Temporal Limbo", "Limbo (Temporal)", "Comic"},
["Utopian Parallel"]		={"Utopian Parallel", "Utopian Parallel", "Comic"},
["Weirdworld"]				={"Weirdworld", "Weirdworld (Planet)|Weirdworld", "Comic" },

["Unknown"]					={"Current Reality is Unknown", "Unknown Reality", "Comic"},
["Unknown Reality"]			={"Current Reality is Unknown", "Unknown Reality", "Comic"},