Mahatma Gandhi was a leader in the world peace movement and advocate for India's independence from the British Empire. Known for his ascetic lifestyle, he often dressed only in a loincloth and shawl. He was a devout of the Hindu faith.[2]

Gandhi was imprisoned several times during his pursuit of non-cooperation, and undertook a number of hunger strikes to protest the oppression of India's poorest classes, among other injustices.

After the Partition in 1947 of India and Pakistan,[3] he continued to work toward peace between Hindus and Muslims.

Gandhi was shot to death in Delhi in January 1948 by a Hindu fundamentalist.


Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, followed Gandhi's teaching regarding peace between Humans and Mutants.[4]

Changmire, a teacher in the African nation of Wakanda, invoked Gandhi in speeches regarding changing the rule of his country.[5]


  • Eli Bradley's teacher had a photograph of Gandhi on her classroom wall.[2]

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