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The Molecule Man originally focused his powers through a wand. Owen once carried a wand that he believed was necessary to focus his power, although he was later proved to be merely subconsciously limiting himself. He was able to store his life force in his wand, and then mentally take over anyone who handled it, and even create a new body for himself.[1][2]

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel's Avengers Assemble (Earth-12041)[]

Molecule Man's Wand from Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 1 8 0001
Molecule Man used his wand to attack the city. Once tried to leave with the town until he fought the Avengers and was disarmed by Hawkeye. Some years later, Nick Fury assigns Hawkeye and Black Widow to track down Molecule Man and confiscate his technology. Following a lead from S.H.I.E.L.D., Hawkeye and Black Widow find Molecule Man only to encounter his son Aaron Reece who is being targeted by A.I.M. when he is in the possession of his father's wand. After ditching A.I.M., Aaron goes on the run with Hawkeye and Black Widow in pursuit. Aaron considers the Avengers and A.I.M. the same as they want his father's wand. Things get worse when Super-Adaptoid arrives and captures Aaron. Captain America comes to Black Widow and Hawkeye's aid where they trip Super-Adaptoid upon Falcon's arrival. While Captain America and Falcon fight Super-Adaptoid, Black Widow and Hawkeye try to reason with Aaron until Iron Man arrives and the wand is accidentally broken causing reality to be broken. When Super-Adaptoid attacks, Aaron uses the wand's fragments to defeat Super-Adaptoid and undo the damages with Iron Man's help. While Aaron undoes the damages, the others shut down Super-Adaptoid. Aaron is then given to Nick Fury to put in his training program for teenage superheroes.[3]

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