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Moira X, who had faked her death a few years prior, had a secret No-Place on Krakoa. It was known only to Charles Xavier and Magneto, who could enter through a door in a secret chamber inside House of X, while Moira herself used a door that led her to one of the world's great culinary cities.[3] Moira's No-Space also housed Cradle Five, Xavier's secret backup of the stored minds of all mutants in the world, archived by him through Cerebro.[4]

Moira's No-Space from X-Men - Forever Vol 1 1 001

No-Place being moved to 99.999% outside reality, with 0.001% still attached to existence as a tendril

After he learned about the Enigma, Professor X had Krakoa and Cypher modify the No-Place so that it existed "almost" outside time and space (at 0.001% existence), with a tendril attached to move around.[5][6] The renamed No-Place X could no longer be observed by the Enigma, making it the perfect staging ground to fight the rogue Dominion. Rasputin IV was sent into the timelines created by the Moira Engine to kill the Sinister clones before they could try to ascend to Dominionhood, but in the end each clone was able to do so in one timeline.[1] Askani reached out to the mutants in the White Hot Room, who resurrected a team of X-Men to search the timelines for a living, human version of Moira MacTaggert and create a mental map of her timeline.[7] No-Space X was found and attacked by Sentinels; Cypher/Sinister fired a secondary tendril and severed the main tendril, and Rasputin defended it until the tendril regrew, allowing it to move again.[5] However, Xavier soon reeled it back into reality and crashed it on Earth.[8]

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