Moira MacTaggert was a leading geneticist working for the British government as Reichsminister of Genetics on Earth-597, a world where the Nazis had won World War Two and taken over Allied countries.[1]

MacTaggert traveled accidentally to the mainstream Earth, Earth-616 when a train carrying her and her mutant bodyguard Callisto was switched with a train carrying their Earth-616 counterparts by a dimensional portal created by Widget.[1] The two were taken and placed in custody by WHO in the Tower of London.[2]

A rescue mission was undertaken by her Britain's version of Excalibur, the Lightning Force, and during the initial encounter between the two teams, MacTaggert had Callisto capture WHO's leader Brigadier Alysande Stuart as a hostage. Eventually Excalibur prevailed, however, and MacTaggert, Callisto, and the Lightning Force were returned to their own world, but not before MacTaggert sabotaged the portal, sending Excalibur off on the pan-reality jaunt known as the Cross-Time Caper.[3]


Like her Earth-616 counterpart, Moira MacTaggert is an expert in the study of genetics, specializing in the study of mutants.

Strength level

Normal human strength.


Moira MacTaggert traveled in a train powered by an alien dragon.

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