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return {
["abraham stoker"] = "Abraham Stoker",
["bram stoker"] = "Abraham Stoker",

["adam blaustein"] = "Maddie Blaustein",
["madeleine blaustein"] = "Maddie Blaustein",

["adam hughes"] = "Adam Hughes",
["ah!"] = "Adam Hughes",

["adam philips"] = "Adam Philips",
["adam phillips"] = "Adam Philips",

["adam street"] = "Adam Street",
["sotocolor's adam street"] = "Adam Street",
["a. street"] = "Adam Street",
["sotocolor's a. street"] = "Adam Street",

["al hartley"] = "Al Hartley",

["al davis"] = "Alan Davis",
["alan davis"] = "Alan Davis",

["alan kupperberg"] = "Alan Edward Kupperberg",
["alan edward kupperberg"] = "Alan Edward Kupperberg",

["albert blevinson"] = "Bret Blevins",
["bret blevins"] = "Bret Blevins",
["blevo"] = "Bret Blevins",

["alberto alburquerque"] = "Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque",

["albert deschesne"] = "Albert Deschesne",
["ad"] = "Albert Deschesne",
["comicraft's albert deschesne"] = "Albert Deschesne",
["rs & comicraft's albert deschesne"] = "Albert Deschesne",

["alden mcwilliams"] = "Alden McWilliams",
["al mcwilliams"] = "Alden McWilliams",

["alejandro garza"] = "Alejandro Garza",
["ale garza"] = "Alejandro Garza",

["alejandro sicat"] = "Alejandro Sicat",
["alejandro \"boy\" sicat"] = "Alejandro Sicat",
["boy sicat"] = "Alejandro Sicat",

["alex guimaraes"] = "Alex Guimarães",
["alex guimarães"] = "Alex Guimarães",

["alexander maleev"] = "Alexander Maleev",
["alex maleev"] = "Alexander Maleev",

["alexander morrissey"] = "Alexander Morrissey",
["alexander morrissy"] = "Alexander Morrissey",

["alexander toth"] = "Alexander Toth",
["alex toth"] = "Alexander Toth",

["alexandro jodorowsky"] = "Alexandro Jodorowsky",
["alejandro jodorowsky"] = "Alexandro Jodorowsky",

["alfred gabriele"] = "Alfred Gabriele",
["al gabrielle"] = "Alfred Gabriele",
["al gabriele"] = "Alfred Gabriele",

["alfredo p. alcala"] = "Alfredo P. Alcala",
["alfredo alcala"] = "Alfredo P. Alcala",

["alitha e. martinez"]= "Alitha Martinez",
["alitha martinez"]= "Alitha Martinez",

["allen bellman"] = "Allen Bellman",
["al bellman"] = "Allen Bellman",

["allen jamison"] = "Allen Jamison",
["jamison"] = "Allen Jamison",
["jamison services"] = "Allen Jamison",

["allen milgrom"] = "Al Milgrom",
["al milgrom"] = "Al Milgrom",
["allen \"al\" milgrom"] = "Al Milgrom",
["milgrom"] = "Al Milgrom",

["alvaro rio"] = "Alvaro Rio",
["al rio"] = "Alvaro Rio",

["alvaro lopez"] = "Álvaro López",

["andrea divito"] = "Andrea Divito",
["andrea di vito"] = "Andrea Divito",
["andrea divito"] = "Andrea Divito",

["andres genolet"] = "Andrés Genolet",

["andre lima araujo"] = "André Lima Araújo",

["andrew crossley"] = "Andrew Crossley",
["a. crossley"] = "Andrew Crossley",

["andrew hennessy"] = "Andrew Hennessy",
["drew hennessy"] = "Andrew Hennessy",
["hennessy"] = "Andrew Hennessy",

["andrew j. offut"] = "Andrew J. Offutt",
["andrew j. offutt"] = "Andrew J. Offutt",
["andrew offut"] = "Andrew J. Offutt",
["andrew offutt"] = "Andrew J. Offutt",

["andrew pepoy"] = "Andrew Pepoy",
["andrew j. pepoy"] = "Andrew Pepoy",
["pepoy"] = "Andrew Pepoy",

["andrew yanchus"] = "Andrew Yanchus",
["andy yanchus"] = "Andrew Yanchus",
["a. yanchus"] = "Andrew Yanchus",
["a. p. yanchus"] = "Andrew Yanchus",
["yanchus"] = "Andrew Yanchus",

["andy schmidt"] = "Andy Schmidt",
["schmidt"] = "Andy Schmidt",

["andy mushinsky"] = "Andy Mushynsky",

["annie thornton"] = "Annie Thornton",
["anne thornton"] = "Annie Thornton",

["annette kawecki"] = "Annette Kawecki",
["annette k."] = "Annette Kawecki",
["a. kawecki"] = "Annette Kawecki",

["antonio daniel"] = "Antonio Salvador Daniel",
["tony daniel"] = "Antonio Salvador Daniel",
["antonio salvador daniel"] = "Antonio Salvador Daniel",
["tony salvador daniel"] = "Antonio Salvador Daniel",

["archie goodwin"] = "Archie Goodwin",
["arch goodwin"] = "Archie Goodwin",
["a. goodwin"] = "Archie Goodwin",

["ariane"] = "Ariane Lenshoek",
["ariane lenshdek"] = "Ariane Lenshoek",
["ariane lenshoek"] = "Ariane Lenshoek",

["ariana maher"] = "Ariana Maher",
["vc's ariana maher"] = "Ariana Maher",

["arthur adams"] = "Arthur Adams",
["art adams"] = "Arthur Adams",
["adams"] = "Arthur Adams",

["arthur edward thibert"] = "Arthur Edward Thibert",
["art thibert"] = "Arthur Edward Thibert",

["Art Pinajian"]  = "Arthur Pinajian",
["Arthur A. Pinajian"]  = "Arthur Pinajian",
["Tohm Dixon"]  = "Arthur Pinajian",
["Tomm Dixon"]  = "Arthur Pinajian",
["Tom Dixon"]  = "Arthur Pinajian", 

["arthur suydam"] = "Arthur Suydam",
["arther suydam"] = "Arthur Suydam",

["artie simek"] = "Artie Simek",
["art simek"] = "Artie Simek",

["artmonkeys studios"] = "Artmonkeys Studios",
["artmonkey's studios"] = "Artmonkeys Studios",
["artmonkey studios"] = "Artmonkeys Studios",

["arvell malcolm jones"] = "Arvell Malcolm Jones",
["arvell jones"] = "Arvell Malcolm Jones",

["aubrey sitterson"] = "Aubrey Sitterson",
["sitterson"] = "Aubrey Sitterson",

["axel alonso"] = "Axel Alonso",
["axel alonzo"] = "Axel Alonso",

["barb kaalberg"] = "Barbara Kaalberg",
["barbara kaalberg"] = "Barbara Kaalberg",

["barb rausch"] = "Barbara Rausch",
["barbara rausch"] = "Barbara Rausch",

["barry windsor-smith"] = "Barry Windsor-Smith",
["barry smith"] = "Barry Windsor-Smith",

["benchmark productions"] = "Benchmark Productions",
["benchmark"] = "Benchmark Productions",
["benchmark production"] = "Benchmark Productions",

["benjamin dewey"] = "Benjamin Dewey",
["ben dewey"] = "Benjamin Dewey",

["benjamin"] = "Benjamin Zhang Bin",
["benjamin zhang bin"] = "Benjamin Zhang Bin",

["bernard klein"] = "Bernard Klein",
["bernie klein"] = "Bernard Klein",

["william timothy mantlo"] = "Bill Mantlo",
["bill mantlo"] = "Bill Mantlo",

["bill roseman"] = "Bill Rosemann",
["bill rosemann"] = "Bill Rosemann",

["bill wylie"] = "Bill Wylie",
["bill wiley"] = "Bill Wylie",

["billy tan mung khoy"] = "Billy Tan Mung Khoy",
["billy tan"] = "Billy Tan Mung Khoy",

["bjorn nyberg"] = "Björn Nyberg",
["björn nyberg"] = "Björn Nyberg",

["blond"] = "Blond",

["robert almond"] = "Bob Almond",
["bob almond"] = "Bob Almond",

["bob budiansky"] = "Bob Budiansky",
["bob budansky"] = "Bob Budiansky",

["robert harras"] = " Bob Harras",
["harras"] = " Bob Harras",
["bob harras"] = " Bob Harras",

["bob wiacek"] = "Bob Wiacek",
["wiacek"] = "Bob Wiacek",

["bobbie chase"] = "Bobbie Chase",
["robert chase"] = "Bobbie Chase",
["bobby chase"] = "Bobbie Chase",

["boleslav william felix robert sienkiewicz"] = "Bill Sienkiewicz",
["bill sienkiewicz"] = "Bill Sienkiewicz",

["angelo ty dazo"] = "Bong Dazo",
["bong dazo"] = "Bong Dazo",

["bonnie wilford"] = "Bonnie Wilford",
["bonnie w."] = "Bonnie Wilford",
["b. wilford"] = "Bonnie Wilford",

["brad k. joyce"] = "Brad K. Joyce",
["brad joyce"] = "Brad K. Joyce",

["brent eric anderson"] = "Brent Anderson",
["brent anderson"] = "Brent Anderson",

["brian haberlin"] = "Brian Haberlin",
["avalon studios' brian haberlin"] = "Brian Haberlin",

["brian michael bendis"] = "Brian Michael Bendis",
["brian bendis"] = "Brian Michael Bendis",
["bendis bendis!"] = "Brian Michael Bendis",

["bruce d. patterson"] = "Bruce D. Patterson",
["bruce patterson"] = "Bruce D. Patterson",
["patterson"] = "Bruce D. Patterson",

["bruce solotoff"] = "Bruce N. Solotoff",

["bruno hang"] = "Bruno Hang",
["bruno hang of impacto studios"] = "Bruno Hang",

["bryan hitch"] = "Bryan Hitch",
["hitch"] = "Bryan Hitch",

["bud larosa"] = "Bud LaRosa",
["bud la rosa"] = "Bud LaRosa",
["bud larosa"] = "Bud LaRosa",
["nekros"] = "Bud LaRosa",

["Carl Larson"] = "Don Rico",
["George Aksut"] = "Don Rico",
["Floyd Kelly"] = "Don Rico",
["Bud Thomas"] = "Don Rico",
["Michael Griffith"] = "Don Rico",

["c. fidler"] = "C. Fidler",
["sotocolor's c. fidler"] = "C. Fidler",

["c.a. winter"] = "C.A. Winter",
["c a winter"] = "C.A. Winter",

["c.b. cebulski"] = "C.B. Cebulski",
["c b cebulski"] = "C.B. Cebulski",

["c.d.b. wells"] = "C.D.B. Wells",
["c d b wells"] = "C.D.B. Wells",

["c.p. smith"] = "C.P. Smith",
["c p smith"] = "C.P. Smith",

["carl gafford"] = "Carl Gafford",
["gaff"] = "Carl Gafford",
["gafford c. gafford"] = "Carl Gafford",
["c. gafford"] = "Carl Gafford",

["carlos garzón"] = "Carlos Garzón",
["carlos garzon"] = "Carlos Garzón",

["cary nord"] = "Cary Nord",
["carey nord"] = "Cary Nord",

["charlamagne tha god"] = "Lenard McKelvey",

["charles adlard"] = "Charles Adlard",
["charlie adlard"] = "Charles Adlard",

["charles beckerman"] = "Charlie Beckerman",
["charlie breckerman"] = "Charlie Beckerman",

["charles robinson"] = "Charles Robinson",
["chuck robinson"] = "Charles Robinson",

["charles maly"] = "Chuck Maly",
["chuck maly"] = "Chuck Maly",

["chen xioyun"] = "Chen Xioyun",
["gun ji"] = "Chen Xioyun",
["gunji"] = "Chen Xioyun",

["chris claremont"] = "Chris Claremont",
["claremont"] = "Chris Claremont",

["chris cooper"] = "Chris Cooper",
["christopher cooper"] = "Chris Cooper",
["christian cooper"] = "Chris Cooper",

["chriscross"] = "ChrisCross",
["christopher williams"] = "ChrisCross",

["chris eliopoulos"] = "Chris Eliopoulos",
["eliopoulos"] = "Chris Eliopoulos",
["vc's chris eliopoulos"] = "Chris Eliopoulos",
["vc's chris eliopoulous"] = "Chris Eliopoulos",
["spike e."] = "Chris Eliopoulos",
["spike e"] = "Chris Eliopoulos",

["chris sotomayor"] = "Chris Sotomayor",
["soto"] = "Chris Sotomayor",
["sotocolor"] = "Chris Sotomayor",
["christopher sotomayor"] = "Chris Sotomayor",

["christos gage"] = "Christos N. Gage",
["christos n. gage"] = "Christos N. Gage",

["chris stevens"] = "Christopher Stevens",

["christopher yost"] = "Christopher Yost",
["chris yost"] = "Christopher Yost",

["christian lichtner"] = "Christian Lichtner",
["chris lichtner"] = "Christian Lichtner",

["christian gossett"] = "Christian Gossett",
["chris gossett"] = "Christian Gossett",
["chris gosset"] = "Christian Gossett",

["christie scheele"] = "Christie Scheele",
["c. scheele"] = "Christie Scheele",

["chris ivy"] = "Christopher Ivy",
["christopher ivy"] = "Christopher Ivy",

["christopher priest"] = "Christopher Priest",
["jim owsley"] = "Christopher Priest",
["james owsley"] = "Christopher Priest",
["james c. owsley"] = "Christopher Priest",

["chuck austen"] = "Chuck Austen",
["chuck beckum"] = "Chuck Austen",
["chuck austin"] = "Chuck Austen",

["chynna clugston-major"] = "Chynna Clugston Flores",

["cindy martin"] = "Cindy Martin",
["cynthia martin"] = "Cindy Martin",

["clayton cowles"] = "Clayton Cowles",
["vc's clayton cowles"] = "Clayton Cowles",

["clem robins"] = "Clem Robins",
["clem robbins"] = "Clem Robins",

["coleen doran"] = "Colleen Doran",
["colleen doran"] = "Colleen Doran",

["colin mcneil"] = "Colin MacNeil",
["colin macneil"] = "Colin MacNeil",

["comicraft"] = "Comicraft",
["comiccraft"] = "Comicraft",

["cory petit"] = "Cory Petit",
["vc - cory petit"] = "Cory Petit",
["vc's cory petit"] = "Cory Petit",

["cody sedlmeier"] = "Cory Sedlmeier",
["cory sedimeier"] = "Cory Sedlmeier",
["cory sedlmeier"] = "Cory Sedlmeier",
["sedlmeier"] = "Cory Sedlmeier",
["sedimeier"] = "Cory Sedlmeier",

["crime lab studios"] = "Crimelab Studios",

["cris peter"] = "Cris Peter",
["cristiane peter"] = "Cris Peter",

["dan day"] = "Dan Day",
["d. day"] = "Dan Day",

["dana moreshead"] = "Dana Moreshead",
["d. moreshead"] = "Dana Moreshead",

["alan smithee"] = "Dan G. Chichester",
["daniel g. chichester"] = "Dan G. Chichester",
["d.g. chichester"] = "Dan G. Chichester",
["dan chichester"] = "Dan G. Chichester",
["daniel chichester"] = "Dan G. Chichester",
["dan g. chichester"] = "Dan G. Chichester",

["daniel acuña"] = "Daniel Acuña",
["daniel acuna"] = "Daniel Acuña",

["daniel brown"] = "Daniel Brown",
["dan brown"] = "Daniel Brown",

["dan crespi"] = "Dan Crespi",
["daniel crespi"] = "Dan Crespi",
["danny crespi"] = "Dan Crespi",

["daniel green"] = "Daniel Green",
["dan green"] = "Daniel Green",

["dan bulanadi"] = "Danny Bulanadi",
["danny bulanadi"] = "Danny Bulanadi",

["danny fingeroth"] = "Danny Fingeroth",
["dan fingeroth"] = "Danny Fingeroth",

["danny miki"] = "Danny Miki",
["danny k. miki"] = "Danny Miki",

["darrick gross"] = "Darrick Gross",
["daerick gross"] = "Darrick Gross",

["dave chlystek"] = "David Chlystek",

["dave cockrum"] = "Dave Cockrum",
["cockrum"] = "Dave Cockrum",

["dave kemp"] = "David Kemp",
["avalon's dave kemp"] = "David Kemp",

["david anthony kraft"] = "David Kraft",
["dave kraft"] = "David Kraft",

["dave lanphear"] = "Dave Lanphear",
["david lanphear"] = "Dave Lanphear",
["artmonkeys' dave lanphear"] = "Dave Lanphear",
["artmonkey's dave lanphear"] = "Dave Lanphear",
["david m. a. lanphear"] = "Dave Lanphear",

["dave mccaig"] = "Dave McCaig",
["david mccraig"] = "Dave McCaig",
["david mccaig"] = "Dave McCaig",
["dave mccraig"] = "Dave McCaig",

["dave meikis"] = "Dave Meikis",
["meikis"] = "Dave Meikis",

["dave sharpe"] = "Dave Sharpe",
["dave sharp"] = "Dave Sharpe",
["david sharp"] = "Dave Sharpe",
["david sharpe"] = "Dave Sharpe",
["v.c.'s dave sharpe"] = "Dave Sharpe",

["david lafuente"] = "David Lafuente",
["dave lafuente"] = "David Lafuente",
["lafuente"] = "David Lafuente",

["david taylor"] = "Dave Taylor",
["dave taylor"] = "Dave Taylor",

["david baldeón"] = "David Baldeón",
["david baldeon"] = "David Baldeón",

["david c. cooke"] = "David C. Cooke",
["david cook"] = "David C. Cooke",

["dave hunt"] = "Dave Hunt",
["david hunt"] = "Dave Hunt",

["dave mcdermott"] = "David McDermott",

["david meikis"] = "Dave Meikis",

["david palumbo"] = "David Palumbo",
["dave palumbo"] = "David Palumbo",

["david ross"] = "David Ross",
["dave ross"] = "David Ross",

["david s. goyer"] = "David S. Goyer",
["david goyer"] = "David S. Goyer",

["david simons"] = "David Simons",
["dave simons"] = "David Simons",

["david stewart"] = "David Stewart",
["dave stewart"] = "David Stewart",

["david williams"] = "David Williams",
["dave williams"] = "David Williams",

["deborah klein"] = "Deborah Klein",
["deb klein"] = "Deborah Klein",

["del barras"] = "Dell Barras",
["dell barras"] = "Dell Barras",

["denise wohl"] = "Denise Wohl",
["denise vladimer"] = "Denise Wohl",
["denise v. wohl"] = "Denise Wohl",
["wohl"] = "Denise Wohl",

["dennis o'neil"] = "Dennis O'Neil",
["dennis o'neill"] = "Dennis O'Neil",
["denny o'neil"] = "Dennis O'Neil",
["denny o'neill"] = "Dennis O'Neil",
["o'neil"] = "Dennis O'Neil",

["derek skinn"] = "Derek Skinn",
["dez skinn"] = "Derek Skinn",

["deron bennett"] = "Deron Bennett",
["d. bennett"] = "Deron Bennett",

["dick ayers"] = "Dick Ayers",
["dick ayres"] = "Dick Ayers",

["d. chameleon"] = "Digital Chameleon",
["digital chameleon"] = "Digital Chameleon",

["doc martin"] = "Doc Martin",
["d. r. martin"] = "Doc Martin",

["don daley"] = "Don Daley",
["dan daley"] = "Don Daley",

["don glut"] = "Don Glut",
["donald f. glut"] = "Don Glut",

["donald rico"] = "Don Rico",
["don rico"] = "Don Rico",
["n. korok"] = "Don Rico",
["Dan Rico"] = "Don Rico",
["Donella St. Michaels"] = "Don Rico",
["Donna Richards"] = "Don Rico",
["Joseph Milton"] = "Don Rico",

["don warfield"] = "Don Warfield",
["d. warfield"] = "Don Warfield",
["warfield"] = "Don Warfield",

["dono sanchez-almara"] = "Dono Sánchez-Almara",

["donald hudson"] = "Donald Hudson",
["don hudson"] = "Donald Hudson",

["doug alexander"] = "Doug Gregory",
["doug gregory"] = "Doug Gregory",
["doug alexander gregory"] = "Doug Gregory",

["douglas braithwaite"] = "Douglas Braithwaite",
["doug braithwaite"] = "Douglas Braithwaite",
["dougie braithwaite"] = "Douglas Braithwaite",

["duncan roleau"] = "Duncan Rouleau",
["duncan rouleau"] = "Duncan Rouleau",

["dwight j. zimmerman"] = "Dwight Jon Zimmerman",
["dwight zimmerman"] = "Dwight Jon Zimmerman",
["dwight jon zimmerman"] = "Dwight Jon Zimmerman",

["earl norem"] = "Earl Norem",
["norem"] = "Earl Norem",

["eduardo barreto"] ="Ed Barreto",
["ed barreto"] ="Ed Barreto",

["France Herron"] = "Ed France Herron",
["Ed Herron"] = "Ed France Herron",
["Eddie Herron"] = "Ed France Herron",
["France E. Herron"] = "Ed France Herron",

["ed mcguinness"] = "Ed McGuinness",
["ed mcguiness"] = "Ed McGuinness",

["ed summer"] = "Ed Summer",
["edward summer"] = "Ed Summer",

["edd fear"] = "Edd Fear",
["ef"] = "Edd Fear",

["edde wagner"] = "Eddie Wagner",
["eddie wagner"] = "Eddie Wagner",

["edgar delgado"] = "Edgar Delgado",
["studio f's edgar delgado"] = "Edgar Delgado",
["delgado"] = "Edgar Delgado",

["edgar rice burroughs"] = "Edgar Rice Burroughs",
["erb"] = "Edgar Rice Burroughs",

["edgar tadeo"] = "Edgar Tadeo",
["ed tadeo"] = "Edgar Tadeo",

["eli katz"] = "Eli Katz",
["edward scott"] = "Eli Katz",
["gil kane"] = "Eli Katz",

["eliot r. brown"] = "Eliot R. Brown",
["eliot brown"] = "Eliot R. Brown",

["elizabeth dismang breitweiser"] = "Elizabeth Dismang Breitweiser",
["elizabeth breitweiser"] = "Elizabeth Dismang Breitweiser",
["elizabeth dismang"] = "Elizabeth Dismang Breitweiser",

["emerson miranda"] = "Emerson Miranda",
["em"] = "Emerson Miranda",

["quique alcatena"] = "Enrique Alcatena",
["enrique alcatena"] = "Enrique Alcatena",

["eric j. cannon"] = "Eric J. Cannon",
["eric cannon"] = "Eric J. Cannon",

["eric john moreels"] = "Eric J. Moreels",
["eric j. moreels"] = "Eric J. Moreels",

["erik j. larsen"] = "Erik J. Larsen",
["erik larsen"] = "Erik J. Larsen",

["ernest hart"] = "Ernest Hart",
["ernie hart"] = "Ernest Hart",
["h.e. huntley"] = "Ernest Hart",

["ernesto chan"] = "Ernesto Chan",
["ernie chan"] = "Ernesto Chan",
["ernie chua"] = "Ernesto Chan",

["ethan van sciver"] = "Ethan van Sciver",

["eve ewing"] = "Eve Ewing",
["eve l. ewing"] = "Eve Ewing",
["eve louise ewing"] = "Eve Ewing",

["flo steinberg"] = "Flo Steinberg",
["\"fabulous flo\""] = "Flo Steinberg",

["francesco mattina"] = "Francesco Mattina",
["francesco \"matt\" mattina"] = "Francesco Mattina",

["francis portella"] = "Francis Portella",
["francis portela"] = "Francis Portella",

["francisco chiaramonte"] = "Francisco Chiaramonte",
["frank chiaramonte"] = "Francisco Chiaramonte",
["frank monte"] = "Francisco Chiaramonte",
["frank chiara"] = "Francisco Chiaramonte",

["frank d'armata"] = "Frank D'Armata",
["d'armata"] = "Frank D'Armata",

["frank giacoia"] = "Frank Giacoia",
["frankie ray"] = "Frank Giacoia",
["frank giacola"] = "Frank Giacoia",
["espoia frank ray phil zupa"] = "Frank Giacoia",

["frank martin"] = "Frank Martin Jr.",
["frank martin jr."] = "Frank Martin Jr.",

["frank paul"] = "Frank Paul",
["frank r. paul"] = "Frank Paul",

["frank pittarese"] = "Frank Pittarese",
["pittarese"] = "Frank Pittarese",

["frank w. bolle"] = "Frank W. Bolle",
["frank bolle"] = "Frank W. Bolle",

["frazier irving"] = "Frazer Irving",
["frazer irving"] = "Frazer Irving",

["fred fredricks"] = "Fred Fredericks",
["fred fredericks"] = "Fred Fredericks",

["fred mendez"] = "Fred Mendez",
["freddy mendez"] = "Fred Mendez",

["fred van lente"] = "Fred Van Lente",
["frederick jan van lente"] = "Fred Van Lente",

["gabriel hardman"] = "Gabriel Hardman",
["gabriel gecko"] = "Gabriel Hardman",

["gabriele dell'otto"] = "Gabriele Dell'Otto",
["gabriele dell'otto"] = "Gabriele Dell'Otto",

["tanino liberatore"] = "Gaetano Liberatore",

["gardner fox"] = "Gardner Fox",
["gardner f. fox"] = "Gardner Fox",

["gaspar saladino"] = "Gaspar Saladino",
["lp gregory"] = "Gaspar Saladino",
["l. p. gregory"] = "Gaspar Saladino",
["l.p. gregory"] = "Gaspar Saladino",
["gaspar saldino"] = "Gaspar Saladino",

["gavin curtis"] = "Gavin Curtis",
["garvin curtis"] = "Gavin Curtis",

["gene colan"] = "Gene Colan",
["adam austin"] = "Gene Colan",

["george cox iii"] = "George Cox III",
["george cox"] = "George Cox III",

["george pérez"] = "George Pérez",
["george perez"] = "George Pérez",

["george roussos"] = "George Roussos",
["george \"inky\" roussos"] = "George Roussos",
["george bell"] = "George Roussos",
["g. roussos"] = "George Roussos",
["roussos"] = "George Roussos",

["gerald decaire"] = "Gerald DeCaire",
["jerry decaire"] = "Gerald DeCaire",

["geraldo borges"] = "Geraldo Borges",
["geraldo burges"] = "Geraldo Borges",

["gerry acerno"] = "Gerry Acerno",
["jerry acerno"] = "Gerry Acerno",

["gerry alanguilan"] = "Gerry Alanguilan",
["alanguain"] = "Gerry Alanguilan",

["gina raney"] = "Gina Going",
["gina going-raney"] = "Gina Going",

["giulia brusco"] = "Giulia Brusco",
["guilia brusco"] = "Giulia Brusco",

["glynis oliver-wein"] = "Glynis Oliver",
["glynis oliver"] = "Glynis Oliver",
["glynis wein"] = "Glynis Oliver",
["g. wein"] = "Glynis Oliver",
["glynis wein"] = "Glynis Oliver",

["gotham studios"] = "Gotham Studios",
["gotham entertainment group"] = "Gotham Studios",
["gotham"] = "Gotham Studios",

["greg land"] = "Greg Land",
["greg land, inc."] = "Greg Land",

["greg pak"] = "Greg Pak",
["gregory pak"] = "Greg Pak",

["greg rucka"] = "Greg Rucka",
["rucka"] = "Greg Rucka",

["gregg schigiel"] = "Gregg Schigiel",
["greg schigiel"] = "Gregg Schigiel",

["gregory wright"] = "Gregory Wright",
["greg wright"] = "Gregory Wright",

["guru efx"] = "Guru eFX",

["hannibal king"] = "Hannibal King (Earth-1218)",

["harvey tolibao"] = "Harvey Tolibao",
["harvey talibao"] = "Harvey Tolibao",

["hector sevilla lujan"] = "Hector Sevilla Lujan",
["elsevilla"] = "Hector Sevilla Lujan",

["henry p. chapman"] = "Henry P. Chapman",
["hank chapman"] = "Henry P. Chapman",

["hank kanaiz"] = "Hank Kanalz",
["hank kanalz"] = "Hank Kanalz",

["herbert trimpe"] = "Herbert Trimpe",
["herb trimpe"] = "Herbert Trimpe",

["hi-fi design"] = "Hi-Fi Design",
["hifi design"] = "Hi-Fi Design",

["howard mackie"] = "Howard Mackie",
["mackie"] = "Howard Mackie",
["howard a. mackie"] = "Howard Mackie",

["howard phillips lovecraft (earth-1218)"] = "Howard Phillips Lovecraft",
["howard phillips lovecraft"] = "Howard Phillips Lovecraft",
["h.p. lovecraft"] = "Howard Phillips Lovecraft",
["h. p.  lovecraft"] = "Howard Phillips Lovecraft",
["lovecraft"] = "Howard Phillips Lovecraft",

["irving watanabe"] = "Irving Watanabe",
["irving w."] = "Irving Watanabe",
["irv watanabe"] = "Irving Watanabe",

["ivan velez, jr."] = "Ivan Velez, Jr.",
["ivan velez jr"] = "Ivan Velez, Jr.",

["jay anacleto"] = "Jay Anacleto",
["avalon's jay anacleto"] = "Jay Anacleto",

["joseph michael straczynski"] = "J. Michael Straczynski",
["j michael straczynski"] = "J. Michael Straczynski",

["j. roberts"] = "J. Roberts",
["sotocolor's j. roberts"] = "J. Roberts",

["j.j. kirby"] = "J.J. Kirby",
["jj kirby"] = "J.J. Kirby",

["j.h. williams"] = "J.H. Williams III",

["john marc dematteis"] = "J.M. DeMatteis",
["marc dematteis"] = "J.M. DeMatteis",

["john rauch"] = "John Rauch",
["anthony j. rauch jr."] = "John Rauch",
["sotocolor's j. rauch"] = "John Rauch",

["jd messler"] = "JD Messler",

["jack abel"] = "Jack Abel",
["gary michaels"] = "Jack Abel",

["jack harris"] = "Jack Harris",
["jack c. harris"] = "Jack Harris",

["jack kirby"] = "Jack Kirby",
["jack kirby (earth-1218)"] = "Jack Kirby",
["kirby"] = "Jack Kirby",
["jacob kurtzberg"] = "Jack Kirby",

["jackson guice"] = "Jackson Guice",
["jackson 'butch' guice"] = "Jackson Guice",
["butch guice"] = "Jackson Guice",

["jaime gomez"] = "Jaime Gomez",
["taboo"] = "Jaime Gomez",

["james brown"] = "James Brown",
["j. brown"] = "James Brown",
["sotocolor's j. brown"] = "James Brown",

["james calafiore"] = "James Calafiore",
["jim calafiore"] = "James Calafiore",
["j. calafiore"] = "James Calafiore",

["james dale robinson"] = "James Robinson",
["james robinson"] = "James Robinson",

["james h. williams"] = "James H. Williams",
["jh williams"] = "James H. Williams",

["james h. williams iii"] = "James H. Williams III",

["james hoston"] = "James Hoston",
["jim hoston"] = "James Hoston",

["james palmiotti"] = "James Palmiotti",
["jim palmiotti"] = "James Palmiotti",

["jim sanders"] = "James Sanders III",
["jim sanders iii"] = "James Sanders III",
["james sanders"] = "James Sanders III",

["james charles shooter"] = "Jim Shooter",
["james shooter"] = "Jim Shooter",
["edward l. norton"] = "Jim Shooter",
["jim shooter"] = "Jim Shooter",
["j. shooter"] = "Jim Shooter",
["shooter"] = "Jim Shooter",

["jan bazaldua"] = "Jan Bazaldua",
["oscar bazaldua"] = "Jan Bazaldua",

["janice chaing"] = "Janice Chiang",
["janice chiang"] = "Janice Chiang",
["chiang"] = "Janice Chiang",

["janice cohen"] = "Janice Cohen",
["jan cohen"] = "Janice Cohen",

["janine casey"] = "Janine Casey",
["j. casey"] = "Janine Casey",

["jason temujin minor"] = "Jason Minor",
["jason temujin"] = "Jason Minor",
["temujin"] = "Jason Minor",
["jason minor"] = "Jason Minor",

["javier garron"] = "Javier Garrón",

["jean simek"] = "Jean Simek",
["jean izzo"] = "Jean Simek",
["jean simek izzo"] = "Jean Simek",

["jean-marc lofficier"] = "Jean-Marc Lofficier",
["r.j.m. lofficier"] = "Jean-Marc Lofficier",

["jeanine schaefer"] = "Jeanine Schaefer",
["jeanie schaefer"] = "Jeanine Schaefer",

["jeff moy"] = "Jeff Moy",
["jeffrey moy"] = "Jeff Moy",

["jelena kevic djurdjevic"] = "Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic",
["jelena kevic-djurdjevic"] = "Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic",
["jelena djurdjevic"] = "Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic",

["jennifer grünwald"] = "Jennifer Grünwald",
["jennifer gruenwald"] = "Jennifer Grünwald",
["jennifer grunwald"] = "Jennifer Grünwald",

["jerome opeña"] = "Jerome Opeña",
["jerome opena"] = "Jerome Opeña",

["jeromy cox"] = "Jeromy Cox",
["jeremy cox"] = "Jeromy Cox",

["jerry feldman"] = "Jerry Feldman",
["j. feldman"] = "Jerry Feldman",

["jerry siegle"] = "Jerry Siegle",
["joe carter"] = "Jerry Siegle",

["jim cheung"] = "Jim Cheung",
["jimmy cheung"] = "Jim Cheung",

["james p. starlin"] = "Jim Starlin",
["steve apollo"] = "Jim Starlin",

["jim steranko"] = "Jim Steranko",
["steranko"] = "Jim Steranko",

["jimmy betancourt"] = "Jimmy Betancourt",
["comicraft's jimmy b"] = "Jimmy Betancourt",
["jimmy b"] = "Jimmy Betancourt",
["comicraft's jimmy betancourt"] = "Jimmy Betancourt",

["jody leheup"] = "Jody LeHeup",
["jody lehup"] = "Jody LeHeup",

["joe albelo"] = "Joe Albelo",
["albelo"] = "Joe Albelo",

["joe brozowski"] = "Joe Brozowski",
["brozowski"] = "Joe Brozowski",
["j.j.brozowski"] = "Joe Brozowski",

["joe caramagna"] = "Joe Caramagna",
["joseph caramagna"] = "Joe Caramagna",
["vc's joseph caramagna"] = "Joe Caramagna",
["vc's joe caramagna"] = "Joe Caramagna",

["joseph gaudioso"] = "Joe Gaudioso",
["joe gaudioso"] = "Joe Gaudioso",

["joe pimentel"] = "Joe Pimentel",
["joe pimental"] = "Joe Pimentel",

["joe rosas"] = "Joe Rosas",
["rosas"] = "Joe Rosas",

["joe rosen"] = "Joe Rosen",
["rosen"] = "Joe Rosen",

["joe rubenstein"] = "Joe Rubenstein",
["joseph rubenstein"] = "Joe Rubenstein",

["joe sabino"] = "Joe Sabino",
["vc's joe sabino"] = "Joe Sabino",

["john barber"] = "John Barber",
["barber"] = "John Barber",

["john lindley byrne"] = "John Byrne",
["john byrne"] = "John Byrne",
["johnny redbeard"] = "John Byrne",
["the chronicler"] = "John Byrne",

["john costanza"] = "John Costanza",
["jon costa"] = "John Costanza",
["j. costanza"] = "John Costanza",
["costanza"] = "John Costanza",

["john miesgaes"] = "John Miesgaes",
["john miesegaes"] = "John Miesgaes",

["john morelli"] = "John Morelli",
["jack morelli"] = "John Morelli",
["j. morelli"] = "John Morelli",
["morelli"] = "John Morelli",

["john ostrander"] = "John Ostrander",
["jon ostrander"] = "John Ostrander",

["john pound"] = "John Pound",
["j-po"] = "John Pound",

["j. rauch"] = "John Rauch",
["john rauch"] = "John Rauch",

["john rhett thomas"] = "John Rhett Thomas",
["john thomas"] = "John Rhett Thomas",

["john romita jr."] = "John Romita Jr.",
["john romita jr"] = "John Romita Jr.",
["jrjr"] = "John Romita Jr.",
["jr jr"] = "John Romita Jr.",
["romita jr."] = "John Romita Jr.",
["john romita jr "] = "John Romita Jr.",
["john romita, jr."] = "John Romita Jr.",
["john romita, jr"] = "John Romita Jr.",

["john romita sr."] = "John Romita Sr.",
["john romita"] = "John Romita Sr.",
["john romita sr"] = "John Romita Sr.",
["john romita, sr"] = "John Romita Sr.",
["john romita, sr."] = "John Romita Sr.",

["john roshell"] = "John Roshell",
["jg j.g."] = "John Roshell",

["john severin"] = "John Severin",
["john powers severin"] = "John Severin",

["john smith"] = "John Smith (Earth-1218)",
["john smith (earth-1218)"] = "John Smith (Earth-1218)",

["john starr"] = "John Starr",
["top cow - john starr"] = "John Starr",

["john tartaglione"] = "John Tartaglione",
["john tartag"] = "John Tartaglione",

["john totleben"] = "John Totleben",
["jon totleben"] = "John Totleben",

["john verpoorten"] = "John Verpoorten",
["john verpoorton"] = "John Verpoorten",

["john e. workman jr."] = "John Workman Jr.",
["john workman"] = "John Workman Jr.",
["john e. workman"] = "John Workman Jr.",
["john workman jr."] = "John Workman Jr.",

["jonathan d. smith"] = "J.D. Smith",
["jon d. smith"] = "J.D. Smith",
["j.d. smith"] = "J.D. Smith",

["jonathan holdredge"] = "Jonathan Holdredge",
["jon holdredge"] = "Jonathan Holdredge",

["jonathan sibal"] = "Jonathan Sibal",
["jon sibal"] = "Jonathan Sibal",

["jordan white"] = "Jordan D. White",
["jordan d. white"] = "Jordan D. White",

["jorge gonzales"] = "Jorge Gonzales",
["jorge gonzalez"] = "Jorge Gonzales",

["josé carlos silva"] = "José Carlos Silva",
["jose carlos silva"] = "José Carlos Silva",
["ze carlos"] = "José Carlos Silva",

["jose holder"] = "Jose Holder",
["joh james"] = "Jose Holder",

["josé ladrönn"] = "José Ladrönn",
["jose ladrönn"] = "José Ladrönn",
["josé ladronn"] = "José Ladrönn",
["jose ladronn"] = "José Ladrönn",

["josé luis garcía-lópez"] = "José Luis García-López",
["jose luis garcia-lopez"] = "José Luis García-López",
["josé luis garcía lópez"] = "José Luis García-López",
["jose luis garcia lopez"] = "José Luis García-López",
["josé luís"] = "José Luis García-López",
["josé luis"] = "José Luis García-López",
["jose luis"] = "José Luis García-López",

["josé marzan jr."] = "José Marzan Jr",
["jose marzan"] = "José Marzan Jr.",
["jose marzan jr."] = "José Marzan Jr.",

["jose villarrubia"] = "Jose Villarrubia",
["jose villarubia"] = "Jose Villarrubia",
["josé villarubia"] = "Jose Villarrubia",

["joseph john barney"] = "Joseph John Barney",
["joe barney"] = "Joseph John Barney",
["j.j. barney"] = "Joseph John Barney",

["joshua cassara"] = "Joshua Cassara",
["josh cassara"] = "Joshua Cassara",

["joshua middleton"] = "Joshua Middleton",
["josh middleton"] = "Joshua Middleton",

["joss whedon"] = "Joss Whedon",

["juanan ramirez"] = "Juanan Ramírez",

["juann cabal"] = "Juan Cabal",

["june braverman"] = "June Braverman",

["june chung"] = "June Chung",
["jane chung"] = "June Chung",

["jung choi's transparency digital"] = "Jung Choi",
["jung choi"] = "Jung Choi",
["jc"] = "Jung Choi",

["justin gabrie"] = "Justin Gabrie",
["justin f. gabrie"] = "Justin Gabrie",

["justin ponsor"] = "Justin Ponsor",
["ponsor"] = "Justin Ponsor",
["j-po"] = "Justin Ponsor",

["kalman andrasofsky"] = "Kalman Andrasofszky",
["kalman andrasofszky"] = "Kalman Andrasofszky",

["kaare kyle andrews"] = "Kaare Kyle Andrews",
["kaare andrews"] = "Kaare Kyle Andrews",

["karen nemri"] = "Karen Nemri",
["karin nemri"] = "Karen Nemri",

["karl altstaetter"] = "Karl Altstaetter",
["karl alstaetter"] = "Karl Altstaetter",

["keith p. aiken"] = "Keith P. Aiken",
["keith aiken"] = "Keith P. Aiken",

["kelly lamy"] = "Kelly Lamy",
["kelly lami"] = "Kelly Lamy",

["kelly corvese"] = "Kelly Corvese",
["kelly p. corvese"] = "Kelly Corvese",

["ken lopez"] = "Ken Lopez",
["kenny lopez"] = "Ken Lopez",

["kevin sutherland"] = "Kevin Sutherland",
["kev sutherland"] = "Kevin Sutherland",

["kevin tinsley"] = "Kevin Tinsley",
["tinsley"] = "Kevin Tinsley",

["kevin walker"] = "Kevin Walker",
["kev walker"] = "Kevin Walker",

["kevin dzuban"] = "Kevin Dzuban",
["kevin dzubin"] = "Kevin Dzuban",

["kirk jarvinin"] = "Kirk Jarvinen",
["kirk jarvinen"] = "Kirk Jarvinen",

["klaus janson"] = "Klaus Janson",
["k. janson"] = "Klaus Janson",

["koi turnball"] = "Koi Turnball",
["koi turnbull"] = "Koi Turnball",

["kolja fuchs"] = "Kolja Fuchs",
["kf"] = "Kolja Fuchs",

["kris anka"] = "Kris Anka",
["anka"] = "Kris Anka",

["in-hyuk lee"] = "InHyuk Lee",
["inhyuk lee"] = "InHyuk Lee",

["l. lois buhalis"] = "L. Lois Buhalis",
["lois buhalis"] = "L. Lois Buhalis",

["l. molinar"] = "L. Molinar",
["sotocolor's l. molinar"] = "L. Molinar",

["larry stucker"] = "Lary Stucker",

["medina"] = "Lan Medina",
["l. medina"] = "Lan Medina",
["avalon's lan medina"] = "Lan Medina",
["avalon - lan medina"] = "Lan Medina",

["l. sprague de camp"] = "L. Sprague de Camp",
["lyon sprague de camp"] = "L. Sprague de Camp",

["lauren sankovitch"] = "Lauren Sankovitch",
["sankovitch"] = "Lauren Sankovitch",

["leandro fernandez"] = "Leandro Fernandez",
["leo fernandez"] = "Leandro Fernandez",

["leinil francis yu"] = "Leinil Francis Yu",
["leinil yu"] = "Leinil Francis Yu",
["yu"] = "Leinil Francis Yu",
["lenil yu"] = "Leinil Francis Yu",

["lilah sturges"] = "Lilah Sturges",
["matt sturges"] = "Lilah Sturges",
["matthew sturges"] = "Lilah Sturges",

["lost fish"] = "Lost Fish",
["elodie"] = "Lost Fish",

["louise jones"] = "Louise Jones",
["jones"] = "Louise Jones",

["luca malisan"] = "Luca Malisan",
["gotem studio's luca malisan"] = "Luca Malisan",

["lynn varley"] = "Lynn Varley",
["l. varley"] = "Lynn Varley",

["m.c. wyman"] = "M.C. Wyman",
["m. c. wyman"] = "M.C. Wyman",

["m3th"] = "M3th",
["udon's m3th"] = "M3th",

["mackenzie cadenhead"] = "MacKenzie Cadenhead",

["marc sumerak"] = "Marc Sumerak",
["sumerak"] = "Marc Sumerak",

["malibu color"] = "Malibu Color",
["malibu hues"] = "Malibu Color",
["malibu's (violent) hues"] = "Malibu Color",
["malibu's hues"] = "Malibu Color",
["malibu enhancement"] = "Malibu Color",
["malibu enhancements"] = "Malibu Color",
["violent hues"] = "Malibu Color",

["many hands"] = "Many Hands",
["m. hands"] = "Many Hands",
["a. kaotic"] = "Many Hands",
["diverse hands"] = "Many Hands",
["d. hands"] = "Many Hands",
["too many cooks"] = "Many Hands",
["roy g. biv"] = "Many Hands",

["marc silvestri"] = "Marc Silvestri",
["marc silverstri"] = "Marc Silvestri",
["mark silvestri"] = "Marc Silvestri",

["marcus mclaurin"] = "Marcus McLaurin",
["marc mclaurin"] = "Marcus McLaurin",
["marc mclauren"] = "Marcus McLaurin",
["marcus mclauren"] = "Marcus McLaurin",

["marcus pelayo"] = "Marcus Pelayo",
["marcos pelayo"] = "Marcus Pelayo",

["mariana manco"] = "Mariana Manco",
["mariana sanzone"] = "Mariana Manco",
["marianna manco"] = "Mariana Manco",

["marie javins"] = "Marie Javins",
["marie javens"] = "Marie Javins",
["javins"] = "Marie Javins",

["mark bernardo"] = "Mark Bernardo",
["mark bombardo"] = "Mark Bernardo",
["mark \"my words\" bernardo"] = "Mark Bernardo",

["mark brooks"] = "Mark Brooks",
["udon comics - mark brooks"] = "Mark Brooks",

["mark gruenwald"] = "Mark Gruenwald",
["gru"] = "Mark Gruenwald",
["gruenwald"] = "Mark Gruenwald",

["mark irwin"] = "Mark Irwin",
["mike irwin"] = "Mark Irwin",
["irwin"] = "Mark Irwin",

["mark nelson"] = "Mark Nelson",
["nelson"] = "Mark Nelson",

["mark roslan"] = "Mark Roslan",
["aspen mlt's mark roslan"] = "Mark Roslan",
["roslan"] = "Mark Roslan",

["marko djurdjevic"] = "Marko Djurdjevic",
["marco djurdjevic"] = "Marko Djurdjevic",

["martin egeland"] = "Martin Egeland",
["marty egeland"] = "Martin Egeland",

["martin epp"] = "Martin Epp",
["m. epp"] = "Martin Epp",

["martin goodman"] = "Martin Goodman",
["marty goodman"] = "Martin Goodman",

["martin jimenez"] = "Martin Jimenez",
["martin jiminez"] = "Martin Jimenez",

["mary ellen beveridge"] = "Mary Ellen Beveridge",
["mary ellen"] = "Mary Ellen Beveridge",

["mary jo duffy"] = "Mary Jo Duffy",
["jo duffy"] = "Mary Jo Duffy",

["matt banning"] = "Matt Banning",
["batt"] = "Matt Banning",
["matt \"batt\" banning"] = "Matt Banning",
["matt batt banning"] = "Matt Banning",

["matt milla"] = "Matt Milla",
["avalon's matt milla"] = "Matt Milla",
["avalon - matt milla"] = "Matt Milla",

["matt morra"] = "Matthew Morra",
["matthew morra"] = "Matthew Morra",

["matt ryan"] = "Matt Ryan",
["matt ryan (earth-1218)"] = "Matt Ryan",
["matthew ryan"] = "Matt Ryan",

["melvin rubi"] = "Melvin Rubi",
["mel rubi"] = "Melvin Rubi",

["michael avon oeming"] = "Michael Avon Oeming",
["mike oeming"] = "Michael Avon Oeming",

["michael w. bennent"] = "Michael Bennent",
["michael bennent"] = "Michael Bennent",

["mike carlin"] = "Michael Carlin",
["michael carlin"] = "Michael Carlin",

["michael dalton allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["michael allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["mike allred doc allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["mike allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["michael d. allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["mike d. allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",
["doc allred"] = "Michael D. Allred",

["michael bartolo"] = "Michael S. Bartolo",
["michael s. bartolo"] = "Michael S. Bartolo",

["michael del mundo"] = "Michael Del Mundo",
["mike del mundo"] = "Michael Del Mundo",

["michael docherty"] = "Michael Docherty",
["mike docherty"] = "Michael Docherty",

["michael golden"] = "Michael Golden",
["mike golden"] = "Michael Golden",

["michael heisler"] = "Michael Heisler",
["mike heisler"] = "Michael Heisler",

["michael higgins"] = "Michael Higgins",
["michael \"ui\" higgins"] = "Michael Higgins",
["ul higgins"] = "Michael Higgins",

["michael horwitz"] = "Michael Horwitz",
["michael horowitz"] = "Michael Horwitz",

["michael kelleher"] = "Michael Kelleher",
["mike kelleher"] = "Michael Kelleher",

["michael l. halblieb"] = "Michael L. Halblieb",
["michael halbleib"] = "Michael L. Halblieb",
["mike halblieb"] = "Michael L. Halblieb",

["michael lacombe"] = "Michael LaCombe",

["michael lark"] = "Michael Lark",
["lark"] = "Michael Lark",

["michael nasser"] = "Michael Nasser",
["mike nasser"] = "Michael Nasser",

["michael ploog"] = "Michael Ploog",
["mike ploog"] = "Michael Ploog",

["michael rockwitz"] = "Mike Rockwitz",
["mike rockwitz"] = "Mike Rockwitz",

["michael spicer"] = "Michael Spicer",
["mike spicer"] = "Michael Spicer",

["michael suayan"] = "Michael Suayan",
["mico suayan"] = "Michael Suayan",
["mico"] = "Michael Suayan",

["michael thomas"] = "Michael Thomas",
["mike thomas"] = "Michael Thomas",

["michael zeck"] = "Michael Zeck",
["mike zeck"] = "Michael Zeck",

["Michele Robinson"] = "Michelle Wrightson",
["Michele Brand"] = "Michelle Wrightson",
["Michele Robinson Brand"] = "Michelle Wrightson",

["michelle wolfman"] = "Michelle Wolfman",
["michele wolfman"] = "Michelle Wolfman",
["michele w."] = "Michelle Wolfman",

["miguel angel sepulveda"] = "Miguel Angel Sepulveda",
["ma sepulveda"] = "Miguel Angel Sepulveda",
["miguel sepulveda"] = "Miguel Angel Sepulveda",

["micheal w. barr"] = "Mike Barr",
["mike barr"] = "Mike Barr",

["michael benson"] = "Mike Benson",
["mike benson"] = "Mike Benson",

["mike deodato jr."] = "Mike Deodato Jr.",
["mike deodato"] = "Mike Deodato Jr.",
["deodato studios"] = "Mike Deodato Jr.",
["deodato"] = "Mike Deodato Jr.",
["mike deodato jr"] = "Mike Deodato Jr.",

["mike esposito"] = "Mike Esposito",
["michael dee"] = "Mike Esposito",
["joe guadioso"] = "Mike Esposito",
["mike esposita"] = "Mike Esposito",

["michael j. fichera"] = "Mike Fichera",
["mike fichera"] = "Mike Fichera",

["michael gustovich"] = "Mike Gustovich",
["mike gustovich"] = "Mike Gustovich",

["michele bertilorenzi"] = "Mick Bertilorenzi",
["mick bertilorenzi"] = "Mick Bertilorenzi",

["mike kaluta"] = "Mike Kaluta",
["michael kaluta"] = "Mike Kaluta",
["michael w kaluta"] = "Mike Kaluta",
["michael william kaluta"] = "Mike Kaluta",

["mike mignola"] = "Mike Mignola",
["michael mignola"] = "Mike Mignola",

["mike mckone"] = "Mike McKone",
["mckone"] = "Mike McKone",

["michael lance wieringo"] = "Mike Wieringo",
["ringo!"] = "Mike Wieringo",

["mizuki sakakibara"] = "Mizuki Sakakibara",
["saka of studio xd"] = "Mizuki Sakakibara",

["jean giraud"] = "Moebius",
["moebius"] = "Moebius",

["moose baumann"] = "Moose Baumann",
["w. moose baumann"] = "Moose Baumann",

["moe marcus"] = "Morris Marcus",

["morton lawrence"] = "Morton Lawrence",
["mort lawrence"] = "Morton Lawrence",

["nate cosby"] = "Nathan Cosby",
["nathan cosby"] = "Nathan Cosby",

["neil richard gaiman"] = "Neil Gaiman",
["neil gaiman"] = "Neil Gaiman",

["nel yomtov"] = "Nelson Yomtov",
["nelson yomtov"] = "Nelson Yomtov",

["nelson alexander ross"] = "Alex Ross",
["alexander ross"] = "Alex Ross",
["alex ross"] = "Alex Ross",

["nicholas viscardi"] = "Nicholas Viscardi",
["nick cardy"] = "Nicholas Viscardi",
["nick cardi"] = "Nicholas Viscardi",

["nick j. napolitano"] = "Nick J. Napolitano",
["nick napolitano"] = "Nick J. Napolitano",

["nicholas russell"] = "Nicholas Russell",
["nick russell"] = "Nicholas Russell",

["nicole wiley"] = "Nicole Boose",
["nicole boose"] = "Nicole Boose",
["nicole wiley-boose"] = "Nicole Boose",
["nicole wiley boose"] = "Nicole Boose",

["norman breyfogle"] = "Norm Breyfogle",
["norm"] = "Norm Breyfogle",

["norman rapmund"] = "Norman Rapmund",
["norm rapmund"] = "Norman Rapmund",

["norvell page"] = "Norvell W. Page",
["norvell w. page"] = "Norvell W. Page",
["norvell wordsworth page"] = "Norvell W. Page",

["nova ren suma"] = "Nova Ren Suma",
["nova red suma"] = "Nova Ren Suma",

["oliver coipel"] = "Olivier Coipel",
["oliver copiel"] = "Olivier Coipel",

["pablo raimondi"] = "Pablo Raimondi",
["paulo raimondi"] = "Pablo Raimondi",

["paolo siqueira"] = "Paolo Siqueira",
["siqueira"] = "Paolo Siqueira",
["paulo siqueira"] = "Paolo Siqueira",

["paschalis ferry"] = "Pasqual Ferry",
["pasqual ferry"] = "Pasqual Ferry",

["patrick olliffe"] = "Patrick Olliffe",
["pat olliffe"] = "Patrick Olliffe",

["patrick scherberger"] = "Patrick Scherberger",
["scherberger"] = "Patrick Scherberger",

["patrick spaziante"] = "Patrick Spaziante",
["patrick \"spaz!\" spaziante"] = "Patrick Spaziante",

["patrick zircher"] = "Patrick Zircher",
["patch zircher"] = "Patrick Zircher",

["paty cockrum"] = "Paty Cockrum",
["paty greer"] = "Paty Cockrum",
["paty"] = "Paty Cockrum",

["paul becton"] = "Paul Becton",
["p. becton"] = "Paul Becton",

["paul jenkins (earth-1218)"] = "Paul Jenkins",
["paul jenkins"] = "Paul Jenkins",

["paul tutrone"] = "Paul Tutrone",
["paul tutorne"] = "Paul Tutrone",

["pauline o'sullivan"] = "Pauline Loth",
["pauline loth"] = "Pauline Loth",

["paolo siqueira"] = "Paulo Siqueira",
["paulo siqueira"] = "Paulo Siqueira",

["peter b. gillis"] = "Peter Gillis",
["peter gillis"] = "Peter Gillis",
["peter b! gillis"] = "Peter Gillis",

["peter pantazis"] = "Peter Pantazis",
["pete pantazis"] = "Peter Pantazis",

["peter steigerwald"] = "Peter Steigerwald",
["aspen mlt's peter steigerwald"] = "Peter Steigerwald",
["steigerwald"] = "Peter Steigerwald",

["peter woods"] = "Peter Woods",
["pete woods"] = "Peter Woods",

["petra scotese"] = "Petra Scotese",
["petra goldberg"] = "Petra Scotese",

["phil felix"] = "Phil Felix",
["phil hugh felix"] = "Phil Felix",

["phil jimenez"] = "Phil Jimenez",
["phil jiminez"] = "Phil Jimenez",

["ralph macchio"] = "Ralph Macchio",
["macchio"] = "Ralph Macchio",

["ramon bachs"] = "Ramon Bachs",
["ramone bachs"] = "Ramon Bachs",

["ramon perez"] = "Ramón Pérez",
["ramón pérez"] = "Ramón Pérez",

["randall green"] = "Randall Green",
["randy green"] = "Randall Green",

["randy emberlin"] = "Randy Emberlin",
["emberlin"] = "Randy Emberlin",

["randy gentile"] = "Randy Gentile",
["vc's randy gentile"] = "Randy Gentile",
["sharpefont's rg"] = "Randy Gentile",
["rg"] = "Randy Gentile",

["randy lofficier"] = "Randy Lofficier",
["r.j.m. lofficier"] = "Randy Lofficier",

["renee witterstaetter"] = "Renée Witterstaetter",
["renée witterstaetter"] = "Renée Witterstaetter",

["reuel raz mesinai"] = "Raz Mesinai",
["badawi"] = "Raz Mesinai",

["ricardo villamonte"] = "Ricardo Villamonte",
["ric villamonte"] = "Ricardo Villamonte",

["R.F. Buckler"] = "Rich Buckler",
["Validar"] = "Rich Buckler",
["Ron Validar"] = "Rich Buckler",
["The Swash"] = "Rich Buckler",
["Rich F. Buckler"] = "Rich Buckler",

["rich koslowski"] = "Rich Koslowski",
["thor, god of thunder"] = "Rich Koslowski",
["sir genius conan"] = "Rich Koslowski",

["richard bennett"] = "Richard Bennett",
["richard bennet"] = "Richard Bennett",

["richard elson"] = "Richard Elson",
["rich elson"] = "Richard Elson",

["richard howell"] = "Richard Howell",
["rich howell"] = "Richard Howell",

["richard starkings"] = "Richard Starkings",
["comicraft's richard starkings"] = "Richard Starkings",
["rs"] = "Richard Starkings",
["vc's richard starkings"] = "Richard Starkings",
["starkings"] = "Richard Starkings",
["richard s."] = "Richard Starkings",

["rick hoover"] = "Rick Hoover",
["r. hoover"] = "Rick Hoover",

["rick ketchum"] = "Rick Ketcham",
["rick ketcham"] = "Rick Ketcham",

["rick leonardi"] = "Rick Leonardi",
["rich leonardi"] = "Rick Leonardi",

["richard e. marschall"] = "Rick Marschall",
["richard marschall"] = "Rick Marschall",
["rick marschall"] = "Rick Marschall",

["rick parker"] = "Rick Parker",
["parker"] = "Rick Parker",

["robbie carosella"] = "Robbie Carosella",
["robbie c."] = "Robbie Carosella",
["rob carosella"] = "Robbie Carosella",

["robert bernstein"] = "Robert Bernstein",
["r. berns"] = "Robert Bernstein",

["robert e. howard"] = "Robert E. Howard",
["robert e. howard (earth-1218)"] = "Robert E. Howard",

["robert fingerman"] = "Robert Fingerman",
["bob fingerman"] = "Robert Fingerman",

["robert kirkman"] = "Robert Kirkman",
["kirkman"] = "Robert Kirkman",

["bob mccarty"] = "Bob McCarty",
["bob mccarthy"] = "Bob McCarty",
["robert mccarty"] = "Bob McCarty",

["robert quinn"] = "Robert Quinn",
["bob quinn"] = "Robert Quinn",

["robert sale"] = "Robert Sale",
["robert q. sale"] = "Robert Sale",

["robert simpson"] = "Robert Simpson",
["bob simpson"] = "Robert Simpson",

["robert stull"] = "Robert Stull",
["rob stull"] = "Robert Stull",

["roberta mckenzie"] = "Roberta McKenzie",
["dickie mckenzie"] = "Roberta McKenzie",

["rod ramos"] = "Rodney Ramos",
["rodney ramos"] = "Rodney Ramos",

["roger stern"] = "Roger Stern",
["r. stern"] = "Roger Stern",

["ron garney"] = "Ron Garney",
["rob garney"] = "Ron Garney",

["ron zalme"] = "Ron Zalme",
["zalme"] = "Ron Zalme",

["ronald bialkowski"] = "Ronald Bialkowski",
["ron bialkowski"] = "Ronald Bialkowski",

["rosi kämpe"] = "Rosi Kämpe",
["rosi kampe"] = "Rosi Kämpe",

["roy allan martinez"] = "Roy Allan Martinez",
["allen martinez"] = "Roy Allan Martinez",

["roy thomas"] = "Roy Thomas",
["justin arthur"] = "Roy Thomas",

["ruairi coleman"] = "Ruairí Coleman",
["ruairí coleman"] = "Ruairí Coleman",
["rus wooton"] = "Rus Wooton",
["vc's rus wooton"] = "Rus Wooton",
["russ wooton"] = "Rus Wooton",
["udon's ryan odagawa"] = "Ryan Odagawa",
["ryan odagawa"] = "Ryan Odagawa",

["saida temofonte"] = "Saida Temofonte",
["comicraft's saida"] = "Saida Temofonte",
["saida"] = "Saida Temofonte",
["saida!"] = "Saida Temofonte",

["sal regla"] = "Sal Regla",
["top cow - sal regla"] = "Sal Regla",

["salvador espin"] = "Salvador Espin",
["salva"] = "Salvador Espin",
["salva espin"] = "Salvador Espin",

["salvador larroca"] = "Salvador Larroca",
["sal larroca"] = "Salvador Larroca",
["salvaor larroca"] = "Salvador Larroca",

["sam kweskin"] = "Sam Kweskin",
["irv kweskin"] = "Sam Kweskin",
["irv wesley"] = "Sam Kweskin",

["sam rosen"] = "Sam Rosen",
["rosen"] = "Sam Rosen",

["sam de la rosa"] = "Sam de la Rosa",
["sam delarosa"] = "Sam de la Rosa",
["sam dela rosa"] = "Sam de la Rosa",
["sam de larosa"] = "Sam de la Rosa",

["sandy plunkett"] = "Sandy Plunkett",
["sandy plunket"] = "Sandy Plunkett",

["scott edelman"] = "Scott Edelman",
["scott edelmen"] = "Scott Edelman",

["scott elmer"] = "Scott Elmer",
["elmer"] = "Scott Elmer",

["scott gimple"] = "Scott M. Gimple",
["scott m. gimple"] = "Scott M. Gimple",
["scott m gimple"] = "Scott M. Gimple",

["scott koblish"] = "Scott Koblish",
["koblish"] = "Scott Koblish",

["scott young"] = "Skottie Young",
["skott young"] = "Skottie Young",
["skottie young"] = "Skottie Young",
["scottie young"] = "Skottie Young",
["skotie young"] = "Skottie Young",
["skottie"] = "Skottie Young",

["sebastián carrillo"] = "Sebastián Carrillo",
["sebastian carrillo"] = "Sebastián Carrillo",
["sebastian bachan carrillo"] = "Sebastián Carrillo",
["bachan"] = "Sebastián Carrillo",

["sergio aragonés domenech"] = "Sergio Aragones",
["sergio aragones"] = "Sergio Aragones",
["sergio aragonés"] = "Sergio Aragones",
["sergio aragoñes"] = "Sergio Aragones",

["sergio ariño"] = "Sergio Ariño",
["sergio arino"] = "Sergio Ariño",

["shannon andrews ballesteros"] = "Shannon Andrews Ballesteros",
["shannon andrews"] = "Shannon Andrews Ballesteros",
["shannon ballesteros"] = "Shannon Andrews Ballesteros",

["shannon eric denton"] = "Shannon Eric Denton",
["shannon denton"] = "Shannon Eric Denton",

["si spurrier"] = "Simon Spurrier",

["simone bianche"] = "Simone Bianchi",
["simone bianchi"] = "Simone Bianchi",

["stan lee (earth-1218)"] = "Stan Lee",
["stanley lieber"] = "Stan Lee",
["stan lee"] = "Stan Lee",

["stanislav robert pawlowski"] = "Stanislav Robert Pawlowski",
["bob powell"] = "Stanislav Robert Pawlowski",
["staz johnson"] = "Staz Johnson",

["stephane peru"] = "Stephane Peru",
["stefane peru"] = "Stephane Peru",

["stephen ross gerber"] = "Steve Gerber",
["steve gerber"] = "Steve Gerber",

["stephen hickman"] = "Steve Hickman",
["steve hickman"] = "Steve Hickman",

["steven mitchell"] = "Steve Mitchell",
["steve mitchell"] = "Steve Mitchell",

["stephen perry"] = "Steve Perry",
["steve perry"] = "Steve Perry",

["steve buccellato"] = "Steve Buccellato",
["comicraft's steve buccellato"] = "Steve Buccellato",

["steve englehart"] = "Steve Englehart",
["john harkness"] = "Steve Englehart",

["steven bissette"] = "Steven Bissette",
["steve bissette"] = "Steven Bissette",

["steven mattsson"] = "Steven Mattsson",
["steve mattsson"] = "Steven Mattsson",

["steven moncuse"] = "Steven Moncuse",
["steve moncuse"] = "Steven Moncuse",

["steven skeates"] = "Steven Skeates",
["steve skeates"] = "Steven Skeates",

["tennessee williams"] = "Tennessee Williams",
["thomas lanier williams"] = "Tennessee Williams",
["thomas lanier williams iii"] = "Tennessee Williams",

["terry kavanagh"] = "Terry Kavanagh",
["terry kavangh"] = "Terry Kavanagh",

["terry pallott"] = "Terry Pallott",
["terry pallot"] = "Terry Pallott",

["thomas brennan"] = "Thomas Brennan",
["tom brennan"] = "Thomas Brennan",

["thomas derenick"] = "Thomas Derenick",
["tom derenick"] = "Thomas Derenick",

["thomas grummett"] = "Tom Grummett",
["tom grummett"] = "Tom Grummett",

["tim smith iii"] = "Tim Smith III",
["tim smith 3"] = "Tim Smith III",
["tim smith"] = "Tim Smith III",

["timothy green ii"] = "Timothy Green II",
["timothy green"] = "Timothy Green II",

["timothy green iii"] = "Timothy Green III",

["todd mcfarlane"] = "Todd McFarlane",
["todd macfarlane"] = "Todd McFarlane",

["tom chu's color dojo"] = "Tom Chu's Color Dojo",
["color dojo"] = "Tom Chu's Color Dojo",

["tom groneman"] = "Thomas Groneman",
["thomas groneman"] = "Thomas Groneman",
["tom orzechowski"] = "Tom Orzechowski",
["tom orz"] = "Tom Orzechowski",
["orz"] = "Tom Orzechowski",
["orzechowski"] = "Tom Orzechowski",

["tom sutton"] = "Thomas Sutton",

["tony dipreta"] = "Tony DiPreta",
["anthony dipreta"] = "Tony DiPreta",

["tony washington"] = "Tony Washington",
["anthony washington"] = "Tony Washington",

["troy peteri"] = "Troy Peteri",
["top cow - troy peteri"] = "Troy Peteri",

["triona farrell"] = "Triona Tree Farrell",

["tyler kirkham"] = "Tyler Kirkham",
["top cow - tyler kirkham"] = "Tyler Kirkham",

["udon comics"] = "Udon Studios",
["udon studios"] = "Udon Studios",
["udon"] = "Udon Studios",

["victor carrabotta"] = "Victor Carrabotta",
["vic carrabotta"] = "Victor Carrabotta",

["viktor bogdanovic"] = "Viktor Bogdanović",

["vincent alascia"] = "Vince Alascia",
["nicholas alascia"] = "Vince Alascia",
["vince alascia"] = "Vince Alascia",

["vince mielcarek"] = "Vince Mielcarek",
["vice mielcarek"] = "Vince Mielcarek",

["vincent evans"] = "Vincent Evans",
["vince evans"] = "Vincent Evans",

["vincent joseph colletta"] = "Vincent Joseph Colletta",
["vince colletta"] = "Vincent Joseph Colletta",
["vinnie colletta"] = "Vincent Joseph Colletta",

["vincenzo acunzo"] = "Vincenzo Acunzo",
["vincenzo acunza"] = "Vincenzo Acunzo",

["valerie barclay"] = "Violet Barclay",
["violet barclay"] = "Violet Barclay",

["virgilio redondo"] = "Virgilio Redondo",
["virgil redondo"] = "Virgilio Redondo",

["virtual calligraphy"] = "Virtual Calligraphy",
["vc"] = "Virtual Calligraphy",

["wade von grawbadger"] = "Wade von Grawbadger",

["walden wong"] = "Walden Wong",
["wong"] = "Walden Wong",

["wallace allan wood"] = "Wallace Allan Wood",
["wallace wood"] = "Wallace Allan Wood",
["wally wood woody"] = "Wallace Allan Wood",

["walter simonson"] = "Walter Simonson",
["walt simonson"] = "Walter Simonson",

["warren simmons"] = "Warren Simmons",
["warren simons"] = "Warren Simmons",

["wellington alves"] = "Wellinton Alves",
["wellinton alves"] = "Wellinton Alves",

["werner roth"] = "Werner Roth",
["jay gavin"] = "Werner Roth",

["wes abbot"] = "Wes Abbott",
["wes abbott"] = "Wes Abbott",
["comicraft's wes!"] = "Wes Abbott",
["comicraft's wes abbott"] = "Wes Abbott",
["rs & comicraft's wes abbott"] = "Wes Abbott",

["wil moss"] = "Wil Moss",
["will moss"] = "Wil Moss",

["william blake everett"] = "William Blake Everett",
["bill everett"] = "William Blake Everett",
["william blake"] = "William Blake Everett",
["everett blake"] = "William Blake Everett",

["william graham jr."] = "William Graham Jr.",
["billy graham"] = "William Graham Jr.",

["will sliney"] = "William Sliney",

["william rosado"] = "William Rosado",
["will rosado"] = "William Rosado",

["winslow mortimer"] = "Winslow Mortimer",
["win mortimer"] = "Winslow Mortimer",

["x (earth-1218)"] = "X",
["x"] = "X",

["droplet"] = "Xi Shanshan",
["shuizhu"] = "Xi Shanshan",
["xi shanshan"] = "Xi Shanshan",

["keng"] = "Xu Ming",
["xu ming"] = "Xu Ming",

["yancey labat"] = "Yancey Labat",
["yancy labat"] = "Yancey Labat",

["zack stentz"] = "Zack Stentz",
["zak stentz"] = "Zack Stentz",

["zhou jiajun"] = "Zhou Jiajun",
["zhou liefen"] = "Zhou Jiajun",
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