M was a member of Cannonball's X-Men who helped gather surplus from a derelict Shi'ar warship. As they finished up the load, a ship was headed towards the location. M noticed that it was a Quinjet that belonged to members of the Avengers.

After the Avengers docked with the Blackbird, M was found in the mess hall listening to a story when she heard the telepathic cry of Phoenix. M and the others made their way to find Star Brand, and Black Widow stealing their cargo.

A fight broke out with M pitted against Shang-Chi but it didn't last long as Cannonball knocked out Sunspot and then took on the real threat, Supergiant which he defeated permanently. M was last seen with her fellow teammates old and new.[1]


Seemingly those of the Monet St. Croix of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Monet St. Croix of Earth-616.

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