Mojo II - the Sequel was a clone of Mojo. After Longshot deposed Mojo, Mojo II became the new leader of Mojoworld.[4] However, Mojo II turned out to be just as bad as his predecessor and Longshot had to defeat him as well.[5] When Mojo II was ousted, Mojo reclaimed his position and became the leader of Mojoworld once more.[6]

After being exiled to Earth, Mojo II became convinced that if he produced compelling-enough TV narratives, Mojo would let him back. He built an escape room in Manhattan in hopes that he could lure people from New York's ample supply of superheroes. If superhumans were detected entering the escape room, Mojo II would turn it into a death trap tailored to their abilities and record their struggle. In the meantime, when regular people entered his business, it would play out like a normal escape room. Mojo II would still mail off footage of regular customers to Mojoworld since there was a 24-hour puzzle channel.[7]

Mojo II's first superpowered clients came in the form of Doreen Green and her friends, Nancy Whitehead, Tomas Lara-Perez, Ken Shiga, Brain Drain, Tomas' girlfriend Mary, and Kraven the Hunter, all of whom except Nancy and Mary were super-powered. As soon as Mojo II's computers detected some of his clients had powers, he turned the escape room into a death trap.[3] Doreen and her friends made their way through all of Mojo II's deadly puzzles, so he confronted them personally. Before Mojo II could kill the group, Kraven pretended to blame Tomas for their situation and threatened to attack him, prompting him to unleash his secret power, a sonic chirp, on Mojo II, knocking him unconscious. Doreen and her friends tied up Mojo II and left the escape room to notify the Avengers.[7]

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