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Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera in Europe. It borders France and the Mediterranean Sea.


Whitney Frost spent a summer in Monaco as a graduation present by her father, Byron Frost[1].

Cartier St. Croix the son of Louis St. Croix was rich and eccentric man, a wealthy former president of several corporations from Monaco. He also worked as an ambassador for the country.[2] His daughter Monet St. Croix is a citizen of Monaco as well.[3]

Tony Stark came Monte Carlo to see Jeanne, but he couldn't stay for a moonlight swim, having to charge up his iron chest plate back at the hotel[4].

Some time later, Count Nefaria employed Morgan Stark in a plot to destroy Tony Stark, in exchange for forgiveness of his gambling debts. Having failed in destroying Tony's reputation and turning him mad with the Visio-Projector, Morgan was taken back to Count Nefaria's casino to get punishment[5].

As Tony Stark returned to Monte Carlo hoping to forget the death of Janice Cord by gambling, he was confronted by Jasper Sitwell, who had just recovered a mask with Whitney Frost and Stark's fingerprints on it; Stark eventually confirmed that Whitney Frost was alive[6].

Silver Sable visited the Nuages Argentes Casino in Monte Carlo to meet with her contact. But the contact was already dead when she arrived. However, she met private investigator Dominic Fortune, who gave her vital information for her investigation in exchange of working along with him tracking those same rogue agents.[7]

Spider-Man battled and defeated Cyclone in the Monte Carlo Casino.[8]

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