Doctor Doom developed this sci-fi-looking handgun[1][2] to carry it as a sidearm[2] even if it was attached via a hose to another device.[1] The gun shot a narrow energy beam that, when hitting an individual, divided that person and gear (including clothes and equipment) into molecules that were immediately absorbed by the Molecule Displacer. The victim disappeared from sight in a psychedelic blaze.[1][2]

The device could only store one single person; thus, when the Displacer was shot again, the user could either restore the previous victim,[1][2] in a temporary state of inconsciousness,[1] or alternatively murder the previous victim by distributing his or her molecules throughout a space.[2] If a victim was stored within the Displacer for several days, the item risked failure, automatically restoring the victim potentially with permanent damage like a missing limb or a power, and probably destroying the Displacer.[2]

Doom created only one working unit of the Molecule Displacer, which he used to kidnap Doctor Donald Blake.[1][2] Doom has restrained himself from using repeatedly this item, as it may be a too heinous device for his standards, and he never murdered anyone with it.[2]

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