Mole Monster (Earth-616), Elizabeth Ross (Earth-616), and X-51 (Earth-616) from Red She-Hulk Vol 1 64 0001

Mole Monster inviting them to dinner

Mole Monster was a mole-like creature who is the son of Mole Man and the Subterranean Kyzerra Os. He came into contact with Red She-Hulk and Machine Man when they made there way into a part of Subterranea ruled by him. At first, Mole Monster considered them hostile since there were surface dwellers, but changes his mind about them in belief that Red She-Hulk was a monster like him. He then decided to hold a banquet in their honor, but instead convinced Mole Monster to guide them to an ancient pyramid built far underground by the ancient order of the S.H.I.E.L.D., to which he agrees. As they make their way they are attacked by some Lava Men, but they manage to escape quick enough to make it to the pyramid, which they discovered was another part of the Terranometer. Ross and Stack get teleported within the structure leaving Mole Monster and his minions alone once again.[1]

Resenting the Mole Man for abandoning him and his mother and believing him unfit to rule, the Mole Monster began a campain to detrone his father as king of Subterranea. The Mole Monster convinced more and more Subterraneans to join his army. Mole Monster soon was on the winning side of the war while his father's kingdom entered a state of hunger and missery. Evntually, Mole Monster and his army sieged his father's city. The Avenger Nova tried to confront mole monster but was captured by his minions. He attempted to reason with him, but the Mole Monster insisted that his father's time had passed and taunted Nova about the loss of his own father. Before he could have Nova executed, he was rescued by his fellow Avenger Spider-Man.[2] The Mole Monster latter conquered Subterranea and threw his father to his dungeon. He decided to celebrate hoy attacking the surface New York City, which his father could never conquer. When he attacked, the only hero present to oppose him was Nova, whom Mole Monster continued to taunt. However, Nova defeated the gigant worm Mole Monster was in and forced him and his troops to retreat.[3]

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