The Warpie known as Moley gained his powers when he was effected by a reality warp created by Mad Jim Jaspers when he attempted to take over Great Britain. Somehow, Moley was not discovered by the agents of the R.C.X. and needed to be "rescued" from his family.[1]

However, Moley probably unconsciously heard the call of Siren and sought her out only to be discovered by Uncle Lex and became a member of the "Parasites".[1]

All of the Parasites were trained by Uncle Lex to use their powers to become petty thieves and to obey him blindly, which the children did without question. Since Uncle Lex didn't value the children under his care, he taught them to not really care about each other as well. However, Moley did create the Den using his geokinetic powers so that everyone would have a home to call their own.[1]


Geokinesis: Moley was an earth manipulator, and built the Den, the Parasites' refuge with his powers.[2]

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