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Moira MacTaggert met Charles Xavier when the two were at college in Glasgow. The two quickly hit it off, and married. With their combined knowledge of genetics and the mutant genome, they spent much of the 1970's saving people with out of control mutations using the mutant detection device known as Cerebro that Moira personally created for her husband. At some point, they had a son named David, who appeared at first to be an otherwise normal child.

However, their married life soon turned sour with the arrival of Erik Lensherr. Charles struck up a rapport with the man, the two frequently spending more and more time together, leaving Moira and David feeling increasingly isolated from him. Moira would eventually admit Charles' abrupt departure from their marriage was no great surprise to her. Almost immediately after Charles left, David's own reality warping powers activated, and Moira was forced to put him in intensive care and sedation for the next several years.

Eventually, Charles reappeared, and asked Moira for assistance in found his school for gifted youngsters behind the scenes, with Moira operating a separate facility on Muir Island for more dramatic cases, run by unknown backers. Charles' students remained unaware of Moira's existence, along with that of her institute.

At some point during all this, Moira began supplementing her funding by selling Banshee, a potent Mutant Growth Hormone. Exactly how and when Moira began producing the drug is unclear. Moira later tried justifying her selling the drug as making the world "safer" for mutants.

Around the time a lecture tour of Charles' reached London, David's powers became worse, though he used them to take over the body of a nurse, escaping to mainland Scotland. Desperate, Moira contacted Charles, who soon arrived with his X-Men. Moira followed them on their pursuit of Proteus, and it was her who released where he had been leading them: Germany, the last place that she and Charles had taken him on vacation when they were married.

David, meanwhile, had possessed the body of S.T.R.I.K.E. agent Betsy Braddock, and during his rampage gained progressively better control of his powers, meaning he would no longer burn out those he possessed. Eventually, after a long battle, David was killed by Colossus and Moira attended her son's funeral with her ex-husband sometime later. Later on, when Charles Xavier's lie about killing Magneto was revealed to the world, Moira and her staff went into hiding, to avoid being arrested, winding up in an old subway station as their backup base.

Much later, when Charles came to Muir Island for physical therapy, he was assaulted by Logan, who believed he was producing Banshee from Logan's DNA. Moira admitted she was the one responsible to fund Muir Island, and attacked Wolverine using a previously unknown ability to emit a sonic scream. Despite this, Wolverine quickly defeated Moira and left her to die in the exploding facility, but she somehow survived and Quicksilver found her emerging from the smoldering ruins. Her ensuing conversation with him implied that she was now in league with Quicksilver.[1]

She was killed along with the rest of her universe during the incursion between Earth 616 and her earth.[2] She also may have been resurrected when her universe was restored.[3]

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Using Banshee, she obtained the following power:


Moira is a skilled geneticist and doctor.


Required a cane or more often crutches to walk.


  • Moira gaining a sonic scream from using Banshee may be a reference to her relationship with Sean Cassidy, a mutant with sonic scream abilities, in the mainstream reality.

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