Molot Boga was a Russian orthodox monk who was kicked out of his order for violent behaviour. He used his devotion for God to fuel acts of vengeance and violence.[1]

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He was sponsored by Damon Dran in his mission to assassinate ambassadors of countries which formed the defunct USSR, two of his targets were the ambassadors of Ukraine in Paris and Croatia in South Africa. Black Widow, who had been hired by S.H.I.E.L.D., failed to prevent him from fulfilling his tasks, but started investigating him in order to bring him, and his benefactor, down.[2]

Black Widow later tracked him down to Gatwick Airport, where the Hammer of God attempted to destroy a commercial plane. The spy managed to prevent him from destroying the aircraft, although it had one wing damaged and was forced to land near Black Widow and Molot. They engaged in combat, and the Hammer of God was seemingly killed when he was suctioned by the turbine of the plane.[1]

His body was mended by Dran with steel implants. When Black Widow escaped captivity from Dran's boat after being captured, Molot confronted Natasha in the bow of the vessel. His implants made most of his body bulletproof, but Natasha managed to throw him off the edge of the ship, because of the steel implants, he sunk to his death.[3]


Superhuman Strength: Boga possesses superhuman strength enabling him to tear the vehicle door with no effort.[2]

Peak Human Durability: Boga is more resistant to physical injury than even the finest athletes. He was able to withstand getting gunshot multiple times without being incapacitate.[2][1]

Strength level

Superhuman Strength:

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