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Quote1 Well, here's the thing, Charles... it's not a dream if it's real. Quote2
Moira MacTaggert[src]


Moira's First to Third Lives[]

Moira Kinross was born to powerful Scots nobleman Lord Kinross. When she was thirteen years old, Moira's mutant powers activated, but they didn't manifest, since her gift was that of reincarnation. She led a simple life, marrying a man named Kenneth Cowan and having three children: twin boys, Callum and Dean, and a girl named Abigail. Kenneth died when Moira was sixty-eight years old, and she passed away from congestive heart failure at age seventy-four, ending her first life.

Moira 2 from House of X Vol 1 2

Moira's second life began in utero, having already become fully sentient and possessing a perfect recollection of her prior life. This allowed Moira to appear intellectually gifted, and she was pushed in the direction of academia. She didn't fight her parents' wishes, since she intended to understand her true nature. When she was forty-four years old, Moira learned of Charles Xavier and deduced that she was a mutant; however, she died in a plane crash when she tried to fly to the United States of America to meet him.

Irene Adler (Moira 3) and Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Inferno Vol 2 1

In her third life, Moira dove into anthropology and genetics. She actively sought out Charles Xavier when they both attended Oxford University, but she became reluctant to approach him because she found him arrogant and selfish. Due to her distaste for her powers, Moira devoted her life to developing a "cure" for the X-Gene. She succeeded, but caught the attention of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who attacked her laboratory. The precognitive mutant Destiny warned Moira against following the same path or trying to kill her in her future lives, since Destiny's precognitive powers would allow her to stop Moira in every lifetime. She additionally revealed to Moira that she would only live a total of ten lives; eleven at the most, depending on the choices she made. Afterwards, Destiny had Pyro burn Moira to death.[5]

Moira's Fourth to Eighth Lives[]

After being reborn to her fourth life, Moira threw herself into fully understanding the human-mutant dilemma. Becoming open to the potential benefits of mutants, she gave Charles Xavier a second look during their time in Oxford and they fell in love. They married and established Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She stood by Xavier's side for years until they both died at the hands of the mutant-hunting Sentinels.

Moira 5 from House of X Vol 1 2

In her fifth life, Moira decided aggression was the only acceptable response to the violent tendencies of humankind. She ran away from home at a young age and sought out Xavier a decade before they were supposed to meet. Moira shared the knowledge of her past lives and it radicalized him. Instead of a school for mutants, Charles created an army and isolated it from the rest of the world in a nation called Faraway. It was eventually targeted by Sentinels and Moira fell into a coma due to injury. She died a year later when Faraway fell to genocide.[5]

Moira 7 from House of X Vol 1 2

Her sixth life continued one thousand years in the future, where mutants had lost the war against technology and were nearly extinct, except for Moira, Wolverine and a few others, who were preserved in the personal zoo of the Librarian. The Librarian visited the preserve, revealing to Moira and Wolverine that while mutants had believed the Sentinels to be their greatest threat, their purpose was merely to buy humanity time to bring about the birth of a new species: the so-called Post-Humans, representing humanity's absolute control of both biology and technology, and thus making mutants obsolete. Now these "homo novissima" were preparing to transfer their consciousnesses to machines in order to be absorbed by the Phalanx the following day, allowing them to exist outside of time. Moira realised that neither man nor machines were the enemy, but man's ability to control his own evolution and the surrounding environment. After Wolverine surprised and killed the Librarian, she let him kill her in order to reincarnate and use this knowledge in her next life.[11]

Because of the events of her previous lives, Moira spent her seventh life eradicating the bloodline of the Sentinels' creator, Bolivar Trask, hoping that preventing the creation of Sentinels would allow mutantkind to become the dominant species before humanity could unlock the secrets that would turn them into Post-Humans. However, Sentinels were still invented in this world, and Moira was killed after discovering a Master Mold Sentinel factory. This experience radicalized her further.

In her eighth life, Moira embraced the philosophy of mutant terrorist Magneto and helped him conquer America and establish the House of M. But during the subsequent War of M, Magneto was defeated and killed by the combined might of Earth's human and mutant heroes while Moira was imprisoned. She was later killed during a failed prison escape.[5]

Moira's Ninth Life[]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) and En Sabah Nur (Moira 9) from House of X Vol 1 2

In her ninth life, Moira abandoned the hope that her previous endeavors could save mutantkind. With few lives left, Moira awakened Apocalypse who killed both Xavier and Magneto. Apocalypse and Moira later formed the X-Men, and waged an endless war against humankind and their machine allies that came to be dubbed the "Apocalypse War," which eventually led to the rise of the Man-Machine Supremacy and the birth of Nimrod; an intelligent and adaptable Sentinel that was virtually indestructible. Moira and Apocalypse formulated a plan to eliminate Nimrod, but during an assassination attempt on Apocalypse, Moira was grievously injured before she and Apocalypse could destroy the machine, and was placed into stasis.

Moira remained in suspended animation for sixteen years, until the X-Men -- now consisting of Apocalypse, War, Rasputin IV, an unnamed Cardinal, North, Famine, and Xorn -- attempted to acquire the exact date and circumstances of Nimrod's creation. With the rest of the team dead, War delivered all the information Moira needed to reset the timeline, this time with the exact knowledge of where and when to intervene in order to stop Nimrod from ever being created. Moira was then killed by War himself, allowing Moira to reincarnate.[6] After all the lives lived and lost, Moira decided to approach her tenth life differently.[5]

Moira's Tenth Life[]

Charles Xavier (Earth-616) and Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Power of X Vol 1 1 0001

Moira opening her mind to Charles Xavier in her Tenth Life

In her tenth and potentially last life, Moira decided to return to Charles Xavier, met him again at Oxford, and allowed him to read her mind to learn everything that had happened to her in her previous lives. In this new life, Moira wished to unite all of mutantkind, including the three great mutant leaders she had cast her lot with during previous lives; Xavier, Magneto and Apocalypse. To this end, she would manipulate all of them, in the hopes of shaping them into the people she needed them to become.[5]

Moira was dating Joseph MacTaggert at the time, but soon separated from him to see Charles exclusively, and their romance lasted for years. Eventually they became engaged, but Joseph got into Charles' head and convinced him that he needed to serve in the armed forces before being a man worthy of Moira. She promised to wait for Charles until he was released from military service, but Joe weaseled his way back into Moira's heart once Charles was absent. Xavier received a letter from Moira breaking off their engagement without explanation and stating that she was returning to Scotland. Moira and Joe were soon married.[12][13]

Joseph MacTaggert proved to be a brutal husband. Moira eventually fled from him to New York City, but Joe tracked her down, beat her and assaulted her sexually, causing her to be hospitalized for a week and leaving her pregnant. From then on, Moira lived apart from her husband, although he refused to grant her a divorce, and she kept the fact that he had a son secret from him for twenty years.[12]

Moira's journals would later reveal that she had re-engaged Joseph romantically as part of a plan formulated by Xavier to create a mutant with the power to warp reality, that might one day be used in tandem with other mutants to overcome death itself. Moira identified potential matches for both herself and Charles that might produce such a mutant, which eventually resulted in the births of Proteus and Legion respectively. She also ended her romantic relationship with Xavier due to fear that she was breaking him, rendering him useless for her future plans.[11]

Genetic Scientist[]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Book of the Dead 2004 Vol 1 1 0001

Moira MacTaggert led a brilliant career as one of the world's leading geneticists, earning a Nobel Prize for her work.[14] She founded a Mutant Research Center on Muir Island off the coast of Scotland. She eventually renewed contact with Xavier during a period he spent in England working on a degree in psychiatry. Xavier and MacTaggert discussed the possibility of establishing a school for training superhuman mutants in the use of their powers. Eventually, MacTaggert became Xavier's "silent partner" in founding this school, which trained the team of mutant adventurers known as the X-Men.[15]

When Moira's son began to manifest destructive mutant powers, she attempted to cure him, but her efforts were in vain, and she was forced to keep him imprisoned at her Mutant Research Center. Moira took as her ward the orphaned Scottish girl Rahne Sinclair, who would herself demonstrate mutant powers in years to come.[16] Moira considered Rahne to be her own daughter, as much as if she was biologically so.[17]

Deadly Genesis[]

During the early years of Xavier's Academy, Moira founded and ran a secondary facility not far from the Xavier School, in which she had her own students - gathered together youths who she took out of bad situations and adopted as her wards, training them in their abilities without the highly militant regimen of Charles' X-Men.[18]

When Krakoa captured the original X-Men,[19] it was Moira's children whom Charles went to first - not the second team of X-Men, as it was originally believed - putting them through the psionic equivalent of boot camp and allowing them to believe they were being trained over months as X-Men. Charles took them from Moira's care immediately. Moira's children were apparently all killed, and Xavier suppressed even the memory of them from his own students, to keep them from going back to save them. Significant portions of Moira's history were apparently blocked from her memory by Charles Xavier. Only Moira's project tapes, one made directly after the event, before Xavier could suppress the memories, and an abandoned research center remained as clues.[20]

When Magneto was de-aged into a baby, Xavier placed him in Moira's care. As part of her attempts to shape him into the person she needed him to become, Moira altered his genetic structure, hoping this would allow him to better control his vast powers rather than doing so at the cost of his sanity. Some time after Magneto had been re-aged into a man in his prime, Moira and Xavier recruited him into their scheme. Xavier showed him visions of his failures in the previous lives Moira had lived, convincing him to join them.[21]

Sean Cassidy (Earth-616) and Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 129 001

Moira MacTaggert finally made her presence known to the X-Men when she arrived at their doorstep claiming to be their new housekeeper.[22] The X-Men soon learned her true profession and visited her Muir Isle research center. Moira fell in love with Sean Cassidy, the X-Man known as the Banshee, and their relationship persisted.[23]


Classic X-Men Vol 1 36 Back

Moira's son, Kevin, who was code-named "Mutant X" but called himself Proteus, escaped from confinement at Muir Isle and began using his powers to possess the bodies of others and drain their life energies and to warp people's perceptions of reality to terrorize the Scottish countryside. The X-Men attempted to stop Proteus, and Moira warned Joseph MacTaggert about him. (At this point it had been twenty years since she had left him.) Proteus took possession of his father's body, ravaging it, and attempted to kill his mother. Instead, however, Proteus was himself apparently destroyed by the X-Man Colossus. Joseph MacTaggert died as a result of being possessed by Proteus.[24]

New Mutants[]

Sometime afterward, Moira discovered that Rahne Sinclair had the mutant ability to transform herself into a wolf-like form. Dr. MacTaggert brought Sinclair to Xavier and persuaded him to establish a new team of superhuman mutant trainees who became known as the New Mutants.[16]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) and Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 2 11 001

In her laboratory on Muir Island, Moira was assisted by Multiple Man. She took in Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander, following their transformational encounter with the Demon Bear.[17]

Moira also became acquainted with another of Xavier's former lovers, Gabrielle Haller, and learned that Charles had an unstable mutant son of his own, David.[25] Moira treated the powerful but seemingly autistic David Haller for months before finally convincing Gabby to let Xavier see his son and help with the case. After Xavier arrived, though, David attacked Moira and Rahne, catapulting them into his warring mindscape, and rendering their bodies comatose. After they were rescued by Xavier and the New Mutants, Moira resumed her work to help David.[26]

When David's Jack Wayne personality resurfaced, Moira and Rahne were again put at risk, but the New Mutants arrived and contained the threat, placing David back into Moira's care once more. Moira hoped that as David aged, he would be able to reintegrate his different personalities into a whole.[27]

Muir Island X-Men[]

Following the Mutant Massacre, several Morlocks came to Muir Isle to recuperate - including Callisto, who became Moira's bodyguard. It also became home to many of the children known as warpies.

Muir Island X-Men (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 254 cover

Moira and Sean also rescued Polaris, whose powers were in flux and granting her increased size and invulnerability. Moira began testing Lorna to uncover why her powers were acting this way, but she remained unaware that another side-effect of these powers was to amplify negative emotions such as anger and hatred in those around Lorna.[28]

When Muir Island came under attack from the Reavers and Banshee was shot, Moira organised a team to defend the island, including Polaris, Tom Corsi, Sharon Friedlander, Amanda Sefton, and Alysande Stuart. She had Healer bring back Banshee and immediately asked for him to rejoin the battle.[29]

She later had Legion use Cerebro to try and locate the X-Men, but this allowed the Shadow King to possess him. By possessing Legion, whose Jack Wayne personality was already using Polaris' powers to corrupt everyone on Muir Island, the Shadow King was able to take control of even more people.[30]

With all of Muir Island possessed by the Shadow King, Moira was the leader, presiding over gladiatorial matches in an area called the Arena.[31] When Banshee returned with Xavier and the X-Men, the Shadow King made Moira shoot him. She was finally freed from the Shadow King's control by Forge.[32]

Legacy Virus and the Fake Death[]

When Magneto eventually learned that Moira had manipulated his genetic structure, he lashed out at her. The knowledge caused him to abandon Moira and Xavier, and to once again set off on his own, more radical path. Moira would soon come to feel that she had become too involved in the world, and needed to take a step back into the shadows, where she felt she belonged.[11]

As the first human to contract the Legacy Virus, Moira was one of many frantically working on a cure, even to the point of self-quarantining herself at one stage.[33] When the Muir Island facility was destroyed by Mystique and her Brotherhood of Mutants, Moira had discovered the cure to the new strain of the Legacy Virus that Mystique had created; one that only infected humans. Moira was heavily injured in the attack,[34] and used a Shi'ar golem to fake her death,[11] having it appear to cling on to life long enough to survive a transatlantic flight to transfer that information to Charles, then die in his arms.[34]


Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Inferno Vol 2 1 001

Faking her death allowed Moira and Xavier to run some preliminary testing with resurrection protocols, later perfected by the creation of the Five. Moira remained hidden from the world for a long time, her continued survival presumably only known by Xavier and Magneto. Together with Xavier and later Magneto, who eventually returned to the fold, she continued to work towards her plans.[11]

Moira and Xavier tasked several technopath mutants (such as Cypher and Sage) with creating a system called "Sleeping Giant" to monitor for Nimrod technological thresholds being reached and/or the attempted creation of a "Mother Mold": a replicating, adaptive Sentinel factory that was self-aware and capable of creating Master Molds. Xavier and Magneto would eventually task the X-Men with destroying the Mother Mold and preventing the creation of Nimrod.[35]

Moira, Xavier and Magneto eventually moved their plan to unite mutantkind into its next phase, through the creation of the mutant nation of Krakoa. Xavier extended an invitation to all of mutantkind, and managed to buy international recognition and a global amnesty for mutants in exchange for several Krakoan miracle-drugs.[36] A hidden area known as Moira's No-Space was created deep within Krakoa, where Moira dwelled.[11]

Prior to the first Krakoan Quiet Council meeting, Professor X and Magneto revealed to Moira the council line-up. Moira was suspicious about Emma Frost not having named her extra council seat yet, while Mystique only agreed to join the council on the condition that they bring Destiny back to life. Moira was staunchly opposed to having precognitive mutants like Destiny on Krakoa, since they could end up revealing Moira's ultimate secret: that despite all her striving, over ten different lifetimes, mutants had always lost.[11]


While Xavier and Magneto increasingly began taking matters into their own hands, they were forced to return for Moira's advice after failing to prevent the birth of Nimrod, and subsequently failing to destroy it. They asked Moira if it was possible for mutantkind and the machines to reconcile and form an alliance. Moria dismissed the idea and instead urged them to focus on preventing the resurrection of Destiny once and for all, by removing Mystique from the Quiet Council and erasing Destiny's back-up and genetic material.[37]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Inferno Vol 2 2 001

Moira reveals her history to Emma Frost

While the pair agreed to do as Moira counselled, unbeknownst to them, Mystique had already outmaneuvered them and had resurrected Destiny behind their backs, even managing to win Destiny a seat on the Quiet Council. Xavier and Magneto reported back to a furious Moira. She first asked if Magneto could not simply kill her, but when he refused, the trio agreed to bring Emma Frost into their cabal, in order to secure their grip on the Quiet Council. The three of them met with Emma, and Moira opened her mind to her, allowing Emma to learn the truth about their plans. In addition to this, she supported Xavier and Magneto's plans to fill the final vacant seat on the Quiet Council with someone they could trust; Colossus.[38]

This plan would soon go awry however. Disgusted that Magneto and Xavier had kept her in the dark for all this time, Emma shared Moira's existence, her nature as a mutant, and her location with Mystique and Destiny. Moira had been discovered by Orchis, who kidnapped her, only for Mystique and Destiny to "free" her, cutting off the arm that contained her tracking device, and taking her themselves.[39]

Aware of her powers, Mystique used a gun created by Forge to de-power Moira, allowing them to freely kill her and "lock-in" this timeline as the final one. During her duress, Moira confessed that she had lost faith in this timeline, believing that mutantkind would inevitably perish once again, and that she planned to use the cure she had developed during her third life to de-power all of mutantkind, hoping this would save them from annihilation. Just before Mystique could kill Moira, Cypher, who had been monitoring events for months and was therefore aware of Moira and her pact with Magneto and Xavier, intervened. He forced Mystique and Destiny to spare her life, and had Warlock give her a new arm. He told her Krakoa would open the gate for her one last time, and allowed her to flee.[3] It was also given that her fleeing would be a head start until Destiny and Mystique would hunt her down and kill her.

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X Deaths of Wolverine Vol 1 1 001

On the run

The Krakoan gate Moira stepped through took her to Scotland, where she promptly destroyed the gate to prevent Mystique from following her. She would then make her way to New York, where she would be attended to by Dr. Jane Foster, who informed Moira that she had stage 4 lung cancer. Moira would then be rescued by Dr. Foster's heroic alter-ego, Valkyrie, when Mystique tried to assassinate her at the hospital.[40]

After cutting and dyeing her hair, Moira once again went on the run. She called Dr. Foster again and found out that the cancer in her lungs was being spread by a Krakoan floronic agent, suggesting that Krakoa itself was responsible for her cancer. Enraged, Moira destroyed the phone and decided to stop holding back. She cut off her own techno-organic arm and lured Mystique into a trap and killed her by detonating a bomb in her room. She then discovered that a bizarre Phalanx-augmented Wolverine was also hunting her, deducing that she had done something in the future to help the Post-Humans and dubbing this Phalanx-Wolverine Omega Wolverine.[41]

Assault on Krakoa and Death[]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X Deaths of Wolverine Vol 1 1 002

Moira decided to assault Krakoa in order to restore her powers and reset the timeline, but before that, she sought the assistance pf genius techno-utopian businessman and billionaire Arnab Chakladar, founder of Epiphany, in his safehouse and revealed to him her former power of resurrection and the Krakoan Resurrection Protocols. This was enough for him to believe and help her. She wanted his assistance to find a way to permanently cheat death and ultimately live forever. She helped Chakladar finish his work on biotech synthesis and a mnemonic copy of Moira was created before she left his lab and stored in a techno-organic body, activating in case her assault failed and she died.[42]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X Deaths of Wolverine Vol 1 5 002

Moira lured Banshee into a trap, killed him and skinned his body to use his skin like a suit to enter the Krakoan gates. After that, she retrieved the neutralizer gun on herself in order to try to get her powers back, however Professor X noticed her and mentally reached out to her. Xavier tried to talk to Moira, implying that since Cerebro cannot copy the entirety of Moira's psyche since she is now a human, if she died now there would be no way of retaining the memories of her past lives, this allows Forge to get the drop on her, but not before she fired a shot from the same neutralizer gun that took her powers away, depowering Forge in the process.[43]

With her original plan to end the mutant race peacefully now transformed into a bitter war against the people she believes betrayed her, Moira had now fully embraced her selfish, evil desire to wipe out the mutants. Moira then tried to escape by kidnapping Destiny but Omega Wolverine showed up at the last minute before she could pass through a gateway and fatally stabbed her.[43]

Moira however was able to shoot Omega Wolverine with the neutralizer gun, which took away his healing factor and allowed the techno-organic virus to fully take over his body. As the X-Men were forced to respond to the now completely controlled Phalanx-controlled variant of Logan, Moira died of her injuries, cursing Xavier for her fall from grace and vowing to get her revenge.[4]

Moira's "Eleventh Life"[]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X Deaths of Wolverine Vol 1 5 001

Moira in her new robotic body

After her death, Moira's mnemonic copy was activated and crawled out her way out of her own grave, ironically starting her eleventh life. Moira MacTaggert was now a machine-encoded consciousness herself, an augmented intelligence, man and machine operating as one and the precursor of the deadly Human-Machine Supremacy from many of her futures.[4]

Now driven by a sense of betrayal and her ultimate desire to survive, Moira re-dedicated herself to eliminating the mutants once and for all, showing that she had now become the same kind of threat she was attempting to prevent. Moira was later able to access Orchis' internal relays to offer her services to Feilong and Doctor Stasis.[44]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 110 002

As a machine herself, Moria was soon let onto the secret plan of Omega Sentinel and Nimrod; to turn Mars into a Worldmind using technology from Omega Sentinel's future, and use it to lure a dominion that might absorb them into itself.[45] However, Moira soon found herself sought out by a dominion; the mysterious Enigma, a dominion created by Nathaniel Essex.[45]

Enigma had been limited to only the timeline of Earth-616 and its dependents by the Beyonders. By making Moira a part of it, it would gain access to the timelines of her previous lives. Enigma revealed that those who become part of a dominion are no longer themselves in any meaningful way, but offered to make an exception for Moira and make her a fully independent subroutine in its endless engine. Moira agreed to the offer.[45]

With Orchis collapsing around her due to the X-Men's counterattack, Moira laid low as she awaited her absorption into Enigma. Despite being forbidden by her new patron to speak with Xavier, who had seemingly sided with Orchis in exchange for mutantkind's safety, Moira sought him out. Xavier revealed that he had traveled back in time to when Moira was 13, planning to assassinate her before her mutant powers manifested. He had instead been convinced to spare her and had implanted a telepathic signal in her mind.[10]

Moira MacTaggert (Earth-616) from Rise of the Powers of X Vol 1 5 003

As the pair spoke, Enigma waged a battle against the Phoenix, which was tirelessly pursuing him. Xavier begged Moira, who was already a part of Enigma, to activate the signal in her mind, allowing Phoenix to find her and Enigma. Despite her desperate desire to escape the cycle of death and rebirth she had been born into, Moira was convinced by Charles. The two could barely say goodbye before she was incinerated by the Phoenix, which succeeded in stopping Enigma.[10]

In a timeline created by the Phoenix, Moira was reborn once again. At age 13, she tensely awaited the activation of her mutant powers, only to realize that it wasn't happening. She was free from her burden and could finally live a normal life.[10]


Originally, Moira seemed to have a friendly and caring personality, being visibly worried for her son transforming into a life-force draining mutant and raising Rahne Sinclair as if she was her daughter, she was shown to be devoted to mutants, to the point of seemingly sacrificing herself to help cure the Legacy Virus.[34]

However, this turned out to be a complete lie, in truth, Moira originally had a kind personality in her first life, but after having witnessed multiple timelines thanks to her hidden mutant power of reincarnation and trying multiple times to hopelessly save mutantkind, she became increasingly more brutal.[5]

In her 3rd life, she became disgusted with mutants and tried instead to find a cure to the X-Gene in selfishness and mutantphobia. After being warned by Destiny, she tried to resort to peace in her 4th, 5th, and 6th lives by accepting the ways of Charles Xavier, but her repeated failures led her to use a more brutal approach. She murdered the entire Trask bloodline in her 7th life in fear of them creating the Sentinels, and resorted to violence and bloodshed by helping Magneto and Apocalypse in her 8th and 9th lives respectively after being radicalized by the thought-to-be implausible creation of the Sentinels in her 7th life.[5]

In her 10th last human life, Moira presented a semi-facade of the personality presented above, but secretly planned to depower all of mutantkind in order to save them from humans and machines, while also harboring a fear of Destiny who foiled her plan in her 3rd life.

After being depowered, exiled from Krakoa and becoming a cyborg in her thought to be impossible 11th life, Moira gave up to her selfish desires and anger and desired revenge against all of mutantkind. She has even insulted and demeaned Proteus, who she considers as nothing more than an "experiment" and disowning him as her child.[44]



None after being reborn.[10]


Genius Intelligence: Moira is one of the world's leading geneticists, especially in the study of superhumanly powerful mutants.[1] She used the perfect memory of her first life as a schoolteacher to appear as a child prodigy in her second life, but innate intelligence helped her to become a university professor at the age of 20. The accumulated memories and experiences increasingly helped Moira after each resurrection; she won the Nobel Prize at the age of 38 in her third life, but at the age of 28 in her tenth life.[5]

Military Training: Moira received military training in the British Armed Forces during her seventh life.[5]


Limited Reincarnations: Moira's reincarnation cycle is finite. When she encountered Destiny during her third life, she was informed that she would live tentatively only ten lives, or eleven at most. This does not appear to be due to a limitation in her powers, but rather a prediction by Destiny that Moira would eventually find herself in a situation where she would die without her powers active.[5]

If Moira were to die before her mutant power manifested at the age of thirteen, the reincarnation cycle would end.[5]





  • In an interview, Jonathan Hickman explained that Moira's timeline resetting power needed the universe to still exist in order to work, which is why it did not activate when the incursions destroyed the universe (all universes) back in 2015's Secret Wars. He also confirmed that Moira's power did not create alternate realities, so all of her lives took place in Earth-616; the timeline was just rewound with each life.[49] These aborted branches of timelines are designated on the Marvel Database as such:
Moira Life 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10A 10B 11
  • Later creation of the Moira Engine led to many other timelines being created. Rise of the Powers of X #1 revealed that although these timelines end with Moira's deaths, they remain accessible from locations that exist outside of space and time, such as No-Place X and the White Hot Room. Time-travel can also further diverge the course of those timelines, as was the case with Moira Life 10 [A], which Omega Sentinel's consciousness was explicitly sent back in time from.
  • Moira faking her death contradicts the Chaos War: X-Men tie-ins in which a dead Moira fights during the Chaos War, alongside other dead X-Men members, as well as her appearance in afterlife during Doctor Strange's battles against the Pitiful One.[50] However, in both cases, this is later confirmed to be the Shi'ar golem killed in Moira's place.[2]
  • Moira is 52 when the Krakoan era begins.[5] Xavier and his stepbrother Juggernaut are about the same age.


  • Moira was the butt of a recurring joke about her coffee being too bad-tasting.[51] Even Xavier mocked her about it sometimes.[52]
  • David Haller, the son of Xavier, called her the woman who caused him pain while he was a patient on Muir Island and lacked control of his power.[53]
  • Moira has the same rare blood type as Wolverine, type E, which allowed him to transfuse his blood to her and extend her life to the point that she was able to live one thousand years, until she had Wolverine kill her.[11]
  • A Moira-focused book was planned during the Krakoan era with a pitch from Al Ewing, but the idea was dropped when the plans around Moira had changed.[54]

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