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Moloch was an angel living in Heaven.[3]

According to unconfirmed sources Moloch became a fallen angel, cast out of Heaven,[3] possibly for participating in Lucifer's rebellion.


During the Hyborian Age, Moloch was one of the many entities invoked and worshiped.[7][8]


While apparently in Gehenna during Ba'al's rule,[1] Moloch mated with Shaitan, and sired Lailah,[9] the Seraph of Night.[6]

12th Century

The God of the Hill,[5] Moloch (or a monster using his name)[1] was worshiped by a savage civilization, the People of the Hills, who offered him sacrifices from Muslims and Christians alike.[5]

It seemingly died during an encounter with the 12th century Black Knight (Eobar Garrington possessed by his 21st century descendant Dane Whitman).[1]

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