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Moira is a persona of Legion created by his mind as a "Psychic Anti-body" in order to protect himself from Doctor Nemesis' treatment, which saw the aggressive deletion of Legion's personalities in an effort to stabilize his psyche.

After its birth, it started to "eat" other personalities in David's mind. It was eventually discovered by Xavier and attacked him. In order to gain an advantage in their psychic battle, it assumed the form of Moira MacTaggert in order to shock Xavier, buying it the time it needed to defeat him.[1]

Age of X

In order to protect David, "Moira" created the Age of X, a reality where mutants were a besieged people taking refuge in Fortress X, which was attacked on a daily basis by the forces of the Human Coalition.[2]

She used the personalities inside David's mind and the mutants of Utopia to fill this new world where David was one of the fortress' most important heroes; a Force Warriors, who erected force walls around the citadel every day. The memories of those captured by the reality warp were rewritten and given new backgrounds. The telepaths and a few others mutants whose powers might have allowed them to discover the truth were kept in the X-Brig, ostensibly because their powers made them a danger to others.

"Moira" posed as David's step-mother (stating that his father had been killed in a bombing in Israel) and as the computer named X. The universe was stored into a little box which she kept hidden.[3]

When her victims slowly began to understand that something was wrong with reality, she manipulated both Danielle Moonstar and her Moonstar Cadre (as X) and David and the Force Warriors (as Moira) in order to make them to stop any further attempts at discovering the truth.[1]

When the mutants defied her, she unleashed a massive army of the Human Coalition, and tried to destroy the universe she had kept hidden, intending to try again and create a new reality where David would be happy. Realizing that he was responsible for everything that had happened, David absorbed her, using her powers to restore reality to its original state, albeit with a few unintended consequences.[4]


Later, the rogue persona Styx tried to trick Legion for him to absorb Moira, in order to use her powers to remake the world according his will.[5]

When David was finally reunited with his mother he revealed to her the events of the Age of X and how his mind chose to make a persona that took the place of his adopted mother in the form of the woman who caused him pain instead of her.[6]



A psychic entity created as an "Anti-body" to protect Legion's mind. She possessed a frightful psychic form and immense power.

Reality Creation: Moira can control reality, creating her own false world and manipulating the memories of its inhabitants. Whilst in her own realm she can freely control resident entities and is virtually immune to damage, as proven when she took a blast from Gambit and shrugged it off. Declaring herself a god, the exact limitations of this power are unclear but do not seem to extend to influencing the decisions of entities not natural to her created world and seems to lack a certain expanse of imagination, the environment only extending across four square miles and details of created entities were repeated.[7]


Moira's manipulations are apparently easily discovered by telepaths. Causing her to orchestrate the containment of Charles Xavier, Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos in order to avoid discovery. Also, while possessing god-like powers, she is still susceptible to re-absorption by Legion. Those powers are also limited by her concentration.



  • "X" Communication network: Under the guise of the AI X, Moira could use communication worms and sensors to communicate with and monitor the residents of Fortress X. Whether this was actual technology, or some variant on her creation power is unclear.

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