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Early Life

Molly Hernandez is the sole child of Gene and Alice Hernandez. Due to her parents being affiliated with the charity organization PRIDE, Molly grew up befriending the members' children.[1]

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In reality, PRIDE were secretly working for the mysterious individual Jonah, who tasked them with sacrificing people to keep him alive, as well as digging something up from beneath the surface of Los Angeles. When her parents realized that it would result in severe earthquakes, due to mysterious rocks they had dug up, they tried to warn both Dale and Stacey Yorkes about it. After they had warned the Yorkes, and attempting to flee Los Angeles, Gene and Alice died of an explosion in their offices, which was orchestrated by both Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru. Molly survived the explosion however, as a result of being protected by the mysterious rocks.[2]

At her parents' funeral, the Yorkes offered to adopt Molly, which she accepted.[3]

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Superhuman Strength


  • Exhaustion


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