The Mole-Man was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. His eyes sensitive to light, he operated mostly from underground locations. By the fall of 1943, the Mole-Man and his minions were part of a plot to make Nazi air raids of London look successful. To this end, they planted bombs beneath the buildings that were being targeted by the bombers above, thus insuring that even if the bombing failed, the intended targets were destroyed. This puzzled the British authorities who could not deduce how the bombers were being successful.

It was not until Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes (secretly Captain America and Bucky) stumbled upon some of the Mole-Man's minions in the boiler room of a bomb shelter that they began to deduce the truth. The two heroes further comprehended the plot after watching a German bombing from an interceptor plane.

Learning that Captain America was attempting to foil his plans, the Mole-Man arranged a trap for the hero and his sidekick. The pair were captured, and then Bucky was tied to a bomb while Captain America was made to watch his young partner suffer, before eventually being shot in the back. The Mole-Man gloated how he had also planted a bomb at the Prime Minister's residence at 10 Downing Street as well. When the Mole-Man was temporarily blinded by light, Captain America knocked out the villain and his minions. He then freed Bucky and disarmed both bombs, saving the life of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the process.

The Mole-Man's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Mole-Man's eyes were sensitive to bright lights.


The Mole-Man carried a Luger, and he had access to explosives.

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