The Momentary Princess is a data containing gem, that appears in Leipzig in Germany every 27-29 years for a few minutes and gives a touching it access to the knowledge of past and future. It was created and sent into the past by the Witness in the year 2084.

According to rumors, the gem first appeared in the 1800's. In 1897, Jean-Luc LeBeau tried to get the gem, but missed it. In 1916, the Princess was found by a young soldier named Wolfgang von Strucker, he touched it, and saw his future as he became the leader of the Hydra.

The Princess appeared again during the World War II, Strucker, Candra, Jean-Luc and Nick Fury's Howling Commandos tried to get it, but Jean-Luc had gained it first.

In present days, Jean-Luc sent his foster son, Gambit in Leipzig, famous archaeologist Sekmeht Conoway and Strucker's childrens, Fenris, also hunted for the gem, but while they all fought, the Princess disappeared again.

Shortly before the birth of the first mutant after the M-Day, the Momentary Princess was destroyed by the Marauders, apparently by the Arclight in Wohnhaus Strucker in Dresden.

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