The man known as the Mongoose was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He earned his name for having a trained mongoose that would attack on command. In December 1943, he was stationed in a town in North Africa. There he operated out of a taxidermist shop. He was assigned to steal secret plans from members of the Women's Auxiliary Army that were stationed in the area, which included Betty Ross among their numbers. His agents' first attempt to steal the plans was foiled by Steve Rogers and James Barnes (secretly Captain America and Bucky).

Their second attempt was just after the WAC members memorized sections of the secret plans and destroyed the document. The Mongoose and his men gassed the women and took them captive and then smuggled them out of town by hiding their bodies in taxidermy animals. This plot was foiled by Captain America and Bucky, who freed the WACs and assisted them in stopping the Mongoose and his men from blowing up a bridge that a military convoy was set to cross. The Mongoose and his men were left at the mercy of the WACs who beat them into submission with baseball bats before turning them over to the authorities.[1]

The Mongoose's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Mongoose had a pet mongoose that obeyed his commands. When ordered to attack, the creature would lunge at his opponents neck for the kill.

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