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Mongu was an undefeated gladiator of the Sandt dimension who faced Man-Thing in combat. He found his attacks did not harm the creature significantly which eventually drove him to become scared of him and thus could burn at his touch and Mongu's axe was fused to his arm.[1]

Ashamed and shunned by his defeat, he was outcast from his society and leapt through the Abyss of Eternity. He was rescued by Maha Yogi and Mongu pledged his alligenece to him for saving him. Mongu joined Maha Yogi against Doctor Druid and the Hulk and were able to capture both of them. They escaped, but were recaptured and Mongu faced the Hulk in gladiatorial combat with Maha Yogi channeled his power through Mongu's axe and was dominating in battle. However, Doctor Druid intervened and the Maha Yogi was defeated and both vowed vengeance.[2]

Mongu and Maha Yogi attacked Avengers Mansion searching for Doctor Druid. They ran into Crystal, Marilla, and Lockjaw a fight ensued which Mongu and Maha Yogi were winning until Black Widow intervened and Marilla was able to throw Mongu into a dimensional warp created by Lockjaw. Mongu's current whereabouts are unknown.[3]



Mongu possesses superhuman strength and durability.

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