Quote1 This Helicarrier is Heli-cool! Can it go into space? I bet you'd run into all sorts of aliens in space. My friend Karolina says that you'd be surprised at how many aliens visit the Earth these days. I heard that Thor was an alien, but if he's an alien, where is his spaceship? All Thor has is a hammer and a really cute hat with feathers on it. Maybe that's how he got to Earth, by flying with his cool hat? Are we gonna meet Thor? Quote2
-- Molly Hayes src

Molly Hayes is the youngest member of the Runaways. When Molly's abilities of super strength and endurance began to manifest, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to wear a cool costume and become a vigilante hero with her friends.

She was one of the many superheroes who joined S.H.I.E.L.D.'s alliance against villains after a mysterious Pulse hit the Earth and left a material called Isotope-8, desired by both heroes and villains.[1]


Seemingly those of the Molly Hayes of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Molly Hayes of Earth-616.

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