A denizen of the Kingdom of Manhattan, Molly somehow got into the Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths, despite being under the minimum age for enrollment, where she attempted to join the Night Witches, a gang led by Jubilee. In her efforts to impress Jubilee, she got involved in a fight with their chief enemy, Frostbite, and the ensuing row got them and several bystanders sentenced to detention on the day before the final exams.[1]

Desperate to avoid flunking out of the Institute, the Night Witches formed an uneasy alliance with Sanna, Dagger, Cloak, Amadeus Cho, and Skaar to form Team Puce so that they could take the final exam. However, during the exam, Pixie was killed, and the team discovered that their faceless opponents were, in fact, other students at the Institute. Horrified by this discovery, they all fled the school, save for Cloak, who stayed behind to keep them informed of any search attempts, and Sanna, who went off to inform the headmistress, Valeria von Doom, out of fear of retaliation.[2]

The fugitive team wandered through the Battleworld, hoping to find someone who could help them, but were tracked down by Bucky, and his team, who captured them and dragged them back to the Institute.[3]

The team escaped, however, and staged a riot, during which they informed all the students about the truth about the final exams. After the secret was revealed, Bucky refused to recapture them, and was thus executed. Valeria, saddened by the loss of one of her few friends, elected to shut down the final exams and return home. Team Puce departed the Institute. Their current whereabouts are unknown.[4]

Molly tends to be headstrong and impulsive, cheerfully launching herself into any fight that presents itself.


Seemingly those of the Molly Hayes of Earth-616.

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