Moira MacTaggert was the first geneticist to properly identify the emerging mutant phenomenon twenty years ago at her Research Institute in Muir Island, Scotland, wining the Nobel Prize for this discovery. Using this money to attempt to cure her son Kevin of the mutant gene and psychosis, she was consequently made a criminal.[1]

King Magnus' mutant supremacy saw this as an act against mutantkind, and Sentinels were dispatched to destroy the Institute and capture Moira. Though Moira escaped, Kevin was also freed, sending him on a gruesome killing spree that was attributed to Moira as failed experiments, as she chased him across the globe. When the reality-hopping Exiles caught Proteus's attention, Moira emerged from hiding to warn them about her son, who was intrigued by their presence and desired to ruin the realities they attempted to fix.[1]

When he attacked the team, Moira shot him, exposing him to the metal that was his deadly allergy and only weakness, forcing him to find a new body. Unsurprisingly, he chose his mother's. Rather than allow her son to possess her and use her against them, Moira committed suicide.[2]


Skilled genetics scientist[1]





While it isn't clearly stated, Moira's Nobel Prize[1] presumably is one in Physiology or Medicine.

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