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Mohannda, officially the Republic of Mohannda, is a country in Africa. It is located north of the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda.[2]


During the ancient rule of the Wakandan King Xe'Ntra the Bold, the Hyena Clan attempted to manipulate Wakanda into staging an invasion of Mohannda. This was only stopped by the intervention of the Jabari Tribe, whose warrior Mamadou Fall defeated Xe'Ntra and became Wakanda's next King.[3]

Though a Republic, Mohannda was in recent times considered by some to be one in name only, being founded on displacement and racial conflict. Oppressed native Mohanndans had their land, employment and educational opportunities taken from them, leading to great inequality.[4] Its cities were like ruins compared to Wakanda's.[5]

Hunter was born in Mohannda, but his Mohanndan parents died flying him south over Wakanda when he was still just a baby.[6] As a young man, Hunter returned to the city of his birth to lament its lack of advancement, and his brother T'Challa offered to help him develop the nation further.[5]

A Mohanndan dictator, Bobulu Ngala, sought to relentlessly modernize Mohannda and make it a true competitor to Wakanda on the world stage. Bobulu's son Khairi was expected to succeed him as leader of the country, but was forced into the jungle to live with Hani and the other protectors of the Heart of Afrikaa before his twenty-first birthday when Bobulu was assassinated by his own troops. This assassination plunged the country into civil war between the Higher Path and People's Hope factions.[7]

Modern day[]

Jonathan Cardinal of Cardinal Technologies took advantage of the civil unrest in Mohannda by supplying advanced weapons to both sides, and framed Mohanndan forces for the takedown of a Wakandan carrier of vibranium in an attempt to bring the Wakandan king T'Challa into the conflict. Through the combined efforts of T'Challa, the mercenary Black Axe who had been hired to take part in the conflict, and Khairi, now acting as the earth-powered hero Afrikaa, Cardinal's schemes were exposed, and the two conflicting parties were able to begin peace talks.[7]

Jani Schonland campaigned for the seat of Prime Minister of Mohannda on a platform of reparations to the native Mohanndan people, which quickly made her the target of violent political rivals. After her election, she sought the support and monetary aid of the United Nations in New York City in order to achieve her goals of a racially equal Mohannda. However even on her visit to the United States of America she was a target, and she was killed in a bombing orchestrated by Hunter, seeking to finally restore Mohannda according to his own vision.[4]

Points of Interest

  • Heart of Afrikaa: A volcanic crater into the heart of the African continent, which supplies both heat and light and gives power to the mystical hero Afrikaa.


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