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In the distant future of Reality-81049, the Moensiens of the planet Monsien had reached a dead end in terms of evolution, morality, science and philosophy. As their society began slipping into decadence and corruption, the elders of Moensien determined that the only way their species could progress further was to reach out to other races in the universe and share their knowledge. Soon a selection process was made to find their two most determined and uncorruptible members to embark on this mission. Eventually the elders selected Xanth and his lover Shareen. The couple soon took off in a space ship and voyaged the stars for over 40 years.

During their travels they came across the centuries old remains of the Voyager space probe from the planet Earth as it was about to be pulled into a black hole. Xanth was determined to collect it and learn who its creators were, despite Shareen's protests that it was too dangerous. Instead of recovering the probe, the couple's ship was pulled into the black hole where they were atomized. Their life forces survived and were shown the secrets of the universe before being reborn into new forms. Embracing the good and light, Shareen became the positive matter based Firefrost, while Xanth became the anti-matter and darkness based Ebon Seeker. The two found themselves transported back in time and released into Reality-616.

Driven mad by his transformation, the Ebon Seeker was drawn to worlds that sustained life, ignoring the warnings of Firefrost who followed him from world to world. Due to his anti-matter nature, the Seeker was the anathema to the worlds he visited, and the two would ultimately destroy each other. With the destruction of each world, the Ebon Seeker was reborn and drawn to the next world, and the next for years. [1]

He was eventually drawn to Earth by a signal-array beamed into space by the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic. When the Seeker arrived on Earth, the Fantastic Four clashed with him but were quickly defeated as they were no match for his superior powers. [2] With the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance, the FF were confronted by Firefrost who told the group of her and the Seeker's origins. Working together, the Fantastic Four saved the Earth and restored the Ebon Seeker's sanity by banishing him into the Negative Zone. Back to normal, the Ebon Seeker and Firefrost venture off into the Negative Zone to start a new life. [1]

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Due to their evolution hitting a stand-still, their once utopian society has begun to devolve into decadence and corruption.



presumably Earth standard






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Ebon Seeker, Firefrost

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