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Molek was a Muslim Ghost Rider. He served with Baron Skullfire among the Old Order of the Midnight Sons.[1]

Molek came to Johnny Blaze just after he was defeated by his half-brother, Daniel Ketch, and Blaze wanted his time as the Ghost Rider to end. Nevertheless, Molek and his companion, Bai Gu Jing made Johnny and the new Caretaker accompany them on a quest to find the last remaining Ghost Riders. They arrived too late to save the Ghost Rider of Japan, Yoshio Kannabe, but they made it to the Congo where the Baron Skullfire and his mate, Marinette Bwa Chech, were waiting. The remaining Spirits of Vengeance were to make their last stand against Ketch and the servants of Zadkiel, the Black Host, but it seemed they were doomed from the start. Baron Skullfire was the first to fall, but even though his spirit was passed on to another, the numbers against them were overwhelming. Then, in an impressive move, Ketch created Avatars of himself, made purely of hellfire, which eventually drained Molek and the others of their power. It has yet to be revealed if Molek had survived the process.



It can be assumed Molek possessed all the powers given to every Spirit of Vengeance.


Molek appeared to be an adept swordsman.



Molek wielded a weapon similar to a scimitar.


Molek was Muslim.[1]

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