Mondo was one of the few young mutants recruited by Magneto to form Generation Next, to be the next generation of X-Men. He was trained by veteran X-Men Colossus and his wife Shadowcat.

When Magneto would locate Colossus' sister Illyana, who was a slave at the Portland Core power station, Generation Next would be sent to recover her as she was integral to a plan to fixed a fractured reality.[1] Mondo's unique abilities would allow him to sneak into the Portland Core unnoticed as he would search for Illyana independently of his comrades.[2]

Mondo would find Illyana first and in order to try and smuggle her out of the he Core by ingesting her body. However, Illyana would be at risk of being digested if he did not get her out quickly.[3] Reunited by his comrades, Mondo would turn Illyana over to his friends, but would be slain by Sugar Man who would impale Mondo with his tongue.[4]


Matter Absorption: Mondo was capable of taking on the properties of any organic or inorganic material he came into contact. When using his power, Mondo was able to grow in mass with an assumed proportionate growth in strength to superhuman levels. Mondo could absorb matter into his body, gaining the mass, appearance, and other properties of the matter in question. This change would remain until Mondo's body "digested" the organic matter, which was then disintegrated.

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