Mojo Adams is a television producer. He trapped the young mutant fugitive Longshot on an island where humans hunted him as part of a popular reality show.[1]

Later on he was seen working with Augustus "Gus" Beezer and hired Deadpool and his Marauders to capture the X-Men and bring them back to Krakoa where they were to be executed on live television by the Reavers. He kept Professor X captive and forced him to watch the entire show by using some kind of collar to disable Xavier's telepathic powers. His plans however were foiled by the combined efforts of the X-Men and Spider-Man, who was also captured during his visit to the X-Mansion. It is unknown what happened to Mojo after this, but it appears Xavier had taken care of him during his escape as Mojo was heard screaming by the arriving X-Men and Spider-Man.[2]




Mojo is a successful businessman.

Strength level

Above average human strength

  • Ultimate Mojo's full name is Mojo Adams, a tribute to his creator Arthur Adams.

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