A disgusting, gargantuan creature from another dimension, Mojo kidnapped the X-Men, hoping to use them as the stars of his reality TV action show. Placing them in holographic worlds and making them fight for their lives, Mojo cared little about their safety. He was stopped after Longshot betrayed him, and the X-Men were returned to their home world.[1]

He later came to Earth in order to stop Longshot and once again make the X-Men the stars of his TV show, but he was once again sent packing.[2]


Seemingly those of Mojo of Mojoverse.


Mechanical tail mounted on the back of his carriage which shoots laser "stingers".

  • Voiced by Peter Wildman.
  • Mojo has said in the past that there is only one Mojoworld, and so it is possible that all of these versions of Mojo are the same character. Though in "Mojovision", he acted like he met the X-Men for the first time.
  • He makes a brief cameo in the episode "Beyond Good and Evil (Part 4)".

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