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Somewhere in Mexico
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Gunhawk (former)
Information-silk Enemies
Wolverine, his family and friends
Information-silk Origin
Created to hunt and torture Wolverine
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The Mongrels were a group of mercenaries who were formed with the main mission of making Wolverine’s life a living hell. The plan was to cause as much suffering imaginable, and that included the torture of his friends and family. One of the team’s targets was an ex-girlfriend of Wolverine named Melita Garner. The team were created and worked for an organization called the The Red Right Hand, a mysterious group of people led by an old man with a mysterious connection Wolverine's past.[1]

The Mongrels were led by Gunhawk and the rest of the team includes Shadowstalker, Fire Knives, Saw Fist and Cannon Foot. The motive of the team at first was not clear but all appeared to have an apparent hatred of Wolverine. Every attack on Wolverine appeared personal which caused Wolverine to fight even harder.[1][2]

When the Mongrels finally meet Logan the team battle but, Wolverine soon bests them in combat and kills them all individually. It was after the battle that Wolverine finds out members of the the team are all his children, which devastates him. Wolverine then drags the bodies of his slain children to the grave of their mothers and buries them both together.[3]


Weapons: Gunhawk's guns, Fire Knives' knives, Shadowstalker's spiked balls, Cannon Foot's stone balls, Saw Fist's chainsaws

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