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All that is known about the so-called Mole People is shrouded in legend and mystery, including their true origins and what they actually look like. What is known that they live underground an ancient Mayan temple located in the state of Texas.

The Native Americans called them "Clawed Devils" and the region they lived in was dubbed the "Adobe of the Clawed Devils". It is said that they lived under the Earth and came out of the ground at night like moles. During the days of the American Frontier, legends of the Mole People were studied by archaeologists Professor Correl and his colleague Professor Jenkins. According to Correl, the Mole People were ancient Mayans who burrowed underground centuries earlier and evolved into the state that the legends claimed they now possess. Correl and his daughter Mavis planned an expedition to the temple, unaware that train robbers had also hidden out in the temple and had disguised themselves as Mayans in an attempt to use the areas superstitions to keep people away. When the Professor went into the temple to find the jewel encrusted god-idol, he did not return when he said he would. Worried, Mavis went after her father and found him clawed up and unconscious in one of the tunnels. Before she could get him out, the outlaws pushed a stone slab over the tunnel entrance, trapping them inside and leaving them to die.

Eventually Professor Jenkins came seeking to claim the idol for his own personal gain. He hired Tex Taylor and his sidekick Alkali Ike to lead him to the temple. There they rescued Correl and his daughter. Jenkins then pulled a gun and tried to force them to show him where the idol was so he could claim it for himself. The outlaws then attacked, and Tex gunned all but one down, learning of their role in everything. When Jenkins shot the man dead and tries to reassert control, the lamps suddenly went out and Tex was forced to kill him. Hearing something in the tunnels, Tex led everyone out and the temple was soon buried in a rock slide.

Tex was ready to commit the "legend" to being the outlaws the faced, until Ike showed him something that he plucked off Tex's shirt after they escaped the temple: a long jagged claw.[1]

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According to the legends, the Mole People were blind and had long claws. These adaptations were likely to assist them in digging and living underground.





Although speculative, it's entirely possible that the Mole People are one of the many underground races created by Deviant technology, the same technology that created the Moloids and other underground races.

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