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Moira Kinross became one of the defining members of the the Human High Council of Europe that would govern over the human population following the take over of North America by Apocalypse. She married Bolivar Trask, inventor of the Sentinels.

Moira and the Human High Council had the mutant mercenaries Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey collect data rods containing information on Apocalypse's sea-wall to prepare for a nuclear strike on his domain.[1] As Weapon X and Jean succeeded in aiding a Sentinel evacuation of the remaining humans, Moira was the the most staunch supporter of bombing Apocalypse's domain. She and the other council members were almost assassinated by Apocalypse's minion Magma. They were saved by Weapon X and Jean. The attack convinced Moira that a nuclear strike was the only answer.[2]

Moira witnessed as their primary navigation system on their attack fleet was destroyed by Donald Pierce and his Reavers.[3] After viewing footage of the continued culling's in America, Moira noted that her fellow council member Brian Braddock was acting strange and she ordered him to stay behind on the mission, unaware that Braddock was really a double agent working for the forces of Apocalypse.[4] She was present when Weapon X and the mutant teleporter Gateway transported the strike force and headed off to do their bombing run.[5]

With the arrival of the "Lost Horseman" Mikhail, the social/political climate in Europe became more hostile. With Mikhail's offer of "salvation" for humanity with cybernetic augmentation (in reality attempting to create an army of slaves to overthrow Apocalypse), Moira and the other Council members struggled to deal with the growing division of the masses. Moira and the others were targeted for assassination by Mikhail's Stryfe Force. They were rescued by Victor von Doom.[6]

In retaliation for the nuclear strike, Apocalypse activated his sea-wall defense grid. Moira stood with her husband Bolivar while the sea-wall came close to decimating Europe.[7] Since total annihilation was prevented by Jean Grey,[8] Moira presumably still lives.

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