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Owen Reece (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 3 24 001
Originally believed to be simply a laboratory technician bestowed with the power over molecules in a freak accident,[1] Owen Reece's true purpose as the Molecule Man was far more sinister. His "accident" was the doing of the enigmatic Beyonders from outside the Multiverse;[2] it poked a hole into a realm in which a child Beyonder was forming in and the energies empowered the Molecule Man.[3] This occured in every reality and turned him into a singular being that was divided throughout the Multiverse, intended by the Beyonders to be used as a bomb to destroy the entire Multiverse.[2]

The Molecule Man of Earth-616 teamed up with Doctor Doom to stop the Beyonders by killing his alternate selves in the past, even forming a religion for the task. With each Molecule Man killed, he lost a bit of his mind. However, their deaths caused contractions in the Multiverse which led to the incursions. Realizing that their actions would not save the Multiverse, they stopped killing the Molecule Men, confronted the Beyonders directly, and used the Molecule Men against them. The last Molecule Man absorbed the Beyonders' power and transferred it to Doom, who preserved what was left of the Multiverse.[4]

The Multiverse was restored when the Molecule Man gave the power of the Beyonders to Reed Richards and the Molecule Man split off a piece of himself into each reality of the new Eighth Cosmos.[5]

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