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Mojo World is an extradimensional and extratemporal realm inhabited by the semi-humanoid Spineless Ones. Due to their world's unique nature, radio and television signals from Earth were distorted and sent through time to early in the Spineless Ones' existence, bombarding their brains with alien images. This has affected their mental state, giving them an intense love of televised entertainment but immense disdain, fear and awe towards humans.[citation needed]

Most of the indigenous denizens of what would come to be called the Mojoverse were slowly driven insane by waves of energy from another space/time continuum. Life for the indigenous Spineless Ones was hard and tough. The only way for them to go to their destination was to crawl through mud, slime, and their own excrement by using both their hands and arms as legs and feet. [citation needed]

When the Spineless One, Arize, was born, his inventions revolutionized their culture. Arize created mechanical supports to allow the Spineless Ones to stand upright, and genetically engineered slave species. Out of Arize's twisted sense of humor, he made some to resemble the hated image of Humans.[citation needed]

In Mojoworld's media-oriented culture, the ruler is in charge of producing movies and television shows to keep the masses entertained. Mojo first started taking control of Mojoworld's slave creation and trade. Some of his creations included Spiral his six armed assistant and Quark, who resembled a human with the head of a ram. He also had ties in creating the character known as Longshot. Mojo employed Longshot as a stunt man in his movie productions; however, Longshot became Mojo's nemesis, leading other slaves in a rebellion. Mojo first learned of Earth when Longshot escaped to it, and he decided to take it over. When on the planet Earth, his whole essence embodies an anti life force. He causes plants to wilt and die, and causes humans and animals to age rapidly and die as well. By these means, he warped the weather and distorted the sky, which, if not thwarted, would have ended all life on the planet.[citation needed]

Points of Interest

Mojo World is known to be an inter-dimensional world, similar to Earth-616. But in some parts of Mojo World, certain places float around in each place; along with some broken statue parts of Mojo. There are many caverns and mountains, along with rivers and oceans. Plasma storms also appear in the futuristic cities found on the Mojoverse.

  • Mojofornia
  • Mojo City
  • Mojo Studios



  • Mojoworld is the alter-dimension of Earth, except that everything is switched around and their technology is more advanced than that of Earth.

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