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Needing a power source for their machine, Monica and A.I.M. found that the Staff of the Rising Moon, which was exactly what they needed, was last seen at the hands of Howard Stark. Thinking that the staff was locked at the Stark's residence in Malibu she went all alone and unarmed, since she fought that no one was there. However, Ant-Man was there caughting her offguard. At the spot she fabricated a story of how her grandmother might have been killed by Howard which prompted her to look for answers. Ant-Man and the Avengers believed her and retrieved the staff for her. After getting the staff she revealed herself and prepared the machine which would destroy the world, allowing A.I.M. to become its new leader. However, Ant-Man and the Avengers were able to thwart their plans and save the world.[1]

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