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Mole Men
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Formerly Yellow Claw
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Unnamed members, Yellow Claw
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The Mole Men were all agents of Imperial Japan during World War II. They were so called due to their large hands and quick digging skills, which were the result of a chemical formula created by the Mole Men's leader, the Yellow Claw.

In the spring of 1945, the Mole Men were sent to the United States, to use their digging abilities to sabotage American war factories. After completing their first attack, they stumbled upon a gold prospector and his daughter and captured the girl while the old man fled. The old man returned with Captain America and Bucky, who clashed with the Mole Men while freeing the girl and fled. Yellow Claw then sent the Mole Men to capture General Haywood in order to learn military secrets, but the commanding officer refused to talk. When Captain America and Bucky returned to rescue Haywood, they were overpowered by the Mole Men, who pushed the three Americans into an underground river.

They survived this, and attacked again, just as Yellow Claw was attempting to activate a dormant volcano with TNT. During the fight, Yellow Claw and the Mole Men charged after Cap and Bucky. When the two heroes dodged out of the way, the entire army fell into a chasm to their deaths.[1]


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