A settler from England, Molly Ravencroft traveled to the New World in 1664 alongside her lover, Cortland Kasady, establishing a homestead in what would centuries later be known as Westchester County.

While picking flowers, Molly was nearly abducted by a cannibalistic cult known to the locals as "The Others," but she managed to evade capture. When Cortland came looking to rescue her and was ambushed by one of the cultists, Molly came out of hiding and saved him. Cortland ventured into the cave the cultists used as their lair, giving Molly his gun and telling her to shoot any cultists who escaped.

Molly was frightened when she heard Cortland screaming, and he emerged from the cave covered in blood. Unnerved by his abnormal behavior, Molly returned to town and tried to warn the villagers. Cortland followed and killed eight people before being subdued. While Cortland was imprisoned, Molly never stopped loving him despite his degeneration into a bloodthirsty murderer. This proved to be her downfall as Cortland eventually escaped and killed her.[1]

Molly either had children out of wedlock or had relatives, as one of her descendants - Jonas Ravencroft - established a psychiatric facility on the grounds where Cortland had been imprisoned.[1]

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