Monan was a geneticist in Attilan, and one of the closest advisor and chief scientist to Randac, along with Balt, Kivvin and Eileen. He presumably worked on the Formula for Terrigen Crystals, and knew it.[1]

After Life

After his death, thousand years later, he was trapped into the After Life, a space where the ancestors of Lineage were gathered, and who could be summoned by him. There, Monan was asked by other captive about their situation and the length of their "detention", to which he replied "forever" each time.[1]


When the war between mutants and Inhumans broke out, Maximus devised a plan to put an end to it, by obtaining the formula. After asking to Lineage if he could access Randac or one of his advisors, Lineage found Monan and dragged him on his body to answer Maximus. After having the Unspoken out of the room and Lineage to wear headphones in order to be the only one to hear Monan, Maximus obtained the formula then stabbed the geneticist's head (on Lineage's body). Monan gladly accepted his death, while Lineage was infuriated.[1]


Monan wore some kind of suit.[1]

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