The apparatus known as the Molecular Rearranger was created by the premier metallurgists of the century; Professor Myron MacLain. He'd created his device as a means of changing the immovable molecular structure of the super metal he'd created called Adamantium.

As when the artificial alloy eventually sets after it's forging, it becomes all but unbreakable by any conventional means, even some unconventional ones such as magic, divinity, physics infringement or even blows from a superpowered being.[1]

The misanthropic automaton known as Ultron would coax his Vision into reconstructing himself using both Adamantium stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D. and incorporate design specs for a Molecular Rearranger module to be installed into it for the purpose of reshaping his indestructible chassis in the event of damaging as well as changing into pure energy.[2]

Over the years a great many individuals would come to use their own versions of the doctors matter alteration device. Such as Iron Man whom needed it in the hopes of stopping an army of Ultron's constructed by the original, many of whom were composed out of Secondary Adamantium.[3] One of the latest incarnation of the utensil came into the hands of one of The Reavers. Cylla had upgraded herself with her own Molecular Rearranger in order to crack the Adamantium shell case surrounding the body of Wolverine.[4]


The matter shifting devices primary application was to render rigid substances malleable by alternating molecular structures. Making even the most robust of elements pliable to external manipulation, for the purpose of reforging it however the user sees fit.[1] In a few cases it can even be used to convert matter into pure energy such was the case with Ultron 6 whom had the ability to convert himself from solid matter into raw ionic radiation and back again as a means of attack.[2]

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